GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: Greatest Hits Races 1 & 2 Livestream

The Weekly Race Series crew has put together a handful of casual races to close out 2015, with the first one starting in a matter of minutes. Earlier this month, the community was asked to vote on their favourite combos from WRS’ 100+ week past in GT6, with close tallies for all four of the final choices. Two races will be held today, while two more will take place tomorrow.


First up, starting at the 80’s rendition of Monza, is a suitably 80’s car: the Ferrari GTO. This high-speed event, appropriately titled “Floor It”, is the most recent combo of the four, from Week 86 of the WRS. The race starts at 17:00 GMT (check local) – only a matter of minutes now – so you can catch the stream up top, care of PASM!


Second up today is a classic combo: the Miata at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. “Mazda Is As Mazda Does” is the oldest to be revisited (Week 26), and is unique amongst the four Greatest Hits races taking place in that it allows tuning. This should make for some interesting battles on track, with the different approaches the field may take. The race starts at 21:00 GMT (check local), and you’ll be able to catch it right here, with the livestream for Race 2 just below:

Tomorrow will see two more combinations, run at the same times as the two races today. Check back bright and early for those video links and the full run-down of each race. Whether you’re spectating or taking part, it should be exciting. Pop by the Christmas Special thread to get all the details on the races and the folks taking part.

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Comments (5)

  1. PASM

    The audio quality on the livestream of Race 1 didn’t turn out as planned, apparently there was another source still playing on the computer and got broadcasted as well. Race 2 should be better. Still, both races were great fun to do.

    1. TomBrady

      Gravitron, are you guys now allowing people to join with non- GTP tag PSN ID’s or was it just for this race?

      I’ve actually never played GT6 on my GTP account

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