Million-Credit GT5 Car Trading Ends March 3rd

Gran Turismo 5 137 February 28, 2011 by

If you fired up GT5 and read the in-game news feed this weekend, you’ve probably already taken note of Polyphony Digital’s latest tweak to v1.07. If not, listen up: the restriction on trading (or, specifically, “gifting”) cars worth more than 1 million credits to others has been temporarily lifted until March 3rd.

The announcement came in quick reaction to harsh criticism of the changes introduced in v1.07 by many in the community who were caught off guard by the sudden and unexpected new rules. This gesture allows players to get back any cars they may have “loaned” out to friends, and gives everyone one last window of opportunity to make some last-minute, high-end trades.

Head over to our GT5 Marketplace Forum now to work out some deals of your own – this will be your last shot at acquiring some cars without buying or winning them outright.

Keep in mind the other v1.07 restrictions regarding trading cars among yourself are still in place, so you can not trade cars between accounts on the same PlayStation 3. It has also been reported that even if you have multiple PS3 consoles in your home, they will be unable to trade with one another if both have the same public IP address. Good luck, and happy trading (while it lasts!).

UPDATE: Others have now reported being able to trade cars between accounts on the same PS3 systems with the same public IP addresses. You may or may not have success with this – give it a shot.

GT5 Photomode images by sixtoes.

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