New Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots from SEMA 2009


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  1. Tony


    Everybody is worried about damage and and other feauteres that aren’t that essential to racing. What about tracks? Nobody is talking about it and nobody is putting any pressure.

    Tons ofTracks are one of the things we should expect from GT5, if blu rays have as much as 10 times more capacity than DVDs we should expect ten times more tracks!!!

    That is what we REAL racing and gran turismo fans want. Real gran turismo fans play a lot and get tired of the same tracks.

    We should put pressure, so the franchise puts more tracks, specially real life tracks!

  2. Watevaman


    I agree completely. While I love the way tuner cars look, nothing compares to a fully bred race machine. After playing GTR2 and the whole Race07 ensemble (STCC, WTCC, the works), nothing really compares to taking those things for a spin.

  3. RAugie

    these graphics leave forza 3 to shame…
    the interior models of gt5 are MULTIPLE steps above the quality in forza

  4. DJ XFMA

    I really looking forward to get a copy in my hands, going to buy a secondhand car an defeat all AI challengers!! :D Then I buy a Toyota Supra :p, and then It will be just like playing GT the first time, can’t wait…

    By the way the damage system, I really hope it has a plus, else hopefully they will release a patch for more cars. But damage isn’t important for this game, but its a plus, and plusses makes better gameplay

  5. takethewall

    Raj, you’ve got to be kidding me. Handling as an afterthought? Maybe if you’re stuck back in 2001 with Dom Toretto and Brian O’Connor. Besides that, drift cars aren’t meant to grip around a track. They’re supposed to slide controllably. And by NO means is this the fastest way around a track.

    On topic, I hope that this is showing how in depth we will all be able to tune and modify the cars rather than just how the ‘concept by gt’ cars are in GT5P. If this is actually how in depth the tuning will be, I will never play another game again after GT5 comes out.

  6. Raj

    the graphics look amazing, i dont mean this in a bad way, but id rather see more Race cars than all these tuner cars, the majority of them aren’t particularly good to drive because as we know, unless its a drift car, the handling comes as more of an afterthought.

    I’m hoping they bring back all the past JGCT cars from GT2, loved the variety of JGTC cars that GT2 had

  7. Big Ron

    Holy cow, these pictures are great. Nice to see custom cars in the game.
    But in my opinion, the G37 is out of date…too much “Fast&Furious”-style. Today, the trend goes more toward to respectable, reservedly, luxury tuning and not the change into such plastic dishes.

    So, the Audi is the better car in my opinion.

    But the graphics of GT5 is outstanding and Forza3 is no opponent

  8. Michael

    Wow, I can’t believe how good the cars look on screenshots. Uber-realistic is the word. I can only imagine how amazing they look in motion. How can you not worship programmers that create such work?

  9. shewy

    damn why do we have to wait for so long and not get this gamen this Christmass, sigh… I want it so bad and i really fighthing the temptation to buy forza 3

  10. S3 Racer

    damn we surly gotta neat game coming there.
    look at the detailing, Kw sticker on tt bumber, the flag is crystal clear. damn
    Is there a difference on the intercooler texture on the blue (pic 4) and the red one or is it just the lightning?
    The hoses on the intercooler are to cool the ic down by nos? Option available on the game ? Overheating motors in game ?? Engine failures??
    Would be cool if are car breaks down just in front of you. I remember when it happend the first time in gtr.

    THANK YOU KAZ for bringing us such a game. Can’t wait
    Domo Mister arigato

  11. Zenith

    I really hope that there’s something in GT5 about JR Rocha, it really is a tragedy.
    (for those of you who don’t know, the owner of the G37 died of a heart attack, he left his wife and kids (around 6 i believe))

  12. Animal


    I agree about the track editor. I just can’t see a way to dumb it down enough for the average user plus, it would take an enormous amount of memory to process that sort of thing.

    I must disagree about the livery editor thing though, With most every decent racing game including one and online racing being so big, I think it’s an absolute must in order to set your car apart from the others. Also, all the race clubs will shurely want team graphics in order to further their reputations.

  13. ralph89

    I guess the positive and negative camber effect feature is in! That’s way better than tire flex. LOL

    Picture 1 and 5.

  14. Bank Alexander

    And yeah I too have noticed that Rocha’s G37 doesn’t have it’s livery.
    What’s up with the no vinyls and decals, PD?


  15. wen

    Those bentley and maserati ads are there in real life. check google maps street view, it is clearly shown there. In fact, if you go and view inside the windows of the building the ad is on, it is in fact a maserati dealership.

  16. herro

    the detail in the backgrounds is insane…pic 3 with the matt black G37 just look at the detail in the building windows in the background to see for ur self..WOW!

  17. ICANT55

    You have a point Zenith, Plenty of bad ass cars and plenty of colors will do,Oh and plenty of tuning options are all i need.

  18. Zenith

    the corvette is most likely the zr1. The tuned gran turismo version has a splitter on the front.

    People need to stop getting their hopes too high over the whole livery editor, customization, track editor stuff. They’re just going to be broken hearted in the end

  19. mc959

    in picture 13, the one with the viper just behind the TT, you can see commercials from Bentley and Maserati, can’t see wich Bentley but it’s a 4doors, and the Maserati is the quattroporte. I think this alittle hint. finally we start to get some info….

  20. Johnny

    Hope the final game has the G37 with the original livery. Would be a nice tribute to JR Rocha.

    I’m hoping that after Sema 09, PD starts to show more cars of the game. I want to see the DTM’s and also other racing series.

  21. TOLL-Scibba-HRT1

    wowwww they look so real and amazing but one problem of those picture they are still runing on the same track. i want to see more tracks in gt5 please

  22. GT911

    I dont know the specifications of the Tuned Audi TT, but i can see in one picture an Amuse S2000 and behind a Corvette i guess a tuned Corvette or a ZR1 so i assume the TT is similar in Horse Power and performance as the the other two.

  23. Stradivis

    @ Sam_NY

    Maybe Porsche bought it… =P

    I’m not much of an Audi guy, but this TT is a great improvement over the old model. However, the 370Z is much niecer.

  24. Spiike

    Does anyone else think these are the sort off modifications that PD may allow us to do in the game?

    Great cars btw.

  25. maxpontiac

    So what we have is JR Rocha’s G37.

    In red.
    In blue.
    In flat black, with carbon hood.

    However, what is missing is the exact replica of Rocha’s G37, specifically, the graphics.

    I know there is no factual proof out there, but I believe the reason the graphic system was not depicted on the G37 is simple.

    GT5’s livery editor is not ready to be unveiled yet. The clean car void of sponsors tells me it’s coming.


  26. Worstdriver_1393

    Nice, another great set of pics, we’re not in the dark as we used to be.

    But can we get pictures from an other track than Tokyo R246.

  27. ICANT55

    That made my day… Tired of the same r246 though. PD is definetly up to something in the track department,i hope that new F1 track in ABU DAHBI is in the game….

  28. Khlad

    When i look at these pics, i dont care about damage.
    Look at these details, and its cool that u can see the intercooler :D

  29. Sam__ NY

    How come the G37 doesn’t have its original livery? The wheels are also some what different. but its still one hot car none the less.

  30. Skyfox85

    quote circa1990: Wonder why they chose not to use the graphics that are on the side of the g37

    Indeed, shame they didn’t used it. Thats what made that car badass.
    Probably some trouble with the sponsoring stickers on it? (licenses etc)

  31. Canadian STIG

    Finally!!! Different cars! Rocha’s G37 looks like an animal waiting to cathch prey! Still wish the track was something besides R246. Next month or 2 should reveal more…I hope.

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