Kazunori Yamauchi to Headline Jalopnik Film Festival Discussion Panel


Kazunori Yamauchi will be the star guest of the premier discussion panel at the Gran Turismo-sponsored Jalopnik Film Festival this Wednesday, September 18.

james-glickenhausHe’ll be joining an interesting line-up of other notable people in the automotive industry, including rally driver and DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block, film director James Glickenhaus, famous for his car collection and Ferrari P4/5, and filmmaker Tamir Moscovici, known to many auto enthusiasts for “Urban Outlaw”, a documentary which profiles Magnus Walker and his Porsche obsession.

They’ll be talking about films, cars, racing, video games, and various other topics for over an hour at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan.

Several GTPlanet staff members will be in attendance to provide full coverage of all Gran Turismo news that should emerge. We’ll also get our hands on the latest demo of the game being shown at the event.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the Tokyo Game Show kicks off with a variety of press events and presentations from Sony. We’ll have all the news from both sides of the ‘planet right here, so stay tuned for what’s sure to be a big week ahead!

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Comments (33)

  1. qwbufp

    He should explain what he means by: Genre = Online Car Life Simulator… Only the Honk Kong site has the genre specified for GT6…

  2. The Stig Farmer

    Jeez, everyone’s looking too far into this. Ken Block, Matt Farah, Glickenhaus, the guy who made Black Air will be there; so what? It’s like saying Porsche are confirmed if Need for Speed and Gran Turismo are sitting in opposite booths at TGS…

    1. 05XR8

      I guess it’s the same as everyone reading too much into the “2500sq km” thing. Oh wait, that was true. Nothing wrong with speculating. Kaz said PD watch howele play the game. They read comments about GT. who knows even you may be surprised if anything comes out of this meeting.

    2. MeanElf

      Well, it was more like people disbelieving atr 2,500 sq km bit at first ;)

      This place is pretty bad at jumping straight to warp factor 9 though.

    3. RACECAR

      Thing is, the whole “Ken Block/Improved Rally” silliness wasn’t something mentioned by PD, it just came out of nowhere all because Ken Block just happened to be scheduled to also show up at this event. So if say FIA President Jean Todt is seen talking to Kaz (not even about a license, just maybe a idol chat) during a WEC event (at say Fuji for example), then its automatically conclusive that PD have the license to the WEC? I’m just saying unless its been actually said by PD, its abit optimistic to jump on anything based solely on just who happens to be in the same place as Kaz.

  3. Blood*Specter

    I think I see how GT6 and beyond will have Porsche. Magnus “builds” them and thus, they are not part of Porsche proper.
    Just commission Magnus to “build” whatever Porsche and Kaz can copy it. Just like RUFF.

    1. RACECAR

      Except RUF is a certified manufacturer building cars on unmarked chassis. As for this “Magnus” you talk about, are you reffering to Magnus Racing? (The Grand-Am Team). If you are, then your incorrect on that as those are essentially modified Porsche GT3 Cup cars therefore they are still Porsches.

    2. RACECAR

      Oh, had to read the article again for that (as well as took the time to see the video)

      Unfortunately, that also looks like that isn’t getting around the Porsche problem (same with RWR and Singer).

    1. HarVee

      Well TGS goes for four days, so even if Kaz missed two days he could still be there for the other two. Either way I’m sure Kazunori is quite busy this week.

  4. SZRT Ice

    I hope that with Ken Block there, that is a sign that the Rally/WRC presence in Gran Turismo is improved. Some of the most epic world courses are Rally/WRC courses, yet PD has always been more focused on the GT3/Roadcourse side of things. Some CodeMasters ‘DiRT’ styled rally courses would make off-roading in GT fun again.

    1. CodeName

      +1 ! Exactly what I think and hope! Wrc need to be included in the game the sale way the other “normal” races are included!

    2. RACECAR

      Exactly what does Ken Block being at the exact same event as Kaz have to do with how Rally has been improved in GT6? Your hopes are quite optimistic there.

    1. trustjab

      Ferrari chat is where the owner of the car posts a lot. He spoke about the car and Gran Turismo. Thats all I will say as talk on the car before was controversial.

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