Lamborghini Featured in Latest GT5 Seasonal Event

March 31st, 2011 by Jordan Greer

A new Seasonal Event went live in GT5 late last night, highlighting the game’s “raging bulls” in races at five different circuits. Here’s an overview of the events (and their respective prize winnings) compiled for us by MarsSpork:

  • 5 laps @ Cape Ring Periphery, 127,100 Cr / 14,800 Exp
  • 5 laps @ Madrid City Course, 137,000 Cr / 15,900 Exp
  • 5 laps @ Trial Mountain, 143,900 Cr / 16,700 Exp
  • 5 laps @ Nurburgring GP/D, 159,800 Cr / 17,000 Exp
  • 5 laps @ Toscana (Pavement), 141,700 Cr / 17,700 Exp

You’re allowed any kind of tires on your car, which can be tuned to 600 PP (opponents will be running with approximately 540-560 PP). These races may be run as many times as you like, and the previous Seasonal Events are still available. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who sent this in!

GT5 Photomode image by Hyakushiki.

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  1. Apr. 8, 3:40pm
    the piston

    I’m loving this event it is so epic, the races are pretty hard. Especially when you’re using a stock Gallardo. I hope PD adds the upcoming Lamborghini Aventador in the future as a DLC, this game would be a blast if they did that.

  2. Apr. 4, 7:03pm

    I played this event for the first time today. Thrilled to say the least!
    I used a fully tuned Mercielago LP Bonkers and ripped it up good’n’proper. I love this event!!
    Racing Inter’s, proper tune, full weight reduction and turn the volume up – the exhaust howl is immense!
    The car will drift with the clunks and pitches of an oaf but often it glides in a four-wheel slide around the tricky cambers of Trial Mountain.
    I was gutted when I first drove the Mercielago LP Bonkers; I thought it turned in like a canal boat and twitched on every pebble on every kerb, but this event has opened my eyes up to how to have a proper good thrash in it. It’s the badger’s!
    PD top banana for throwing this little gem our way – Kaz don’t go changin’!

    (Here’s my ask – I’d love to see a move to get RUF vehicles brought into the ‘premium’ sector)

  3. Apr. 4, 11:44am

    Everything gets boring. For every beautyfull woman you see, there is a guy who is bored of sleeping with her.

  4. Apr. 4, 9:13am


  5. Apr. 4, 7:45am

    This is the most fun I’ve had on GT5 in ages! I’m not a great racer, but found I was perfectly matched to win in the last couple of corners with my LP400 ’74 pp539 :)

  6. Apr. 2, 10:36am

    Can’t wait to race these when I get home from work tomorrow night…

  7. Apr. 2, 1:23am

    By far some of the most entertaining A.I to race against in these events. Several times cars would spin out in front of me and/or smoke their tires. It seemed very genuine.

  8. Apr. 1, 10:40am

    Most lucrative (in Cr/XP vs time): Nurburgring GP/D

    Most fun: Tuscany, with beautiful deep curves.

    • Apr. 1, 8:38pm

      The Toscana also has the highest payout of experience in the event. It’s hard to drive with the driving line turned off. I can’t see where I’m going.

    • Apr. 2, 11:13pm

      Well yes, and no.

      Yes, it has 17,700 vs. Nurburgring’s 17,000.

      It also takes 10 minutes to complete vs. Nurburgring’s (if you really doing poorly) 8 minutes.

      Basic math shows us that’s 1,770 vs 2,125 per minute.

      And it has 14,170 Cr vs Nurburgring’s 19,975 Cr per minute.

      When you’re grinding, these things become important.

  9. Apr. 1, 4:48am

    Good races !!!

  10. Mar. 31, 11:13pm

    Amazing how they’re still updating this even :/ Thank you very much PD!

  11. Mar. 31, 6:16pm

    GT5 is not a game to me its a way of life.

  12. Mar. 31, 6:15pm

    I could beat this event with a stock Lancia Delta Intergrale thats how bad the AI are in this game. I just did a race on Nur/24hr layout in rain and they go so slow I went from 16th to 1st by the time I was on the actual Ring and we all had the same cars SuperGT. I just want more premiums and better AI and GT5 would be complete for me and maybe some new circuits like Zolder and Brands Hatch.

    • Mar. 31, 11:14pm

      AI need a huge update, but we can’t ask much from Japan right now.

    • Apr. 1, 12:41am

      Just quit playing them!

    • Apr. 1, 7:04am

      I play them because people online always super tune even the smallest cars. That or they’re cheating and glitching. When I do set up a real room no on joins because they’re forced to use their engine limiter -.-

  13. Mar. 31, 6:06pm

    DOG ON IT!!!! WHERE’S MY WHEELSTAND PRO??? I need my G27 for this event (been using controller as of lately).

  14. Mar. 31, 5:33pm

    Don’t forget the platinum trophy :D

  15. Mar. 31, 4:16pm

    Yea, I think we should be playing CoD. That game is a bunch more fun with all the bullets and explosions.

    You just stated a racing simulation game is boring. What’s your angle? Is GT boring for those of us who want a challenge/realism for a drving game?

    • Apr. 3, 2:58am

      There’s no challenge in GT5. The AI is dumb and slow. The game is generally a good driving simulator, but it’s a really bad racing simulator.

      Driving the cars is sometimes interesting, but there’s no doubt the game gets boring with time.

    • Apr. 4, 11:58am

      If you’re so bored, put less sticky tires on your car and then try to race the AI. This event is awesome because you can use racing soft tires and quickly get money and experience points, or you can use sports hard tires (or comfort soft if you think you’re such a good driver), and enjoy the challenge. I hope there are many more events like this.

    • Apr. 5, 4:49am

      Aaaand we have a winner. Sports tires for street cars and racing tires for racing cars. GT5 requires honesty to play. If these events were too “boring” in your 600PP superlambo, try a stock one, no parts. It’s like a whole new game.

  16. Mar. 31, 3:49pm

    Wonder whats the lowest PP my car can have and still win the events, 500PP? I don’t know if the Lambo’s will go any lower, but it should make for some closer and more fun racing!


  17. Mar. 31, 3:26pm

    Very nice! Thank you for the post, Jordan!

    • Mar. 31, 3:39pm

      Are we allowed to use the Nomad Diablo for this?

    • Mar. 31, 4:01pm

      E, no. We’re not allowed to use the Nomad. Just as in the offline Lambo event. Strange.

  18. Mar. 31, 3:05pm

    That last track is epic!! Can we create this stuff in the track creator

  19. Mar. 31, 3:03pm

    Cool. Looking forward to some nice cash this weekend.

  20. Mar. 31, 2:47pm

    At least PD gave us a new event which I think is exemplary considering the state of affairs in Japan today.

    Hey … there are “cars” involved too … you can’t ask for more than that.

    Thank and keep up the great work PD :)

  21. Mar. 31, 2:45pm
    HKS racer

    This is a nice one! We definitely need more Supercars events like this. Keep it coming PD and please fix a bug in arcade mode while using tuned cars (i.e. SLS 600hp) the AI aren’t matching similar specs, they are using stock cars and this mean no competition at all.

    • Mar. 31, 3:45pm

      Wait, you normally get competitive AI in A-Spec mode????

      I havn’t found that yet.

    • Mar. 31, 3:59pm
      HKS racer

      I was talking about arcade mode, if you select A level, using a race car, and setting the race lenght to 3 laps you should find a better AI than career mode.
      In career mode you need an less competitive car than AI to have fun.

  22. Mar. 31, 2:41pm

    Time to rock & roll!

  23. Mar. 31, 2:32pm

    Good update. Sounds fun.

    • Mar. 31, 2:38pm

      let’s do this!

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