“Japanese 90’s Challenge” GT5 Seasonal Event Now Live

April 24th, 2013 by Michael Leary

The latest Seasonal Events are now available in GT5, featuring Japanese cars built in the 1990’s. Five expert level races touring some of the most scenic locations available in the game, and the rewards are just as high as they’ve come to be in these expert level challenges.

Cars are limited to a maximum of 450PP and Sports/Hard tires or less. The challenges are as follows:

  • 450PP Japanese 90’s Challenge: Tsukuba Circuit /6 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/04/25 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.295,000  2nd: Cr.162,250  3rd: Cr.118,000
  • 450PP Japanese 90’s Challenge: Suzuka Circuit /6 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/04/25 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.310,000  2nd: Cr.170,500  3rd: Cr.124,000
  • 450PP Japanese 90’s Challenge: Trial Mountain Circuit /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/04/25 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.315,000  2nd: Cr.173,250  3rd: Cr.126,000
  • 450PP Japanese 90’s Challenge: Cape Ring South Course /5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/04/25 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.305,000  2nd: Cr.167,750  3rd: Cr.122,000
  • 450PP Japanese 90’s Challenge: Toscana (Tarmac) 103A /3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/04/25 04:00 –
    1st: Cr.340,000  2nd: Cr.187,000  3rd: Cr.136,000

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode iamge by jedisteampunk.

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  1. May. 1, 10:14am

    Just used a tuned gathers drider civic. Pretty easy

    • May. 2, 5:04pm
      Donald Rumsfeld

      What this game really needed was more focus on Japanese cars. I am glad that they are finally recognizing the significance of the Japanese motor industry, and there’s nothing better than forcing legitimate players into driving with SRF.

      PD have somehow figured out how to nail their own coffin shut from the inside. Surely I can’t be the only one who is being driven farther away from GT6 with this pattern of game management.

    • May. 2, 10:15pm
      Pit Crew

      Im not being driven away from GT6 myself , but I am being conspicuously cautious about how PD and Kaz went about tying up GT5s loose ends, ASpec comps being one of many.

  2. Apr. 30, 11:10pm

    Beat it like nothing with my plain skyline gt-r v-spec lm limited (r33) 96′ sooo happy with my new 787b :D

    • May. 1, 10:30am

      Yeah that thing is awesome… So worth it!

  3. Apr. 29, 3:29pm

    GT5 needs to have online seasonal events supply the car for the event, while not tuning allowed to just see who can post the better lap times. this would eliminate who has the better car and tune, and jut boil it down to who is the better driver.

    • Apr. 30, 3:29am

      I agree TunerTeen

    • Apr. 30, 11:13am
      Pit Crew

      Uh…have you seen the latest TT? 1st event of newer post hack/mods Seasonal TT/DT, PD supplies the car now.

  4. Apr. 29, 4:33am

    I beat these with a 380pp civic. Waaaay to easy but the payout was excellent with the PP bonus.

  5. Apr. 27, 9:07pm

    Still lovin GT5 … Anyone else thinking the seasonals getting easier ???? Coasted all the tracks with 20 sec ahead finish in a stock car ?!?!?

    • Apr. 29, 9:11am

      Some seasonal events are easy and some of them very easy , but there are some really difficult time trials. isn’t that so ?

  6. Apr. 27, 12:43am

    Another Japanese event? SRF not an option? Yes, that’s the PD we’ve come to accept!

  7. Apr. 26, 11:49am

    I can go from these SRF Events to no SRF with no problem. I don’t use any other aids and drive on at least one grade lower tire. Main issue is braking numbness with No ABS w/ SRF on. Sports Hards are overkill at this PP level anyway-to much grip for an experienced driver. So is suspension tuning.

    Plenty of fun going Tuning Prohibited and using a grip driving style. For the record I’m completely opposed to ANY forced aid.

    • Apr. 26, 11:51am


      SRF has it’s place in GT5 but it should definitely only be an option, not forced.

    • Apr. 26, 2:54pm

      SRF at this pp level is gross overkill.

      Because of the forced SRF, this event was the first one that really felt more like an arcade game then the driving simulator PD touts the GT series to be. While it was fun driving like a maniac with little worries of swapping the rear end unless I put a rear wheel in the grass, it wasn’t the same kind of fun that a real challenge offers.

      At least I’ll give some credit to PD because the rabbits were not the suspects you would think: like Skylines, Supra’s or RX-7’s. but the race was way to easy. Completed all events with a brand new Acura NSX on sport hards on the first try. The only upgrade was the 5 speed close because I wanted more acceleration but it wasn’t necissary. The reward ticket was also a little extreme. A Mazda 787b for a reward on this race event?!?!

    • Apr. 26, 3:04pm

      Sports Hards as well as SRF are overkill. Comfort Softs or Mediums. Just because SH is the maximum allowed tire doesn’t mean a capable driver has to use them.

    • Apr. 26, 4:16pm

      I used Comfort tires, stock suspension and no ABS in my FC RX-7. I was still feeling how that aid kicked in. It’s horrible. The other car I used which it was a stock Acura NSX felt even worst. Like if it was running on Sport tires.

      So there is n way around it unless they make it optional.

    • Apr. 26, 4:34pm

      It causes HORID understeer as well

    • Apr. 26, 4:35pm


  8. Apr. 26, 11:32am

    Yes, SRF being stuck on is a TOTAL drag

    I like it on when i’m racing online with my DFGT because i’ve got a heavy right foot and i’m sure people don’t appreciate me powersliding into them at 100mph. I am not a noob, i’m just a bit too keen sometimes.

    But i agree it has no place in these seasonals.

  9. Apr. 26, 9:52am

    Ohhh I’m so bored with this ( sorry say that Guys ) – when can we have another Overtake challenge, that was fresh and it wasn’t boring at all imho :) –
    I think it’s the choice of Tracks that PD do, that bores me in the challenges, it’s often the same track circle – or maybe i just forget to easy :O) Happy Holidays all..

  10. Apr. 26, 8:58am

    oh nope, SRF complains
    everything is ruined

  11. Apr. 26, 3:27am

    Yay! Just got My 787b:D

  12. Apr. 25, 5:52pm

    Loving the Toscana track. Really made you work hard on the right line.

    • May. 1, 1:52am

      The redeeming feature about this seasonal, for sure. Along with being showered with GT credits.

      PD knows the AI is grossly inferior and incapable of providing a serious challenge to the gamer, which is why players are forced to start 30 seconds behind first place. I think they need to hire people who can program fast, human rival cars, as I don’t think the GT series will survive another 15 years of utterly inept AI.

  13. Apr. 25, 1:46pm

    Is srf still forced on?

    • Apr. 25, 1:59pm

      Apparently srf is still forced on. So not even worth turning ps3 on for this.

    • Apr. 25, 2:59pm

      Are you really that narrow minded? SRF on is still playable. Gran Turismo…. well Gran Turismo Lite.

    • Apr. 25, 3:27pm

      It is “playable” just like bicycle with broken tires and bent seat is “ridable” but it is not fun. Is it the option to not have some stupid driving aid being forced on really too much asked?

    • Apr. 25, 5:25pm

      Absolutely not, it’s a no-brainer to have an option since it just makes it harder. I have no idea why it is like this, but this is how it is. As you said, it has some broken tires and the seat is bent but it’s still a god damn bike and it’s more fun to ride it than not to.

    • Apr. 25, 9:26pm

      I could say these were fun, but they weren’t. When you are not able to power-slide in a 275HP Acura NSX or a 240HP FC RX-7 on Comfort Soft tires, then you know there is a problem.

      SRF surely eclipses good seasonal events like these. Is it really much to ask to make it optional? And if it’s not possible for some reason, can PD at least explain why? If someone manages to interview Kazunori, they should ask him the reason why he is forcing SRF.

    • Apr. 26, 2:07am

      You’re not meant to be power sliding in a real race. That’s what Mario Kart is for :P.

    • Apr. 26, 5:12am

      Husky, he might not know that. Apparently he is not playing his game for a long time now.

    • Apr. 26, 9:40am

      RESHIRAM5, you are supposed to keep your SELF from powersliding in a race. Not just barrelling through turns because the SRF training wheels will keep you from crossing over the edge of grip/losing time/crashing. That should be up to our own skill. Mariocart. Get outta here!

    • Apr. 26, 11:40am

      ^Agreed. I don’t like it forced on either but once I tried it with lower grade tires, it’s not as noticeable. Then again I don’t powerslide or drift turns or use any other aids. Turn off ABS, go Tuning Prohibited with suspension and use Comfort Softs.

    • Apr. 26, 12:15pm


      I was controlled power sliding all night on sports hard. on all tracks sept Tsukuba Circuit . sorry it was very easy to do it. I kinda liked it, used it to get position to pass early on.

      91′ Efini RX-7

    • Apr. 26, 4:23pm


      I don’t like powersliding on purpose. I like driving in a straight constant line. I guess what I meant was that I like it when the car looses control and I FIGHT IT BACK WITH MY OWN SKILL.

      It’s like researchALLwars said: SRF It’s like having training wheels. It’s ridiculous. You can feel that thing kicking in every corner exit.


      I probably should’ve gone with the FD. The FC doesn’t have too much power to constantly loose its rear end anyway.

    • May. 1, 1:52am

      I’m with KoldStrejke, I used my 400 PP S13 Silvia (DIA Selection) and i was able to powerslide too. For me, SRF or not, eyes were on the prize……. Proud owner of a 787B, cant say no to that.

  14. Apr. 25, 1:00pm

    Beat it with a Stock Altessa

    • Apr. 26, 7:24pm

      beat it with a spoon dc2 at 400pp.

  15. Apr. 25, 11:53am

    OK call me stupid but is that lancer a premium?

    • Apr. 25, 1:00pm

      Yes it is

  16. Apr. 25, 11:47am

    Some good events here, but as many have mentioned, a lack of creativity is apparent… PD need to think out of the box a little..

    It would be nice to see ‘qualification’ rejuvenated and integrated within GT5 or even GT6, because it really added to the experience back in GT4, and I know I speak for everyone on that.

    Additionally, I feel that an LMP only La Sarthe day-night mini endurance race (not 24 hours) would be a neat idea… It’s what I’ve had my heart set on for a while now.

    GT5 certainly isn’t ‘dead’, we’re not asking for DLC, just something we haven’t seen before, and these are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling for PD. If they were wise, they’d source directly from their fans.

    • Apr. 25, 12:46pm

      if your heart is really set on that La Sarthe LMP race, why not try it in arcade mode? Usually LMP’s (with the right tire choice before the race, you can always change it once you get to the pre-race screen) will give you a decent field of LMP competitors. Just be sure that ‘Surface water at race START’ is set to zero- because the A.I. will never begin a race with rain tires- leading to first lap shenanigans if its wet. But you can set the weather changeability to anything you want (I like 5-8) and they will usually pit appropriately when it starts to rain. Set your Race time to 4pm, and day/night transition to something quick like 15-30, and you’re dancin.

      You do make a good point about the seasonals all being the same bland format, though. 150+ people in that studio and nobody ever raises their hand? “Uhh hey guys lets do something a little different.. no?”

    • Apr. 25, 1:52pm

      That’s pretty much the full story about gt5. With little this or that many of the game features could be excellent. While the technical expertise of pd is excellent (graphics, smoothness of fps and delivery of promised technical features) their creativeness seems to be really poor and even in gt5 they seemed to be totally clueless what to do with the hundreds of different cars, series and other brands like top gear, le mans or nascar.

    • Apr. 25, 3:59pm

      good point, hyyper. It’s also a bit of a shame that I had to type a paragraph of qwerky instructions in order to guide Stiggy into getting fair results to his VERY simple request.

      It’s all good. Spring is a time for house/yard/auto work. Summer for sports and social play. Maybe GT6 in the fall will come thundering in and make us all view GT5 as an abberation in the rear-view mirror, growing ever smaller in the distance. I will shed no tears for you, GT5. You are a time-trial simulator, and will be used as such until your sun sets.

    • Apr. 25, 4:41pm

      “GT5 certainly isn’t ‘dead’,”

    • Apr. 25, 9:09pm
      Pit Crew

      I’ve wanted Seasonals like that too stiggy, nurb included but GT5s AI drivers would still be as stupid as they are now, so PD would just give us a more complicated Chase the Rabbit. The “Countdown Rundown” from the GT4 special events may be fun, if they recycled an old mode concept, IMO but a TT under those conditions, yes that would be worth doing.

  17. Apr. 25, 11:39am
    Fire Yoshi

    Hooray! It’s Supra time!

  18. Apr. 25, 10:43am

    ahhhh my favorite era/class of automobile. Now if only we could QUALIFY for these “races”, and spend these laps RACING and battling the competition. PD, we want to hone our racecraft. Chasing wabbits isn’t even for kids! Trix are for kids! I feel like the rabbit in those old cereal commercials whenever I think about running a seasonal event. ha!

    Rolling start from the back.
    Blow past 10 buzzing drones.
    Lonely rabbit chase.
    Blow past rabbit.


    • Apr. 25, 11:14am

      yeah, and also do that as a championships… Polys!! Please wake up.

  19. Apr. 25, 9:46am

    Surprisingly, this event does not have a whole lot of competition, other then the Supra SZ-R and Celica GT-R. I’ve only encountered the Skyline twice so far, but is starting in the rolling position ahead of you and is easy to take over. As far as the NSX goes, I’m the only one using one and have not seen one at all.

    Most of the other cars consist of S-Chassis, FTO’s, Celica’s, MR2, Mirage, and occasionally a Sprinter or Lantis Coupe.

    This event is very fun and challenging considering your using a bone stock car, rather then being able to tune it up and then racing with it. Probably one of the most enjoyable events for me, of course I’ve only been playing for about 2 months, but none of the less, definitely a fun event.

  20. Apr. 25, 8:52am

    Is this another seasonal where you start in last and have to destroy the competition, and then spend 3 laps trying to catch the X1 in first? These races are so unappealing, not only this, but in arcade drivers will actually SLOW DOWN if pass them. It’s like they don’t want to win. The only fun form of racing is online, but I can’t ever find a decent racing lobby. It’s either drag, drift, or cruise. I just want to race against a computer that wants to actually race, not just be there so it looks like I’m racing.

    • Apr. 25, 9:01am

      School is in session still, so… Hp/Kg racing is gaining popularity now. Look look for HighPerformanceStreet and late am and mid pm ;)

    • Apr. 25, 10:35am

      But I want to race RACE cars. there’s a reason they are in the game and they’re not being used too much.

    • Apr. 25, 11:39am

      lol… It’s ok, Squid. I’m a collector of GT cars and I probably dig race cars more than you. ‘HighPerformanceStreet’ is what I call my rooms because it’s more attractive to those who are more interested in the less interesting world of STREET TIRED street machines. It’s a more challenging formula.

      BTW, did you know most race cars, class wise, are tunable to equal horse power, weight, and performance ratings? It’s a concept that I’ve been trying to get traction, online, for quite a while.

      clean, no boost, weak penalty and damage, ABS only, normal tire wear, 5-15min races usually, extended to necessitate a single pit stop are the norm. Key to enjoying my room is a diverse garage of fully tuned cars and the willingness to drive more than one kind of car… You’re probably quicker than me in your X1 ;)

      HPS[SS]… street stock w/SS tires (concepts ok),
      HPS[S]…. tuned street w/SS tires w/o wing,
      HPS[R]… race tuned w/RS tires and wing,
      HPS[GT].. Group C, LMP, GT1, PD/GT, GTS/LM, …


  21. Apr. 25, 8:51am

    also i can’t log online for some reasons so i might want to do this doodle

  22. Apr. 25, 8:11am

    i hear its great but does the rabbit , train AI and SRF still there ?

  23. Apr. 25, 6:57am

    What a great event! Superb! This is what GT is all about.

    All of my modded cars that were left have now been deleted.

    I’m not risking a ban any more. It just isn’t worth it.

  24. Apr. 25, 6:28am

    Looks like the second maintenance was just a maintenance because there doesn’t seem to be anything new

    • Apr. 25, 7:16am

      “Looks like the second maintenance was just a maintenance…”

      Funny thing, eh?

    • Apr. 25, 7:28am

      well at least we got an update tocthe system software. I know that’s nothing to do with PD but at least it’s something. Now if i could only figure out what’s actually changed……………… -________-

  25. Apr. 25, 4:30am

    Nice pic of the almighty 4g63 up there btw!!!

  26. Apr. 25, 4:25am

    Maintenence started about 25 min ago, if your in a lobby then help pd by leaving it :P.

  27. Apr. 25, 4:24am

    Amg or ///M event? The reason there no event like that because there are hundreds of japan cars to chose from and only a hand full of euro cars, and most of them are standards. Would be nice tho!

    • Apr. 26, 12:15am

      Yes, there are hundreds of japanese cars, but it’s the same events over and over. I think there are enough European sports cars to make a good seasonal.

  28. Apr. 25, 3:06am

    Just got back from finishing the event, funnest event ever! :D Thank you PD for this awesome event. Others should use the Nissan STAGEA 260RS Autech Version and reduse its weight, race it on Tsukuba and you’ll be having a blast in that thing. :)

  29. Apr. 25, 2:55am

    Suprised I haven’t seen a SRF complaint yet.

    • Apr. 25, 3:22am

      Lol, don’t jinx it xD

    • Apr. 25, 8:54am

      Is it still mandatory?

    • Apr. 26, 10:01am

      I also used the Nissan STAGEA 260RS Autech for this seasonal. It’s been sitting in my garage and never used. I tuned it to 425pp, made some chassis adjustments and took Gold in all 5 events…especially liked the “time change” @ Toscana. I was surprised that the prize was the 787B for a nineties event @ 450pp. No complaints here..SRF on or off…still fun.

  30. Apr. 25, 1:07am

    They should do this type of event with European and American cars too.

    How about an AMG event or an M meeting? Or an AMG vs. M vs. RS? Come on, PD, you can do it! GT5 is still alive!

    • Apr. 25, 5:10am

      GT5 is still alive – haha! Quality movie reference :-D

    • Apr. 25, 7:53am

      Not dead, ALIVE! lol

    • Apr. 25, 8:57am

      You want it…
      Dead or Alive…
      Bon Jovi :D

  31. Apr. 25, 1:03am

    Right on! Reliving the old days of GT2. At 450pp, this should be a great lightly tuned JDM event. Skylines, GTOs, Supra, NSXs and RX7s of yore. And let’s not forget the LT5 Better and early model Viper. Have fun everybody.

    OMT, the online dealership has been updated with plenty of 90s cars. First time this has, in conjunction with a new special event, for a while. For the JDM crowd? ;)

    • Apr. 25, 11:48am

      lol… my bad. Skylines, GTOs, Supras, NSXs and RX7s are too close or over the pp limit in stock form. Guess I’ll put to use those GSRs, WRXs, turbo and non-turbo Silvias and MR2s, Celicas and SXs… easy money ;)

  32. Apr. 25, 12:27am

    This is a good seasonal. I particularly like the Toscana race at the end.

    • Apr. 25, 5:53pm

      Agreed. Put my gt four st205 round it and it worked well

  33. Apr. 25, 12:23am

    I’m loving this new seasonal, bring on more old car events!

  34. Apr. 25, 12:04am

    Perfect,perfect :)

  35. Apr. 24, 11:55pm

    This event is rather… Intresting.

  36. Apr. 24, 11:53pm

    Very interesting. Something new at last. At least there are a bunch of Premium 90’s Japanese cars unlike with the 80’s ones. And 450pp sounds great.

  37. Apr. 24, 11:38pm


  38. Apr. 24, 11:32pm

    Not bad, not bad.

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