New DiRT 3 Forum Now Open at GTPlanet

May 22nd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

In addition to the Gran Turismo series, I’ve greatly enjoyed Codemaster’s rally games over the years, and if the enthusiasm in our forums is any indication – I’m not alone! The latest game in the series, DiRT 3, will be officially released this Tuesday, May 24, and I’m happy to announce GTPlanet’s new dedicated DiRT 3 Forum is now open to everyone in our community who will be picking up the title (it will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and as a download via Steam for the PC). Enjoy!

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  1. Jun. 14, 5:32pm

    Waiting on Grid 2.

  2. Jun. 6, 5:54am

    Been playing Dirt for a week now and i cant get enough of the fast paced frantic rally action, and by that i mean the point to point rally stages which are epic even though a bit short. One major thing the game lacks though are enough tracks. Whats happened to the full on tarmac stages of italy and germany and the muddy forest tracks of the english/scottish countryside?? Gymkana and rally cross way overrated, dulls in comparison to the point to point rally stages…..Group B rally cars still the best ever for those of us who can remember the golden age of rallying…

  3. May. 29, 11:49am

    Has anyone played dirt 3 with g25 wheel yet?
    I cant seem to get any of the settings right and cars dont respond as good as they do in gt5

  4. May. 25, 6:33pm

    And to add, Dirt 3 is great fun, try it

  5. May. 25, 6:05pm
    Merriam Webster

    Hmmm I think you two need to head on over to instead of hijacking this thread to have your little spat about who can and can’t spell… whilst both featuring numerous faux pas in the aforementioned field‽

    • May. 27, 1:48am

      Never heard of that site. Is it yours?

    • May. 27, 1:55am

      I’m just asking, you seem to know it well.

  6. May. 25, 4:52pm

    Themselves* damn public skool edumication

    • May. 25, 6:30pm

      skool edumication


  7. May. 25, 4:51pm

    People who assume usually make asses of them selves. Now go have a cyber fight with someone else.

    • May. 25, 5:23pm

      “assume” Just like when you said “Im 30 I can be your dad kid”…

  8. May. 25, 2:03pm

    @Dillz Sorry but your the one acting like a kid here busting you butt on the floor like a little prick mad about my “bad opinion”

    on the contrary game its too easy, corners are too simple, you can take a corner without braking. maybe play other games beside Dirt or GT….

    Your education is crap why do i need to beat it? im just making fun at dumb person like you, i bet you smoke so you can look mature enough…lol

  9. May. 25, 11:25am

    @Dillz, You started insulting because your an uneducated lowlife who does not know how to discuss, you act like Dirt 3 is your mother or something, your pathetic then you say your 30 years old Haha and Ken block sucks compared to Real rally drivers like Sebastien loeb and Petter Solberg…

    People have opinion they may like and dislike a game, try to respect that and get over your self kiddo.

    • May. 25, 1:52pm

      Your opinion is not valid. Because your mind set on life is all wrong. You think by belittling my education makes you smarter? Whatever helps you sleep at night. I think you couldn’t pass the first track on dirt3 so you blame it on crap physics. I say you suck! Forget ages I guess were both men I know I am at leaste, but that’s beside the point. You judge a book by it’s cover, in this case a game… Says alot about your education. Please man, settle down and smoke a dooby life is too short. Its just a game. And you’re just a bad critic.

  10. May. 25, 4:39am

    @Dillz 30? haha from the way you talk it seems your not even 30 as you say or your too plain ignorant, acting like kid using childish words like hater and fanboy, don’t be butthurt over some opinion go cry to your mom big boy…

    Yea i have been called fanboy by people who don’t know how to discuss/comment and don’t accept opinion….

    • May. 25, 4:44am

      Btw you need to back to school and have a new education know how to discuss with people without insulting and getting all mad like a little prick.

    • May. 25, 5:10am

      And another thing im not a GT5 fanboy, my fav racing games are GTR2 and LFS i also like GT5…

      Dirt 3 has rubbish physics im not against arcade but at least make feel like a rally car on track and also it has Ken block on the cover one of the worst rally drivers… Go play CMR3 and RBR than we will talk…

    • May. 25, 8:47am

      Once again who are you? Next time I see you you race Ken block then talk. Till then you are a big time wannabe. If you got insulted its because you are weak. Now go find something else to hate on.

    • May. 25, 8:58am

      Are you English? You keep using the word rubbish. Or are you just a top gear d$@k puller?

    • May. 25, 9:17am

      What are you basing your physics on anyways? From game to game like the wannabe that you are, or from real to game. Regardless they are all games they will never ever ever ever compare to real life. Now stop and get a life.

  11. May. 24, 9:22pm

    @Dillz Fanboy of what? grow and stop accusing people with this childish word “fanboy” even on hard game still has rubbish car physics and control.

    Like i said its just the same as the old Dirt games, and im comparing it to the best rally game Codmasters made, Colin Mcrae Rally 3, and if you want good car physics with rally than go play Richard Burns Rally…

    • May. 24, 11:05pm

      Opinions are like a-holes everyone has one, and they all stink. Im 30 I can be your dad kid. Anyways who cares about you’re negative view who are you? Go hate on your self. Dirt is fun. Get over it. Mr. Professional Sim driver guy. Lol hater… Anyways stay shut already I’m having too much fun playing dirt 3. You can respond with more negativity but you’ll be talking to everyone else, I’m done with you.

    • May. 24, 11:10pm

      Oh and the fanboy thing. I get the impression you’ve been called that before. Why so bothered? Nvm see yah.

  12. May. 24, 3:10pm

    Just played it. It owns!!!

    • May. 24, 4:07pm

      Just played on my PC with G25, its not good, it blows, it feels just like the last 2 dirt games and its soooo arcady a lot of traction in corners… the only thing that i liked about this game is the game atmosphere great graphics but gameplay gets boring… back to GT5 and GTR2…

    • May. 24, 5:54pm

      I use a g25 as well… No one said its a sim. You probably didn’t tune your car properly hense your traction problem. Obviously the tuning is not as in depth as gt5 the sim. But it does make a difference. Also I put the difficulty on hard no assists. It just sounds like you’re a fanboy. I love all racing games. Gt5 is the best. But fell short in rally. If you want to race the same track over and over till gt6 more power to you. Lol gl

  13. May. 24, 12:36pm

    Great video. Wasn’t a fan of Dirt2 but I might have to pick this up eventually.

  14. May. 24, 9:52am

    The scenery is beautiful, which for me would be the selling point, however, I must say, having played GT5 for 6 months straight, the driving video demonstrated here makes this game look somewhat arcadey. The dirt car has more traction in the corners, than GT5 touring cars on Slicks.

  15. May. 24, 4:14am

    @GTracerRens yes its just like Dir 1 and 2 its americanized for it to sell in US, the only Good real rally game Codemasters made was Colin Mcrae Rally 3, Dirt series are rubbish compared to CMR3.

    And the Best rally games are still Richard Burns Rally and WRC series made by Evolution studios.

  16. May. 23, 4:06pm

    this or Shift 2??! Ill be trading that piece of rubbish TDU2 for either one…probably be shift 2 o_O

  17. May. 23, 3:59pm

    Gt5 failed in rally and NASCAR. Dirt 3 will satisfy my rally needs and some. CTF sounds fun!

    • May. 24, 3:17am

      Gt5 didn’t failed in rally, if you don’t know how to play rally in GT5 thats your problem…

    • Jun. 3, 1:01am

      Yes… GT5 doesn’t fails in rally… it was never there… sure, there a rally cars, but no rally events… -_- wait… there’s the fail! xD

  18. May. 23, 3:14pm

    arcade or not codemasters sure know how to deliver fun!!

    • May. 23, 4:43pm

      That’s why I like Codemasters. I can change the game setup as I want. I turn off the HUD and play on a kind of a hardcore mode with manual gearbox and full damage, but you can also setup an arcade racer, it’s for everyone! ;)

  19. May. 23, 11:03am

    People need to stop focusing on whether or not a game is “arcadey” or a sim and just focus on whether or not the game is fun. :S Seriously, I’m seeing a lot of spoiled brats about this stuff. Don’t write off DiRT just because it’s not a true sim. Just because it isnt a sim doesn’t automatically make it like NFS: Hot Pursuit. The driving experience is still there. You can still feel the road. The graphics are terrific. You’re not making a 90 degree turn at 400km/h, so why does it matter? The Colin McRae/DiRT series is a ton of fun in it’s own right. Sure it’s not a sim, and it doesn’t really try to be. If you won’t give a game a chance just because it’s not a true sim

    • May. 23, 11:04am

      (continued) then maybe you should just race a real car.

    • May. 23, 3:10pm

      (Continued #2) Once you get the feel of how a real car races you’ll think GT5 is an arcade game. Its a game, its about the experience and enjoyment not what it is or isnt.

    • May. 24, 12:31am

      Exactly, BlackIce. No matter what, you’re still sitting in front of a TV screen with a game console. So it’s all about the fun. One may be considered a sim, but when it comes down to it, they’re all games. And I can understand wanting the experience of driving, but no game is truly perfect at that anyway. So why overlook something because it’s not a perfect simulation experience? If that’s how someone feels, then they should just write off every game.

      DiRT is a hell of a fun game. It offers an excellent rally driving experience. I hate to see people not even want to try it because it’s not a true “sim”.

  20. May. 23, 9:51am

    DIRT 1 and 2 were arcade. I will refrain from touching the 3rd.

  21. May. 23, 2:44am

    This series has been nice. I hope we get another GRID game, too.

  22. May. 23, 2:21am

    first thing that pops into pigboys head after viewing the u-tube up top ^ is …its not a word tho mods…”arcadey”…please tell me its not.i see the u-tube video had three screens.apart from these little gripes its wonderfull,dirt is so hard to master.with the steering wheel i started throwing it around like you see the rally drivers doing it and i got about 20 seconds of good drivin (fia wrc game),but i cant get back there…waahhhhh

  23. May. 23, 2:16am

    can’t wait for the game to release!

    question about the player’s seat… was it moving around as he was playing?! what kind of play seat is that?!

  24. May. 23, 12:56am

    Good stuff Jordan. Since my ps3 YLOD during the psn outage, and I got a new ps3, and I am very disappointed to see that I will never get my own gt5 savegame back, I am looking forward to get dirty.

    I hope to see more rally stages and less truck racing though.

  25. May. 22, 10:28pm

    sh**! I didn’t know this was coming out this month and i spent all my moneeeyyysss on “L.A. Noire” :-(

  26. May. 22, 5:23pm

    I wanna play this game!! :D

  27. May. 22, 4:56pm

    What happened to the TDU2 section though

    • May. 22, 9:17pm

      It’s under the “Classics” catagory

  28. May. 22, 4:50pm

    Should I be ashamed that I had no idea that this was coming out?

    • May. 22, 4:57pm

      kinda. I didn’t know when the release date is/was.

      “Thanks Jordan. :)
      For anyone reading and sitting on the fence about buying it, I would 100% recommend it.
      Incredible game!”
      I’ll try it, knowing this though. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to read more about it. But I will.

  29. May. 22, 4:13pm
    Tonnie 073

    Just filled in a contest to win it, but else i’ll stick to gt5

  30. May. 22, 3:56pm

    MkII escort. Can’t wait.

  31. May. 22, 3:29pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Looks good, wonder if Thrustmaster T500RS wheel works with this game??…

    • May. 23, 5:27am

      I think it will. My Logitech wheel works perfect with this game, so I think that wheel will also function right.

  32. May. 22, 3:18pm
    With A EG6

    Dirt 2 failed for me , This needs to be good

    • May. 22, 6:12pm

      Looking at a lot of gameplay videos, i think its just like Dirt2, not buying….

    • May. 23, 5:26am

      No, it’s not DiRT 2. I have Dirt 1 and 2. I missed the “Rally” in DiRT 2 and it has returned in DiRT 3. I’ve already ordered this game. Rally in DiRT is much better than rally in GT5!

  33. May. 22, 2:53pm

    hey that looks great! on the 2nd one it didnt hit me the clutch was picking up as a 2nd brake pedal for a while -___-. engine sounds awesome

  34. May. 22, 2:53pm

    I think the 6R4 alone would want me to get this game :).

  35. May. 22, 2:51pm

    At long last! Thanks a million, Jordan.

  36. May. 22, 2:42pm

    Thanks Jordan. :)

    For anyone reading and sitting on the fence about buying it, I would 100% recommend it.
    Incredible game!

    • May. 24, 9:56am

      Hows the new menu system? I hated the old menu. Too much fast panning, irritating music, etc. someone called it “verbal teen diarrhea”. I’d prefer a monochrome dos menu system over that crap.

    • May. 24, 12:32pm

      Much simpler. But still looks flashy.
      I like it.

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