More GT5 Details: High/Low Beams, Dynamic Crowds, No BBQ Smell

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EuroGamer was first to share new details that emerged from the private GT5 presentation Yamauchi hosted at E3 on Wednesday, and now we’ve got even more information from MotorTrend, Kotaku, IGN, and GameSpot. Now, in addition to the new details I’ve already covered, here’s what we know:

  • Polyphony Digital is working on reducing load times and is still tweaking graphics ahead of the November release date.
  • The game has nearly filled all of the space available on Blu-Ray disc.
  • You’ll have the option to synchronize the game’s time of day with the track’s current local time.
  • The crowds will be dynamic, so there will be more tents, cars, and motorhomes at longer races.
  • Yamauchi admits his team may have “actually gone too far in modeling some of this detail” and suggested it might be “more suited to the next generation of PlayStation.”
  • Both high and low-beam headlights will be included, so you can flash slower cars as you’re about to pass them (how awesome will this be during the 24 hour races!?!). All lights will illuminate dirt, smoke, or other debris in the air.
  • NASCAR insisted that all of their series’ cars be playable on all circuits in the game.
  • It was previously mentioned that only 9 NASCAR cars will be included, but this was incorrect. There are simply 9 cars in the E3 2010 demo, but “many more” are coming.
  • With the exception of profanity, all of the Nurburgring’s graffiti has been re-created, just as it is in real life. According to Kotaku, they will attempt to keep the graffiti up-to-date before the game is shipped.
  • Players will be able to maintain an online profile to share and watch friend’s progress and statistics.
  • All cars (including standard models) will accumulate dirt and will have functional horns.
  • All cars will have functioning reverse lights.
  • More information will be revealed at Gamescom in Germany on August 18-22.
  • More Formula 1 teams will bring their cars to the game, in addition to Ferrari.
  • “While racing the 24 hours of Nurburgring, you can smell people’s barbecues — we couldn’t recreate that.” — Kazunori Yamauchi

Unfortunately, despite all of these details, there is still much confusion regarding the status of interior views on the 800+ “standard” car models in the game. Kotaku provides the most optimistic description:

The developers have created fully modeled interiors for the Premium cars, as well as doing detailed modeling for the car’s undercarriage and even the exhaust pipes! The Standard cars apparently won’t have the exact interior modeling. For example, an Enzo’s interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang’s will look like exactly like Mustang’s.

Take that for what you will – hopefully Yamauchi will be able to clear this up during his live Twitter interview with @Honda tomorrow (12:00 PM, Pacific time, Thursday June 17th).

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