GTPlanet’s 24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps in GT6, 2015 Live Stream

Gran Turismo 6Site Announcements 11 October 16, 2015 by

It’s been a huge year for the GTPlanet Endurance Series. With more than 70 teams, 187 participants, and 69 different winners after 2,187 racing man-hours, we’re wrapping things up with this year’s grand finale: a 24 hour race at Spa Francorchamps!

24Both the GT3 and GT300 championships are on the line for this final race of the season (here’s a quick explainer of current point standings), and a good chance of rain in the Ardennes forest, anything could happen.

We’ll be live-streaming the race here on GTPlanet’s YouTube Gaming channel, thanks to a full team of volunteer commentators and producers from our community:

Be sure to stop by the live stream chat, where the broadcasters will be taking your questions and interacting with viewers. We’ll be reviewing the season and discussing our plans for the 2016 GTPlanet Endurance Series, so this is a stream you don’t want to miss.

Race Info

Broadcast Schedule

12:30 UTC – Pre Show
13:00 UTC – Race Start
16:00 UTC – 2016 Calendar Announcement
17:00 UTC – Season Review Rounds 1-6
19:00 UTC – 2016 Schedule Announcement
20:00 UTC – Season Review Rounds 7-12
22:00 UTC – 2016 Driver Ratings Announcement
23:00 UTC – Season Review Rounds 13-17
03:00 UTC – Season Review Rounds 18-23



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