GTPlanet’s Kazunori Yamauchi Interview at SEMA 2011: Standard Cars, DLC, and the Future of Polyphony Digital

November 7th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

At the 2011 SEMA Show last week, I had the very special opportunity to – for the first time – personally interview the master himself: Kazunori Yamauchi. We had a great chat, and I am happy to report that Kazunori seemed happy, relaxed, and in good spirits.

I could talk with Kazunori for many hours, but my time for the interview was, of course, very limited. Regardless, we covered a wide range of topics and I think you’ll find some of his responses very interesting.

Polyphony Digital has had quite a year of ups and downs, some of which I was also able to discuss with Translator-san. Japan’s earthquake and tsunami last spring was a particularly difficult time for the company’s employees, many of whom suffered tragic personal losses in their family. My thoughts, prayers, and sympathies remain with all who were affected by this disaster.

After the interview, I had the opportunity to present Kazunori with a special, embroidered GTPlanet shirt, which you can see in the image above. Once again, I would like to thank him for taking time to speak me. Now, on to the interview!

GTP: First, congratulations on your class victory at the Nurburgring 24 Hours. What did you learn from the experience?

KY: You might be surprised by my answer, but I actually didn’t have that much time to prepare or train this year for the  race. I actually brought a copy of GT5 to the hotel, and throughout the event, I would come back to the hotel and practice again with the game. Even while the actual race was going on, between my driving sessions, I was practicing in GT5!

GTP: Could you explain why you decided to open Polyphony Digital’s new offices in Fukuoka and Tokyo? How is the company structured now?

KY: The answer is quite simple – it is because of the nuclear accident at Fukushima. After it happened, I calculated how much the radiation would spread, and it turned out there would be a significant amount of radiation in a 500 kilometer radius around Fukushima, which would lead to people having to leave Tokyo.

I had everyone with small kids or families move to Fukuoka. Considering all the different cities in the area, Fukuoka was a prime location.

GTP: There has been much discussion and debate in GTPlanet’s community regarding GT5’s Standard and Premium cars. Could you explain how you came to the decision of which cars would be Premium and which would remain Standard, such as the Bugatti Veyron?

KY: It wasn’t a matter of making a decision, we just didn’t have time to do it! There is still a possibility that some Standard cars may become Premium in the future.

GTP: In an interview last year, you mentioned that some Standard cars may be upgraded to Premium status in the future. Do you still have plans for this, or will GT5’s future DLC focus on adding new car models to the game?

KY: I think that we should focus on adding new cars to the game.

GTP: Could you offer any hints about what else may be coming in the future, or how frequently new content may be released?

KY: We’re continuously working to make more and more content for the game, and I think what’s really important is the reactions of our users. We’ve had our DLC and our 2.0 update, and the reaction has been really good so far, but we want to look at the overall feedback to see what we should do from here on, and adjust accordingly.

GTP: If you could go back in time and start over with GT5, is there anything you would do differently?

KY: No, because I think everything that I thought about in that way, we have done in the updates. If I can think of one, I think we should have made more A-Spec races. When you buy a car, it’s fun to be able to participate in a lot of races with that car, and I don’t think there were enough.

GTP: How will you decide when to stop supporting Gran Turismo 5 and begin the transition to Gran Turismo 6?

KY: [Laughs] I’ll think about that next year!

GTP: In the future do you see Polyphony Digital dedicating resources to major Gran Turismo titles or to creating more spin-off games, such as Tourist Trophy and Prologue?

KY: The only thing I can definitely say is the next one will be GT6, but we might have something else pop-up in between now and then [laughs]!

GTP: In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the GTPlanet community?

KY: The feedback we receive from our users – the positive and the constructive feedback – really provides energy for our company and really motivates us to do more. I think if we can keep up that relationship with the community, that would be great! Lastly, thank you all for your support!

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  1. Nov. 9, 3:15am

    that’s why i love gtplanet oO big thanks mr. jordan……

  2. Nov. 9, 3:15am

    how about you fix the crappy engine / exhaust notes of 99.99 % of the cars in this game. Do that, and you have a winner. Every car like a hair dryer. Shocking.

    • Nov. 9, 12:55pm

      You are right about that man! The McLaren MP4-12C for example, even with my 1000Watts 5.1 surround system it sounds like crap.

  3. Nov. 9, 2:42am

    I think you guys should focus more on tracks than cars, in my opinion.

  4. Nov. 9, 1:49am
    Rich S

    It would have been nice to ask about future tracks. I dont know why that didnt pop into his head. He got an answer, then asked the question that had the answer he just got.

    • Nov. 9, 12:59pm

      LOL, I thought that too. But I think Kazunori Yamauchi isn’t confirming anything in interviews. Only like: “Well, that might be something we might be working on in the future…”

  5. Nov. 9, 1:15am

    Congratulations Jordan, you lucky man, and well deserved too, for all the hard work you do in disseminating the joy that is the GT experience. I’m hoping Kaz truly recognises your dedication. In fact he might even wake up to the fact that within that general term of ‘users’ there is a clump of people who are members of GTPlanet, who, albeit with certain delusions of grandeur, think that he or at least a member of his staff reads every post in our forum. Market Research people are responsible for that and I guess if we make enough noise they may actually single us out for perusal! I do hope you enjoyed the show, and that getting to chat with Kaz made your day!! Once again – you deserved that rush. Also – your questions were spot on – I’m sure if you had enough time you would have conveyed everything possible. To draw forth from him that, yes, we needed more A-Spec events to fit the vast variety of cars, was not only journalistic genius but also a smart heads-up for Kaz personally from you.

  6. Nov. 8, 7:45pm

    Having more cars in GT5 is ok, but I think upgrading some Standard Cars to Premium is more important. There aren’t that many Standards that need to be Premium, so I would only like to see 10 – 12 Standards upgraded to Premium.

    List of Standards I like to be Premium:

    Subaru Impreza Rally Car ‘99(There was a PS3 model of the Subaru that was seen during GTHD at E3, so I would like to see this in GT5)
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR ’98(My favorite out of all the other Lancer’s)
    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ‘09(That’s the most wanted Car to be a Premium)
    Audi R8 LMS Race Car (Team PlayStation) ‘09(Same with Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09)
    Toyota SUPRA RZ ‘97
    Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (C4) ’96
    Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 ’70
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car ’99
    Mazda Furai Concept ’08(Another most wanted Standard to be Premium)
    Ford GT40 Race Car ’69
    Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’74(Same with Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09)
    Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88(Same with Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’09)

    As for GT6 on PS4. I don’t think there would ever be a PS4, cuz we didn’t get any news if there is going to be a PS4 coming next year or 2013. I just think that GT6 will more likely be coming on the PS3.

  7. Nov. 8, 5:58pm

    Reading all these lists of what people want makes me think of people getting on Santa’s lap at the mall to tell him what they want for Christmas.

    • Nov. 9, 12:59pm


  8. Nov. 8, 5:56pm

    I think they should employ more people and get working on those standards, I want premium Civic EP Type R and EG .

    Maybe I need to lay of the divine herb but a few of those answers from Kaz sounded a little like he may beleive the world is going to end next year. “GTP: How will you decide when to stop supporting Gran Turismo 5 and begin the transition to Gran Turismo 6?

    KY: [Laughs] I’ll think about that next year!

    GTP: In the future do you see Polyphony Digital dedicating resources to major Gran Turismo titles or to creating more spin-off games, such as Tourist Trophy and Prologue?

    KY: The only thing I can definitely say is the next one will be GT6, but we might have something else pop-up in between now and then [laughs]!”

  9. Nov. 8, 4:51pm

    Good interview it wood by nice to add th GT1 ,2or3 class + infinion Race way end montegi . dan i kan go and race for a nuder year . keep the rest for GT6 + i had an idear for som time naw . the engine ; do a system like the weels in color whit te engine . if you crach to mutch your engin wil turn dark read en expload ,i meen , you heav to replais it after a time so take it a step feurder end leat it say BOOOM , if you shift bad or do a crach. it is just my thots for GT6 EXQ. for my translater Son

  10. Nov. 8, 1:36pm

    It is nice that Kaz/PD is becoming a bit more open about their plans, and it is nice to see that Kaz still seems to care about the GT franchise.

    No a “personal preference” note; more than anything else I would still like to see all the classic GT tracks put back in GT5. I find the GT5 tracks to be far too “motorsport” oriented and very much miss the interesting tracks like Citta di Aria, Costa di Amfi, Paris (both versions) etc. I’m also much more interested in seeing premium versions of historically important cars than I am of seeing new cars added. We have plenty of cars already, and too many of the greats remain standard. The recent DLC contained a whole bunch of premium Japanese cars. I would trade every single one of them just for the Jag E-Type or the RUF Yellowbird, or the Alpine A110 (for example). So Kaz and PD, if you are paying attention: Please remember that all of us like different things. If you are adding new cars, as you just did in your first DLC, please consider including a variety.

  11. Nov. 8, 11:27am

    I really just want FIA GT1 and GT3 cars, that would be epic. Possibly the new Audi and Peugeot LMP’s would be nice too, I guess we’ll see.

    • Nov. 8, 11:53am

      YES FIA!!

    • Nov. 9, 1:02pm

      Yeah that would be so awesome. Just add the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW Z4 Endurance racing cars.. So far we’ve only got the Nissan GTR..

  12. Nov. 8, 10:48am

    Two questions about Standard/Premium Cars, come on, I think I speak for many here when I say the Standard/Premium car issue is minimal. I WANT TO RACE. Why not ask about if they are going to try to get Official Race Licenses for F1, WRC, NASCAR, INDI or other race series. I feel they try to cover everything and end up covering too little of everything. I am mad there is not enough Rally in GT5

  13. Nov. 8, 10:25am

    tell me this how do you get the 787B stealth

  14. Nov. 8, 9:54am

    actualy my one other issue is the sound…the in car sound should match or be a slightly more muffled vesion of the outside view. as is the in car view sounds are the same as the bumper view..more like the old gt’s…ie a lambo or r8 or ferrari. they all sound great from the outside view, i hope they can somehow change the levels and raise those sounds so u can hear the roar or the engine..i never play outside view as im sure alot of others dont either, lastly there is no window wiper for standard cars yet.

  15. Nov. 8, 9:48am

    is it me or does kaz look high in that picture?

  16. Nov. 8, 9:45am

    yea great questions asked and kaz seems like a real decent bloke….ide agreee everything is spot on as i imagined from gt5. the only let down was the ammount of aspec and or special events and special missions like gt4. those evens were some of the best i remember..i felt ike the only race that came close to the challenege of those was toscana nightime with the sv lambo. have to say all the other licences and events were very easy with limited ai competition. this is made up for however with online play, and now using arcade on professional with a more agressive ai has worked. all in all they did a gr8 job and long live gt!

  17. Nov. 8, 8:58am

    Another TT for PS3, please !!

  18. Nov. 8, 8:14am

    There is nothing here to see. These are not the answers you are looking for….Move along people.

  19. Nov. 8, 8:13am

    Good Jordan. Nice to see some good news in some way.GT5 is still and will be alive for at least 2 or 3 more years. That is the important thing. It is one of the unique racing games that i play on console and some more on PC. On console is the unique and i have tons of games.
    Nice questions and i know he can´t talk about everything. More DLC coming and some new and standard to premiums…sounds pretty good to me.
    Looking forward to it and GT6 with the PS4 in about 3 or 4 years.

  20. Nov. 8, 8:05am

    GTP: In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the GTPlanet community?

    KY: The feedback we receive from our users – the positive and the constructive feedback – really provides energy for our company and really motivates us to do more. I think if we can keep up that relationship with the community, that would be great! Lastly, thank you all for your support!


    C’mon!! this is like when a band goes to your city and the lead singer says “This is the best town in the world!”, thing he says in every town. The guy is in another dimension, and for the supose feedback features implemented, they are most “common sense” features, not because pay2021 wants a endurance pause or something.

    Anyway, lucky guy Jordan, mostly hes deserved because hes tireless job. Cheers.

  21. Nov. 8, 7:43am

    Firstly props to Jordan for the interview good stuff fella.

    But here be the major problem the game is STILL hit and miss, I emphasize the word still, Its been out lets for sake or argument say a year now, A YEAR and there is such a long list of things that let the game down i shall list a few of them he wants feedback ill give him feedback.

    Shadows (Still not smooth)
    A-Spec events (Still not enough)
    Performance parts (Or rather lack of)
    Japanese cars (Too many)
    Standard Cars (We don’t need new cars we need the whole game to be up to date)
    Livery Creator (What livery creator its nearly 2012 people)
    Licences (Fully utilize the licences you got PD, NASCAR ? WRC ? come on)
    Sounds (Ferrari blender enough said)

    I will stop there, I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with me or think I’m a troll but hey such is life, I’m a mechanic its my job to know about cars and it just so happens that I take a vested interest in all types of car culture.

  22. Nov. 8, 5:37am

    Here’s your feedback. Stop racing and travelling.

    • Nov. 8, 6:01am

      He sets the vision & requirements, he has his ‘people’ do most of the actual work (he does some, but far from all of it). As far as I am concerned he can travel/race all he wants :)

  23. Nov. 8, 5:19am

    I think they should have a F1 DLC with all the formula 1 cars, that would be awesome, since u can barely use the F1 ferrari -.-

  24. Nov. 8, 5:00am

    Great questions Jordan but KY’s answers were as firm as warm jello…the guy must have worked for the CIA or Mi6 at some point in his life. Thanks for your time Jordan.

    • Nov. 8, 12:24pm

      i think you mean he may have took part in a political internship…

  25. Nov. 8, 3:57am

    Good interview Jordan. You seem to have asked all the questions on our minds. :)

  26. Nov. 8, 3:32am

    Good job Jordan, good interview!
    By the way guys, this news post isn’t for you to post wishlists on. >.>

  27. Nov. 8, 3:09am


  28. Nov. 8, 1:46am

    Some people get all the fun ;) Glad Kaz and Translator-San are in good spirits despite the ongoing situation in Japan. So did Kazunori-San actually practice with the N24 GT-R? I guess it showed in the end. Shame there was so little video coverage of Kaz behind the wheel.

  29. Nov. 8, 1:21am
    African Kat

    GTP interviews alway have the relevant questions. This is a proud moment for the GTPlanet community :D

    I liked Kaz’s thoughts about adding new models to the car range

  30. Nov. 8, 1:16am
    Drag Labs 101

    How about a Typhoon???

    • Nov. 8, 10:53am

      I imagine it would be more top heavy than the syclone. They have the same engine, drive train, and almost the same chassis.

    • Nov. 8, 4:48pm
      Drag Labs 101

      Most certainly it would be top heavy but I’d still like one.. Think the Typhoon would be great 4 drift & dirt..

    • Nov. 9, 7:52pm

      And the Syclone wouldn’t be good in dirt? They are both all wheel drive. Both have turbo v6’s.

    • Nov. 10, 2:55am
      Drag Labs 101

      Not at all what I meant if you thought that. I’d just perfer to have the SUV style. The one’s in the game currently are lame, I think…

      You wouldn’t hear me complain if they added one or the other or both.
      Either way ur smokin the same shiz I am cause its pipe dream.

  31. Nov. 8, 12:21am

    ”If I can think of one, I think we should have made more A-Spec races.” -KY

    KAZ… can you hear this constructice feedback? Please, MORE A-Spec in the NEXT update.


  32. Nov. 7, 11:49pm

    so to the list makers. Have we all forgotten the Maserati MC12 and MC12 Corsa? Seriously?

  33. Nov. 7, 11:06pm

    We need a GMC Sonoma Syclone (basically chevy so licensing souldn’t be an issue). Mostly because i love anything s10 related. Forza has it! A Cadillac CTS-V. The New Tarus SHO. And since i would like to drive my own vehicle on the game (who doesn’t), a Chevy s-10 Xtreme (or ss, or zq8).

    • Nov. 8, 1:16am
      Drag Labs 101

      How about a Typhoon?

  34. Nov. 7, 10:54pm

    in GT6 on ps4, gt5′s premium will be standards in gt6!!

    • Nov. 8, 5:34am

      I believe this time they already have the higher resolution models…Just look at the new dealer car showrooms. The cars that are displayed are on a higher poly count than in the actual race. So it should, theoretically be more of running the same resolution cars in the in-game races. However, they will have issues with the current standard models as those would look even more out of place.

      I would like to belive that some people somewhere are already working on upgrading them for GT6. However, if I had to choose, due to time constraints, I’d rather have the latest vehicles than all those older models.

    • Nov. 8, 7:24am

      was born when my grandchildren! -_-

  35. Nov. 7, 10:28pm

    is known as the conversion standard to premium?

  36. Nov. 7, 8:55pm

    Great interview Jordan! Kaz seems like the true businessman, developer and producer and a kind hearted man, after making that move from Tokyo to Fukoshua for the safety of his employees and their families is a HUGE respect from a life long fan. :)

    Keep it up Kaz and PD! And thanks for listening to fans and even having us included in helping the “baby” grow into the adult, the complete, but still growing vision called Gran Turismo!

    Here’s some cars that I would love to see in GT5 as DLC or even in GT6:


    RS4 Sedan
    RS5 Coupe


    M3 E30, E36
    older M5s
    M6 Coupe
    E92 M3 GTS


    2nd generation of the Camaro
    Silverado SS (AWD, 350hp V8 one)
    Nova SS
    Cobalt SS Supercharged


    Charger SRT-8
    newer Charger RT and SRT8
    Cornet RT Superbee 440 ’70
    Viper RT/10 ’93 & ’02
    GTS-R GT2 road version
    Ram SRT-10


    F50 GT
    355 F1
    550 Marenello
    550 Marenello Barchetta


    GT40 MkIII road version ’66
    Mustang SVT Cobra ’03
    F-150 SVT Raptor
    Mustang 302 Boss ’71


    Diablo SV
    Diablo VT 6.0


    Elise GT1


    Enos Cosmo
    S22AC aka FB RX-7


    2012 GTR
    GTR Rspec
    Pulsar GTi
    Nismo Skyline GTR Z-tune R34


    Turbo R (993 version from GT2)
    RGT 997
    CTR2 Sport


    S7 Twin Turbo
    302 Extreme
    E281 Extreme
    Saleen F-150


    Super Snake Mustang
    GT500 ’67


    GTStreet RS


    2002 Toyota Supra TT (last of the Supras)
    2007 Tacoma X-Runner
    Chaser Mk3 sedan (sedan from older GTs)

    Those are the cars I love to drive on GT again or for some of the newbies cars, have a grand experience in GT5 or GT6. Keep up the great work :)

    • Nov. 7, 9:51pm

      That’s a long list… lol.

    • Nov. 7, 11:37pm

      Techart is technically a Porsche tuner and not a manufacturer, thus they wouldn’t be able to be included into the game.

      Ruf does such significant modifications to the Porsche chassis, including adding it’s own VIN numbers, that they’re counted as a separate manufacturer.

      With the advent of the Ruf V8, CTR3 and the eRUF… Ruf has moved even farther into it’s own territory.

    • Nov. 7, 11:41pm

      It’s also an amazing list.

    • Nov. 8, 7:35am

      I do not think that Mr. Kazunori works with all car! :/

    • Nov. 8, 8:59pm


      I know that TechArt is a Porsche tuner, but their designed cars are really impressive, espically their recent build on a GT2/GT2 RS 997 called GTStreet RS. That car is quick on the corners and accelerates faster than the Porsche GT2. After seeing this car on Supercars Exposed on Speed channel and further research, this car can run circles over any Porsche and other aftermarket companies who deals with Porsches with ease. I wish they could be included in GT, even in Forza, they would be a great feature in both. But if they can’t get them, I would still drive those lovely cars called RUFs. :)


      Who knows what the future will have in store with the cars I mentioned. If they come as GT5 DLC or in GT6, I’ll be happy, if they aren’t in either GT or even Forza 5 because of licence issues, I’m gonna be happy still, disappoined yes, but there’s going be something else that I will love to drive/race that will grab my attention anyway.

  37. Nov. 7, 8:25pm

    Disappointing answer to be honest to good questions.

    • Nov. 7, 10:51pm

      My thoughts exactly

  38. Nov. 7, 8:14pm

    Does GTP still sell merch? With the introduction of GTP Eleven, I noticed the ‘Store” tab vanished.

  39. Nov. 7, 7:43pm

    Well,in the next GT6 we will have PREMIUM sound and STANDARD sound

    • Nov. 7, 8:11pm

      in GT6 on ps4, gt5’s premium will be standards in gt6!! you know, cuz they gotta start from scratch and get to now the new hardware and what no,t just like ps3 was to gt5 and the same story will go on forever.

  40. Nov. 7, 7:42pm

    Great interview!!

    Wow, updates/requests fromt the community eh? I cannot speak for you all, and neither would you want me too, but this 45 year old gamer would certainly be pushing for the following.

    01: Keep the updates coming thick and fast Kaz
    02: Expand on the locations in the track system, self-generated Eiger Mountain dirt rallying gets my vote!!
    03: Don’t ignore tracks, cars are nice, especially as we got used to the prem cars from the time we played Prologue
    04: Offer different car packs, so I can buy a Rally set, someone else can by Nascar, someone else Drift, etc, etc
    05: Make GT scaleable. If I wanna run with 7 Prem A.I cars to help keep the PS3 gameplay much smoother, then that’s my choice – the PC does it
    06: If I wanted B-Spec I’d buy it, please consider splitting B-Spec, I saw the franchise trying to to 2 separate things, both sadly floored
    07: Scale back Prem car detail, I hate seeing cars in GT5 that are upscaled from PS2, they look as good on PSP. IMHO having std and premium cars was a mistake. I spend 25% of my time watching replays, I refuse to watch std car replays, they’re aweful. Sorry.
    08: The repair and servicing lost something in development, make it more realistic money-wise or lose it
    09: Do more to help ppl take to this great franchise. People don’t understand what are the best cars to buy to start out, tuning etc. Making their progress slow and problematical in the beginning – lead to people I know giving up and walking away from GT5. :(
    10: Think about if you had friends, at opposite ends of the earth who depended on running against each other in their own SP mode games. Do more to add functions in so that they can set challenges, compete with the exact same restrictions, see each others replays, setups etc.

    Lastly, never stop what you’re doing. You have the foundations now to release GT6 on PS3 in a year and the data/models etc to create a game that will run on PS4. Do not let history repeat itself, don’t be happy to offer Prologue on PS4 and leave us hanging on so long for the full game. I’m on my 2nd PS3, and also bought PSP just for GT. I didn’t buy any other game, apart from Pool to play a friend. I won’t be replicating that move for GT on PS4 ;)

    Do not programme beyond the limits of the technology. I won’t ever choose to play 20fps, 15fps, etc, not on PS3, PS4, or any other console/hand-held. If the console cannot deliver 40-60fps 100% of the time, day, night, rain, shine, leave it out. My lasting memory of Monza in the special Premium Ferrari event was 10-15fps down the start line. Those framerates have no place in a modern franchise, there is no reason for it, and no benefit.

    We await the next masterpiece.

    BTW Kaz, would I have been happier to have bought GT5 12 months ago, and waited for B-Spec as DLC? 100’s of std cars as DLC? Karts as DLC? Track generator as DLC? I don’t have all the answers, but it’s all food for thought.

    BTW guys, if someone is so bothered about shadows, they are bothered. Let them speak, we all love GT, and it has many faults. You have your niggles, I have mine. We don’t need to agree, a forum isn’t a place where people go to agree 100%.

  41. Nov. 7, 7:16pm

    There you go. Standard—>Premium, not happening.

    • Nov. 13, 3:25pm

      I’m not buying GT6 if this ever happens

  42. Nov. 7, 6:41pm

    It wasn’t a matter of making a decision, we just didn’t have time to do it! There is still a possibility that some Standard cars may become Premium in the future.
    But plenty of time to make hundreds of skylines :/

    • Nov. 8, 10:55am

      and when we get a DLC lets add 4 more… wtf…

  43. Nov. 7, 6:30pm

    Great Interview Jordan! Kudos!

  44. Nov. 7, 5:58pm

    drag track please

    • Nov. 8, 5:21am

      This I would love and in 1/4 , 1/2 and full mile versions!!! The top gear test track would be an excellent track to use for this.

  45. Nov. 7, 5:34pm

    Top Standard —> Premium

    -Aston Martin Vanquish
    -Audi R8 LMS Race Car
    -Audi R8 LM Race Car
    -Bently Speed 8 Race Car
    -BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car
    -BMW V12 LMR Race Car
    -Bugatti Veyron
    -Ford GT40 Race Car
    -Jaguar E-Type
    -Lamborghini Countach
    -Lamborghini Nomad Diablo GT-1
    -Lancia Stratos
    -Mazda Furai
    -Pagani Zonda C12S
    -Pescarolo Courage C60 Race Car

    • Nov. 7, 5:44pm

      If the ever decide to upgrade standards, then YES!

      You forgot the M3 E46. The CLK-GTR would be nice as well!

    • Nov. 8, 1:13am
      King Something

      As someone who’s watched a certain show enough times to stop liking Handel’s Messiah, I’d like to see the Alpine A310 be made a premium car.

      Incidentally, among the cars that are available as both standard and premium are two Ferraris – the Enzo and the F2007. Seriously, check the list at the official GT website. (They’ve most likely been dummied out and are inaccessible without hacking, though)

  46. Nov. 7, 5:34pm

    Feed back for KAZ and his TEAM

    PLEASE PD fix the sound of the CARS, the most of them sound like sewing machines on crack…

    • Nov. 7, 5:53pm
      Drag Labs 101

      Lol.. Sewing machines on crack

      Some of the engine sounds are a small disaster to put it kindly…
      My personally favorite goof has to be that the Zll & the Prowler have the exact same engine sound.. Not kinda sounds the same—> it is identical..

      To me the best sounding car on GT5 is the Aston DB7, it has that hot rod gurggling type sound and I think it’s brilliant!

      However this is one particual issue that I don’t ever see being addressed or changed for that matter.

  47. Nov. 7, 5:09pm

    “KY: I think that we should focus on adding new cars to the game.”
    Nooo!! :( I want the current Standard cars turned into Premium. Or at least as many as possible..

    • Nov. 7, 5:37pm

      Would rather new cars TBH. Like the FIA GT1’s

      Yum Gulf Livery Aston Martin DBR9 *drooools*

    • Nov. 10, 1:28pm

      Your not wrong there, that has got to be one of the best looking racing cars ever!

    • Nov. 13, 3:24pm

      I’d rather have premiums TBH.

  48. Nov. 7, 5:08pm

    I think Kaz deserves a lot of respect for the work he does. Clearly 90% of the updates have been as a result of user feedback – mostly on this forum. It is clearly a labour of love for him, and to take the criticism and allow other people’s ideas in must be difficult. I suspect Kaz has become a victim of his own success – becoming a poster boy for Sony has no doubt been the cause for so many rushed releases, and delays. I hope Sony have purposely kept PS Vital GT under wraps until Kazakhstan is ready to unveil it. Hopefully this will also be the case for GT6.

    • Nov. 7, 5:09pm

      Lol Kazakhstan – damn auto complete!

    • Nov. 7, 7:00pm

      Haha, good one! :-D

  49. Nov. 7, 4:49pm

    I think that is amazing that he went home and practiced on GT5 during the race itself!

  50. Nov. 7, 4:47pm

    Mr. Yamauchi,

    As mentioned before, GT5 is near perfect. But I´m glad that you and your team are still working on it to make it beyond the best of racers out in the market.

    I´m so glad to hear that you were concerned about the lack of A-Spec events. Confirming that you are aware of this is the only thing that I wanted to hear, and there is no need to change anything anymore. Of course, if it´s possible, that would be welcomed :)

    As for Standards to Premiums, most of us understand if it´s not possible. I enjoy my standards at the same level of any other premium car in the game. I will always want to see some of my favorite cars in premium form, but if it´s not possible, than it´s ok. If you hinted more content regarding cars, I would like to give my most humble suggestions. To make it easier, I´ll base this on the liscencing that Polyphony Digital currently has:


    M3 E36
    M3 E30
    M5 E39


    Charger Daytona ´69
    Viper RT/10 ´93


    EB 110
    Veyron SS


    SVX Alcyone

    Eunos Cosmo 20B

    SL73 AMG (r129)
    SL65 AMG Black Series (r230)

    GT40 mkII road version
    Mustang Cobra Jet 428 ´68
    Model T ( probably the most valuable piece of the automotive history)


    S7 TT

    Cerbera 4.5

    Turbo R (the 993 based if possible)


    And many more. Not asking for all of them, but I would love to see at least a couple of these, specially the BMWs and the old Viper.

    Thank you kindly.

  51. Nov. 7, 4:26pm

    Nice work Thanks Jordan!

  52. Nov. 7, 4:23pm

    Impressive character that Kaz.

    Thank You Jordan and Kaz for taking the time for us GTP users.

  53. Nov. 7, 4:19pm
    Drag Labs 101

    Kalakanto, where does it say “should be in the game?!”

    Cars are coming, they like feed back.. I’d like to see other model/makers as I’m sure many others do… Suggestions to open ear developers a bad idea???
    I think NOT!

  54. Nov. 7, 4:19pm

    That shirt needs to be ironed

  55. Nov. 7, 4:18pm

    I’m glad that he has a strong connection with GT Planet. Hopefully we can get drag racing into GT5 at some point.

  56. Nov. 7, 4:15pm

    I have a (constructive) suggestion for KY which I think it could be fairly easily implemented in a future update – the ability to edit car model’s designation.

    I usually try to compensate the lack of premium models by upgrading cars to specific versions, like taking a BMW M3 and spec it up accordingly to info gathered (as much as possible) to the BMW M3 GTS. Another example of this would be spec up the McLaren F1 to the GTR and LM versions.

    When you get a lot of cars in your garage it becomes hard to identify the different versions because they all are listed as BMW M3 ’07 or McLaren F1 ’92. To be able to edit the models designation would be a useful tool I believe.

    • Nov. 7, 4:17pm

      I like your Idea a lot!!! That would give freedom for tuners to Rename their versions!

    • Nov. 7, 5:09pm

      yea man that’s what i do too…i tried creating the LFA nurburgring editioin but you can’t fit a wing on it and reckon had i given more downforce for my car, the lap time would be pretty similar to the real one

      i am in favor of your idea

    • Nov. 13, 3:22pm

      Don’t they have that with certain cars like the McLaren F1 (F1 LM) and the AZ-1(AZ-1 A-spec)?

  57. Nov. 7, 4:12pm

    GTP: There has been much discussion and debate in GTPlanet’s community regarding GT5’s Standard and Premium cars. Could you explain how you came to the decision of which cars would be Premium and which would remain Standard, such as the Bugatti Veyron?

    KY: It wasn’t a matter of making a decision, we just didn’t have time to do it! There is still a possibility that some Standard cars may become Premium in the future.

    I like how he totally avoids the question. Kubelwagens over Veyrons, that was the question Kaz.

    • Nov. 7, 4:22pm

      No, he answered it without avoiding the question. He states he didn’t have time to make them premium, but he intended to. He wanted them all premium but couldn’t do to Sony pushing for them to release the game. There was no decision making. It was probably just due to the fact that what was done was done and what ever wasn’t, wasn’t. Simple as that. The employees probably made MOST new cars premium beforehand anyway. So really it was just what was finished was release, it’s likely he didn’t car what cars were done.

    • Nov. 7, 4:41pm

      There still must have been a day that someone sat down and was given the task of modelling premium old Volkswagens whilst someone else was tasked with just importing the PSP Veyron model. Someone made the choice to model those cars premium before more desirable cars.

    • Nov. 13, 3:21pm

      Now he says that the Standard to Premium is a possibility. Now I respect PD and Kazunori, but I really don’t want new cars until at least 200 more have premiumized.

  58. Nov. 7, 4:09pm

    Nice interview but says nothing new. Only smoke. The development of GT5 was confusing and like all the answers of Mr. Kaz.

  59. Nov. 7, 3:55pm

    Yay for more DLC and possible Bugatti Veyron premium upgrade! Keep up the good work, and keep on listening to the community!

    • Nov. 7, 5:38pm

      non of this was confirmed…?

  60. Nov. 7, 3:34pm
    Drag Labs 101

    Gr8t interveiw sir… Kudos to Kaz & Poly for a wonderful game and all the hard work.

    If wish lists are desired with positive feed back, here’s my TWO cents… :D

    I’d love to see a couple small features added such as the ability to enter the garage from in practice or photo mode without having to exit over & over.

    More A-spec would be wonderful & I must say even though I read what seemed like more negative then positive, I personally loved the B-Spec seasonal and I’d like MORE, MORE, MORE! (<— in a rebel yell)

    And last but not least on wish list is the desire for many more street cars.
    Here's a few off the top of my head I'd really, really like to see…
    1977 Oldsmobile 442
    1964 Chevy TWO
    Ascari A10
    1968 Chevy Nova SS
    1977 & 1997Trans Am
    1972 Ford Gran Turino
    1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 
    1986 Mustang SVO – 1993 Mustang Cobra
    2010 Bentley Continental GT
    More older Ferrari's- Testarossa, 308 288GT
    Porche- 944, 928
    Gumpert Apolo 
    More Audi's- RS4, A5 coupe, A7, S8 
    Lotus Exige

    Thx again for such an AWESOME game!

    • Nov. 7, 3:58pm

      I hate these lists of cars ‘should be in the game’. Who cares? Just drive!

    • Nov. 7, 4:26pm

      i disagree with most of this list. No need for behemoths like bentleys and maybachs, but i would love an ascari or an exige, and though i dont like the 944 or 928, i’d except any porsche at this point.

    • Nov. 7, 5:11pm
      Drag Labs 101

      Kalakanto, where does it say “should be in the game?!”

      Cars are coming, they like feed back.. I’d like to see other model/makers as I’m sure many others do… Suggestions to open ear developers a bad idea???
      I think NOT!

      & @ Matty… Nothing wrong with behemoths like Bentleys, not like I’ll get to drive one in real life & I feel we have enough smaller cars already.

      And I meant to have a Lambo Diablo street version in the above list as well.

      I’d just like to see more & more cars.. Not complaining, and its not as though we do not already have a ton to choose… Ppl like what they like & I’d like to see those above.

  61. Nov. 7, 3:34pm

    So he knows there aren’t enough A-Spec races yet here we are, nearly 1 year on and he has done squat about it. We still have no new proper offline A-Spec events.

    • Nov. 7, 3:59pm

      I guess seasonal events don’t count as A-Spec events?

      I just wish they would get rid of B-Spec altogether. It’s boring, and it’s a lot of time and work that PD could use in other areas of in other areas of the game.

    • Nov. 7, 4:10pm

      They aren’t run the same as A-Spec (catch up mode) and are online only. But even if they did count, there still isn’t enough. Especially when you compare it to the 500 odd races GT4 had.

    • Nov. 7, 6:30pm

      Its not really competing with the AI cars..its more like “omg pass those cars ASAP and time trail the rest to get big M0neyZZ”

  62. Nov. 7, 3:33pm


  63. Nov. 7, 3:31pm

    I think that the next DLC should include old tracks such as Tahiti, Pikes Peak, New York, and Ice Arena, just to name a few.

    • Nov. 7, 3:32pm

      That will be so cool. :D

  64. Nov. 7, 3:26pm
    HKS racer

    KY you want feedback? Your Ferraris doesn’t sound like real Ferraris. I don’t know how to tell you better than this. And no, the Dolby wont do the magic, seriously. Please improve the sound.

    • Nov. 7, 3:32pm

      If you said it more respectly, then you’ll get your good engine sounds. But having to say it like that, isn’t really gonna get you anywhere. Just a note, don’t want to start a argument. :)

    • Nov. 7, 4:02pm
      HKS racer

      LOL so what’s the point of a feedback?
      If he want to hear only positive things it’s a joke. I didn’t misrispected PD I just pointed out their Ferraris doesn’t sound like the real thing which is the truth. If they wonna hide from the truth then there’s no even point wasting time with discussions.
      Not a CONSTRUCTIVE attitude by them at all. I guess even EA would like to hear only positive feedbacks.

    • Nov. 7, 4:16pm

      Okay, okay. If that’s your opinion, I won’t argue about it… It was just “a note”, that’s is all.

    • Nov. 7, 4:18pm

      Plus I was testing you if you would reply back. Yes. XD

    • Nov. 7, 4:52pm
      HKS racer

      Oh I yes of course I reply back, GT simulated some of the biggest brands in the world, KY wanted some feedback? Honestly I was expecting more effort, respect and love for these Supercars dear Poliphony. This is no longer GT4 era, it’s time to stop with vacum cleaners. Poliphony should already know how Ferrari and Lamborghini sounds in real life. Instead they just pitched some samples up, no dyniamic, no loudness, no “roar”, no powerful revs up, no backfire rumble when lifting off the throotle, no V12 simphony. Their sounds seems still too artificial, interiors sounds gets tamed down too much. Probably they think a Ferrari make slightly more noise than a stock 370z, but it’s not like that. Ferrari and Lambo make a lot of noise even from the interiors, but it’s not noise, it’s a simphony, they are loud but they sounds great. The F40 doesn’t even have the stereo because you don’t need that. The real music come from the engine. You have to hear one in real life to know what I mean. PD sound issue is not only a matter of Dolby Surround I guarantee.

    • Nov. 7, 5:15pm

      Thank you for the long sentence. I was waiting for that too so I can understand I bit about the engine sounds issue. But to be honest I think the lambos is the closest to sounding like the real thing don’t you think? It’s just IMO. Not to sure or not.

    • Nov. 7, 6:30pm
      HKS racer

      Well this summer I’ve seen a Lambo Murcielago SV and a Ferrari California in real life while driving my Golf around Jesolo (Italy, near Venice). And holy Jesus you should hear those things revving up, was just.. Wow. I understand it’s not that easy to reproduce that dynamics, but Poliphony need to find a way to implement that typical aggressive / brutal symphony. I know wont be the same as simulating a stock Nissan, but they should try it, some premium muscle cars sounds quite good, now is time to give those V12 some love.
      Another thing, they should rise the volume and use a smoother filter in all the interior views, they toned down too much in all cars: Again, sorry if I’m repeating myself but not all cars have the same sound absorption of Nissan. Supercars can be quite at 50 60 km/h but they can go wild very quickly.
      Last thing low frequencies should be more clear, when I raised them with the Dolby it was quite strange because it seems like they layered the same sample too much time or they didn’t use ah high-pass filter on post processing effects like dopler, chorus and reverb. The bass sounds a bit “liquid” if you know what I mean.

    • Nov. 7, 6:53pm

      Ooo, I wish I was there to here them. :) I understand you completely about the engines sounds now. :) Hmm, I hope they’ll get their right sounds for GT6. It’ll rock if they do. :) Sorry for my issue, just wanted to talk to somebody. ;) Their roaring V8s and V12s. :D Love to hear them in person.

    • Nov. 8, 4:06am

      BTW, let me provide my definition of trolling vs Constructive Criticism… I hope it helps…

      1) Trolling:

      “That’s rubbish…”

      2) Constructive Criticism:

      :That’s rubbish because….(and then you go on explaining why, preferably in a simple and unambiguous way)”

  65. Nov. 7, 3:25pm
    Mac K


  66. Nov. 7, 3:21pm

    Congratulations to Jordan to his best interveiw, Kazanori Yamauchi and PD for everying. :) That must of been the best interview I’ve ever read, and a great one too. ;) To me. GT5 feels like a “god”, and us helping Kaz and PD out. It’s like were apart of developing GT5 with them too by sharing our feedbacks with Kaz and PD. :D It makes me happy to see Kaz adores the GT Planet shirt, looks really nice. :) I love this team and their game even more now, over 9000. lol ^^

  67. Nov. 7, 3:14pm

    I dont usually swear but when was the last time someone sat down with the top man from the pretenders to the crown of GT5 and got all the questions people wanted asking actually answered?

    But i have to say i agree with the a-spec races, i wish there was more but at least hes doing something about it with the Seasonal events

    Keep up the good work both here and at PD

  68. Nov. 7, 3:11pm

    Thanks Kaz for giving Jordan the opportunity for this interview! And all the best for PD workers, hope you & your families are doing good.

  69. Nov. 7, 3:07pm

    thats great, i really hope we get news about hopefully bringing back things like the brake upgrades, the test track, dragstrip, and just maybe, my hope and dreams of a point to point race editor in the mountains to enjoy touge, and more d1 tracks like ebisu, who wouldnt love ebisu? lol

    anywho, great job, i love the fact that pd still gives us updates and support this far in, no one else does that.

    • Nov. 7, 3:27pm

      I must say I agree with you there.

    • Nov. 7, 5:02pm

      why thank you. lol, i just think he needs to support japanese activities more, i know drifting and touge are frowned upon in japan, but i think he should have more d1gp support seeing how he sponsors it!

  70. Nov. 7, 3:04pm

    Jordan, next time you should ask him if he has thought about integrating drifting into the game more and better clutch functionality for G25/G27/DS3. :D

  71. Nov. 7, 3:03pm

    GTP: In an interview last year, you mentioned that some Standard cars may be upgraded to Premium status in the future. Do you still have plans for this, or will GT5’s future DLC focus on adding new car models to the game?

    KY: I think that we should focus on adding new cars to the game.

    YES!!!! NEW CARS!!! Thank you Kaz in advance (even though this isn’t a confirmation).

    • Nov. 7, 3:26pm

      That’s a pretty good hint we’ll may be getting new cars in the future. Super awesome. :D

    • Nov. 7, 4:55pm

      i just want new cars and track..i’m good with that..bring in the new m5!

    • Nov. 8, 2:40am

      In all respect to Kaz (please stop referring to him as KY :P) I think it is a given but I hope by more cars he means “more [new] cars” rather than more GT-R’s or Miata’s.

    • Nov. 13, 3:15pm

      I’d rather see the other 800 Standards converted to premium first. I don’ want new cars first. What’ll happen to them once GT6 is out? Will they still be Standards?

  72. Nov. 7, 2:58pm

    This shows are opinions on the game both positive and constructive are being listened too and keeping out the trolls looking for attention is a must if were to help shape Gran Turismo’s future.

    Constructive input not personal insults because your favourite car doesn’t have a dashboard.

    • Nov. 8, 11:02am


  73. Nov. 7, 2:50pm

    I’m so glad PD and Kaz cares so much about this game and heir users – I think its the only development team that actually cares and LISTENS to its uses. *Tsk Tsk EA…

    Also did anyone notice GT5 on the TV in the background?

  74. Nov. 7, 2:48pm

    Outstanding interview.

  75. Nov. 7, 2:43pm

    Ive been a member since 2001. This is the place for all things gt5! And im glad to be apart of it. Glad to see kaz is staying focused on his maturing “baby” we call Gran Turismo! If we can keep the forums troll free we could have a significant say in future content. Love it. Keep at it mods.

    • Nov. 7, 3:35pm

      Must, keep, “troll free” out of feedbacks. :D

  76. Nov. 7, 2:40pm

    “GTP: If you could go back in time and start over with GT5, is there anything you would do differently?

    KY: No, because I think everything that I thought about in that way, we have done in the updates. If I can think of one, I think we should have made more A-Spec races. When you buy a car, it’s fun to be able to participate in a lot of races with that car, and I don’t think there were enough.”

    Just wow! I know that he didn´t say this was going to be a future change, but this is what I´ve been hoping for the most. To hear it form Mr. Yamauchi himself makes me want to cry of pure joy. I was a little bit dissapointed with the fact that there will be no standard to premium upgrades, but after hearing about the A-Spec events, I don´t care anymore.

    Good luck, PD and Mr. Yamauchi, I hope you can make it possible!

  77. Nov. 7, 2:32pm

    Nothing new. Ok.

    • Nov. 7, 2:39pm

      No mention of new and classic tracks either.

    • Nov. 7, 3:25pm

      Nothing new about you respecting the interview. Relax will ya…

    • Nov. 7, 6:53pm

      “Respecting the interview”? Interviews aren’t meant to be “respected”…

    • Nov. 7, 11:41pm

      Whoooa. Okay if your gonna just get annoyed over one little comment…

  78. Nov. 7, 2:27pm

    Kazunori + GTPlanet t-shirt = EPIC WIN

  79. Nov. 7, 2:26pm

    Great Interview. Kaz is a class act. I don’t know of any boss of a company that would move his employees and families to a safer location because of a threating natural disater. He sacraficed disruption his own business so that his employees would be safe. Wow, simply Wow!

    Appreciate all the hard work towards GT5. You and your team deserves honors! And congrats on the win too, shows that GT5 is not just another racing game that looks pretty, but an actual simulator that you can practice to sharpen and hone your skills for a real race track. Simply , Impressive!

    • Nov. 7, 3:17pm

      Was not expecting such a straight forward answer about the radiation. Wish my boss was this honest!

  80. Nov. 7, 2:26pm

    Long Live PD, KY, GT, JN, PS, GP !

    Looking Forward to GT6, PS4, and Beyond!

    Logitech or Fanatech, please consider making complete simulator (hydrolic cockpit) for GT5 &+ games.

  81. Nov. 7, 2:20pm

    Not a real interview if you ask me, but than again how am I.
    dut i do think this interview did not give us anything new, our things, answers we did not no already. It,s more like a meeting between A fan and his hero, to much a fan to ask real questions..
    And Kaz as always is saying nothing and maby….

    • Nov. 7, 2:47pm

      Being a journalist requires professional skills. Jordan runs a fansite with various fora and news updates and he does an awesome job. As you said, Kaz is a God-like figure for a GT fan and maybe Jordan was understandably impressed and didn’t dare (or have time to) ask the right questions.

  82. Nov. 7, 2:15pm

    I am the first comments, LOL, GREAT!

  83. Nov. 7, 2:12pm

    I think this was really insightful into a happy Kaz
    Whom is enjoying his Current input into Gt5
    Wonderful interview Jordan!!

  84. Nov. 7, 2:10pm

    Kazunori Yamauchi for president, NOW!

    Nice interview, it s always a pleasure read it! Congratulations!

    • Nov. 7, 2:45pm

      Wait, what would Kaz do as president…? And of which country…?

    • Nov. 7, 3:32pm

      he’s just saying.

    • Nov. 7, 9:23pm

      If Kaz was president, what would Translator-san be?

    • Nov. 8, 2:34am

      Secretary of Defence

    • Nov. 10, 8:06am
      Forza Mclaren

      President?? NO! we would only get a standard cabinet

  85. Nov. 7, 2:08pm

    I was hoping you might ask about the old GT4 tracks maybe making it in to GT5.

  86. Nov. 7, 2:03pm

    I wish to meet kaz one day. Seem like a nice bloke

  87. Nov. 7, 2:02pm

    Great interview and info to share with the GT5 COMMUNITY! I would love to see more Short A-Spec races!! Thanks to Kaz and crew.

  88. Nov. 7, 2:00pm

    I know he has to regret 800 standard cars

    • Nov. 7, 3:31pm


    • Nov. 7, 9:21pm

      If you mean he regrets putting them in only as standards, then obviously yes.

      But he doesn’t regret at least putting them in when there wasn’t enough time for more premiums. I don’t. Thank you Kaz.

  89. Nov. 7, 1:59pm

    Fantastic, thank you Jordan!

  90. Nov. 7, 1:56pm

    glad we’re so valued as far as feedback goes, and for me more a spec races would really keep me on it.

  91. Nov. 7, 1:56pm

    Nice going Jordan.

  92. Nov. 7, 1:55pm

    Kazunori Yamauchi PRO !!!

  93. Nov. 7, 1:54pm

    Tourist Trophy 2 PLEASE!

    • Nov. 8, 8:37am


      Really want to see an updated Tourist Trophy.

  94. Nov. 7, 1:52pm

    “In the future do you see Polyphony Digital dedicating resources to major Gran Turismo titles or to creating more spin-off games, such as Tourist Trophy and Prologue?

    The only thing I can definitely say is the next one will be GT6, but we might have something else pop-up in between now and then [laughs]!”

    Wouldn’t mind another TT game.

    Awesome interview opportunity!

    • Nov. 7, 2:15pm

      It could be a Gran Turismo game on the psvita before GT6 comes out.

    • Nov. 8, 8:08am

      Crystal clear!

  95. Nov. 7, 1:52pm

    Best game support ever!

  96. Nov. 7, 1:51pm

    Thanks for the very insightful interview. I’m glad you finally got to meet Kaz and Translator-San. It’s good to hear they are doing well in their new location and plan on supporting GT5 through next year.

    • Nov. 7, 3:31pm

      They’ve met before and Jordan was part of an interview, but he never had a PERSONAL interview with Kaz, until now.

    • Nov. 8, 9:30pm

      @MyFavoriteGame I really don’t like when he says that they didn’t have enough time for more premium cars…six yrs a very long development period for any form of media. yes, they cars are super detailed and I understand they amount of work that went into every one,….but if it took 5-6 yrs for 200 cars, would you guys really have needed 20 more yrs to do the other 800?

      PD, They didn’t just spend all of their time messing around with cars. They had to make 70+ other tracks as well FYI!

    • Nov. 9, 11:03am

      @Vortex1be ok, I agree, the game isn’t only about cars just floating in space, there are other things too…..but its been almost a yr and there have been ZERO standards to premiums….So if they were given more time, the game still wouldn’t have been out yet, prob not even close. and with new consoles coming 2013/2014 Gran Turismo might have missed an entire generation of consoles. Now I’m not tryna be redundant here, I love GT5, I literally play it everyday, I come to this site daily excited for the possibility of some good news, but when i see things like this,….”PD not having enough time”….”Sony forcing them to release the game unfinished”….idk man, Its makes PD sound like a real second class studio,…. 6 yrs….

  97. Nov. 7, 1:50pm

    The man is careful with his words! Nice interview, congrats Jordan, nice job!

    • Nov. 7, 5:36pm

      I really don’t like when he says that they didn’t have enough time for more premium cars…six yrs a very long development period for any form of media. yes, they cars are super detailed and I understand they amount of work that went into every one,….but if it took 5-6 yrs for 200 cars, would you guys really have needed 20 more yrs to do the other 800?

    • Nov. 7, 6:13pm

      Well, it was 200 premiums and a game made of scratch. Most games already had their bases on the sama system, GT5 was made from scratch for a diferent system. I believe that’s why it took that much time.

    • Nov. 8, 7:11am

      @ MyFavoriteGame: So you think all they do is make car models? Besides, give me any other game that has more “premium” cars than GT5. I can’t think off any game that has more cars with that much detail.
      Also, they didn’t have 6 years for GT5 because there have been other releases in between. GT5P and another game (don’t know the name). Ok yeah GT5P is basicly GT5 without optimization and large content. But hey atleast they released a game, which they even supported for quite a while.

  98. Nov. 7, 1:50pm

    Nice Interview Jordan :)

    • Nov. 7, 2:14pm

      yep, Jordan asked some good questions I was interested in.

      I’m sure that the a-spec events were kind of rushed because they didn’t have time to finish the game. But hopefully we’ll see some standard cars to premiums. I personally feel that GT6 should be on the PS4.

    • Nov. 7, 2:55pm

      Will someone have the balls to ask him about shadows, why it was shipped that way, and is there ever hope of a 100% fix for GT 5? Tired of reading timid interview questions

    • Nov. 7, 3:27pm

      To complain about something as minor as shadows surely means everything else is amazing? I think you would agree?

    • Nov. 7, 4:10pm

      indeed geoffmallan. It should be pretty clear by now the shadow maps and stencils (blocky smoke) are that low res for performance reasons. there’s either not enough memory to have them higher res or the gpu is not fast enough to render them that way at 60fps

    • Nov. 7, 4:17pm

      Great interview Jordan, thanks for asking some good question… I’m looking forward to what PD will deliver next!

    • Nov. 8, 12:29am

      @Dave_Panic The ”GPU” is fast.. it’s a PS3 performance problem related to system memory that leads to blocky shadows, smoke, etc. Not to say PD couldn’t improve it, but image quality or performance in other areas would suffer. It’s all a trade-off and compromise. For how old the PS3 is, in general GT5 looks amazing in 1080 on my 52” Aquos. Sometimes even by ”today’s stanards.” I soften the image up a bit with some filtering on my TV, most thing look great, sometimes even the shadows too.

  99. Nov. 7, 1:47pm


    Keep up the great work Jordan :tup:

  100. Nov. 7, 1:46pm

    If I can think of one, I think we should have made more A-Spec races. When you buy a car, it’s fun to be able to participate in a lot of races with that car, and I don’t think there were enough.


    • Nov. 7, 3:14pm

      Jordan Y U NO ask about the next GT Academy? :(

    • Nov. 7, 4:27pm

      damn straight!! thank god for seasonals, or i’d be done ages ago.

    • Nov. 7, 8:05pm

      Thats why there are seasonals, a new event each week.

    • Nov. 8, 3:18am

      A very good interview Jordan. You asked some very good questions. Keep up the good work

    • Nov. 8, 10:47am

      I would really like a classic car DLC :)

    • Nov. 9, 7:11pm

      The fact that Kaz thinks lack of A-Spec events is the only thing missing in this game does not bode well for it’s future. :(
      Kind of a short sighted for a title with so much potential.

    • Nov. 10, 7:17am
      Forza Mclaren

      How about Horrible easy to beat AI, how can Kaz ignore us hardcore racing fans by not giving us super challenging AI to race with, Just make the SUPER GT races fast and close just like it is in real life I dont think its a very difficult job KAZ

    • Nov. 13, 1:08pm

      I’m a bit dissapointed that you didn’t ask about old GT titles becoming available on PS Classics, but great interview nonetheless!

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