Mazda’s Miata Featured in Latest GT5 Seasonal Events

August 23rd, 2012 by Jordan Greer

New Time & Drift Trials are now available in Gran Turismo 5‘s Seasonal Events, featuring one of the game’s most popular driver’s cars, the Mazda Miata!

Time Trial No. 43

  • 400PP Miata: Tsukuba Circuit Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/22 23:00 – 2012/09/05 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 600PP Autumn Ring Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/22 23:00 – 2012/09/05 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 43

  • Mazda Miata: Special Stage Route 5 Reverse Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/22 23:00 – 2012/09/05 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • Côte d’Azur Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/22 23:00 – 2012/09/05 23:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

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GT5 Photomode image by SuperVeloce.

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  1. Aug. 31, 7:35pm

    I´m still wondering how could the scooby 360 get so good results at the drift event in Cote d´Azur?

  2. Aug. 27, 10:49pm
    RB26 2jz

    I can’t wait to own a miata :D as soon as I sell my car I’ll be sitting in one

  3. Aug. 26, 10:20am

    Thank you PD

    For making this kind of TT = 1 specific Car – 2 tracks = Fair Contest for all..

    It’s the only way to keep the Seasonals TT’s fair for all.. :O)

  4. Aug. 26, 3:34am

    @77 – It’s not because people are enjoying the cr*p seasonals that they’re not posting here – it’s because they are playing Forza….

    • Aug. 26, 5:14pm

      Sorry, I’m with 77 on this.

  5. Aug. 26, 3:30am

    What an epic way to use your spare time.

    Driving an MX-5 for hours; and you even get menial payouts to complete the package.

    Sad, very Sad.

  6. Aug. 25, 10:30am

    good seasonal events, really enjoyed them, lmfao at the amount of the people with 0 skill to control this car, its a low power drivers car, u need to keep momentum and not scrub off speed, not have unrealistic tyres and loads of hp!! Finesse is what it takes, I easily got gold on tsksuba 1st run. The subaru 360 on the drift trial is taking the piss a bit but im sticking to a real car as i enjoy actually drifting, not cheating the system to get a false high score!!

    This game is what you make of it, too many people brain-dead by the instant thrill society we live in. Sit back and enjoy the challenges rather than seeing them as a task that must be completed. Its a shame because the thousands of people that make the most of the game and are engrossed in it are too busy enjoying it to post here!! so many impatient kids posting awww mum its too stupid and hard I cant do it. Practice. Learn. Use ur brain for a change. Grow a pair.

    • Aug. 25, 10:33am

      Or at least make an intelligent proposition for this magic alternative that would be more appealing rather than the generic “these are stupid, we want better ones”

    • Aug. 25, 3:52pm

      and those are the same people that complain that the game needs more cars and tracks and more tuning abilitys…fools

    • Aug. 25, 9:56pm

      lol good comment, i agree thank you.

    • Aug. 26, 7:39pm

      @77: Hmm, for starters, how about PD stop recycling the same old stuff again and again. There’s 1,000 cars in the game. Should not be difficult to come up with an original event for a change.

      2. How about PD add the AI difficulty adjuster to the carrer mode, that’s only available in arcade? Also get rid of this stupid “chase the leader” format and spreading all the cars apart. It is not real racing.

      I can keep going.

    • Aug. 26, 7:52pm

      One more thing. I have had this game from release and did all I could to keep it interesting, but the fun is not there. I loved GT for the single player and unfortunately, it’s very shallow in GT5. The fun career in the past GT games are the reason why I still play them to this day. Fact is, there are things in GT5 that could have been done better. Putting all the blame on the player for not enjoying this game is ridiculous.

  7. Aug. 24, 4:50pm

    OK, PD..the only reason I still play this game is the simulation and physics..but you made one of the worst and most boring games ever…this is horrible…back to GT1 ;)

    • Aug. 25, 2:41am

      Bwahaa, you’re funny. This is the only game I still play way after launch date. Most everything else gets boring after just one month, and they are often great games. It’s almost two years and this disc still sees the ps3 way more than others. Halo is my second most played.

    • Aug. 25, 8:09pm

      yea and reason? same as mine? just cool physics and great simulation? or you have REEEEEALLY great fun doing seasonal events

    • Aug. 26, 8:41pm

      GT5 is hardly the worst and most boring game, but I get what you’re saying. Maybe all things will come together in GT6.

  8. Aug. 24, 4:25pm

    Guys, what car are you achieving gold in at Autumn Ring TT? Currently 1sec off the pace

    • Aug. 24, 4:37pm

      Lol never mind , got the gold.

  9. Aug. 24, 4:15am

    Sorry for posting the same thing twice, my computer froze when I tried to submit the first, I thought it hadn’t done but obviously it did. I hope both convey my UTTER RAGE

  10. Aug. 24, 4:13am

    Oh dear, these are HARD AND STUPID. The MX5 tt took ages as I got withing .012 of gold (even though I was miles ahead of my ghost who was .050 of gold) but eventually did in on a run I didn’t expect to. The 600pp in the Chaparral was fun, and I continued doing it to improve my time. These were spoiled by no skid recovery (I know I’ve complained before, but the IDIOTS out there, don’t send out a witch hunt, go back to trolling or whatever you like doing best.) THEN THERE WAS THE DT’s. I only got bronze on SS5 in my MX5 and got 7997, so close to silver. THEN THERE WAS MONACO. I MEAN WHO DRIFTS ON MONACO?? HOW CAN YOU DRIFT ON RASCAS?? In my AC I couldn’t even get bronze. Then I saw the leaderboards. ARE YOU TAKING THE P***?? Subaru 360’s? Drifting? Yeah right Then I watched the leaders video. THAT’S NOT DRIFTING, THAT’S GOING AT 10-15MPH IN 5TH GEAR WHILE TURNING ONE WAY THEN THE OTHER. HOW DO THEY GET SO MANY POINTS FOR THAT?? AND WHO THOUGHT ‘OH YES, THE 360, THAT’LL BE GOOD AT DRIFTING.’ HOW DO THEY GET SO MANY POINTS FOR THIS? It’s disgusting what people do to get to the top. It’s time for a change, I’M FED UP with time and drift and the people who top the board doing things that any normal player can’t do. Change them please into something I want to do (and preferably something that gives loads of exp.)

    • Aug. 24, 5:09pm

      maaaaaaaaan you’re so fu**ing right ;) I’m so pissed too

    • Aug. 26, 10:42am

      It’s very sad –

      Winning a GT5 Race contest today, isn’t about being fair and behaving like a Race driver would like building up the skills for creating the right setup and Skills for the driving, it’s about being creative to find the best way to cheat your name to the top 10 – It’s very sad K.Y, the Game suffers big-time because of it!!

      If I was PD/K.Y i would have a person/persons checking the leader board, every 12hour circle, it’s easy and it keeps the Game honest and exiting..
      To constantly see that Cheating in the TOP10 is possible on the worldwide Boards, makes me and so many others angry, and then we loose the faith in the game, meaning the Game suffers/PD suffers/Sony Suffers, and lastly K.Y suffers..

      This game is meant to be a professional SimRacer that offers great Raceing online and offline, But with the amount of Cheaters and bad Sportsmanships in the world, it demands a support from the Maker, so the people ( 20.000+ or more) that does race this game for the Fairness and honer is Respected ..

      PD/K.Y you got to find a solution to keep this kind of cheating happening, It would take some effort to make a program that scans the Replayed saved Data, but it is possible to do so, and not to forget very important to do so.. ( AT least for GT6)

      Lots of hornest People in here ( GTPLanet) will help you for free if you’ll need a helping hand Checking the TOP10 for errors cheating or unfair Racing, it only takes some time to check them out, because the leader-board isn’t changing a lot when the limits has reached..

      DO Something or i am out of here, enough is enough, it’s yours responsibility to make the game WORK Not Mine..

  11. Aug. 24, 3:58am

    Oh dear. These are stupid and hard. The MX5 time trial took ages: I got a 1:13.512 (convieniently .012 off) and when I eventually did it I thought I wasn’t quick enough but I was. The 600pp in the Chaparral 2J was fun, and I carried on doing it to improve my time. Both of these time trials were spoiled by no skid recovery (I know I’ve complained before, please the idiots out there don’t send out a witch hunt, go back to trolling or whatever you like doing.) Then the drift trials. THEY ARE SO STUPID.The ss5 in the MX5 was hard: I got bronze and my best was 7997 so close to silver. THEN THERE WAS MONACO. WHO DRIFTS ON MONACO?? I tried in my AC and HOW CAN YOU DRIFT ON RASCAS?? I can’t even get bronze. Then I saw the leaderboard. ARE YOU TAKING THE P***? Subaru 360’s. REALLY?? Then I watched the video. THAT ISN’T DRIFTING, THAT’S GOING AT 10-15mph in 5th gear and turning from side to side! How are they getting so many points for that! It’s disgusting what people do to be top. This is why I’m fed up with these trials, and the IDIOTS who regularly top the leaderboards by CHEATING. Rant over now. To sum up, I’m fed up.

  12. Aug. 24, 3:47am

    Why did they call it the Miata, Its clearly is an Mx-5. Why cant they just stick with one name globally (they like the letter number combos). But this seasonal is great, Mx-5 is one of th best handling cars in the world.

    • Aug. 24, 7:41am
      Pit Crew

      What difference does its name make. Miata was its first gen title, MX-5 sounds sportier, but the name is not affecting the performance.

    • Aug. 24, 10:12am

      The Miata is the name the earlier models were know as in the US – they’re all MX-5s now.

  13. Aug. 23, 9:55pm

    My favorite seasonal’s are the Time trials and Drift trials, although the drift scoring system in the game sucks, its better than nothing, also I love that they are making it harder to complete these trials, they were way too easy.

  14. Aug. 23, 8:47pm

    Ive recently come back to GT5 after getting bored of it, a new 3D tv has sparked some life back into the old girl… Although when I returned I had many seasonal events waiting for me, Excellent I thought, and since I’m already in my Lancia Delta, I’ll hit the fwd event… I travel towards the first corner at Laguna Seca only to find my 4 wheel drive rally car cousin slowly understeering off at 36mph… puzzled, thinking PD had added something awesome like oil on the track or maybe a cone stuck under the wheel I paused it to look at the reply…

    Nothing wrong here, its a car, slowly sliding off a perfectly dry track like its skating on black ice, then I saw the words ‘Comfort tyres’ Ahhh that explains everything, so I left the seasonals and when back to using sports tyres (hards and mediums before anyone jumps in) because these are more realistic of real tyres used on the road, why do I know this? one I’ve never understeered off anywhere in any car travelling at 35mph and Ive actually been behind a Lancia Delta and let me tell you either the real car grips really really well on a much tighter, much narrower bend or the guy had GT5 infamous racing softs, because that thing whipped around the corner at 40+ and was gone…

    So until GT5 stop making the comfort tyres out of ice and insist on using them in seasonals with powerful cars I’ll be doing my own hot laps. haha

  15. Aug. 23, 3:01pm
    GT5 Level 41

    How are the top scores at cote d Azur getting the 360 to red line in 5th gear at 19mph? I can’t get it to break loose to drift (wiggle) at that speed. I’ve tried twenty set ups. Nothing’s working.

    • Aug. 23, 3:51pm

      I’m surprised.. It shouldn’t be difficult with comfort hard tires. >.>

      Unless you’re using racing soft, common sense would be to lower the tire grade lol.

    • Aug. 23, 4:16pm
      GT5 Level 41

      I’m on comfort hards. It’s the rpm to speed ratio I’m struggling with. No matter what I change, I’m in the 35-45mph range in 5th gear. Have you seen the replays?

    • Aug. 23, 9:16pm

      not sure if this will help but do a search on GT5 tranny flipping, and do the opposite to lower the gearing instead. By doing this you can achieve vastly differnt ratios.

    • Aug. 23, 10:48pm
      GT5 Level 41

      Thanks, I’ll give that a try next time I’m on. I honestly think I have forgotten more than I remember about this game anymore. Duh! Manually shorten 5th.

  16. Aug. 23, 2:31pm

    XD,This is all we haft to look forward to”seasonal events”.what’s next?

    • Aug. 23, 3:46pm

      A VW Beetle race. :o

    • Aug. 23, 7:14pm

      In which case my Volkswagen Beetle Cup Car will dominate.

    • Aug. 24, 7:24am

      Eh, you’d dominate no matter what. Mainly because of the horrid AI.

  17. Aug. 23, 12:31pm

    same here

  18. Aug. 23, 12:23pm

    Please tell me i am not the only person getting absolutely tired of the same old seasonal event rotation. It is beyond ridiculous

    • Aug. 23, 2:32pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ We truly need an Upgrade. Actually been training for the final GTAcademy TT. Though I dont know location. been using First 370Z Tuned 08 Academy car on various difficulty created courses and Nurb.

      Theme from Rocky plays in background “ADRIENNE”

  19. Aug. 23, 12:01pm

    PD, I dare you to make a 550pp or higher TT event and I dare you to do it with European cars

    • Aug. 23, 12:08pm

      Part two of this week’s is 600pp – open choice. Or did you mean the primary TT event?

    • Aug. 23, 12:31pm

      Primary TT, my bad, should have specified

  20. Aug. 23, 10:39am

    PD built a nice physics engine and cool graphics- Then added 1000+ cars and tracks. Now where’s the game?

    • Aug. 23, 11:01am

      You know that there have been hundreds of topics this lame comment could have been stuck under but you waited 2 years to post this brilliance. How did you decide to finally let this one out? I would have copyrighted it first.

    • Aug. 23, 4:49pm

      @SonicWagon: My comment springs from a fact that GT5 hasn’t been amusing for some time now. Seasonals are the only thing to spice up the game it seems … I don’t care if you want to copyright a comment just go for it.

  21. Aug. 23, 9:50am
    Super Novi

    Seems like they aren’t even trying…Honestly I stopped playing GT5 because of the boring Seasonal Events.

    • Aug. 23, 12:53pm

      If you stopped playing then why are you commenting here?

    • Aug. 23, 4:05pm

      This website is actually completely separate from the game. In case you didn’t know.

    • Aug. 23, 6:21pm

      BlindZendriver – I agree with A higher place – Your comment isn’t any better – I don’t play GT5 that much, only the Events in seasonal – but i do Comment here, because i still like the Game, and hope to see some Brilliance in the future versions.. I think the same way as Super novi, this game isn’t that Interesting anymore, It’s kind a Flat.. But i love it at the same time, because i know how much it still has to offer, if PD would try a little Harder, and i don’t mean that we need New stuff, but we need interesting challenges in the Seasonal events..

      Like a TT with 1 particular Car, on a particular Track, so everybody is even from the start – then skills and setup is the key to Winning .. because if you don’t like Drifting – B-specs – Endurance Races – Nascar – You miss out a lot of cars, and there is no way to get the same cars as the ones who Race all the stiles .. I’m a Grownup with A Family, so my time is limit in the Racing setup i bought for the first release Date way way back.. yes I’m bored to some limit – I won a Custom Race Car from 1969, all modified for these modern times, got it up to 602pp – and that really makes my hair stand and gives me goosebumps when racing it, but no matter what Race i go into, there isn’t a Car on the Track list that matches it in PP and in style, so It’s a dead fish from the start, because the game doesn’t make a realistic Car Selection for a particular Race, from the car of your Choice – Sad and Borring – Stop writting you Fool Hahaha Damn Sorry for the Novel :P

    • Aug. 23, 8:24pm

      @BlindZenDriver: Maybe because this site is for fans of the GT series in general?

    • Aug. 24, 3:12pm

      I know that GTPlanet is not only about GT5 and I’m all for everyone to allowed their opinion. Only, and this is what’s bugging me, it seems for every single piece of GT5 news there is a bunch of people only there to write negative remarks and that I don’t get.

      Now being negative is fair but at least the ones posting should try and be a little constructive as well. Seeing the same complaints over and over has gotten pretty old.

      Also as for the Seasonal Events being boring I don’t see it. Lately we have seen all sorts of cars from trucks to F1 race cars and to spice it up there is the GTA events – although granted they are only for those that did the GTA thing but still.

      On top of that there is plenty of online racing going on. There is totally random stuff where ones fun may be great or not so great and there is lots of more organized racing as well – some organized on GTPlanet and other stuff organized by people in car clubs and the like.

  22. Aug. 23, 9:21am

    Honestly, i have given up on these events, this events are nothing but the events you do on carrer, but with higher rewards, we (Gran Turismo players) wait every week for something new and original, but we allways end up by getting the same boring seasonal events, that you find in carrer mode (a-spec and b-spec), how long will we have to wait, to get something that actually is original and entertaining and that´s not copied from the carrer?

    • Aug. 23, 2:39pm

      Where exactly is the Miata Time Trial in the career mode? Because I sure haven’t seen it.

    • Aug. 23, 4:41pm


      While there is no “Time Trial” event in the career mode, I think swynder is referring to the 4-hour endurance race at Tsukuba using Miata cars.

  23. Aug. 23, 9:21am

    Forza 4 nuff said

    • Aug. 23, 9:22am


    • Aug. 23, 9:33am


    • Aug. 23, 9:42am
      Super Novi

      You can’t drift 3500 Kg Tank engine sports cars in Forza 4.

    • Aug. 23, 10:35am

      But you can in GT! And I do, regularly.

    • Aug. 23, 10:42am

      yes becuase there are no drift cars like the 240z or the 350 z in forza 4 :/

    • Aug. 23, 12:04pm

      GT5 is totally better because after playing with the great graphics and pysics anyghinfbelse is a step down. However, I would rather have Forza’s car slection and I love their bells & whistles like paintingyour own cars. I like GT5’s tracks more, the only Forza one I really care about is Sebring

    • Aug. 23, 4:33pm

      I’m always confused as to why put in the effort to go to a Gran Turismo site and promote Forza?

    • Aug. 23, 4:58pm


      I really don’t know. Same thing with the very few people that have nothing but negative things to say about GT and PD. I would think of it as sad if it weren’t for how crappy it is what they’re doing.

  24. Aug. 23, 9:09am

    to be brutally honest these seasonal events are getting a bit annoying, why put stupid events like this up? as a few people have already posted these events are in the a-spec the only difference is u dont get helmets or suits which everyone should have 3 of each by now. why dont they put night events with the weather effects as the only ones u get are 24hr races which the average working human doesnt have time for, or even an hour long endurance race? its getting very boring now doing events thats already programed in the game where they could spent a little time making events like touring cars or race modified (not dtm, v8 supercars or japanese gt). even events with fwd hatchbacks, rallycross or even a rally race instead of tt or dt. i know all this is possible with online races but to find a server or have the patience to wait for people to join ur lobby is mind bending when all u want is a good race session. it puts me off because u can almost lap ur opponents with the pp limit they give u, i and a few others out there will agree that £ is far to easy to get. ive had the 20 million limit for ages now and im running out of cars to buy. i hope they read this and start changing some stuff soon, gt6 is not our problem as it wont be out for another 4 years, they should work on some gt5 before moving too quickly to something thats far in the future.

    • Aug. 23, 9:30am

      GTHEAD87, that prediction of yours about gt6 is very true. That’s why EVERYONE should remain very patient about it. The year 2016 is when gt6 comes out, at a time when the PS IV is available.
      On the other hand, I must object highly about your slightly earlier comment about time/drift trials. They use different sorts of trials; each with one restricted car-make trial, etc. depending on the certain conditions that lay ahead. And, to reply to your “weather effects” section, they did that before, over at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Lastly, the other seasonal events from before are being re-released, but in a more harder fashion (in other words, a rebuilt seasonal event). That’s something I enjoy much of. Rewards & experience is something that most of us keep in mind.

    • Aug. 23, 9:48am
      Super Novi

      This, SO MUCH THIS. @GTHEAD87

      Honestly. I hate when game developers make game and then instantly start to make a sequel. HEY MAYBE YOU SHOULD IMPROVE THE FIRST GAME AND THEN START MAKING THE SECOND ONE!.

    • Aug. 23, 12:13pm

      Novi – two years after release doesn’t equal instantly.

    • Aug. 23, 2:23pm
      Pit Crew

      @ GTHEAD Dont agree about GT6 release date as im thinking sooner rather then later, plus Kaz and PD on “Radio Silence” GT6 intel strategy, as is Sony on PS4 specs and release date, so speculations are a dime a dozen.
      However upgrading seasonals to a higher challenge standard is a must do, especially since future GT5 updates are being pushed back.

      Day to Night/Weather effects events being added has been 1 of my biggest wishes, as is a more challenging deeper Drift Event, to break the stale tried and true monotony of the present seasonal theory. Now I cant speak for all, so some may not want this, but many do want an aggressive switchup from this present Online Seasonal formula. Hope PD realizes this soon.

      PD began work on GT6 immediately after finishing GT5, and should continue that work period. Kaz knows he delivered a flawed game in GT5. He has admitted as much. Sony bears guilt to, but more then enough blame to go around,and so they, (Kaz PD) must redeem themselves, and recapture that connection with a fanbase that has stood by their product for more than 15 yrs. GT6 has to be completed and far as we know could be at a critical stage of development.

    • Aug. 23, 8:40pm

      @Pit Crew

      :tup: to everything

    • Aug. 24, 4:58am

      Pit Crew, if they release gt6 too early, they’ll end up performing more and more updates until the game is complete. I still prefer the year 2016 when they SHOULD release gt6, so that the game itself is much more complete than before; resulting in a better playing experience & more up-to-date technology than it’s successor: gt5.

    • Aug. 24, 7:49am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Yeah….right…????…whatever.

      Thanks another_jakhole

    • Aug. 25, 6:44am

      thats true sonic, people probs do love the bonus u get from them, i do too lol. i just get bored off the same repetitive events but i aint the only one in the world so it is made for everyone and how they might like it. i missed the spa event sadly :(.

      i agree with sonic on not releasing gt6 too early as the game wont be fully complete. i remember kaz saying in a post that because everyone wanted gt5 so bad he released it early and then people complained because it had so much missing due to early release. also people tend to forget the title “real driving simulator” because its all about the physics on gt and people start complaining about damage, modifications etc. i use forza 4 to make vinyls on cars to make them race ready as i love racing cars, hence the name “forza motorsport”.

      gt6 will without a doubt be superb and i cant wait but i know the wait will be worth the time and abuse my disc will suffer lol. i wish i could ask kaz myself without sounding like an immature 12 year old crazed annoying fan so thats why ive started posting some of my thoughts. im glad people share the same open minded views on the series.

  25. Aug. 23, 8:26am
    Pit Crew

    Oh well another Recycled GTLife ASpec event but its a TT.

    GTAcademy TT Will probably be more interesting, but will definently do the Drift Trial, while hoping PD upgrades these events (Challenge) soon.

  26. Aug. 23, 5:42am

    Miatas on Tsukuba, well that is fresh and original.

    • Aug. 23, 9:44am
      Super Novi

      Yeah I never did that for four hours yeah totally.

  27. Aug. 23, 4:37am

    Which one is the fastest of them legions of MX-5/Miatas. Got to check the Seasonal forum. :)

  28. Aug. 23, 3:12am

    Is a Mazda MX-5 only big enough for men? Or is the MX-5 more of a girly car? :(

  29. Aug. 23, 3:09am

    can almost get into the 1:09’s round tsukuba but me toe might be blistered now.

  30. Aug. 23, 3:02am

    Miata’s are manly.

    • Aug. 23, 3:18pm


    • Aug. 23, 3:44pm


    • Aug. 23, 4:43pm

      Depends on the culture.

      Who knows, somewhere on this earth Miatas and MX-5’s are probably considered the “Manliest” cars around.

  31. Aug. 23, 2:45am

    It’s necessary for us to collect up to 4,000,000 cr. in every new time/drift trial (provided that there is a 200% increase on rewards & experience gained).

  32. Aug. 23, 2:18am

    I used the mx5 roadster 07 like everyone on the leader board and I got a time of 1.11.1 with a controller, I don’t understand how some of these guys achieve times of 1.08 on the same car and with the same aides on, and the funny thing is that they are from other countries, I guess people care more for circuit racing in Europe and Asia lol

    • Aug. 23, 3:10am

      lift the front up,lower the rear is a good start,ballast at +25,all 200kg’sim still experimenting

  33. Aug. 23, 2:13am


  34. Aug. 23, 1:46am

    not even going to bother with this TT.

    • Aug. 23, 7:59am

      Do not be a Jackanapes when commenting on free updates. PD could have gave you nothing.

      This Miata time trial should be good fun. I enjoy the lower PP trials.

    • Aug. 23, 8:15am
      Pit Crew

      XXI Name calling because the OP chooses not to participate in a seasonal?

      If hes a whatever you called him for not playing, what does that say about you for calling him a name or referring to him as something other than the name his parents gave him? Unfair .

    • Aug. 23, 8:40am

      What was the point of posting to tell everyone of not participating?

      What is a Jackanapes anyway?

    • Aug. 23, 10:44am

      @Pit Crew:

      His parents named him “rgkmaNando”?

      Yours named you “Pit Crew”?

    • Aug. 23, 7:04pm
      Pit Crew

      @ Peterjford Im sure the name he called him is an insult. Dont be petty and pull at hairs over my comment.

  35. Aug. 23, 1:23am

    Cars in General forum will get all over this.

  36. Aug. 23, 12:52am

    Oh riviting, a Mazda Miata TT. Can we even use the Mazda Roadster TC in the picture?

    • Aug. 23, 9:24am

      I think so, as long as it meets the requirements.

    • Aug. 23, 12:28pm

      Nope, I’m looking now, it says “Mazda Miata (non-race cars)” in the description.

  37. Aug. 23, 12:18am

    Another chance to rack up another quick 4 mil. lol

  38. Aug. 23, 12:14am

    I’m not crazy for the Miata but this does sound fun. Playing now!

  39. Aug. 23, 12:10am

    I have no this car! Jejeje

    • Aug. 23, 3:12am

      did you post the photo too

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