More Gran Turismo 5 Release Date Confusion

December 27th, 2008 by Jordan Greer

Yamauchi with LightsGTPlanet monitors news about Gran Turismo on a daily basis.  It’s interesting to watch how a story ‘evolves’ across the web, but when a ‘bad’ piece of news makes the rounds, misinformation can spread far and wide.  That’s exactly what happened with an old  Kazunori Yamauchi interview by Import Tuner.  The interview was significant because Yamauchi mentioned a 2010 release date for Gran Turismo 5.  It’s not too exciting, though, because that’s what he was saying 5 months ago.  GTPlanet has been referenced in many comments by folks who are trying to correct the journalists and bloggers jumping on the ‘news’, so let’s take a look at how everything went down:

September 10, 2008:  The November ’08 issue of Import Tuner magazine hits news stands, featuring an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi.  Some time later, the article is posted to their website without a date.  To really understand the interview in context, however, we need to know when it was conducted.  This isn’t known, but we can estimate a general date based upon some of Yamauchi’s answers.  For example, in these questions about the Gran Turismo TV service, he describes the programs and pay-per-view functionality in future tense:

That’s important, because it wasn’t added to the game until August 1, 2008.  This makes it obvious the interview took place before that date, probably during July (when Yamauchi was giving 2010 to everyone).

October 29, 2008:  In an interview with GTPlanet member Ahmed Al Azmi, Yamauchi-san laughed off the 2010 release date, and said Gran Turismo 5 will  be coming “much sooner than expected”.

November 30, 2008:  GTPlanet discovered a statement by an SCEE executive in a Spanish financial magazine, indicating a Christmas 2009 release.

December 24, 2008:  The Import Tuner interview is brought from the dead after getting posted to social news site GamingGrep, without any mention of the article’s actual age.

December 25, 2008:  An OXCGN editor writes a scathing critique of Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital‘s development cycle, based on comments from the interview.

December 26, 2008:  The OXCGN article spreads quickly after being submitted to N4G with a sensational headline.  The news is immediately picked up by forum users at EvilAvatar, editors at,, Kotaku Australia, and dozens of other blogs and message boards.

Everywhere the news has been posted, it has sparked quite a bit of discussion.  GT news junkies (GTPlanet readers, I’m sure!) were quick to point out the age of the comments, but unfortunately this will continue to needlessly confuse and disgruntle casual fans of the series.  So, if you see someone else touting this as ‘breaking news’, point them here and set the record straight.

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  1. Feb. 16, 6:40pm

    [In response to a 2010 release:] I’m a racing fan, pure and simple, and this just smacks of pure ignorance and disregard for supporters of the title.

    Polyphony think they are the God’s gift to racing genre, bar none, and I seriously believe it will cost them dearly. However, I also see many blinded fans simply saying, “oh that’s all right, they know what they are doing, I’d rather wait, . . . they can do anything they want . . I’ll just sit on my hands for the next 2 years . . blah blahh blahh” If I was a full paying member of the Sony Fraternity, I’d be setting up pickets at Poloyphony’s studios front doors.


    If you really are a writer for a publication, online or offline, you need to start proof-reading your articles, bud. There’s so many things wrong in that article, I don’t know where to start.

  2. Feb. 10, 8:27am

    wow so let me get this straight we are waiting 10 friggin years for this game to come up, when was gt4 released?

  3. Dec. 30, 10:53pm
    Flagmo-T aka FOB_MoFF_Two

    I forgot to add, so you get a little more knowledge of the long Sony Movie..

    Some of the other Game Titles/3D Technical presentations, in this long recording is still not out on the streets yet! and word up! we are talking 2005, so it’s a very interesting show! and a straight point into the many stories that comes along in this the long waiting we already have had, but be sure PD is putting all the manpower into GT5 HD, they wont make a half game, not this time, neither will KillZone2 or the Boxing game, or the title “Unreal” presentation, in these games they show so many layers of New Gaming experiences, that is still to come.. Whammy.. be ready for a great ride. and sure! Lots of Boring Numbers is said, (: But Hey`why should they lie! the numbers is a lot higher´ under the PS3 Name..;)

  4. Dec. 30, 10:16pm
    Flagmo-T aka FOB_MoFF_Two

    We have until now been very patient, and I my honest opinion, If the Quality OF GT5 will be like the first GT5-HD/Vision Trailer from The Sony E3 Conference in 2005, then It’s really worth waiting for, even if it’s not gonna arrive until in 2010 (Look at the Trailer)

    But I must Say out LOUD, That with the presentation of What! the PS3 is capable of delivering as a Graphics standard, It will blow us so much away, that we will spend the first couple of hours exploring the virtual World of GT5 breath taking actually, I really look forward to have a brilliant Racing/Gaming experience as Real Racing, and with GT5, i’m sure of getting it, big time, but I’m still not convinced that PD can and will deliver the Wast uses of Polygons ( Lots of details, Cloning the world around us) that this Baby (PS3) can produce.

    Well Yes! I will make more mistakes while i’m waiting, and you will make more mistakes, the Stories will come, and the will move, But we are still Waiting and will still be waiting!! and Still having a awful patience for Gran Turismo 5 arrival.

    What Will ArrivE And WheN. ? : Your Turn ;)


    PS..Sony / PD Movie Links.

    Link to a Long exiting video of the Sony Conference 2005 ( PS3 Technical and WOW)

    This is the Movie of the whole show Run time:about 1 hour
    (only SD quality – Higher quality demands a membership.)

    If that doesn’t work, then this will, press the free version

    I have it downloaded and that is better quality! your pick ;)
    Link to the GT5 Vision / HD Demo trailer 2005. ( WOW)
    (Old! I know) “But very useful, this is what we are promised to have” and it can be done!

    HappY New`Year :D

  5. Dec. 30, 2:13am

    That’s how I feel Jordan,

    As it helps readers understand what has happened, plus it engages them into discussion regarding other issues. Not having it there simply looks like hiding . . and in all honesty, no one should hide, so long as they have attempted to make amends and move forward.

    I find it sad in this day and age we have drop to the lowest common denominator with some factions demanding things be withdrawn if it doesn’t suit them. I have found that if we enter into conversation around topics, both can come away with a new viewpoint, a new understanding and be better off for it.

    There was an issue once with a Too Human item we had, and once sorted, Dyack himself came to the site and praised the site for doing what it could, and he then followed the on going articles we ran on the game (Too Human) . . .

    If we had of followed some critics advice and simply withdrawn our comments, simply because it was at opposites to theirs, the whole thing would not of created further dialouge which brought many ppl to the site, and certainly many new RSS feeds. Simply because we stuck to our guns, yet at the same time, making sure it was clear and cleaned up where necessary . . .

    Without conversation, ‘possibility’ simply does NOT exist – period. So if we don’t converse (in an adult and civil manner) then all parties lose out in the end.

  6. Dec. 29, 3:23pm

    Yes, there is certainly no need for hard feelings. On the subject of posts based on information that was later found to be incorrect, pulling an article is a disservice to readers. A clear amendment which highlights the inaccuracy does far more to spread the ‘truth’ than a blank page or 404 error. For example, Grant’s article has been linked to around the web, with a headline incorrectly touting a 2010 release for Gran Turismo 5. With his updates clearly posted at the top of the page, all those visitors will immediately learn the ‘real story’, and the trail of misinformation comes to an end.

    Contrast this with’s blank page. Their visitors are left clueless and confused, without any clarification, corrections, or accurate information. In my opinion, that’s a much greater offense to the web community.

    Of course, it can be considered a moot point, anyway. Grant’s article is not so much a piece of news as it is an argument against Polyphony Digital’s development cycle. Although the inaccuracy of the Import Tuner interview date obviously weakens it, it can still be made while contributing to the healthy exchange of ideas and opinions.

  7. Dec. 29, 2:43pm

    At least having some information is better. Though in a possible way, it attracts people in a way. Who knows, probably at those times there are expected dates and soon its going to change. They have done that to tons of games in the past and even canceled the brightest ideas also( I.E. Star Craft: Ghost, Duke Nukem : Forever.) There are willing updates for Star Craft 2, Diablo 3. It even took Bungie along time to actually release some information about Halo Wars and now we are getting Halo :Recon. I believe that we are still waiting on GT mobile on the PSP.

  8. Dec. 29, 6:36am

    Fair enough AI . .We did amend the article, place the update with links etc and make it clear there is/was confusion around the issue, as well as appologize . . .

    As soon as we did find out the error, which was several hours later, we posted the links and first update, then, when someone else gave us this link, and the work Jordan did in going through the process, we posted that immediately, and even told ppl who visited our site to first check the links out and even amended the date on the site.

    I’m not sure what else we can do other than that . . . short of removing the article, but my comments around developers doing such things still stands, which is the basic argument of the article really.

    And yes, I get it that it is/was a joke mate, no biggy . . . . .BTW, All the best for the New Year to all, and trust that it brings peace and harmony between gamers (as well as man) across the globe. Yes I know, wishful thinking, but hey . . one can dream . . .

  9. Dec. 29, 6:16am

    @ Grant

    I agree with Brad actually mate. No information is better than mis-information. As a publisher/editor of any news giving organisation surely you hold a responsibility to make sure the information you give is correct. If you discover an error the article should be amended or removed/replaced. That shouldn’t be too hard and would not cause confusion. I dont think Brad is trying to have the last word, just conveying a point on which he feels strongly. I’m sure his is not a personal attack but merely one born out of past experiences of relying on mis-information only to be biten hard on the ass by the truth.

    Personally I do like to have the last word on any subject so don’t test me punk!


    PS – that last bit was just a joke, not an invitation to any argumental “blog-off”

  10. Dec. 29, 3:09am

    @ Brad

    What is it with you mate ??

    Can you NOT read or is it that you want to get the last word in . . . DO you want me to lay down on the ground and say sorry just for YOU or something . . ? You are the ONLY one making this bigger than it is on your site, N4g and this site as well as ours . . give it a rest please, the info stays on the site and the Preamble and updates explain the situation, along with my explaination.

    Good god mate, let it rest will you ! We all make mistakes . . . end of story basically.

    Yes I agree, checking sources is the best way to go, but at times, with HUGE time differences, it can make it REALLY difficult to verify some sources. You do realise we are in Australia, which is up to 15-19 hours in front of the US . . . so time wise it can be a nightmare at times.

    And, believe it or not, sites do not all run on love and passion alone. They do need $$ to survive, and $$ comes from advertizing and sponsorship etc. Without which, many sites simply would not exist. We do not live in a utopian world, unfortunately, but we do live in one that requires $$ for it to survive and grow.

    Our site, contrary to your opinion of how well it is laid out or reads, is doing quite fine thank you very much. We have a solid readership that grows each month, and we’re ranked reasonably high and moving forward. We get a great deal of feedback from ppl outside the industry commenting on the site, and its improvements each month. It’s far from anything like finished, and will undergo changes in the new year each month.

    We continue to work on constantly. No site is perfect, without exception. But we all strive to maintain it the ‘best we can’ given the tools and knowledge we all have. Just like this site here. Jordan works on it consistantly to improve it and probably dedicates many hours to it daily without remuneration (to the level it really should do rewarded).

    Our site gets NO INCOME at present, and as you may well know, simply having a site on the net requires a great deal of dedication, personal time and commitment, not to mention personal $$ investment before it even looks like getting any return. I am personally on a disability pension, and have been for well over 2 decades, which is definitely not a fun way to live a life. And I can tell you now, that $$ is NOT abundant on a pension of any kind. So if we do get $$ reward at some stage, we will look at ways to optimise that where possible.

    All sites make mistakes, again, without exception. The trick is to learn from them and continue moving forward. And in doing so, strike up alliances with other sites, bodies and individuals so that others may contribute i their own way.

    Can we not simply allow this to fall by the wayside and move forward – please.

  11. Dec. 29, 1:35am

    No information is better than mis-information…. save your face rather than post something you are not too sure about. When I started out my place, sometimes I might have seen something and posted it but later regretted it. Now I look at it, look up any source information, make sure my facts are intact so my post could hold water, and also look for a short bit of reactions before I post. I don’t mind losing out to another site, once my data comes across with accuracy and integrity. Hopefully you can take the time to check the facts. Don’t try to be a Kotaku or CVG, those guys are posting with money incentives in mind, not the fans.

  12. Dec. 29, 1:27am

    I suppose because My son and I have been waiting for the ‘real’ GT5 for so long, further delays do lead to frustration. So at times, ones emotions can and do run hot. Thanks for the clarification, it is most welcomed and appreciated. Your comments have been taken onboard, and I will attempt to temper my comments in the futre.

    To those who think I “should” know everything about GT5 if I’m a “racing fan” . . I’d like to ask, do you know everything about every racing game being produced . . ? . . . One follows games not to know every item about them, unless you are dedicated to that title, Such as sites like this.

    If you’re multiplatform, and your focus is based elsewhere, across multiple titles and genre’s, ones attention is not as focused on any one particular title, but many. So digging up every word said, written and known is simply not possible, nor needed to be a fan or a genre’. Simply enjoying the game for what it is – is THE most important thing. Well it is to me.

    I suppose I’m tired of developer studio heads given mis-information, making statements then contradicting them moments later, then only to go back to the original ones or scrub them all together months later. Not aimed at any one studio head btw, but it happens way too much these days from many studio heads.

    Thanks again for the reply, most appreciated . . . it’s why I placed your sites link at the very beginning of the Updates, so people could get the proper facts off-the-bat, rather than simply pulling the article and pretending that it was never there.

  13. Dec. 28, 11:36pm

    Hi Grant, thanks for stopping by! I know that you and many other writers were caught off guard by this, and that’s completely understandable. Unfortunately, you used the incorrect information to base your argument – the points of which seem to have been overlooked in the controversy surrounding the date of the interview. While I agree with your premise that waffling release dates are bad for any game series, I don’t think you put the ‘announcements’ in proper context or perspective.

    In fact, they aren’t announcements at all – just comments on when Yamauchi thinks the game will be completed. Last summer, he was clearly anticipating a 2010 release. This fall, while talking to Ahmed, he was obviously more optimistic about his team’s progress, but never mentioned anything specific. The other indication of an ’09 release didn’t come from Yamauchi at all, but from an SCEE executive. His words are probably a reflection of Sony’s internal expectations – interesting to know, but far from anything set in stone.

    You seem to have interpreted these news bits as deceptive or disrespectful to fans of the GT series. While we would all certainly love to look forward to a specific date, it is unreasonable to become upset when different release windows are predicted. It is also unreasonable and unrealistic to argue that ‘fans’ should dictate when a game is released. Indeed, this is where the tone of your article becomes quite bitter:

    [In response to a 2010 release:] I’m a racing fan, pure and simple, and this just smacks of pure ignorance and disregard for supporters of the title.

    Polyphony think they are the God’s gift to racing genre, bar none, and I seriously believe it will cost them dearly. However, I also see many blinded fans simply saying, “oh that’s all right, they know what they are doing, I’d rather wait, . . . they can do anything they want . . I’ll just sit on my hands for the next 2 years . . blah blahh blahh” If I was a full paying member of the Sony Fraternity, I’d be setting up pickets at Poloyphony’s studios front doors.

    If Gran Turismo fans were financing the development of the series via ‘membership dues’, I could understand the frustration, but that’s not how it works. We pay for a finished product, with the expectation that we are purchasing something that will provide entertainment. Aside from ‘wanting more’, fans have no other vested interest in the future of the series.

    Ultimately, if a title doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t purchase it. If you bypass a beautifully crafted, fun game because it simply ‘took to long to make’, however, you are only hurting yourself.

  14. Dec. 28, 3:03pm

    A little clarification on how this mess started. The article was first posted on
    (it is removed now, but the URL tells you what the article was) with the date in the article. it was was fairly new and linked back to the import tuner website which had no date as to when the interview was posted. The interview was then posted on game Grep going on the date that was provided from ps3center as new. The article was then posted on, which made its way to n4g and so on. So I think the main reason why this all started was that import tuner did not place a time date on their interview, thus confusing ps3center and causing a chain reaction. So no site is really to blame (unless you want to blame import tuner)

  15. Dec. 28, 10:48am

    Import Tuner wrote the same article in a published version of their magazine so they kinda do have the right to publish it (why they did it so late is a question in itself and really not my problem any more). Ok so I see you added the update (kinda confusing to read your site honestly). If you think I give a care about CVG,1UP, Kotaku, etc…well you are wrong…those guys are between bringing news and bringing in money, and they may take the risk without even researching their information. Just a while back, Kotaku was exposed for running stories without doing 1% research.

    If you are such an enthusiast of video game racing, you would have seen from the word go that this was an old interview (assuming you keep uptodate with your games) because almost everyone else did.

    Anyway, my rant is over now, With regards to fanboyism, it’s really not my problem because only the small minded fight over which console is better than the other. I blame N4Gers mostly for that kind of stupid behaviour. The folks at N4G need to reconsider their ranking system (as Jordan said as well).

  16. Dec. 28, 9:45am

    Brad, when a site makes a mistake, it’s usually the best to simply admit the mistake, supply an Update to qualify the new information, supply links and data to support that new news or further information . . . Not to simply remove the news article.

    I can not strike out the interviews comments, as he did make them. But links supplied do lead to newer comments and interviews, which are at the very top of the article, clearly visible for anyone dropping by the site to see at first glance.

    Do you find sites such as GameSpot, IGN, CVG, 1UP etc etc ‘removing’ news they may have gotten wrong . . no, not usually.

    What they do do is explain the situation, supply the correction and links . . . which we have done . . . . What you are asking us to do, and no other site, is remove the item, yet you haven’t approached Import Tuner to do likewise, or date the interview concerned, or the other sites that followed suit . . . No, just our site.

    What is wrong with me sticking up for what we posted . . . Especially if we have clearly stated that the information is incorrect, and supplied links and information explaining that. ??

    As I’ve said, yes, we made a mistake, and we have corrected it . . .

  17. Dec. 28, 9:37am

    Yes, we did make a mistake, and I have posted items on the site to qualify the mistake, along with a link to this site right here, which explains the mistake clearly . . . What more can I do, and I don’t see “removing” the item an option . . as it has been rectifyed, That is of course if ppl bother to read the Updates at the beginning of the article.

    Have the other sites done this, or copping that same amount of flack as we are, no . . .

    Did Import Tuner cop the same amount of flack for initially placing up old news and info and passing it off as new news . . no . . Just us.

    We simply quoted them . . . and yes, I did make comments about the Developers, but also against any developer who would do the same.

    Yes, we did make a mistake, yes we did post an update to state that and post links to verify the information

    Yes we did post the names of those who gave us the information that clarified the wrong date . . .

    So what else is needed.

  18. Dec. 28, 9:20am

    Listen Grant, I don’t care about which console is better than the other. I own both by chance and don’t really favour one or the other because each wins in a certain aspect.

    What is pissing me of is why you can’t explain your reasoning for keeping such a news item. The information is clearly old, so what are you making out of this? This is clearly not a PS3/Xbox 360 matter…explain that.

  19. Dec. 28, 8:55am
    Mike M

    It seems that you’ve made the mistake of posting an article without making the proper step of verifying the date of the interview . My suggestion is that instead of villifying other’s, you should admit that you’ve made a mistake.

  20. Dec. 28, 6:53am

    Oh, and by the way, I’d write about any developers who was moving release dates around and not being too clear about the supposed release periods, if they had already given a rough period earlier on . .It wasn’t scathing, it was objecting that ANY DEVELOPER, do read the whole article) should do such things, be it Gears, Halo, GT5, Ressident EVil 5 or Killzone 2 developers. (which was mentioned in the article).

    Plus, if you look, once news was brought to our attention, links and information were posted in Updates” along with those who bothered to send us links of earlier interviews or newer interviews.

    Clearly sorting out the issue re the release date. It seems the main issue here is, not the fact that the developer can’t remember what dates he says from one interview to another, and simply laughs off his OWN comments . . . but for the fact a Xbox site dare write something about THE MOST treasured title on the PS3 . . GT5.

    With readers skimming over the Updates” simply to read the original items, not reading the Comments and updated information, and seeing Xbox as the site. Therefore presuming it is out to get the GT5 title and dishonour the beloved GT5.

    Come on people . . are you gamers or children. The article clearly points out the developers own words, albeit in an earlier interview. Was it OXCGN (myself) that made these up . . no.

    Was it OXCGN that initially posted the interview up as New news on Game Grep for the rest of the world to see – without a date . . No, that was Import Tuner . .

    But, it seems, that dare an Xbox site even utter the words GT5 on its site, let alone the developers name, then IT is the one to blame.

    Again, please – do grow up . . are you gamers . . or children.

    If Cliff Bleszenski made a quote about the release of Gears that it would be out at XX/XX/XXX, then made a contradicting statement later one, I’d be ob it like a ton of hot bricks. I’m always critical of Mark Reins comments from Epic, as he’s always making one statement, then stating he never even said what he said – confusing – isn’t it.

    It matters not who said it, but the fact it was stated in the first place.

    Jordan, as a site editor, and what looks like a bloody good one, surely you can see that this is not what many are making it out to be . . . ?

  21. Dec. 28, 5:50am

    GTPlanet, thanks for clearing up the matter re this GT5 item.

    It’s nice to know where and how it came about. ANd it’s clear that a certain site made an error in not applying a date to their article when posting it on Game Grep, which it appear 1.5 hours prior to us dropping it on as a tip at

    To Brad . . Why is it that it seems to be WRONG for a racing fan (as explained in the article btw), who happens to run an Xbox site, to post news (albeit somewhat late due to no fault of their own) be branded a fanboi of wrong for doing so – or be told they should not be posting news about a PS3 title, let alone a Sony 1st Party titles. Especially if that person happens to play GT themselves with their son, who also is a racing fan . . . owns a PS2 and a PS3, plus a Xbox 360 and 1st gen Xbox!

    Am I missing something somewhere.

    Are we not ‘all’ supposed to be “Gamers” . . . ie: people who enjoy “gaming” as a hobby and past time, who simply do not really care WHICH platform it may appear on, but, for whatever reasons, chose to support a platform that they have ready access to, and can afford.?

    It seems that its a gaming crime these days to like or enjoy more than one platform. Because if you do, then you are branded a “non-gamer”, that you are not a “hardcore gamer” and that you are in fact a fanboi, as odd as that sounds.

    If you (and other So called Sony supporters) ‘read’ our article, it clearly states that we brought it to peoples attention, not because it was about Sony per-se’ . . . but because a developer happened to be reportedly pushing back a game both the author and his son and several members of the site were/are looking forward to . . .

    Ooooppps . . . that’s right, we’re not ALLOWED to enjoy anything on the PS3 . . . because we own, run and write for a Xbox platform site. Good god . . that’s just rediculious . . .

    Words of advice, wake up and grow up please. If – you bother to check through our site, you’ll also notice we review both PS3, PC and even Apple’ games (mobile). Not because we ‘hate’ them, but because dare we say, we ‘enjoy’ them because they are games – pure and simple.

    Why has it gotten to a stage in gaming that it’s now wrong to even enjoy more than one platform. What have we become as gamers when a site simply is branded wrong for posting info on another platform, and, in doing so, certainly NOT pulling the said platform down, or degrading that platform or its machine.

    You’ll find none of that in that article, or any other article on the site related to other platforms. Why . . . ?

    Because I, as owner and Editor In Chief will NOT stand for fanboism on the site, and will not tolerate it from any writer on the site – it’s one of the prerequisites of writers on the site – no fanboism – period.

    One does NOT build credibility by doing such things. We (Oxcgn (aka has many Sony supporters and readers. We’ve reviewed MGS4 (which btw we gave top marks – 9.8/10 – the highest mark we give games on the site. We’ve done a coverage of the Launch Night with IGN Black Beta for MGS4, Been to several other Sony events, and will be doing more reviews on games for the PS3. Why.

    Because we love ‘gaming’ . . . . and we will continue to do so, even if some individuals call us fabois or state we are running the Sony brand down. Which is basically rubbish. It’s little wonder other members of the gaming fraternity often state that Sony Fanbois are the most irrational gamers out there. Sure, all other platforms have their fanbois, none are immune of this disease. But sadly, it’s the Playstation fanbois that ‘seem’ to rule the roost as it were when it comes to scathing comments and the like, simply because some other platform dare publish and item that includes news about their beloved platform.

    Fanbois (from all platforms) do you platform a favour, stop being so one-eyed, blinkered and biased, and see that there are true gamers out there that really don’t give a flying you-know-what as to what platform the game/s happens to be on.

    If and when I can afford it, I’ll be grabbing a PS3, not only for for GT5 and especially Heavy Rain, but several other great games coming to the PS3. Which I am personally following with great anticipation I might ad.

    I hate Gears Of War 1 and 2 . . . I don’t ‘mind” the Halo series, but it’s certainly NOT the top of my most favourite game list. But they are Xbox 1st party games, and by definition, as a fanboi, I ‘should’ therefore love and adore said games – BS !

    My love is for racing, FPS, and adventures such as Heavy Rain, Mirror’s Edge etc. Sorry to disappoint Xbots as well for NOT liking the two top best sellers on the Xbox platform. But I’m an individual, not a sheep, nor are the writers on the site.

    Sorry for the rant GTPlanet, but I’m personally getting tired of all this Fanboi rubbish and BS-ing all over the place, and being ‘told’ I am not allowed to write or publish articles on subject I or the site find interesting to ‘gaming’ or that I’m even allowed to enjoy games on other platforms for that matter . . . .

    If this post is vetted before publication, please allow it through as a rebuttal to those who see our site, or any xbox site for publishing information on the beloved PS3.

  22. Dec. 28, 3:18am

    Jordan, you think that’s funny man, I actually confronted this guy on his own site and he’s still defending the point as to why Yamauchi contradicted himself. The letters OXCGN certainly now leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. I see this post is also on N4G, so that should clear up things once and for all. Thanks for the compliments btw, means alot ^_^

  23. Dec. 28, 2:59am

    @Brad: Yeah, I know – that’s a problem with N4G. When an article’s popularity is based on traffic instead of explicit votes, you can get something bogus on the front page. Of course, if ‘gamers’ would grow up and get over fighting on the internet about a particular console, the story wouldn’t have surfaced in the first place… I just read your latest post at AutoGaming, and I think we’re on the same page. (Great site, by the way! I’ve been there many times, thanks for dropping in.)

    @PJ: Over the years, I’ve become a little jaded by Gran Turismo release dates, and I don’t take any of them seriously regardless of the source. My gut tells me we’ll see some big updates to Prologue’s online functionality this spring, leading up to a fall ’09 GT5 release in Japan/Europe. I would be very surprised if it hit the U.S. before 2010. Once again, this is all pure speculation on my part.

  24. Dec. 28, 1:01am

    BTW Jordan you’re the owner of the world’s largest Gran Turismo website and we havent heard any wise words from you about this GT5 release date stuff. What’s your opinion on the GT5 comfusion?

  25. Dec. 28, 12:58am

    Lets just call the release date “whenever in 2009”. Great to see that PD is working hard to get it out asap and razor sharp perfect. It should be here by 2009 but 2010 is just too long of a way to go. But from all this waiting we will know that GT5 will break records in sales and people will be lining up in all the Game Stops and it will be sold out for months in a few hours. Keep it up PD!

  26. Dec. 27, 11:53pm

    And why is an Xbox site defending a PS3 story…just hilarious…maybe he should just stick to his own realm and save himself the trouble..

  27. Dec. 27, 11:47pm

    The Import Tuner article is very old apparently. A print version was out a very long time ago (before the recent interview with Ahmed Al Azmi). It’s been confirmed by almost everyone that the information is outdated. How the OXCGN slipped by to the N4G home page still puzzles me.

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