More GT5 Details: High/Low Beams, Dynamic Crowds, No BBQ Smell

EuroGamer was first to share new details that emerged from the private GT5 presentation Yamauchi hosted at E3 on Wednesday, and now we’ve got even more information from MotorTrend, Kotaku, IGN, and GameSpot. Now, in addition to the new details I’ve already covered, here’s what we know:

  • Polyphony Digital is working on reducing load times and is still tweaking graphics ahead of the November release date.
  • The game has nearly filled all of the space available on Blu-Ray disc.
  • You’ll have the option to synchronize the game’s time of day with the track’s current local time.
  • The crowds will be dynamic, so there will be more tents, cars, and motorhomes at longer races.
  • Yamauchi admits his team may have “actually gone too far in modeling some of this detail” and suggested it might be “more suited to the next generation of PlayStation.”
  • Both high and low-beam headlights will be included, so you can flash slower cars as you’re about to pass them (how awesome will this be during the 24 hour races!?!). All lights will illuminate dirt, smoke, or other debris in the air.
  • NASCAR insisted that all of their series’ cars be playable on all circuits in the game.
  • It was previously mentioned that only 9 NASCAR cars will be included, but this was incorrect. There are simply 9 cars in the E3 2010 demo, but “many more” are coming.
  • With the exception of profanity, all of the Nurburgring’s graffiti has been re-created, just as it is in real life. According to Kotaku, they will attempt to keep the graffiti up-to-date before the game is shipped.
  • Players will be able to maintain an online profile to share and watch friend’s progress and statistics.
  • All cars (including standard models) will accumulate dirt and will have functional horns.
  • All cars will have functioning reverse lights.
  • More information will be revealed at Gamescom in Germany on August 18-22.
  • More Formula 1 teams will bring their cars to the game, in addition to Ferrari.
  • “While racing the 24 hours of Nurburgring, you can smell people’s barbecues — we couldn’t recreate that.” — Kazunori Yamauchi

Unfortunately, despite all of these details, there is still much confusion regarding the status of interior views on the 800+ “standard” car models in the game. Kotaku provides the most optimistic description:

The developers have created fully modeled interiors for the Premium cars, as well as doing detailed modeling for the car’s undercarriage and even the exhaust pipes! The Standard cars apparently won’t have the exact interior modeling. For example, an Enzo’s interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang’s will look like exactly like Mustang’s.

Take that for what you will – hopefully Yamauchi will be able to clear this up during his live Twitter interview with @Honda tomorrow (12:00 PM, Pacific time, Thursday June 17th).

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  1. who knows

    is it confirmed how long will it take to change from day to night? Is it a specific time, or is it varied on the amount of laps you are doing? for example, will it take 5 mins to get to night, or 5 laps to get to night? .. or neither ..

  2. BWX

    maybe with all the detail of the cars/tracks/physics, etc.., the PS3 couldn’t do all that and weather too.

    1. Bernd

      I bet it was all due to limitations on ONE disc. They could have easily taken a second one, but how much $$$$$ would that be for us gamers in the end ??

  3. Wolgibkay07

    WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER ! Where are the weather changes. I know that night, day clycle is really good and stuff, but you can’t forget about weather effects. C’mon 7 years in development and NO WEATHER EFFECTS ?
    P.S. I understand that nobody told anything about it yet, but by the tone of kaz and the guy from the gamespot interview we can clearly see that the weather effects are unfortunately not comming. BIG BIG dissapointment P.D :-(
    Sorry for the grammar.

  4. samuelesm

    I was wondering what that middle button on the GT Steering wheel was for and now I know it is for a horn Kaz is right the GT steering wheelis made more for GT5 (full)

  5. rydeen

    GT5 is truly not just a realistic racing game, its a japanese RPG. (I FREAKIN LOVE GT AND I CANT WAIT):D

  6. Ddag

    I’ve gotta be honest, I’m disappointed about the lack of BBQ smell… I was looking forward to that most :(
    I hope they delay it a few months to add it in… ;P

  7. terminator363

    Ok lets see, so I use these controls on my dualshock 3 (i know, I know) L2=brake, R2=GAS, L1=SHIFT DOWN, R1=SHIFT UP, X=GAS, O=e-BRAKE, SQUARE=BRAKE, TRIANGLE=REVERSE, RIGHT JOYSTICK=COCKPIT CAM, LEFT=STEERING, RIGHT ARROW=STEERING,LEFT ARROW=STEERING,DOWN ARROW=LOOKBACK, UP ARROW=CHANGE VIEW. So my only choices are?? L3 R3!? and select button!!! I guess I will make horn SELECT and lights low R3 and light high L3! (I’ve got no choice :D)

  8. George

    Any of you being able to find any, but any, GT5 E3 video that showcases the car damage? It will be interesting to see it?

  9. ravellron

    where you find this feature?????
    You’ll have the option to synchronize the game’s time of day with the track’s current local time.

  10. GT_Prologue5

    WOW. This will be massive. Maybe they can use the full disc space and make more premium spec cars, right?

  11. Jhonatas Brasil

    “chifres” here in Brazil is that the ox is in the head, I do not understand much what would that be?

  12. Bernd

    I’m so hoping for more 70s classics like the Reynold’s Trans Am BANDIT, the Ford Capri (European Version, cuz US-Version is fugly), 79 Camaro. That new Maserati also gives me hope, we’ll see some of the older ones too, like the Ghibli.

  13. matt

    Jordan plz we need something god all we have a a peace of crap nascar09 so can sony place a nascar demo for us im begging it just has to have 1 track and 1 car idc lol anything

  14. matt

    Dude nascar we need a demo on the ps store to let us nascar fans have a little fun we have nothing so please

  15. Z06onGT5

    Alright two things….there’s profanity written on the nurburgring??? Didn’t any of the track officials catch that? And i love how u nascar said u can race their cars anywhere jus imagine the setup…circuit de la Sarthe old layout right on beginning of the front straight Corvette Z06 vs Jeff Gordon 2player street race…hell yeah now then we can finally put to rest if pace cars can outrun those old 1960’s technology 4speed manual stock car boats!!! Lol

  16. Rider797

    What about the time of day and temperature affecting the cars? For example, if I am doing one of the long Nascar races and during the transition from day to night will I have to come into the pits for handling adjustments?

  17. F_ALO

    If more F1 cars are available in GT5, and given their superior game physics, I’d say Codemaster’s upcoming F1 title is in serious trouble~

    Well Codemaster’s only advantage could be the F1 season gamemode, as well as some F1 calender tracks which might not appear on GT5

    1. Sam__NY

      No, only dynamic day/night cycles. But I bet we’ll soon have confirmation of dynamic weather coming at Gamescon 10 in August.

  18. JPGallardo

    I hope they update the records from topgear show then on the game, really want to croud like GT4 in grand canyon, i hope they optimise the shadows inside the cockpit.

  19. BLADErunner80

    We have to get GTP graffiti on the ring, We have to make that happen somehow.

    Even if it takes cold hard cash im sure many would donate a little to the fund.

    The ring is covered in graffiti and it gets there somehow, anyone got a german cousin?

  20. Marcus

    Jordan. Can your man on the ground get to anyone who can finally tell us what is happening concernig cockpits. Also any word on the remaining cars. Assuming the 800 cars from gt psp is in it then only 200 remain. Can’t wait. Only problem i have is my psp won’t connect with my ps3 properly and i have spent since christmas repeatedly buying expenive cars ( 3 enzos, 2 gtrs,2 zr1 s etc) to sell some of the extras to get good cars immediatley.

  21. seckander

    both high and low-beam headlights will be included, so you can flash slower cars as you’re about to pass them. all lights will illuminate dirt, smoke, or other debris in the air”
    all cars (including standard models) will accumulate dirt and will have functional horns all cars will have functioning reverse lights”

    this alone have me buying the game, stuff that was missing from previous gran turismos and are now man im loving this game!

  22. Seamus

    Looks like PD have set the bait and everyone is biting! The next 5 months are going to be agonising! I have already taken to day dreaming about what GT5 will be like…

    I can live without interior modelling on premium cars – 200 cars is still a lot and you know the detail will be absolutely stunning on the premiums it will not even matter about the 800 others!

    I am just really hoping for 16 car grids, and multiclass racing with GT and LMP cars such as the Radicals, Ginettas, DBR9s, F430GTs etc

  23. Blinkwing

    I’m living right next to the Nürburgring and I tell you … It’s damn hard to get on the track, especially now when the GT season started.
    But Jordan, u got someone to have a nice room at when u wanna visit the Nordschleife :D
    Happy racing!

  24. Geo_212

    This post completely made my day… Reverse lights, low/high beams, up-to-date graffiti, local time of day, horns, Formula One, HORNS! (did I say “horns” twice? Well of course I did!) Though it is too bad we don’t get to smell the barbecues. Haha

  25. Gamer GT5

    Wow excellent information. Never thought GT5 will have that much features. Never in gaming history I’ve seen many features like this!

    1. Geo_212

      Yeah, I’m hoping that too… Forza’s engine sounds are incredible, and IMO, it adds to the realistic driving experience. (I’m not saying Forza 3 is realistic, I’m talking in general)

  26. Kilborn230

    Great news, sounds like standard models will have standard cockpits across their specified car models.. whew.
    I want BBQ smell!

  27. pranl

    “You’ll have the option to synchronize the game’s time of day with the track’s current local time.”

    oh yea!

  28. Invictus321

    This is amazing, Highbeams, reverse lights, time synchronization, F1 cars. and they haven’t even revealed everything yet..

    My faith in gt5 has been restored. They will probably reveal so much more at Gamescom

  29. KilzoneStrife

    …well,if only Minimax can help clear this up.every car in his demo seems to have incar view,does every single one say ‘premium’ in the car selection screen?

  30. LeStique

    I am so desperate for clear statements about those interior rumors…
    I fear that after all we’ve seen, we’ll be disappointed with the final product, because we were expecting too much after all those implemented tiny details…
    Hopefully they are not missing the big things like weather or interiors or ai or physics or…


      dont be desperate or disappointed because they didnt had time fix up every thing look at the positive side the game changed 180 degree ,,, now with psn they can update everyting i believe they will update it soon

    2. LeStique

      Maybe you are right, but still…I can’t help thinking that they wasted time with things like the toyota-3d-telemetry-drive-import-thing, 3d support, dynamic crowds, and so on. Time they could have spend on much more essential stuff.
      Don’t get me wrong. I’m still so hyped for this game and I wish it could be bought tomorrow and it’s a definite buy for me, but still I am a little afraid to be satisfied too early…

  31. Bolg

    This business about the interior views really does worry me, I would hate to keep switching between interior & front bumper as for me it takes time to adjust and anything other than interior view just sucks however great news that the cars will accumulate dirt and have working horns.

  32. GMW

    This is looking to the ultimate car fan/nut game!I wonder if we can get a demo to tide us till November 2nd??

  33. iCyCo

    Are the NASCAR tracks going to be lit at night?
    Is there going to be a restriction on racing NASCAR/F1 at night on tracks that aren’t lit?

    1. Wiretap

      There would have to be some sort of restriction in place I’d say! Unless they flood light the tracks for these cars at night.

      Or, you just floor it in the dark and hope you make it round! haha

  34. Honda-Crz

    Am I able to see the interior in my Honda civic ballade sports?
    I am still confused. If we get a better standard interior than Flopza’s I will be a happy bunny.

  35. Stradivis

    Just one thing: haven’t heard anything about AI… Please let it be improved. At least to the point it’s aware of your presence in the track.

  36. rgt5uk

    “More Formula 1 teams will bring their cars to the game, in addition to Ferrari” this will be great!! cant wait hope we get all cars from when sony had the f1 licence

  37. Joel

    I don’t think I’m ever going to leave the house between now and November just in case I die. I cannot wait!! I really hope Bathurst is in there also a mountain to track stage from japan or something. Talking of photo mode ‘going into 3rd person mode means controlling a character, no?if so you should ne able to walk the tracks as well.

  38. 280z06

    Just reading these comments makes me feel weird. I know everyone wants what they want, and will be a bit disappointed if they don’t get it…ie skidmarks, AI, cockpit views, etc. Or making fun of things like the dynamic crowds, reverse lights and horns. But can you see what we are getting? We are getting WRC, JGTC(if thats what it is called anymore), NASCAR, FORMULA 1(maybe), D1GP cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars, concept cars, everyday cars, slow cars, fast cars, basically we are getting A LOT! With beautifully rendered tracks. I am awe inspired by the sheer magnitude of this game. Its not even a game anymore, its something more. We are gettin all of this..for 60 bucks? Compare that to NFS series who pumps out a game per year..same price. This is Kaz’s dream not a profit pumping machine. So anyways yay!

    1. Bernd

      Yeah, I hope, we get a vintage-car race 1920s and 1930s only, around the Colloseum or something. PS2 couldn’t handle that, but PS3 can, maybe with less than 16 cars

  39. KilzoneStrife

    GT5 is going to rock and keep us busy for years! ..its just the cockpit/interior part thats keeping me on edge..

  40. speedracer

    Any idea of the other formula one cars besides Ferrari and red bull? It would be good if they had enough teams so that they could have F1 only events. Bring on McLaren!!!

  41. lado

    unbelievebably :D craazy it´s amazing. However first time we see reverse lights or flash other opponents! Woooow !
    And i´m on the Gamescom in Germany in August ! Yeahh can´t wait to play the game then. I´ll bring some new information ;)

  42. RNVB-85

    NO BBQ SMELL!!!?????!!!! This is an outrage, I refuse to buy this game until I can smell a cumberland sausage being grilled whilst flying down the main straight

    1. JimInPT

      DLC, man, DLC. You’ll be buying ’em online, one at a time. A whole new revenue stream for Sony.


    i feel bad about the game because there too much datails

    i hope nothing goes wrong with those features

  44. TokyoDrift

    I gotta’ admit, there is some really neat stuff being confirmed here. Simple things like setting the time of day according to what it is at the track you are racing on…tiny details, but they all add up. Nothing on weather yet though?

  45. Bernd

    Haha, Kaz was right. In the Breitscheid-region of the Nürburgring smoke from all the barbecue, schnitzel and bratwurst is often as dense as thick fog, some drivers said

    1. Bernd

      More Wiener Schnitzel than Weiner Schnitzel, and Spare-Ribs, Steaks and Chicken. Those 250.000 round the track need tons of them (and 250.000gals of beer, I bet)

    1. Jordan

      Oh, I’m extremely excited – after following the series for so long, some of this stuff seems almost too good to be true!

  46. James

    Woo Hoo more F1 teams, Red Bull Racing must be in there, according to the footage we saw in the new E3 trailer. Personally, not fussed on the interior and damage confusion, as long as the AI is relatively smart and the Physics are still pro im Wrapped =]

  47. hellseek

    Sounds really exciting…alot of the stuff (reverse lights) ppl been bitching bout is said to be in.

    Thanks for the great news Jordan.

  48. HoffY

    OMG… More F1 manufacturers. That is awesome. I seen RBR and McLaren in another video so that practically confirms they are both in!! OMG YESSS.

    NOw i only need to wait and see my other two wishes come true. More real life tracks (including at least ONE Australian one…) and Some *really deep rich* statistics for both car’s, tracks, and drivers.

    1. Craig

      Put Bathurst in there and the game would be perfection. I’d love an Aussie track in the game, any track, and some Aussie muscle cars. Maybe GT6, fingers crossed.

  49. interludes

    If you’re desperate for that BBQ smell after it’s been left out, I recommend putting a little bit of steak sauce in your PS3 with your copy of GT5 …

  50. RPR101

    no way reverse lights!! my dream come true lol =) im just joking but in a way thats cool because i know a lot of people complained about that in the previous GT games which to me i really could care less. however this is great news on behalf of the headlights/highbeams and i suspected that there was going to be more than just the 9 cars showed in the demo because the nascar video before and other screenshots show a greater number and variety of nascars. so it is good to get conformation on my theory. horns kinda made me laugh but it will be a good and probably fun feature to have. 1….2…beeeep!!…go!!! haha. also the fact that its almost filling up the entire blue ray disk sends shivers up my spine knowing its going to be packed full of car goodies =). also more F1 cars would be great for some great online racing =) and last but not least only one disappointment…. no smell of bbq in the nurb =( (sarcasm) lol this is going to be all i wished for and more =) thank you PD and thank you Jordan for sharing this info with us..good night.


    dynamic crowd soo when i do donut ir burnout they will ‘panic’ or scream or somthing

    actully goods news are revealed i hope there are more

  52. Luke

    Now i even have to wash my car in a game in addition to my real car.

    btw. i`m pretty sure customization/tuning is a pretty big part of the game. GT was always about buying and tuning your cars, buying a Dodge RAM full of turbos and stuffing it in every car in your garage ^^ So there is no way PD skipped that part.

    I just hope they do it right and not like Forza did it. Why can I tune my camshaft, which makes the engine rev higher, without ever getting a new rev meter ?

    1. 280z06

      Im sure they meant exterior customization. There is no reason NOT to include engine, suspension, transmission, ect. The tuning i think is what made this game. The range and effects it has on the car were noticeable and that is what tugged in me and all my friends into this game. More customization the better, I think forza did well on that facet. On that note, time to bust out GT1 and see if i can tame my 9xxhp R33 again haha! Racing SS tires never wear(unless enduro)! I Cannot wait!

  53. Philmangt

    lol i haven’t done the math but does the PlayStation controller have enough buttons to accommodate all these new features? come on low beams, high beams, horns lol. there are only so many buttons on my driving force pro =P

    1. Philmangt

      also dynamic crowds??!! i would think if they went that far they would at least do dynamic weather. only time will tell. but im definitely excited and very much pleased with whats been revealed thus far :)

    2. Flunkus

      I have a Logitech G25, to accommodate all these new features I might have to upgrade to the G27!!

      On that note, I hope they have better clutch support, riding it and so forth. GT5P was pretty dodgy, although I was glad it was supported at all!

    3. Flunkus


      If they went to the trouble to provide us with high beam and low beam lights, you’d think they’d want to include a great deal of night time stages, possibly all of them, which hopefully means dynamic transitions.

      As the info said, it’s possible to calibrate it so it’s the same time of day at the real track. It’s not daytime at Suzaka all the time!

    4. andrewz

      I get your joke and it’s actually pretty funny :-), but if you take it seriously, you can substitute the lack of buttons by its combination. Or you can use some kind of select menu like we saw in Crysis when you wanted to use some of the superhero skills – all within the game without need to interrupt the gameplay. G27 is definitely not necessary. :-)

    5. JimInPT


      See, it’s simple! Of course, that particular command just pops open the glovebox. You have to add L3 to beep the horn. ;-)

  54. Organ-Donor

    Everytime I hear more new features I start pacing around getting filled with energy. This is gonna be a long 5 months.

  55. Awesome_Aleks

    If you look closely on the new E3 trailers retrospective video, one of the “It Only Does” at the end of the video states “It Only Does Customization”

    Hopefully this is more then just performance modifications.

    Also, I’m hoping that there will be interior modelling on every car, it’d be a crying shame if there wasn’t

  56. Alex

    Is there any sort of information regarding the soundtrack? I’m particularly fond of the PS1 generations of GT, and if I do remember, the soundtrack of the American version was completely different from the Japanese one (which I prefer, jazzier, funkier and classier to drive around!).

    Also, I really do hope that they keep Moon Over The Castle as the opening theme in all versions – that song is just amazingly beautiful!

    1. JimInPT

      If they’re really running tight for disc space, they can ditch the crappy soundtracks completely as far as I’m concerned. When I install GT, the very first thing I do is go to Options and turn off all the music.

      Cars make their own music, and listening to it is not only part of the experience but necessary to improve performance.

  57. Organ-Donor

    @ •You’ll have the option to synchronize the game’s time of day with the track’s current local time.

    Wow that is truely amazing. GT5 has set the bar, and then surpassed their own benchmark. Unreal. Big round of applause for the PD team.

    1. kerrak

      While we’re at it. Why not synchronize real-time weather in this part of the world? Icons in GT5p point to this idea.
      Dynamic weather + day/night cycles would be epic.

    2. sjwk

      While it is a nice touch, it’s not a new one – Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast also used current local time for each track to control day/night, except that was the default and you had to fiddle about to override it. The problem there was that if you usually played at the same time (after work), the same tracks would always be at night etc.
      The amount of detail that has gone into GT5 though is just incredible. Slightly concerned about the loading times with that much content!

  58. daus26

    I don’t know about you guys, but some of those features are just insane for the level of detail this game is. Even without the damage, GT5 has already exceed my expectation for the MOST part. We should be very thankful on our part.

  59. GTracerRens

    Woow! I didn’t expect Formula One in there too! This is gonna be the greatest game I’ve ever played! :D

    1. Marcus

      I did remember red bull at the end of the trailer. Wonder which model. It can’t be rb5 or 6 due to rules by the fia

    1. Jordan

      We don’t really have any details on that yet – they probably want to leave stuff to announce at Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show.

    2. Quency

      @Jordan: The point is that they want to show the full game at GamesCom … So what are they gona show at TGS ??? this is buging me !

    3. Quency

      I know… but still buging me coz I don’t see a famous japanese game producer like Kaz just skip the TGS like this by showing the full game somewhere else… hehe

  60. [The Stig]

    just one question OMG ONE DAMN QUESTION… it so hard :(
    I hope today we will actually get an answer about cockpit,
    I HOPE…

    1. Flunkus

      I’m just thinking here, but possibly the journalists are asked prior the interviews not to specifically ask about cockpits, either so they can reveal them at GC or TGS, or they don’t want us to know they aren’t included. Hopefully it isn’t the latter!

    2. [The Stig]

      hm,I think the problem is in translation,they/we just cant understand properly.
      journalists must ask them something like: ‘will there be Steering wheel/dashboard view like in prologue in all cars?’

  61. NBH

    Why don’t they update nurburgring graffiti online so whenever you play the track it is up to date. Flashing headlights is very cool, I wonder if the turning on/off of the headlights is automatic when it gets dark and what happens if you pick a car with no lights such as F1 cars or you crash head on and smash the headlights? The more details they add the more we need to see how it all works together.

    1. Erik

      Haha, yeah :) Or maybe the special edition will come with a grill and a piece of flesh that you can barbeque while you race.

  62. Gerath

    I really believe that cockpits will be in all cars – and word “interior” is used to cover engine “bay”, exhaust and suspension details (which can even not be recreated in stand. models).

    Those will be one of the longest 5 months in my life :D

  63. Bekim

    If Kaz is doing a live twitter interview at 12;00pm, is that the same time when IGN is meant to do their live video on GT5 also at 12:00pm. IGN has it as Thursday 12:00pm PDT.

    1. Flunkus

      That’s what I was thinking!

      That means Kaz won’t be at the IGN interview, which means some robot employee will be instead, and that means no new info. Contemplating whether it’s worth getting up at 5AM now to watch it.

  64. CeeJay

    “For example, an Enzo’s interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang’s will look like exactly like Mustang’s.”

    Wuh.. huh???

    o_O *is more confused than ever*

    Ahhh well, I’m done complaining and worrying about it. Just preordered the CE and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this game!!

    1. Philmangt

      im guessing it means that the Enzo’s interior is precise stitch for stitch in the leather (exaggerating a bit but you get the point) and the mustang will look almost exactly like one just in less detail

  65. Flunkus

    “For example, an Enzo’s interior will look like the real deal, but your typical Mustang’s will look like exactly like Mustang’s.”

    Wah wah whaat? This doesn’t make sense at all!

    I just can’t go back to non-cockpit views, I just can’t!!

    It’s like taking a huge step back, not to mention driving with my G25 loses all realism when there isn’t any cockpit!

    But I have faith in you, Kaz!

    1. Billy

      I believe what they are saying is that the premiums will have exactly detailed interiors one for one, but the standards will have generic interiors across manufacturers so all ford standard cars will have standard ford interior not necessarily the exact one for that model car. At least i hope cos that would be lame if you could only have cockpit view on premium cars.

    2. Tompie913

      Meh, I never use the cockpit view in Prologue unless I’m showing off to my friends anyway. It’s certainly a nice feature, but not necessary. For me, anyway.

    1. James

      If you do it, let us know the where abouts, and we can keep an eye out for it in the final release =D

    2. TokyoDrift

      Quite possibly one of the best things suggested around here in a long time! That would be AWESOME!

    3. Marcus

      I was thinking of doing my face somewhere. Excellent news i got a bit depressed earlier with the interior and now a glimer of hope shines through. Shame about the bbq but i am sure when the ps5 comes out and when smellovision arrives we will smell the pee in the car as we race le mans. Also good news about nascar. One thing i would like to know. Will established races like the indy 500 be included and will they have realistic prize money e.g. 150,000 for 13th place

    4. robert

      How bout finding some GTPlanet users in Germany and giving them the option to spray the GTP logo on there instead, be a lot easier but just as cool i think

    5. BLADErunner80

      Jordan set up a paypal account and we all chip in a few quid each, that should raise enough funds to bribe the night watchman

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