Kazunori Yamauchi’s MotorTrend CES Interview

MotorTrend’s latest interview with Kazunori Yamauchi is, thankfully, a great read. By opening the floor to questions before their meeting, editor Nate Martinez was really able to hit all the high points – bravo! Here’s some of the most noteworthy quotes:

“With GT5, we’re striving to redefine the racing game that we started with GT1. The game as a whole is completely new. But online functionality has to be at the top. We’ve worked so hard on it and we’re hoping it’s a hit.”

When asked about skidmarks and in-game weather changes, Yamauchi downplayed them:

“I’m hoping our players won’t be caught up with minor details. If they pick at every little thing, nobody will be satisfied. It’s the overall evolution that will impress. Skidmarks should be of no concern. (He says with a laugh).”

And, finally, one of the most exciting quotes regarding this Friday’s Tokyo Auto Salon:

“Yes, my team and I will be there. We’re planning to have one of the biggest GT5 displays we’ve ever built. There will be more manufacturer agreements announced there as well. It’ll be a great show for us.”

It’s also interesting to note that Yamauchi reiterated the Japanese March 2010 release date (this interview was conducted last weekend), giving further indication of just how rapidly the recent news of the delay must have come about from Sony.

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  1. BASE

    GT4Ever…….. Have you ever heard of something called replay? I look at replays alot, and I think skidmarks is something we did not even have to discuss. Should have been intergrated years ago. Da skulle det være greit.

  2. Maximou

    When I was speaking about drying line. There’s a trailer of V8 Superstars : Next Challenge using it. Since Kazunori consider his game amazing and skidmarks as a very little thing to care about. Drying line and other things I talked about above, might be the next step featuring in GT5.


  3. dearlybeloved

    So KY now states that “I’m hoping our players won’t be caught up with minor details. If they pick at every little thing, nobody will be satisfied. It’s the overall evolution that will impress. Skidmarks should be of no concern. (He says with a laugh).”

    Well isn’t that rich coming from a guy who says that every thing about his game(s) has to be perfect. Skid marks make a game look real. You know I had a lot of respect for this guy and still do but his comment about skid marks really brought him down. I have seen the D1 drifters and seeing all those skid marks being created from the rubber being laid down really so exciting.

    In some ways i have had enough of KY and while the other game i.e Forza3 definitely does not have the killer look of GT5 at least they made the effort to focus on ‘minor details’ like skidmarks.

    At the end of the day, each to their own over the skidmarks issue but I now know that that feature ain’t ever gonna happen.

    Peace out.

  4. LIVEfromNY

    Whats with the skidmark obsession? Any real GT player races IN the car, therefore we could not see our skid marks till the next lap around the track anyways. everybody b!tches about release dates, and than have the nerve to ask for useless features that add nothing… how about turn signals guys? you want those? hmm, i would really like to spray windshield wiper fluid on my windshield too, oh and speaking of that working wipers are a MUST!

  5. GT4Ever

    – It’s almost done. We’re at the final stages, just brushing up the finishing touches and raising the quality of everything right now.

    – We’re working on both cars right now, actually. The LFA too. There are plenty of cars being built as we speak.

    How can the game be nearly finished, while they are still building cars :-S
    This makes no sense. If the game is nearly finished it should be complete now, and be in a beta testing phase, especially since it would have been released in 2 months.

    On the other hand, there aint much to test about GT games. The racing itself is so static and down on dynamic feutures that there aint much to be bugged. If the car and the track loads its pretty much ok.

  6. Maximou

    Me too, I didnt undersand it that way. For me, he just said that we shouldn’t have to worry about it because it might not be very hard to add and because skidmark are no BIG evolution for GT. It is not as important as other details but it sure is a nice addition. So I think that it doesn’t necessarly implies we won’t see them. The kind of marks + effects wheels leave on mud, sand, grass, wet road and snow may be more interesting than just mere skidmarks on asphalt. For example : witnessing, on a track still wet but where rain stopped, the racing line becoming little by little more dry and gripping than the rest of the road because of cars warming that line lap after lap.

    But LarryL, skidmarks may have been in previous GTs as still track texture but we never had dynamic or real time skidmarks left by driver’s or AI’s cars.

    ***I put it here again since it was the place my answer deserved to be***

  7. LarryL

    God, I’m so sick of all the cry baby gamers of today. Bunch of tools.

    He NEVER said skidmarks wouldn’t be in the game. Please, someone show me a quote of him saying that if I’m wrong. You can’t. All he said was gamers shouldn’t even be caring about such a small thing. IMO anyone who thinks skidmarks won’t be in the final game is a complete and total idiot, plain and simple. GT5p has them, so does GTPSP, so did GT4, so did GT3, so did GT2, so did GT1. Idiots, of COURSE GT5 will have your car leaving skid marks of some kind. Stop being so retarded. Morons.

    As for weather. I couldn’t care less if there’s dynamic weather. All I care about is there being rain.

    As for reverse lights…again….you tools cry about any and everything. Personally I couldn’t care less because I always play racing games in either cockpit view or bumper cam. There could be no brake lights and it wouldn’t matter to me.

    The only complain I have would be if we really do have to wait until Fall for the game. I have no problem waiting till April or May, but FALL? That would suck. Funny thing about that would be though…..it would be going head to head with Forza 4, LOL.

  8. Maximou

    An other interview from CES, Some interesting points were mentionned here : http://games.venturebeat.com/2010/01/14/gran-turismos-creator-takes-a-fifth-stab-at-a-perfect-racing-game/

    “In Gran Turismo 5, we have objects on the race tracks that interact with the cars. We have fences, tires, and barriers. You will interact with objects on the course.”

    Now some games have interactive tire walls with tires flying around when you bumped it hard. But if I remember well, Dirt 1 is the only game with damage on safety rails and barriers. Even Dirt 2 has no deformation on rails.

    “Now we have about 500,000 polygons in each car. Back then, pieces of the car were more like symbols. Now they are real and reflect light.”

    It was 200,000 polygons a car for GT5 Prologue, with gorgeous exteriors and very good interiors plus engines. For GT5 it’s more than twice what it was before. I assume all mechanical parts have been modelled too. (just like that http://www.cartype.com/pics/7285/ful…-away_2_10.jpg ^^).
    I also hope that they reflect other cars (like NFS Shift or Forza 3) and people too now not only scenery…

    “We have always tried to create landscapes in Gran Turismo that look better than real life.”

    No card board trees anymore ?

  9. uzz30_driver

    Anyone ever think that by locations he means countries? 70 tracks across 20 countries would makes a lot more sense to me than 20 locations, and 70 different possible track configurations.

  10. Pedz

    No Porsche isn’t such a big deal.. they never had them in the past, always managed with RUF :P. Lets just hope they kept them in the deal.

  11. transam1998

    @ everyone still whining about skidmarks…

    You want them so bad, check your shorts. I’m sure you will find some. In the mean time, give it a rest, for the love of humanity!!

  12. wiseguy

    The real reason why Porsche is out: Their egg shaped cars would be too hard for PD to model without tons of jaggies.


  13. Razor

    S3 Racer> go to Porsche.com and you will see 32models of current lineup, and although we don’t need some of similar versions, there are lots of models from previous years that are not on this site. So yeah 30 or even more Porsche models are “suitable for GT series”.

    Now try to do that with RUF. Yellow bird, CTR1,2,3, R12 and two or three more. Thats it.

  14. Jorge

    GT5 will re-define the GT genre for the years to come… KY said that this game will be a revolution, everything we’ve seen so far, the demos, the time trial is keeping with the previous GT formula.. of course they can release the true soul of GT5 just yet… for competitive reasons.

  15. NBH

    Good interview and I’m glad they asked him about himself and racing and not just all GT5 questions. It must get a bit frustrating for him as there is obviously lots of info he can’t tell anyone at the moment.

    The online mode is sounding promising and the great thing about PS3 games is that they can be tweaked and added to via updates so who knows what we may get in the future.

    Skidmarks…well I guess they are minor but I can see where people are coming from. With such a fascination for detail like accurate headlights etc to ignoring the big black strips the supercar leaves on the tarmac while wheel spinning away is a bit weird.

    I think people are demanding so much because it has taken so long to make. Maybe if PD explained for example that 3 years of the time was purely modelling cars and tracks we could understand a bit more.

    The “production issue” seems even more puzzling now after KY saying the game is more or less finished and they are just polishing it….what happened!?

  16. vampire63

    Correct me if I am wrong But aren’t the SMALL DETAILS what separates GT from the other raicing games ( i remember that there are Skidmarks on nfs 2000 porshe ) It can’t be that hard
    personaly i don’t give a s….. about skidmarks but i care about THE SMALL DETAILS and about the cars in the game

    Tell me whil you rather drive daihatsu midget http://konzole.syspro.cz/granturismo4/250/110.jpg on the niurburg ring ( if someone ever did it tell us your TIME )

    OR you will prefer AUDI Q7 V12 DIESEL http://static.blogo.it/autoblog/audi_q7_v12_tdi_01.jpg

    SUV’S are BIG part off modern people life i personaly drive an SUV
    Forza have them and its more fun to drive this audi on the ring instead of daihatsu’s MASTEPIECE THE MIDGET

  17. Dimitris

    Skidmarks need Playstation7 power & technology and since KY can’t simulate exactly skidmarks yet (he can’t just yet differentiate Michelin rubber smell from Bridgestones) so it will not be featured now…

    They will be included in GT6 which is currently scheduled for Q4 in 2028, which will also include compatibility with Logitech G87 and directly compete with Forza145.

  18. Bernd

    Agree, skidmarks are of no importance to me. On the other hand I remeber, we had skidmarks in DRIVER, which is a PS1 game from 1998/1999, PS1 had less power than a modern cellphone.
    So – wot iz da problem ???



    GT only sponsored those cars. They’ve been sponsoring Porsche for a while( going all the way back to 1998). It does not mean in any way that Porsche will be in GT5.

  20. ralph89

    The hell with skid marks or reverse light. I want a proper sound!!! That will extend GT5 gameplay time in double. i would have still be playing GT4 if it had the sound right. That’s the only thing that really concern me about GT5. If they are going to do it right. I’ll uninstall my GTR, LFS, Rfactor, and sell my Xbox 360 and Forza 3 at ebay. Without hesitation, Dare me! But then, no one knows if they are going to do it right. :D

  21. T.Ler

    I believe I understand Kaz’s comment about not worrying about the small details. I percieve it to mean, “We’ve created the next evolution of racing games, and we have raised the standards…to worry if we’ve included skidmarks or not, should not be a concern. Think on a more grander scale people.”. Why program skidmarks on underneath vehicles, when they can program proper tire tread or shrapenel of rubber? We have these pre-concieved notions on what a great racing game consist of based on what’s already out there [read: skidmarks, damage, customization options], but I believe Kaz is hiding a masterpiece under his sleeve, knowing he’s created something we have yet to experience. I know I will not be the only one who gets chills the second that Gran Turismo 5 blu-Ray disc gets inhaled by my PS3…

  22. Stipe

    Man, I very rarely leave comments here but I’m totaly amazed by ‘nonsenced’, ‘stupid’ and ‘whining’ comments.
    Anything can’t satisfied wishes of many people and get over with it, and specialy when we talk bout this amazing series like Gran Turismo is (my opinion and i have every right to think so and all others have right to think opposite and different, so where is the point?).
    And in the end like for all things, if u like it you will buy it (or hoping to get it or whatever) and if u don’t like it pass it and never look at it and end of story. Simple as that.

    P.S. I will buy it from day 1 (or soon as I can) and I know that I will like it and just can have more good surprises with GT5 ;) …and there was and I belive still will be few bith that I don’t like and that will never change and I’m OK with that (read few 1st paragraphs in my post).

  23. Thibault

    I want skidmarks!!!! Dynamic weather would also be nice. I don’t get why they wouldn’t include these simple things??? There making the biggest racing game ever… without skidmarks…. WTF!!! I want to do fun stuff besides the racing too, like burnouts, drifting and things like that, but without skidmarks it’s less impressive.

  24. Tate

    Kaz is wrong, Skidmarks are important, reverse lights are important. The small details are just (or more) important that the base game.

  25. Viktor Navorsky


    Great improvement , for sure. … or at least, they make some option for more degrees in stering whell from dashboard view… ( i would love drifing around with proper steering wheel coordination from inside view )

  26. Vivian

    I think we will get a disappointing car list. for example:

    WRC cars: +50 ?
    Nascar’s: +60 ?
    Indycar’s: +60 ?
    Super GT: +120?
    24 hours nurnburgring?: +200?
    Tuned cars: +150?
    normal cars: 350 cars ( including 200 variations of NSX, MX5, Skyline, RX7, RX8)

    this is just a guess…

  27. Dimitris

    Instead of having even more GTRs and RX-7s perhaps Mr. KY can utilise this new delay in release for remaking unique HUD dials for each car instead of the generic (I believe they are Honda’s 90s dials) tachometers applicable to all cars???

    That’s a really nice feature of NFS Shift when driving from bumper or roof view…

    Do we know anything on this issue???

  28. Flagmo-T

    Thanks for this Great interview, and I do agree with KY, regarding the expectations of a Perfect detailed world of 100% reality, it will not happen just yet..

    Skidmarks is a great thing to have on the surface, in any race Game, but! it wouldn’t kill GT5 without it, and that’s a fact. :O)

    So is that what KY is really Saying, that we will not spend time on missing them, because of so many other things in this Game. Or will they be there when it comes out, because it’s a easy thing to do!! :P

    A great answer was the part with the Online Racing. I’m so happy to know, that we have something coming that we will be thrilled about, because now it’s probably a prof interface we lots of opportunities for creating different styles of race modes.. Of course it will :O)

  29. vampire63

    I believe they have so many Skyline`s and RX7 because 1. they are japanese 2. they all look the same so they are quick to integrate ^^

    AGREE but then dont say the game will have 1000 cars
    JUST SAY the game have 300 cars and 700 variations of RX-7 AND GTR’S

  30. Viktor Navorsky

    “I’m hoping our players won’t be caught up with minor details. If they pick at every little thing, nobody will be satisfied.”

    Where do i sign?

  31. Sam__NY

    @ Luke

    lol, took me a few seconds to figure out your last paragraph. You may want to think about rephrasing your last 2 sentences.

  32. Luke

    Well Nissan has over 500 cars and GT only has ~300 of them ;) But i still wonder why PD still has licensing issues with Porsche. Every other game has them, and all with damage and tuning. Maybe Porsche doesn`t like GT. I don`t really care about the Zuffenhausener sportcars in GT, for that i have Audi, but it`s something i`m interested to know.

    I believe they have so many Skyline`s and RX7 because 1. they are japanese 2. they all look the same so they are quick to integrate ^^

  33. vampire63

    I dont care about porsche but i will preffer 1 porsche instead of 15 skylaine gtrs ( v spec v spec nur ( 1, 2, 3) n-spec z-spec a-spec ITS NOT FUNNY PD LOOK at forza 3 car list then look at GT PSP car list its just funny the number of skylaines ( 45 or something ) and RX-7 (25-30)


  34. S3 Racer

    Ruf 5 cars and porsche 30: where do you get this numbers, out of the head??????

    Ruf has tuned a lot more than 5 porsches. And the present lineup of porsche cars is surly not 30 models

  35. Razor

    No its not. If you are satisfied with what you get – good for you. Others want more simulation and more reality (very valid request) and skidmarks are part of it. You take 90%, i want 95%.

  36. Paul Mc

    If Porsche don’t want to be in the game then screw them I never did like their cars anyways. Ugly things.

    For those crying over no skidmarks your all pathetic. It’s all about how it plays.

  37. Luke

    Do you guys even realize what you say about Porsche ? GT has Ruf, the cars look exactly the same, if the Ruf Turbo would be translated to Porsche Turbo nobody of you would even realize it`s actually a Ruf. So that would be my very VERY last point of concern.

  38. OmnipotenceZERO

    simply retard…
    all u idiots who say this is this , this is that, PD is this, KZ is that ‘n the game has this problem and all those shit talk will buy the game n sit in the corner of ur room holdin the controller like an idiot ‘n play all day, simply forget all the shit u said n when we ask u wtf was all u said just like a fart in the wind u vanish cuz u know ya’ll just talk shit m8s. If ur sayin theres SO MANY problems then fuck it off! lol. i dont get it, do ya like the game or not? These days people have a new disease that they’ll just HAVE to talk shit abt somethin with NO reason, can never accept it. Everywhere in internet there are haters, they just love to oppose! That simple. And then, those dirty lil dickheads are the first by da doors to get the damned games. Isnt that amazing? The “dickheads” phenomena…

  39. gt3luke

    When you’re doing a burnout you get skidmarks on the road. It just burned rubber on the road

    Why is see in the interview there are 950 cars instead of the 1000+???

  40. S3 Racer

    @noname: rubber marks let down on the blacktop by the tires.
    @jp: porSche.
    and who gives a thumb about porsches, we got ruf’s in there. a company which tune porsches for a long long time now.

    And about the skidmarks: don’t start that shit again. THERE will be NO skidmarks in GT5. Point. Yes (by the way, is YES! included in the car list?) forza, shift, burnout,… has skidmarks and still is no comparasion to GT.

    GT is the benchmark for all other racing games, and todate no one can reach Gt the water.

  41. Mihai

    I for one am still excited and still willing to wait because I am not going to drop this game within the first month Im playing it like some of the ‘pretenders’ on here constantly complaining of delays…all they want is to be wowed and then they will go to bitch about something else that they dont have.

    I was intrigued about the Online car clubs, I think that would be cool…meet up with friends, and race against another club whilst driving tactically for podium finishes….will be really really cool if it ends up being like that…

  42. wajdi1977

    Man,skidmark isn’t so importante for me but weather changes, yes!!I hope we get more informations in friday at Tokyo auto salon!GT FOR EVER…

  43. J.P.

    “Oh no, the game’s ruined because there’s no Porches or skidmarks!”

    Grow the fuck up and stop crying!! I couldn’t give a toss if there’s no Porches in the game and are the lack of skidmarks going to affect the driving experience in any way… no!!!

  44. S3 Racer

    GT5 will blow our minds just like gt3 did in the time. A complete new story.
    I love this quote :
    “GT5 is completely different from GT5 Prologue and GT PSP. It’s something completely new”

    Is lifetime award choosen by public votes as is the rest of the awards or is it choosen by a jury. Elsewise i vote for kaz on all my ip’s.

    I don’t even care anymore about release date as long as it gets to me before summer. But a release date would be sweet even if they say september 2010, at least we would know. Maybe they want gt to become a religion. Believe in it or not. The holy grale will be found

  45. Razor

    “Skidmarks should be of no concern” ? LOL. They are in every other racing game and probably not because they aren’t interesting to players? They are doing hunderds of thousands polygons on cars and ability to see screws on the headlight bulb, but they can’t include skidmarks and realistic smoke? (since gt1 btw). Come on…..!

  46. Tenacious D

    I suspect the wheel is a Driving Force GT. That’s what they use in all the racing setups I’ve seen, and it’s an excellent wheel. Let’s hope for a custom G27 or G29 or whatever when it comes out.

    This game is building my hype by the day, as now there seems to be a steady trickle of news, and more announcements this weekend! Being a patient guy, I can wait till fall for a US/European release, but let’s not wait till the last minute… unless some awesome feature makes it into the game as a result. Dynamic weather and day/night transition, no. Race mod and a livery editor, yes.

    And there has to be some kind of visual customization if the game is supporting online clubs and leagues, as Kazunori sensei promises. I’m expecting some news in this regard eventually.

  47. stevetam

    actually I would love to have Porsche ,but there are actually very few that I would like.
    old lemans cars like the 917, steve mcqueen’s old time porsche, 959, 993/996 GT1, 996 GT3 RS and maybe a new 996.

  48. Jeremy

    I the next months leading to the release, there will loads of new info so the time will go fast. Lets get the ball rolling this weekend!

  49. yoh

    Did he metion Lexus LFA? The fastest and most powerful Japanese car Japan has ever produce. I hope yes.

    By the way it took them 6 years and a lot of delay and still no Porsche and no skid marks and trees look like card board. Come one, maybe I’m asking to much but , 6 years? It should be perfect on all angles.

  50. Franz

    I like he mentioned his team tried to distinguish the driving feel of tuned cars and race cars. The game itself sounds very promising from this interview even the release date is still unknown.

  51. stevetam

    those @#$%ers at Sony, or either KY is lying. This interview was done last week too. Things change really quickly. No respect for sony….

    only 20 locations?? 70 variations. ;( hoped it would be 20+
    Sounds like the same amount as GTPSP. It just doesn’t add up when you take into account classic tracks and new ones two. Now if they could get Fujimi Kaido on board from FM3 ;)

  52. AMG

    GT5 will be not so easy as gt4 no bunching against the walls, now whe have penalty system , MECHANICAL Damage , new Physics , weather, wet tracks, and night racing is far difficult from gt4

  53. Sam__ NY

    Here’s an interesting question I found in the full interview.

    MotorTrend: “Any info about a track editor”

    Kaz :”At this point, it’s just a rumor. So you’ll have to see. (It must be noted, he said so with a smile, leading us to believe that some sort of track editor is in the works for the new game.)”

  54. Maximou

    Spyker is part of GT since GT Concept 2001. Bentley was in GT4, Chrysler is there at least from GT3, Landrover is on GTPSP, Maserati, see my comment above.

  55. kurtz

    it sure would be nice if they gave us an offical track list or maybe some kind of novelty DLC expansion for the “Academy Engine” to tide us over.

  56. Maximou

    I remember picture of PD’s team getting datas and photos of a Maserati. So no official statement but this plus the fact that they already have the Ferrari licence and worked close to them may imply they managed to get Maserati into the game.

    No Porsches… it’s very disappointing. Who is to blame this time ? Microsoft ? EA ? I hope as soon as licensing issues are solved, they had it to GT5 via DLC at least.

    LFA and HSV GT are very great news.

  57. AMG

    whe stil need cars to compleet GT5 Maserati , Koenigsegg , porsche , Bentley , spiker , chrysler , skoda , saab , lada, landrover…

  58. Paulo

    I love how KY says we shouldn’t worry about minor details when he himself is quoted to be a perfectionist. LOL.

  59. ShiiRo

    I don’t think that he was downplaying weather. If you read the quote he specifically addresses the skidmarks comment. He’s saying that people shouldn’t concern themselves with a minor detail like that.

  60. Watevaman

    He downplayed weather cycles?

    Yeah, Kaz, really moving the genre forward, aren’t you? It must be great adding cars and improving the physics engine while doing nothing else to make your game stand out from the crowd.

  61. pLiDeX

    i understand perfectly what he says about the skidmarks, but how hard can it be to include them in the game? i don’t know any other racing game in history that didn’t have skidmarks, maybe there are, but come on, this is going to be the best racing game of history, i just can’t understand it…

  62. scandisk

    No Porsche = FAIL
    No solid info = meh
    All talk no show = meh x2

    And FFS wheres the latest code? I’m starting to lose faith in PD really

  63. tyl0r_r

    @ AMG: Night racing confirmed and screenshots in OPM Feb edition. Headlights and tail lights look good too.

    @pranl: Dynamic weather is, for instance, starting a race in the sunlight and having it start to rain a few laps into the race or something. We may or may not get this, but we will very probably have difference weather situations to drive in. The ‘dynamic’ bit is what may not make it.

    @Luke: Indeed he should.

  64. AMG

    i think ther will be weather and night races but not dynamic weather cycle

    no dynamic weather cycle
    no skidmarks
    no release date
    no information

  65. Luke

    This person is so awesome, you really have to respect him. To start a company with a small product that evolves into a own definition is great enough, but to race for fun, integrate all his own knownledge in his game is pure epic.
    A game developer, with so much influence in the car industry, mostly with Nissan, PD designed the GTR`s onboard computer. And the crazy amount of cars he brings into GT, even concept cars i have never heard about.
    He should get a lifetime awards, just as Hideo Kojima for MGS4.

  66. Q

    One thing thats bugging me, and no one seems to have asked that question…

    Will you be able to carry over your garage of cars in GT5 prologue to GT5?

    Not to mention credits, car setups, etc.

    The transition from GT3 to GT4 allowed the gamer to carry over credits, but that was about it.

  67. juggaKnot

    UGH…I hate how he still can’t disclose on some issues such as the ACTUAL number of tracks and tuning aspects

  68. [UK] ANDYW

    They’ll have Ruf cars.. at least they look and go a lot like porsches..

    Interesting the KY has never driven a McLaren F1, if anyone could pull the strings to get a drive in one i’d bet KY wouldn’t have to try that hard.

    Only 2 days to wait.. the GT5 gods are being good to us at the moment! So many news snippets :-)

  69. iCyCo

    Lexus LFa- looking forward to the reveal trailer…wonder if they’ll be able to recreate the instrument panel and the different shift modes. I think that should be an option for all cars that have that feature

  70. BlackDog87

    Great interview. I’m excited to see some news feed from The Tokyo Auto Solon. The possibility of no dynamic weather changes and skidmarks are of no concern to me. I’m looking for performance, and it’s looking rather promising at this point for that. Dynamic weather for a content-heavy game such as this was a bit of a stretch at this point. Gardens take time to grow.

    As for the delay, I couldn’t care less. I’m from North America, so I was expecting at least a late Q2 2010 release anyway. All we can do now is what we have been doing: wait and look for bits of information in upcoming news. Happy hunting!

  71. jBat17

    @Dan_ yeah, a deal with porsche would be a nice surprise..

    and, of course, sony marketing is to blame. KY has stated many times that the release date is up to sony. but sony has valid reasons, namely GoW3 and FF13. that’s just how it works. remember there were several game that got delayed last year because of mw2.

  72. Daverytimes

    Slimer Says:
    Hopefully we can get some good footage of the game this weekend.

    I hope so, mabye some night racing gameplay

  73. Dan_

    OMG? He said more manufacturer agreements? Is there any possibility to be Porsche?

    BTW: The F***ing sony marketing caused the delay…..

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