New Gran Turismo 5 NASCAR Video

MotorTrend has just published a new video today, which includes new NASCAR video footage – including interior view! It also documents Kazunori Yamauchi’s first-hand experience at the Texas Motor Speedway. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. jason

    does anyone else see that @ 3:00 it has same sponsors but different color paint schemes on the cars. j gordon, jr, a napa car (mtjr or mw), jj, smoke, and hamlin it looks like are the only cars in the game and the others are just different colors of those cars. hope thats just pre-production.

  2. kasse27

    cant wait for Gt5 check out GT TV ón the ps3 :O its so Nice i now play GT5P with my logitech dfgt<3 gt 5 wil blow all Racing games away then its out. and NASCAR is awesome i have watchet it ón tv. and agree first thing i do in GT i look at all that cars haha :D hope any one agree with me :)

  3. dragonitti

    Man, I had to blink a couple of times to realize when it was the real cars and when it was GT5. That looks very nice indeed.

  4. dave

    where is the game though? remember last year, people were thinking No way the game is coming out anytime soon, it’ll be like a year. Kaz had an interview saying it wasn’t the case and it would be out in 09. Here we are, no release date site because they want a “christmas release” or GTPSP just came out…because I want GTPSP…? I’m expecting huge disappointment….mainly in the form of fake tracks, they keep adding useless cars, graphics…yet if your tracklist sucks, why would I want to play the game? to stare at your graphics, terrible sense of speed and bad sound & damage?

  5. aelange

    i’m a huge road track fan of any type of motorsports. at first i was critical of nascar, but that was only because i didn’t really know anything about it. i didn’t really appreciate a stock car until i saw one at laguna seca during the motogp event in ’07, a sprint cup car with redbull livery, it looked so fast down those straights, and the noise! from then on i’ve truly learned to respect stock cars…. but thats not to say i watch any races… i’ve only watched maybe 2 or 3 full races, being as we get a lot of nascar coverage here and the nascar season starts a little earlier than most others so it’s a good refresher course in speed. and with all the coverage they have you notice the different character in each and every track, in each and every turn there is something different than any other… trioval, oval, short track, speedways, theres enough to keep you occupied for quite some time. (and if pd already have infineon in the game… could we see watkins glen too!?)
    and then there’s the online…. there’s just nothing like racing at 300kmh against 16 other people, three wide, side by side through the corners and the roar of all those engines accelerating out of the turns, it’ll convert you…

  6. FishforRent

    @toll~ No offense intended, however – v8 supercars need about 800 more pounds of weight and be driven about twice as fast to be compared to Nascar. Why do you think Ambrose is having such a hard time. If Edwards victory was a fluke, why is Ambrose not invited to the Rolex 24? Edwards has been in it the last 3 yrs. You would think if Ambrose is so talented and has the super experience of v8 supercars he would be in demand? There is a reason that v8 supercar racing has a cult following and Nascar is high profile. Austrianian racing is fun to watch, but they aren’t going 200mph in a 2 ton brick. No comparison.

  7. Sam

    @peter, it seem you don’t nothing about game engines,

    GT5 has new Engine build from scratch, a normal gaming engine takes 4 to 5 years to be build,

    KZ2 engine was 4 years under development…

    FF13 engine was 6 years under development

    GTA 4 engine was also 6 years under development.

    but after you build a game engine the next game (squeal) will take less time to develop because they already have the engine.

    i think GT6 will be also on the PS3 in 2 -3 years….

  8. peter

    I don’t think we’ll see GT6 until the new console comes out. Then PD will start from scratch again and it will be another 6 years until GT6 is done.

  9. Anthony

    I think what people say they “hate” NASCAR is maybe the presentation or the cars or the fact its oval dominated or some nitpick.

    I don’t hate NASCAR but I do have some problems with it –

    1) Oval dominated which would be fine if there was at least one road course in the Chase For The Cup (I think that will change in 2011)

    2) Its fan base and majority of its drivers are not a diverse bunch, still dominated by Red States populations and the undercurrent of American Exceptionalism is strong in its PR campaign and media rhetoric, they need to tone this down a bit if not ALOT.

    3) While everybody else is moving towards connecting the race car with the street car, NASCAR is moving closer and closer to 100% spec cars where it no longer matters what badge is on the nose.

    Outside of that, I enjoy the series for what it is and can do without some of the competition Yellows and hand holding of Nationwide regulars when it rains in Montreal because they fear the Road Course drivers will run off and hide once it gets wet (happens anyway), Carl Edwards beating Marcus Ambrose was a bit of a fluke, yes I said FLUKE.

    As for NASCAR in GT, I hope you can race the cars elsewhere and not just Nextel Cup related tracks, though Watkins Glen is not in many games at all and we should be able to drive on it in other series inside the game so that’s a plus. But we can also have NASCAR Road Racing like they use to do on the US Pits site years ago with Paparus NASCAR games.

    Now that would be fun…

  10. Fredo

    NASCAR will be a widely ignored feature in GT5 if it is treated the same way as all the other races. If the only difference is that you are restricted to a small number of virtually identical cars, there is no fun in that. They should implement a far more drastic damage model and allow the cars to mark the track and walls. Also, I want it to seem like I’m doing something when I pit. Button prompts, anything. Make the experience special or else I’m just going to choose from the 900 other real cars and the 30 other real courses. BTW- I fail every time to be impressed with that stupid military fly-over and confetti party. How many days did PD waste on that?

  11. kevbo

    This looks real tasty… the file footage is from the November 2009 race at Texas Motor Speedway… and with all due respect Big Ron, I see Toyota’s along with the bow-ties… there is Denny Hamlin (Fed Ex Toyota, #11) and Michael Waltrip (Napa Toyota #55)… the cool part is that there is at least 2 or 3 different paint schemes that I can see of Jeff Gordon’s #24 Dupont Chevy and Dale Jr’s #88 Amp Chevy… I am psyched to see NASCAR for the PS3 since EA Sports gave it up… Cant Wait!!!

  12. TOLL~Scibba~HRT

    nice video but nascar racing is not my favourite sport. hay kaz you should of came to australia we have the v8 supercars they are so much better then nascar racing.

  13. MihaiF355

    I have all the respect in the world for Kaz and PD, however I am still in disbelief that NASCAR is in the game. I will probably only ever have a race when I want to see the damage model react to a 30 car pile up :D

  14. Big Ron

    Did anyone realised, that there are only Chevys in the movie? Hehe, so the for sure they have the real count of Chevys like the real NASCAR does, but the other cars are missed :D

  15. 8@No$

    At last some real promotional content!! Well, i think the game is 2-3 months away… I want it in summer.. the whole NASCAR thing looks nice after all.. I think these things will be difficult to drive since they usually take the corners a little sideways… I say that because most people believe these cars go around the oval like they are on rails.. but they are not :-)

  16. Fredo

    Also, the guard walls need to be beat the hell up or it just doesn’t look like a race is going on. Those replay shots look super-clean but NASCAR is not.

  17. Fredo

    They have got to add some detail to the track surface, it looks totally unrealistic. I have never seen a NASCAR race without tire marks and rubber pebbles ALL OVER the track.

  18. Ikke

    now i hope the nascar cars are some of the cars that have damage models, cause nascar without damage is the same as chuck norris without a gun.

  19. Jason Fair

    Great My favorite game in the world gets held up 6 months because of my least favorite form of racing. I guess it’s harder to program a circle than to drive in one. guess im gonna stick with Forza … makes me sad


    WOW. i still cant believe my 2 most favorite thing in the world are gonna be together. CANT WAIT!!!!!

  21. blackjack

    Can anybody tell when this footage was shot? (how old it is?) It certainly makes me wonder if the NASCAR part of GT5 has recently been expanded warranting a delay in the release date? I can only imagine that if KY pulls it off, then the potential market for this game is greatly increased with the addition of the Nascar fans as well (CHA CHING). On the other hand, the thought of the game being delayed because he can’t quite get a particular nascar feature right would be frustrating.


    “every news with no release date is ‘bad’ news” ,

    or just another way of PD saying “DELAY”

  22. blubb

    can’t see any new marketing ‘how great GT is’ – it makes me so angry … still waiting for release

    every news with no release date is ‘bad’ news

  23. Belisario93

    @Tha_Creep This video had to have been made last year because there hasn’t been a Texas race yet this year. so any delays from this would have already been put in place

  24. Tha_Creep

    Hold on! Kaz first time in Nascar? Oh boy, there are some delays a coming… U can count his perfectionalism kicking in again

  25. HaVoK_

    WOW that looks spectacular! I’m a fan of NASCAR and have been for a few years now, i even bought the last few iterations of the NASCAR series from EA and enjoyed it alot. Racing on the high banks of Daytona bump-drafting and being in a 200mph bumper to bumper log jam is fun as hell. It was fun with only 8 people online imagine 16..Ugh my enthusiasm grows more each second.

  26. Jordan

    Thanks, CarBastard, it looks like MotorTrend cross-posted it to their YouTube page. Post updated above.

  27. Jimmy

    I hope they do it right and have the cars race in one big pack for the restrictor plate tracks and also have them more spread out for the normal tracks

  28. S3 Racer

    It looks amaying everywhere … except mac/os

    It looks great thus i m no fan of nascar.
    Maybe playing it will change that.

    We are all in the same boot heading to the release date, but damn it i think we re Lost

  29. Jaspal

    @ wiretap – its all for publicity no way have they just received this or found this all of a sudden after the GT academy event.
    Don’t know how long there going to keep this up here in the UK amazon doesn’t even have a release date!

  30. wiretap

    Looks very good indeed!

    @iced16, ui have to agree with you there buddy, the slipstram in GT5P is crazy. Hopefully they knock it back a bit for Nascar.

    Also, on the credits at the end of the video its ©2009, so this video has been lying around for a wbefore before being released to the public.

  31. Ardchoille13

    @Guapo Don’t feel too bad about missing the legend. I am pretty sure that Video was shot @ Texas not Daytona.

  32. tvensky

    what about that wrc video which looks great? :) cant wait man…!

    PS nascar looks good, hope it will be even more better than this after a while.. and damage will be fatal and total destruction :D lmao.. I said that … lol

    nascar = speed/fast/destruction and power

  33. iced16

    first one question… If drag (slipstream) would be the same as on GT5p it is hard to think on what would Nascar race look like… Maybe few million ovetakes per race…
    What about slipstreaming in Nascar?

    secondly… it is funny to see how Kaz gives respect to Dale Jr…

  34. Cigol

    That car spinning out is very old footage. We’ve seen that part (and many other parts) of the video before. Damage is in the game, before it’s released I’m sure we’ll see it properly in full.

  35. Jaspal

    Cars look great but its so typical that car in the spin suffered no damage – I mean it could have easily have been shown here!
    Also I can safely say that if nascar wasn’t in GT5 the game would probably have been released by now.


    Holy crap, New GT5 footage! And wow, it was Dale jr that told Nascar to go to PD? That man needs major props considering he is a die-hard Iracing driver.

  37. BanditNBedsheets

    I hope they put the new spoiler on the new cars as the wing that you see wont be on the cars anymore. Nascar is changing to the new spoiler within the next few races they say. The new spoiler will make the car handle differently. So, any guess if PD will change this?

  38. Berlino Bear

    Wow nice one. I cant wait to get throught this bit of GT5 as fast as possible and not play it again.

  39. Sam__NY

    @Francios M.

    First off, PD never meant for that to be a screen shot, it’s simply a still motion video.
    Secondly, the reason the shadows look disconnected is because there’s a dip, or a drop off so to speak, in the dash, which creates the effect of the disconnected shadow.

  40. Guapo

    I stilll kick myself in the ass for not knowing kaz was a mere 45min drive (daytona) from me. If I had known, I would have made all attempts to at least get a glimpse of the greatest man in the world. :D

  41. Luke

    That looks more promising than i have thought. I still don`t really care about NASCAR, but fans should be impressed after watching that video.

  42. Stefan1904

    Since this trailer is 3:27, it is obviously not the trailer which will be on the God of War 3 disc.

    1. Jordan

      Guys, MotorTrend posted the video using the Ooyala video platform, which uses a variety of technical techniques to prevent the original video file from being downloaded. As a result, I cannot post it in any other format or upload it to the YouTube channel.

  43. CarBastard

    Looks amazing, and with appropiate music! :D Can’t wait…

    Jordan, is there anyway you can upload the video using another format? This video player is truly terrible…Thanks in advance.

  44. Francois M.

    At least the shadows look much better than those in Forza 3. I just can stand the way they did the in-car view and shadows on it.

  45. Shader_57

    Looks really impressive ^^!
    And I’m surprised by the fact that Yamauchi uses a Canon Eos camera xP.

  46. Turbo_3800

    Damn look this looks good, makes me a proud owner of a ps3 lo.l When this game finally hits it’s gonna be a hour of me just looking at the cars in the showroom lmao. @DaveTheStalker: I feel your pain man lol but you can always find these videos on YouTube on the GTP video channel. So it’s not a complete loss loss

  47. Sivers

    The new video in GT5 general discussion should also get a mention. It’s an onboard of the Impreza rally car but focusus on the driver… animation is extremely good.

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