GTPlanet GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 21 Now Open

A recent addition to Gran Turismo Sport let players better customize their digital drivers. That is the focus of our latest Photo Mode Competition — but there’s some modern classics to take a look at first.

PMC 20 Poll Now Open

Modern Classics was the theme of our last PMC. With each successive update to GT Sport, the car list has grown both in size, and in age. Now that there’s a fair amount of older cars available, our community has snapped the best ones.

We’ll need your help picking the winner though. Click below and cast your vote!

Vote for the GTPlanet GTS PMC 20 right here!

This Fortnight’s Theme

Nathan’s clever Veyron secured him the victory in PMC19. With that decisive win, he’s set the latest theme to “Man and Machine”. Let’s have him explain:

“This week we’ll be putting the recent feature of driver placement in scapes into action – it’s time to put those poses to good use. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to take a photo that features both man and machine however I want you to make one or the other the main focus of the image. Which to you is the most important factor, is it the driver with his skills and abilities, (sorry ladies PD hasn’t yet seen fit to give us female avatars), or the machine with it’s power and performance capabilities.

“Be as creative as you like how you wish to make that focus distinction, just make sure the man and machine are at least partially present. I would love to see some great use of DOF in the mix this week. Use of liveries for both is accepted and encouraged but not an absolute requirement.”

LIVERIES: Yes (both man and machine allowed)
LOCATIONS: Scapes Only

How To Enter

Want to enter any of the GTPlanet Photo Mode Competitions? You’ll need to become a member of our forums first — you can sign up here.

Next, you’ll want to submit your image. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your image ready for the submission. Once you’ve done that, post the FINAL ENTRY in this week’s associated forum thread. That’s it!

Competition Rules

For the full list of competition rules, click right here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Featured image courtesy of Stiggy.

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