GTPlanet GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 07 Now Open

Gran Turismo Sport 76 January 12, 2018 by

We’ve just kicked off our latest GT Sport Photo Mode Competition. It’s taking a cue from a certain Turkmenistan leader, and making things a very black-and-white issue this week. Read on for all the details…

PMC 06 Poll Now Open

Before we get to the new theme, there’s the small matter of the 35 images our community crafted last round. The theme was “Personal Liveries”. With a livery editor finally part of the Gran Turismo experience, folks were encouraged to show off their best custom work.

Now, we’ll need you to vote on which one deserves the win. Go forth!

Vote for the GTPlanet GTS PMC 06 right here!

This Week’s Theme

As Ben Gibbard once warbled, “there’s a lack of color here.” This week’s theme, brought to us by GTPlanet community member zzz_pt—the man behind that Veyron shot—is “Classy”, and it focuses on B&W photography:

“This week’s challenge is simple. Show us the best B&W photograph you can take of your favorite road car. Black and white photography has its own limitations but when done right it can turn out epic. Have fun!”

CARS: Road cars
LIVERIES: No liviries
UNIQUE RESTRICTIONS: 100% black and white, no sepia/color toning. One car only. No race/VGT cars. No liveries—though simple color swaps are allowed.

How To Enter

Want to enter any of the GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions? You’ll need to become a member of our forums first — you can sign up here.

Next, you’ll want to submit your image. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your image ready for the submission. Once you’ve done that, post the FINAL ENTRY in this week’s associated forum thread. That’s it!

Competition Rules

For the full list of competition rules, click right here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.


January 19, 2018

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