Japanese K-Cars Featured in New GT5 Time & Drift Trials

July 12th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Japan’s fun little Kei cars are featured in some of Gran Turismo 5‘s latest Time & Drift Trial Seasonal Events. Here’s a closer look at the new challenges:

Time Trial No. 40

  • 350PP K-Cars: Eiger Nordwand Short Course
    Period of Availability: 2012/07/11 23:00 – 2012/07/25 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 500PP Trial Mountain Circuit
    Period of Availability: 2012/07/11 23:00 – 2012/07/25 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 40

  • K Cars: Autumn Ring Mini
    Period of Availability: 2012/07/11 23:00 – 2012/07/25 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Sarthe Circuit 2005 (No Chicane)
    Period of Availability: 2012/07/11 23:00 – 2012/07/25 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, head over to GTPlanet’s GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by nissanfanatic.

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  1. Jul. 25, 12:28am

    i love what the what the front plates say lolol

  2. Jul. 19, 1:06am

    The life step van is epicness when drifting lol

  3. Jul. 17, 4:47pm

    Do what the car says. :)

  4. Jul. 15, 1:19pm

    This will be awesome to try to drift a k car and nice pic I wish you could do that in the game

  5. Jul. 15, 8:22am

    I’m getting annoyed with TT’s now, when you’ve already set a time then go for another lap and the game freezes then starts again after a small jump (I’m guessing it’s loading the ghost). This is annoying when the first corner needs to be braked for straight after the line and you can’t because it freezes, then chucks you off and invalidates/ makes your lap so terrible it’s not worth carrying on. Needs to be fixed for unbroken, continuous laps.

    On another note, HOW DO YOU MAKE THE NUMBERPLATE?!! I’d love a free download that lets you choose and make numberplates for cars. Mine would probably be all ‘459 BHP’ for example. Then everytime I look at a car I know what its’ BHP stat is.

    • Jul. 16, 12:08pm

      The plates are photoshopped after the fact. You can’t do it in the game.

  6. Jul. 14, 9:46am

    whats wrong with people these days? i really don’t understand most people on here….GT5 is a game, we hav no right to say they must do somin, PD are the owners of the franchise not users…why don’t people accept the face this is a game, this is what it offers, & this is what most people enjoy, if u don’t like somin say u don’t like it, not say “they haven’t done what I wanted from the game so its crap, it may be suitable for the other millions of people but cus its not 4 me, i can’t deal with it, AHHH PD WILL DIE!”

    most things people complain about hav been in the game since gt1, why complain now, its the GT’s way of doing stuff…

    we should accept what we are provided with & be grateful of it…or get a life

    • Jul. 16, 12:11pm


  7. Jul. 14, 1:19am

    HAHA, thanks for using my image Jordan! I always wanted to feature on the main page but i never thought it’d be with that picture!! The Move Bitch looks staunch!

    • Jul. 14, 6:55am
      e30 freek

      Nice pic man

  8. Jul. 13, 11:18am

    Kei Cars sucks big time ! Can’t believe they made an seasonnal event out of these ridiculous cars…

    I don’t say that because I think GT5 should have only 300 hp min powored cars… No, I said that because these cars are a total nonsense in a video game, even if it’s made by a japanese team… These cars are horrid and should never have benn created !

    You would never race a Renault twingo or a peugeot 107 in the game… that’s ridiculous…

    • Jul. 13, 7:35pm
      e30 freek

      I wouldn’t mind the twingo or the 106 but hell no to the Kei cars I still golded them though :L

  9. Jul. 13, 10:37am

    awesome fun cars :)

  10. Jul. 12, 11:23pm

    Is that PD’s original license plate for that car, or has it been altered?

    • Jul. 13, 12:12am
      GT HP Nut

      Of course it has been altered…

    • Jul. 13, 8:18am

      Meh, It’s not really funny knowing that it’s been altered. If that was PD’s original plate it would have been hysterical..

  11. Jul. 12, 10:49pm

    I’m loving that license plate…

  12. Jul. 12, 8:39pm

    why do i have no permission to post something at the GT5 Seasonal Event Forum?

    • Jul. 12, 10:20pm

      Fun even I like the fact that we can finally start to utilize some of the cars that we haven’t used since most of us beat the game a few years ago.

  13. Jul. 12, 7:45pm

    Love this event. However, I’m truly surprised with GTP “nazi-like moderation” this photo managed to go through on the front page. Not that I’m complaining, I love it!

    • Jul. 12, 9:40pm

      Nazis, eh? The word “bitch” is not prohibited on the site.

    • Jul. 12, 11:25pm

      Jordan, Is that because the word bitch actually means female canine?

    • Jul. 13, 9:18am

      They’re all just words at the end of the day… Gotta have some bad ones to look cooler I suppose.

  14. Jul. 12, 6:40pm

    i really dislike having these cars in the game. i wish they would substitute these slow under powered cars for other cars that are much faster and worth racing with. (im sure you can think of at least 10) i can think of plenty but listing them wouldnt help however just cause a stir.

    Since this game GT5 is race simulator I don’t see how these slow cars are relevant to game other then the fact its a car indeed however NOT a racing car. just stop….put in the cars people really want and can race in and mod.

    i don’t have all 1000’s cars because half of them are these 48hp cars. but i have every other car in the game.

    stop it 5 stop. like really stop…no more slow 48hp cars whats the point? only race cars with 150 hp and up please.


    who agrees? lol

    now if this game was about who gets the most MPG on a tank…on a track doing 300 laps…i can see why these 48 hp cars are in the game. but like i said above..PD or GT5…give it up…those cars suck and they suck in real life too.

    • Jul. 12, 6:45pm

      i paid for the Motgei track and i barely see anyone online using the track. ven when i have it set to “all ” and not just my region but the entire world. i think that basically explains that most people wants cars! no tracks…thats my indication…

    • Jul. 12, 6:47pm

      i personally want tracks and more cars…but please add more cars to the online dealership. they are always the same cars that we could of bought on the last change. gets annoying…i wants new cars…come on GT5. whats frustrating there are 2 scions in the game and NOT one of them is the TC which was the most popular of the whole Scion brand. smh.

      yet they have 48 hp cars. smh

    • Jul. 12, 7:32pm

      It’s the ”real driving simulator” not the ”real racing simulator” so no I don’t agree.. And quit replying to yourself, it’s disgusting.

    • Jul. 12, 7:36pm

      I think you should change “people” for just you. I’m sure that there are A LOT of people who would strongly disagree with your point of view; real car enthusisats.

      It’s not all about HP, you know. If you don’t really care about cars but power and speed, try NFS. That game is all about going fast with no regards.

    • Jul. 12, 7:50pm

      Well I think it’s ridiculous to say, “it’s a racing simulator, there should only be racing cars”. That’s just stupid, and one of the things I really hated about Grid. Almost every car was a race car. That’s just lame. Stock road cars are a part of racing too.

      But the Kei cars, you’re right. They’re a disgrace to GT5. I can’t believe how many there is. It’s one thing to include them, because PD is overly Jap biased, and Kei cars are a part of their culture, but there’s like 50 of em or more. That’s just retarded. I honestly don’t know how anyone could enjoy those things.

      It’s bad enough they’re in GT5, but seasonals? Cmon PD. Wake up dude.

      This will be like the B Spec events, I won’t be touching it

    • Jul. 12, 7:57pm

      @BWX i can tell you want to be a police officer because you like telling people what to do. you dont need to be rude. and yes i played NFS and it sucks which is why i play real games like GT5. i love gt5, im saying i dont like the 48 hp cars because there useless. there no fun. and personally i bet u wouldn’t want one either in real life if there was a Lamborghini in front of you compared to a 48 hp vehicle wouldnt you? i keep real punk..i suggest u do the same.

      AND, ill reply to myself because its the only way to reply to the same topic in which my thoughts were on. and what do you do on gt5 bwx? you race! kill yourself.

      @ huskygt…dont be offended…im sure many agree with ME..u know why???? because i have had this discussion in other forums and in persons who seem to agree 100% with me on the regarding the topic. and im sure people like “YOU” dont. which is fine…but dont tell me what to do. its an opinion and thats all it is, fool.

    • Jul. 12, 7:57pm
      Pit Crew

      @GRAFX21 Consider LVL card duping specifically 8 thru 23, 24 if u need the Ferraris or GT F1. You may be pleasently surprised.

      Though underpowered those car serve a purpose, as they can help define technique,and they serve as sort of steppingstone as no IRL racer naturally adjust to driving say a LMP2 class car at VMAX his first day behind the wheel.

    • Jul. 12, 8:04pm


      thanks for agreeing…ok folks..i guess its not “a race simulator” although thats all i do in my car while playing…smh…

      however…”real driving simulator” would be inaccurate as well then because GT5/PD even said its impossible to make this game as exact with real life driving with a driving simulator. This is just a game although a GREAT game but is far from perfect, and from REAL simulators aka Ferrari or McLaren where there drivers use simulators are still not close to the measures of real life.

      So to you haters…trying to correct me shouldn’t pat your own back just yet.

      its just an opinion…and yes Tom Brady is the best QB in the world.

      Cheers all

    • Jul. 12, 8:07pm

      @pit i agree. def. a stepping stone…but i been driving for 20 plus years..i dont need to start with a 48 hp car. although, yes…it can help technique being a slower car. im saying…a 48 hp car? really? is that necessary? should i bring my roller blades to and work on technique and g-force? its a joke.

      i love this game. dont hate me for any opinion folks

    • Jul. 12, 8:11pm


      Your opinion is as valuable as any one’s else, and I agree with that my good sir. But your tone tells a different story. It’s almost like if you demand being right, otherwise is like if you’re asking for confrontation.

      So yeah… Peace, “fool.”

    • Jul. 12, 8:18pm

      i dont remember using exclamation points in my sentences. I think your assuming my tone towards what you DO NOT agree with.

      Thats okay. However if you read your previous messages your tone sounds worse. But im not judging..this isnt american idiol.


    • Jul. 12, 10:48pm

      These cars (and many common road cars) have been a major part of GT5 for this main reason: to drive and do to the car you own in real life what you normally couldn’t; taking it to famous tracks around the world is one example. BUT, GT5 has too many useless duplicates of most of the Japanese cars. Either way, these cars play a good-sized role in the industry, which is what GT’s car list has been somewhat centered around for several years – having all kinds of cars; classics, retros, modern, concepts, sports cars, super cars, hyper cars, and race cars. The problem is that PD’s made too many duplicates, and doesn’t distribute the different nationalities well. Usually, GT distributes these different “types” of cars well, but with GT5, not so much with it’s excessive duplications of many common Japanese models. We probably only needed only 5 or so of these cars, for they BARELY have any differences… some not at all.

      These K cars really only have a use for EARLY A-Spec events, not so much the Seasonals. Sometimes I wish you had to start with even less cash at the beginning, and there were even cheaper cars in the UCD due to wear-and-tear on the cars, to make the game feel like you actually have to build yourself up and be careful when driving – this would make many of the features in the game feel more useful, like oil changes, engine repairs, and chassis rebuilds. When a car in GT5 right now has 100,000+ miles on it, it doesn’t feel like it’s worn out, it just feels slightly less powerful… and the GT Auto repairs just don’t feel all that… I don’t know… necessary… That isn’t quite the word I’m look for – I can’t think of the word that describes it well enough…

      And @GRAFX21:

      I’m confused by your statement “but please add more cars to the online dealership” – it’s updated every two weeks or so… do you mean update it more frequently, increase it’s capacity, allow premium cars to show up there and in the UCD, or something else entirely that I don’t understand?

    • Jul. 13, 12:44am

      Driving for 20 years huh? Why do you sound like such a punk teenager looking for attention?

      Blah blah slow cars so what. If you don’t like them don’t drive them.

    • Jul. 13, 3:17am
      lancashire lad

      Agree, i can’t see any reason to have these cars in a racing simulator. It’s a total waste of production time that could have been spent making the gear change sound real in the racing cars on the game.
      Who on earth wants to drive a box round a race track at 60mph (if it can do that)
      PD have lost the plot.

    • Jul. 13, 5:16am

      Let me remind u again shall i: its “real driving simulator” not “real racing simulator” these cars are necessary in the game, don’t become such a clown complaining when u could hav complained back in the 90s when GT started & had these cars…stop wasting ur time, really… PD hav not wasted their time cus u don’t need to go fast to hav fun…thats somin turn10 will never understand…

    • Jul. 13, 9:20am

      Freakin’ WWIII up in here…

    • Jul. 13, 2:26pm
      lancashire lad

      If it’s a real driving simulator why is the game based on racing round racing tracks?
      I don’t see any traffic lights.
      Wake up
      The only reason most people play the game is to race cars.
      Im sure if the segway was made by Nissan PD would have us all going round the track at 5mph.
      Total waste of time.

    • Jul. 13, 7:47pm
      e30 freek

      I don’t think pd ever had the plot :P

    • Jul. 16, 12:07am

      Ok, potential solution for this argument: lets agree that these cars ARE necessary in the game, but there’s far too many of them and useless duplicates of the ones that exist. Some people are fans of these cars, and many likely own some of them. There isn’t much we can do about it now, except for asking PD to not include as many in future GT titles. And also to use less duplicates in general…

    • Jul. 16, 9:06am

      I agree Quakebass, they should stop making duplicated of cars & they should put in a range of new cars like they hav done with previous GT’s, taking out these cars may make it quicker to make more premium cars compared to standard cars,

      GT3 had less cars than GT2, this can be done again for GT6, they should reduce the number again to have more premiums… this way they may also hav time to remodel more tracks, new e.g. barthurst & old e.g. infinion…

      but complaining about somin that has been in GT’s from the start now rather than before seems retarded, sry but it does

  15. Jul. 12, 6:37pm

    I hate these stupid little f*cking cars..

    • Jul. 12, 7:51pm

      Yea, Kei cars suck. They’re pathetic

    • Jul. 13, 8:00am

      The people above me are American.

    • Jul. 13, 9:40am
      Pit Crew

      crcn whats that got to do with anything ? are you racist

    • Jul. 13, 7:51pm
      e30 freek

      Thats not racism, accusing people of being racist is very offensive especially when they’re not

    • Jul. 16, 7:49pm
      Pit Crew

      @e30freek Yeah that was harsh of me. just got mad that a nationality would get singled out for their opinion

    • Jul. 17, 7:27am
      e30 freek

      He’s most likely a dopey kid…

  16. Jul. 12, 4:07pm

    hahaha move bitch! x) the picture^

  17. Jul. 12, 1:37pm


    That’s just… brilliant.

  18. Jul. 12, 1:35pm

    These were refreshing I must add. The kei car trail was fun, but too quick. Got gold in my warm-up lap in a purple Cervo.

    The 500pp with S/H was perfect! I have a bunch of cars with that pp range and the track is awesome.

    Time Trails are ok, but I wish they included at least 5 events at least. It only takes you about 6 minutes, and after that you’re 2 milion Cr. richer and they are over.

    • Jul. 12, 4:20pm

      Is this a pp/difference trial?

    • Jul. 12, 4:46pm

      No. I don’t think so. My Kei car was around 320 and I didn’t get any extra cash.

      As for the drift trails, I don’t do those so I don’t know.

  19. Jul. 12, 1:15pm

    waiting for the event creator….

    • Jul. 12, 2:28pm

      Eveeeeeeeeennnnnnnnt Creeeaattooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor!

    • Jul. 12, 3:30pm

      PD!! EVENT CREATOR!!!!!

      I’m sure you can adjust the tools that you use for setting up the seasonals to be used in the game. to this point I would be incredibly happy if you just add it to the Arcade mode.

      Me personaly, I don’t care about winning prices, it’s the enjoyment of driving whith the oponents of your choice, HP, PP, tires and everthing else that would make a perfectly even race. Trust me, that would give me at least another four years of GT5.

    • Jul. 12, 5:36pm


  20. Jul. 12, 12:44pm

    Japanese cars? In gt5??! IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  21. Jul. 12, 12:41pm

    How about a seasonal utilizing one of the Motegi tracks?

    • Jul. 12, 7:27pm

      NOOOOOOO!!! <— says Kaz.

    • Jul. 12, 7:52pm

      Yea why not. It’ll be like the Spa seasonals, even the cheap bums who didn’t get the track will be able to race on it. ACtually, I don’t want that, they don’t deserve to race on it

    • Jul. 16, 12:15am

      I did a 99 lap endurance in a Ferrari F10 on the Super Speedway – it was surprisingly exciting with tire wear and fuel consumption, especially when the AI lost tire grip and began to make mistakes; absolutely TERRIFYING fun in a large group, and a bunch of pit strategizing going on throughout. The second bank is difficult no matter the set up. It’d be great to get an event that allowed me to gain money and XP doing this… But, I don’t want people who didn’t purchase the DLC to gain access to it. It’s simply unfair, considering that the only times you get exclusivity to the DLC tracks is in Arcade/Practice mode and SOMETIMES online. Another reason for a “DLC Track” A-Spec/B-Spec pack, or events that come with the DLC.


  22. Jul. 12, 11:20am

    It is simply the term for a female dog. The car is asking female dogs to move.

    • Jul. 12, 12:20pm


    • Jul. 12, 1:21pm

      Now I get the meaning, thanks ;-)

  23. Jul. 12, 9:54am

    Ha Ha they say bad word ha ha me go poo poo in pants

    • Jul. 12, 11:21am

      Cause there’s so many children on this site. Lol

  24. Jul. 12, 9:41am

    Lol, licence plate in the photo

    • Jul. 12, 9:51am
      e30 freek


    • Jul. 12, 10:02am

      +1 LOL

    • Jul. 12, 10:23am
      Pit Crew

      Classic lol +3

    • Jul. 12, 10:59am

      hahaha awesome

    • Jul. 12, 12:16pm


  25. Jul. 12, 9:23am

    Best thing about this seasonal?

    ^That picture!^

    • Jul. 13, 11:40am

      Yeah that !

  26. Jul. 12, 8:48am

    This should be o-K.

  27. Jul. 12, 8:28am

    This will be fun! I love K-Cars! When I went to Japan I saw allot of highly modified K-Cars! Not only did they look mad but they were fridgeing fast too!

  28. Jul. 12, 8:09am

    Drifting my BTR round the Porsche curves :D

  29. Jul. 12, 6:46am

    epic number plate….. lmfao….

    sont wanna complain about the seasonals but:
    when will pd bring up new license events? some difficult ones please…

    • Jul. 12, 7:13am

      GT6. That simple.

    • Jul. 12, 12:34pm

      If you want new License tests, then you will have to wait for the next gran turismo.

  30. Jul. 12, 5:58am

    lol at that photo. Epic.

  31. Jul. 12, 5:34am

    LMAO, love that license plate. Jordan wins just for choosing that picture.

  32. Jul. 12, 5:28am

    Love the number plate in the photo!

  33. Jul. 12, 5:17am

    did jordan see the numberplate? haha awesome!

  34. Jul. 12, 4:24am

    For the 500pp one,use the gsx-r/4 and tune it to 499pp and use 6/4 on the brake balance

  35. Jul. 12, 3:02am

    Amazing picture.. i love it

  36. Jul. 12, 2:57am

    I love the photo! And excited to Kei it up!

  37. Jul. 12, 2:51am

    pretty easy especially after the hard f1 seasonals, lovin the number plate
    aswell……shud get 1 for birds car

  38. Jul. 12, 2:23am

    Epic Picture is EPIC. :D

    • Jul. 12, 12:18pm

      LMAO! Agreed, sir.

  39. Jul. 12, 2:18am
    obsessive rules

    Yes! I love k cars and it’s good to see them getting more events!

  40. Jul. 12, 2:07am

    Can i ask the image be changed , the guys at work who have jerk bosses will block this site blocked because of that , not trying to be a jerk. I actually think its quite funny XD
    Great seasonal!

    • Jul. 12, 12:19pm

      If your jerk boss is looking THAT closely at what you’re viewing…. you, sir, need a new job. I mean… damn.

  41. Jul. 12, 2:05am

    It is indeed “MOVE B*TCH”! Hahahahaha!! Great photo!!!

  42. Jul. 12, 1:58am

    So the plate for the car above is “MOVE B*TCH”?

    • Jul. 12, 3:54am
      GT HP Nut

      Jordan probably missed it, I thnk he’ll remove it later (lol)

  43. Jul. 12, 1:56am

    Interesting…not a fan of drift/time trials, but I might just have to dig out my Midget II-D for this one. And I love the pic…esp. the edited licence plate!

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