Pick Your Present With GTPlanet’s WRS Greatest Hits


The WRS and 3D3 are lining up one more Online Special Event to close out 2015. While the GT500 Series will be running its final race this coming Sunday, four races taking part on the 27th and 28th will look back at some of the most popular car and track combinations the WRS have run over the course of GT6’s life.

Ranging from Week 10’s RX-7 at the Ascari Race Resort, to 80’s Monza in a Ferrari 288 GTO (Week 86), there’s something for everyone. Perhaps you’d enjoy a trio of muscle cars at Rome Reverse? Maybe you’re a firm believer in “Miata” always being the answer, especially if the question involves Laguna Seca. Have a hankering for some modern prototypes? There’s two options for that!

Head over to the Christmas Special thread to get all the details. If you’re already a member of the WRS, you can vote on which races you’d like to see here. Not a member yet? Get started!

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