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Yamauchi with LightsGTPlanet monitors news about Gran Turismo on a daily basis.  It’s interesting to watch how a story ‘evolves’ across the web, but when a ‘bad’ piece of news makes the rounds, misinformation can spread far and wide.  That’s exactly what happened with an old  Kazunori Yamauchi interview by Import Tuner.  The interview was significant because Yamauchi mentioned a 2010 release date for Gran Turismo 5.  It’s not too exciting, though, because that’s what he was saying 5 months ago.  GTPlanet has been referenced in many comments by folks who are trying to correct the journalists and bloggers jumping on the ‘news’, so let’s take a look at how everything went down:

September 10, 2008:  The November ’08 issue of Import Tuner magazine hits news stands, featuring an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi.  Some time later, the article is posted to their website without a date.  To really understand the interview in context, however, we need to know when it was conducted.  This isn’t known, but we can estimate a general date based upon some of Yamauchi’s answers.  For example, in these questions about the Gran Turismo TV service, he describes the programs and pay-per-view functionality in future tense:

That’s important, because it wasn’t added to the game until August 1, 2008.  This makes it obvious the interview took place before that date, probably during July (when Yamauchi was giving 2010 to everyone).

October 29, 2008:  In an interview with GTPlanet member Ahmed Al Azmi, Yamauchi-san laughed off the 2010 release date, and said Gran Turismo 5 will  be coming “much sooner than expected”.

November 30, 2008:  GTPlanet discovered a statement by an SCEE executive in a Spanish financial magazine, indicating a Christmas 2009 release.

December 24, 2008:  The Import Tuner interview is brought from the dead after getting posted to social news site GamingGrep, without any mention of the article’s actual age.

December 25, 2008:  An OXCGN editor writes a scathing critique of Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital‘s development cycle, based on comments from the interview.

December 26, 2008:  The OXCGN article spreads quickly after being submitted to N4G with a sensational headline.  The news is immediately picked up by forum users at EvilAvatar, editors at,, Kotaku Australia, and dozens of other blogs and message boards.

Everywhere the news has been posted, it has sparked quite a bit of discussion.  GT news junkies (GTPlanet readers, I’m sure!) were quick to point out the age of the comments, but unfortunately this will continue to needlessly confuse and disgruntle casual fans of the series.  So, if you see someone else touting this as ‘breaking news’, point them here and set the record straight.

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