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Gran Turismo 5 19 January 18, 2009 by


Before you read anything else (and anyone posts this on a forum/blog without proper citation), this Koenigsegg CCX rendering has nothing to do with Gran Turismo 5.  So, what’s it doing on GTPlanet?  ‘Proper Graphics‘, the imaging company who created the model did actually have GT5 in mind, crafting it within Polyphony Digital’s polygon and texture specifications.  As you can see, though, the level of detail is considerably higher than anything we’ve seen in GT5 Prologue, due to the fact that it’s rendered by itself on high-end computer hardware.  A game’s many environmental variables probably consume too much of the PlayStation 3’s processing power to give us anything like this at the moment, but make no mistake – Gran Turismo 6 won’t look much different.

Apparently, the company has shared this model with Kazunori Yamauchi’s team, but have yet to receive a response.  Check out HD video of this Koenigsegg after the jump, and head over to Proper Graphics’ website for more pictures.  Awesome work, guys.  (Thanks to LANDO for the tip!)


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