Keep Your Gran Turismo 5 DLC After Online Services Close


As announced late last December, Polyphony Digital will be terminating the online services for Gran Turismo 5 on May 30, 2014. Now, the company has shared more information regarding how you can keep using downloadable content (DLC) you may have purchased in the game after this date has passed.

Be sure to review the complete instructions for each DLC pack you own or want to keep.

The DLC items will be removed from the PlayStation Store on April 30, 2014. If you’ve already purchased and installed these DLC packs, they can be downloaded again in the future, with the notable exception of the “Paint Pack” and “Racing Gear Pack”, which cannot be re-installed if your PS3 game data is deleted.

The announcement also confirms the end of the “Gran Turismo TV” service, which has been slowly winding down after Super GT content was pulled at the end of 2012. Distribution of all content will end on May 14, 2014, and the service will be completely taken offline on March 14, 2015.

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Comments (7)

  1. jericho_mpm

    Kinda don’t see the point of waiting how many years for a GT5 to come out only to have it shutdown so early & stripped to bare bones within 1-2 years.

    Even to this day Forza 2 is like 6-7 years old and it’s still on for people to play but GT5 won’t

  2. Tony28haha

    I skipped 6 because i figured it was to close to 5 and am waiting for them to put out the next game out on the ps4 because i thought to myself that 6 was just a money grab that they made to quick this time around.

  3. eyesoft2002

    well, i honestly couldn’t care less about DLC for GT5 at the moment… But what this does make me wonder is GT6 when GT7 comes (whenever that may be). From what I understand, PD will release new cars / tracks / content with DLC for GT6 more than they have with GT5. Naturally, people will spend more on GT6 (on top of the $60 price), than they did on GT5.

    I would be now hesitate more before purchasing and DLC for GT6. It’s not like I will never go back to play GT6 when GT7 comes out. I will at least occasionally run an older version, but the content I paid extra for may not be there anymore? That’s pure crap.

  4. Mozartist

    Let me see now,

    They left us hanging for six(6) years before they release GT5 and they’ll shut down the servers after a little over two(2) years, and we’ll lose some of the DLCs in the process. Ominous display of respect for the chumps who made PDI millionnaires. Of course, since GT6 is barely an improvement on 5 and the online experience is so lame that very few, compared to 5, even bother to visit, we still payed $60+ for it. And by shutting down GT5, they expect the innocents to pay another $60+ for the real version of GT6. But naturally you will have to buy a PS4 to enjoy it. Brilliant scheming there!

    NOT in this lifetime!

    1. mistamontiel

      You HAMMERED the nail !!!

      Not in a freaking lifetime.. SPS4 for one game ? I’m not even a 7th gen fan !!! F the industry Kaz PD F them

  5. mistamontiel

    OH MY GOD. I JUST got on GT5 December 2012. So that’s it just a year run for me ?

    WE should host.. DAMN them for pulling the plug on “old” GT5 .. DAMN IT

    Can we like poll and send to PD ?

    1. BWX

      Yeah I think it si ridiculous. They sell a game for 60 bucks a copy, and won’t keep online services after the new one comes out? Also not being able to reinstall a lot of pad DLC is also BS. Pretty lame.

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