GT5’s Weather Will “Play Tricks On You” During Endurance Races (UPDATE)

Gran Turismo 5 158 September 14, 2010 by

*UPDATE* Sony has updated their website, removing the comment about weather. The original version has been preserved in the screenshot above, which you can compare to the current version below. Thanks to Dave for letting me know!

Sony’s put together a new website promoting their “PlayStation Experience Tour” across France, and it features a noteworthy little bullet point regarding Gran Turismo 5‘s heavily-rumored weather system. Via Google Translator:

…the light passes from the sunny morning after the night was black and the climate will play tricks on you during endurance.

This is important because it suggests the game’s weather will not be static, but dynamic and changing throughout the course of your race – a significant detail which hasn’t yet been confirmed. Let’s hope for more solid weather-related info to be officially revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, starting this Thursday. Thanks to Kobhalt for digging this one up!

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