More GT5 Updates, Server Upgrades Coming December

Gran Turismo 5 98 November 26, 2010 by

First, the good news:  Yamauchi announced at yesterday’s press Q&A session that many updates and patches will be issued at the “first of December” (though it wasn’t entirely clear to me if that literally meant December 1st or early within the month). Polyphony Digital has also posted this notice on their website to reassure us that the game’s online services will continue to be optimized and upgraded to handle the additional load generated by players around the world.

Unfortunately, I have very little else to report from the Q&A session. Sony organizers, sadly, cut the session short, and other press members overloaded Yamauchi with questions that ranged from off-topic to incredibly stupid (“What’s your favorite car?”, “Why aren’t there any Norwegian tracks in the game?”, “Why should people buy GT5 over other racing games?”). I stayed up until 6:00AM the previous night after the launch party, compiling questions for the event, and was extremely disappointed that I was not able to get answers to these pressing issues. Sorry, guys…

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