GTPlanet’s WRS Special Event: GT500 Championship Round 4 Live Stream

The final WRS championship of 2015 is at its penultimate juncture, with the fourth of five races starting today. Above, you can catch the live stream (care of staff member and racer @PASM), kicking off at 20:00 GMT/UTC.

The championships are looking close, with Division A’s podium dominated by Team Redline drivers. TRL_IMMORTAL leads the way with 46 points, with aughablo next up five points behind. Sharing third place are two more Redline pilots, TRL_AYHANCAN and TRL_Andromeda, with 27 and 25 points between. Ballast has been added to the top drivers for the final time, as the 2015 finale will see all handicaps reset to 0kg. It should tighten up the pack around the Sliverstone GP Circuit all the same.

Division B isn’t quite as close, but still has plenty of room for a shakeup and. GTP_Bambi has won the three previous races, meaning he’s carrying a lot more ballast over 2nd place jfrod52 (37 points) and GTP_ealirendur (25 points).

Race Info

Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit

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