GT5’s Trial Mountain & Laguna Seca Gameplay Videos

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  1. Pelle

    When Gamersynde makes their next system update, I hope they get rid of the old flash stream system, which isn’t even compatible with most new smart phones (except some Androids). HD YouTube -style of flash is ok for all users, and should solve some bandwidth problems.

  2. Anmol

    I have never seen Trial Mountain before since I haven’t played any GT game other than 5 Prologue but let me tell you that this track is so awesome and looks like such fun to drive on. The trees look awesome too :)

    1. Big Ron

      Oh, I can tell you it is one of the best tracks ever made for GT. Played it since GT1 and it was always one of my favorites. Really fast track with some hard corners and corner combinations.

  3. NBH

    The Citroen GT doesn’t have the single gear like it did in Prologue you can see the gears changing up and down.

    There seems to be a lack of tyre smoke/dust kicked up on this demo version but backfire us back in, bit annoying how we see different bits on each demo instead of one showing everything

    1. Geo_212

      Because if they did show us a demo with everything in it, we’d die. They’re saving that little secret for the actual launch ;) lol

  4. Ferrari


    youtube > gamersyde

    1. Mr Frappy

      I agree Ferrari, Gamersyde sucks when it comes to them hosting videos. When you have YouTube available, free, why you would want to host your own videos is beyond me.

      Don’t even mention the actual quality of their videos…

    1. Geo_212

      Haha, calm down, I’m just a perfectionist. I notice little details like that… By the way, does Polyphony laser scan the tracks? Because the bumps are looking fantastic!

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      check the trees at the top of hill before the corkscrew, they are 4 flaps of 2D leaves. GT has never had good trees but even on the same track other trees look different. I get your point that we don’t stare at trees while racing but little things like that make the game look cheap & take from the parts of this game that look better than anything in a video game nowadays

    1. Big Ron

      low poly and black windows? what? its just an ugly car and crispy shadows, thats all.

      standard cars have no cockpit, so its premium ;)

  5. Luke

    Hell yes, the last feature i wanted was backfire. I was pretty sure it was gonna be included, but nice to finally see it in it`s full glory :)

  6. Quasikoki

    Anyone else noticed the huge steering wheel delay? Have to check some older videos to be sure but i think the delay is much worse than we´ve seen before.

  7. Paulo

    One thing I wish for, which could be turned on or off, is a left and right arrow or something to that effect, to signal you if someone is on the inside or outside of you in cockpit view. Its hard to know when someone is driving along side of you when you want to take a corner. This would help prevent a lot of unnecessary bumping. When using a wheel, its difficult to check left and right.

  8. MotzMan

    Laguna Seca looks practically deserted, no spectators along the track, no RVs, etc. And where’d all that green grass come from? I’m sure it’s green in the winter and spring, but I’ve never been to a race in the winter or spring there.

  9. AlucarD83

    It looks like they cleaned up the rock faces on the trial mountain track. If i remember correctly there used to be rocks sticking out of the wall to catch you if you ran the corners to wide.
    Can’t wait to run some laps there again

  10. John Marine

    It’s great that PD’s classic course, Trial Mountain, is back and never looked better. Also great to see the first-ever real-world permanent race track featured in any Gran Turismo, Laguna Seca, return for its fourth tour of duty in Gran Turismo. Can’t wait to run laps around both formidable tracks in GT5.

  11. Nondo

    Could someone give me the lowdown on the tracks already confirmed and the tracks that have a possibility of getting in the game. It would be much appreciated!

  12. Damo

    I don’t mean to complain, because all is looking awesome; however, the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca just looks like a big bump in the road! XD It’s supposed to be much steeper than that…. surely?!

    1. Mr Frappy

      From the driving perspective it looks shallow – hills always do when you are in a car. Stand on them and it’s a different ball game.

      Anyway, Trial Mountain has never looked so good, and for the most part, neither has Seca, apart from being spoiled by the absolutely awful interior shadows on that track/car combo. The fact that the shadows looked good in the Trial Mountain video is hopefully proof enough that they can make it work, just not consistently yet for whatever reason.

      Still, as I won’t be using cockpit mode it’s a moot point I suppose.

    2. Dr.Boss.

      again, i think the block shadows are simply a matter of some aspects of the TGS 2010 demo not being completely optimized.

      Some cars, and some tracks have smooth crisp shadows, others do not… this lack of consistency would not make sense in the final product.

      Here’s to hoping the final build will have the crisp shadows was all want.

  13. L8 Apex

    Is it just me, or is the only change to Laguna Seca they made (other than new textures and higher resolution) was moving the bridge that used to be at Rainey Curve back to it’s present location? When they did that at the actual track they also added runoff area at turn 1, the straight leading up to the Corkscrew and Rainey Curve.

    Not saying they should delay the game to fix it, but it just bugs me.

  14. heymoa

    It just keeps getting better, even the gear change animation seems a little quicker. Surprised the Citroen GT isn’t paddle shift.

    Only disappointing thing is the Izuzu 4200R made the cut as a premium car :(

    1. HugoStiglitz_420

      Same here. I don’t get why useless cars like this isuzu, the swimwagon, fiat 500, & the vw bus (which is funny but still ) make the cut while legends of this series like the Toyota GT ONE, Escudo, Jaguar XJ220, etc. don’t. I think it’s key to have a car in every class but these? is there a hippie bus class in gt5? a WW2 class? don’t forget that there’s only 200 but really only 128 because of the cars from prologue that we already knew about

  15. Carbonfibre

    It figures, the standard Japanese gamer is hugely more skilful than the worryingly awful people who demonstrated they’re driving ability at E3 and GamesCom.

  16. gearhead364

    I agree on the shadow, I find the poor quality more distracting than if there was no shadow. The other vids I have seen from kiosk demo show that this issue is fixed, so maybe it is just this car model. Hope it gets fixed before it ships.

    1. Big Ron

      Do you know, how much power it needs to produce sharp shadows? Be happy with shadows in cockpit. You will never get those high resolutions like on PC with 1024mb graphic cards ;)

    2. andrewz

      I’d rather sacrifice outdoor shadows than cockpit shadows, it’s really too distracting this time. Older builds of the game, judging by HQ videos, had these issues too, but it has never been too distracting. I hope they’ll balance graphics settings or tweak it somehow, there’s not much time till release day…

    3. Dr.Boss.

      Having played the GT5 Best Buy demo, pixelated blocky shadows were evident on the interior of all cars. Similarly, with he Citroen GT, there appear to be blocky shadows, HOWEVER; other vehicles from the TGS 2010 demo are displaying smooth, crisp, ideal shadows on the interior… which leads me to believe that the sub-par shadows are simply the product of the demo not being completely optimized.

      I would wager that the final game, will have crisp interior shadows on all vehicles.

    1. GTracerRens

      That’s why I hate that car in the prologue… :( I’ve only driven once in that car, but it wasn’t a success.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      yea I agree. It’s the only car I drive using the roof cam.I hardly drive it as a result. Why is that stupid M car on laguna seca a premium? that’s a premium but the jaguar xj220 isn’t. this is rediculous

    3. Rotard12a

      Haha, definitely a car that’s much better to look at than to drive. Since it has a single forward gear it’s really tough to figure out how fast you’re going. I found myself braking WAY too late on almost every corner…

  17. MarcoM

    What a crisp look of both tracks.

    Backfire is in.

    The second vid does show quite ugly internal shadows. It thinkk it would look better with just a darker and lighter tint in the car than with these realy specific shadows.

    Not too bad drives for a chance also :D

    1. GT_Nige

      Yeah I noticed that, I really don’t understand why the shadows look so sketchy. I’ve noticed it on some other PS3 games too.

    2. Geo_212

      +1 for putting an actual comment instead of being one of those people who type one-word comments just to be the first commenter. Woo! lol

    3. Jope

      Well, it’s obviously a lot cheaper compute-wise to have low quality shadows. They seem to have pushed the PS3 to its limits, and are saving where they can. I think I’d prefer no shadows at all.

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