New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer in GoW III

As many users in our forum suspected, there’s a brand new GT5 trailer included in “God of War III”. Here’s our first look at the new video, which shows a brief look at night racing, damage, and the new Rome circuit. Thanks to hardvibes for sending this in! I’ll post up a better quality version of this clip as soon as it’s available.


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  1. dearlybeloved

    With the powerhouse that is GT, Le-Mans will definitely be in there. As for the issue of dissing Turn 10, does anyone remember how aggressive turn 10 were towards the GT fans.

    I feel T10 can do with a bit of a bashing everynow and then!

  2. AMG

    you can see the litle stones on the road shining when you ligthing the way details cool on nurburgring at night

    1. Jordan

      Nobody knows, exactly, Stefan, but the first time it’s ever been seen is on a game that hasn’t even been released yet…

  3. Hentis

    Its not on GT TV. The recent Nascar one is. But I suspect that Sony are pressuring You Tube / any other social sites to pull the videos until GOW III has been released.

  4. Hentis

    So far the best look at GT5 yet. The only re-used piece of video that I can recall seeing was the Ferrari 458.
    The Subaru getting owned on the ring is new to me. The damage is well thats damage but how easy is it to roll a car in a race these days? As long as the other cars suffer some sort of damage or are as clumsy as the players is fine by me. The detail & quality of the tracks look fantastic.
    The explanarion as to a lot of footage of the SLS AMG is because ots the chosen car for the cover of GT5. Thus promotion for the car would be as just as it was with GT4. I hope they have Le Mans in GT5. I am so looking forward to this. Possibe months for release June, Septermber 2010 or March 2011 ( but if its 2011 I fear they are making a big mistake). Dont forget PD would have hours of stock footage of races and “video tests” of cars so some of this could be old hat but some could be new. There is no way you can tell what is what.


    Hahaha we will get release date on e3 They said (you fools) we will never get a release date
    and what happens if Test Drive Unlimited which will have day/night cycle dinamyc wheather and damge is actualy a better game cuz its new ( GT5 is not new its last decade allready)
    The Sony and PD are in some deep s..t and you know what i hope so they deserve it for with us fans. The racing games are not Monopoled by Gt anymore believe me GT5 will not reach Gt4 or the other titles atall i predict maybe 6m copys which for GT game is poor and GT6 when it comes out in 30234 y will be worse ALL THAT BECOUSE OF EXCELLENT MARKETING

    I LOVE…ED GT but you see loved is a past tense

  6. Big Ron

    this is not an action-adventure with character modeling. it is unnecessary to have all spectators in 3d. you should drive and not play with people.

  7. priesty_lfc

    Nice vid

    as for to much SLS, well it is the cover car so of course it’s gonna have mire coverage, get over it!!

    Anyway roll on release date!!

  8. sweatman

    2 questions/things:

    1:43/1:44 – those textures for the grass look fantastic

    1:54/1:55 – a desert/sandy track??

    apart from that, too much sls and 458, but looks good, just release it already :)

  9. shwtt

    I hope they will stop teasing us and just launch the game , not the rumored March 2011, by that time there might be next gen console already

  10. 8@No$

    That is a very nice vid, but to get a real impression we have to watch it in real HD.. I still believe the game will be out before autumn…

  11. Dan

    I thought that song was a bit of a mess, personally. I quite liked the song from the GTPSP intro (Stigma – Noisia), but when you listen to a song, you get into the beats. I kept getting pushed out of sync by the song changing course! I understand how advertising works as well, but there was still WAY too much SLS action in our faces there. It’s the Real Driving Simulator we get excited for, not the real advertising one.

  12. Big Ron

    Oh come on, guys. It is very annoying to read, that most of you are looking for some new cars and so on. If you did not noticed, almost every car available in GT4 will be available in GT5. So it is not very interesting, that we can see a Viper or a Lotus Esprit.

  13. Tha_Creep

    Come on guys, grow up…. Do you seriously think that behaving like that towards FM3 players and Turn 10 will make u better than them?… I mean, they already had a game for a full year before we get the “alleged” release date… and lets face facts, they make a very cool game.

    That said, I like the trailer and cant wait for the game to finally announce a date…. and from the look of things, it looks like its pulling no punches this time…. they come with their eyes in the prize

  14. dearlybeloved

    Turn 10… TURN around and try 10 times harder to get the same level of quality as PD. Geddit?!

  15. AMG

    Nascars, suzuki escudo body cars how i can drive this cars at night they have no headlights in realife

  16. [UK] ANDYW

    Love the night mode, the headlamps illuminate the track perfectly..

    The building lighting looks amazing too..

    Frustrated a video is released on the GOW disc – I mean, wft?

    I love PD & GT series, but their marketing dept (prob sce) totally sucks.

    Grumbles aside, thanks for posting this GTP.

  17. maxpontiac

    The night racing looks impressive.

    As soon as this game comes out, Forza 3 will not be touched again by me..

  18. EVO!

    @ AMG chillax, enjoy the video and enjoy gt5 =,,,= the ps3 is out for almost 5 years, its almost worthiness to complain about the ps3 specs. be a gamer not an specs analysis. all i want from gt5 this gen is to back up what they say they were going to do, and with a little something extra on the side. oh, and PLEASE make Forza team STFU kindly :)

  19. EVO!

    im sorry, but that was corny =‚‚‚= i did not like it at all, looks like a mercedes commercial if anything. those flashy lines for the intro made the video look cheap and lining up the cars like that almost reminds me of a Biggie music video.

  20. Alex

    I love how they PD incorporated Indianapolis in the background scenery, but what’s weird is that there’s basically nothing in the immediate surround area of the track…I’ve been there 3 times and my dad has been going to Indy 500 races for over 25 years until 1995 and Indy is pretty much in the city itself just a little outside the boundary.

  21. AMG

    If gt5 was a pc game that will be so realistic because of the power of the pc, but pd had done all this in 1080p on ps3 power its not simple to make a game with limited power but thanks to pro pd the best in the world maya modeling, gt5p had 200.000 poly gt5 will have 500.000

  22. NBH

    I don’t think this is the intro movie for the actual game, it doesn’t show enough NASCAR, WRC or general other bits and pieces of the game. I do think that a lot of it is pre rendered though, like the intros to GT games and that it doesn’t actually represent the graphics during gameplay. The whole Forza 3 vs GT5 debate is surely pointless now, if the games were released 2 weeks apart then comparisons could be made but Forza 3 will have been out for a while by the time GT5 gets released so it should be better, if it isn’t then fairplay to Forza 3.

  23. LaBounti

    So it already has the ONE thing i did not like about FM3. City course……. the vid has not restored my hopes for a better game than FM3, just still even :) FM3 current advantage is that its out already…….

  24. CarBastard

    COME ON?!?!? IS THE SLS THE ONLY CAR IN GAME??? Very nice video apart from making me hate a car I haven’t even “driven” (in GT)…

  25. FDM73

    Great stuff. The skyline on the indytrack, amazing!

    And I believe you can see a corner from apricot hill.

  26. Aristedis

    i bellieve this is the intro movie for the game …in 6 days wy will know the realeas day..the will releas the game may 22… :)

  27. carl finlow

    why would they release an embedded trailer with a game now if the release wasn’t due for many months (supposedly). The game looks so finished to me right now. Don’t you think this points to an earlier release than we are currently being made to believe?

  28. Sam__NY

    For all of you who keep complaining about how poor the damage modeling is, shall I remind you that this trailer was revealed to the OMP back in September. Which probably means the trailer itself was made in August, a time when damage modeling was in its first stage.

  29. NoonenF1

    Sick video, best one yet. No doubt PD is just about ready to release this game.

    But seriously GTPers, no one noticed PD’s attention to detail on the track surface at Indy (1:26)? The “diamond cut” grading is redone perfectly. Or the Indianapolis skyline off in the distance at the aerial shot of IMS (2:08)? That is amazing! That landmark in Rome too (2:03)! You guy’s are slacking.

    Enough of the talk of “nothing new here” or “what is the name of the song?” Seriously. Great video.

  30. caasimun_18

    what’s the name of the song anyone..please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and OMFG!!! the trailer is beautiful they did a good job on teasing me now!!! fack!!

  31. TokyoDrift

    Looks OK, but nothing too new to be honest. Just get the game out already instead of f*****g around with pointless trailers.

  32. NBH

    The video looks good but is this in game footage or pre rendered stuff? The 458 video we saw last year was better than the graphics in the actual game from what we have seen and a couple of clips from that were included.

  33. dearlybeloved

    Superb vid, but will it be indicative of the final product graphically? I know that the PS3 is going to be kicking in some serious graphics but how close will it be to this video? Anyways, glad to see that there are new places to race because if they give me the same old night tracks then what will i have to learn?

    Anyways, peace out everyone.

  34. Sivers

    That was an Esprit doing the jump at Nurburgring at 0:37 on, right? Has it been seen before? Love it.

    I’m really liking the soundtrack it looks like we’ll get. You don’t want Hardstyle or Dub Step when you’re playing a racing game, it’s just spot on. Hope there’ll be custom soundtrack support though, for people who like a slightly differnet cup of tea.

  35. TOLL~Scibba~HRT

    wwwwwwwwowwwwwwwwwwww that look mad and sick can’t wait to see more videos. did i just see the tokyo R246 in night time

  36. sweatman

    hmmm… night racing was included in gt4 through ss route 5
    please let there be night racing on all courses in gt5 and not just ss route 5, which is what that night track seems to be

  37. Mustangmiha

    Wait, this trailer was included with God of War full game?? When was it released anyway?
    And that damage seems worse than on NFS Prostreet…

  38. irb

    What track is that at 1:55? Looks somewhere like Laguna Seca from the backdrop? Have we seen that before?

  39. valk

    I’m still waiting to see some video of these the Bugatti Veyron. Indeed, FORZA, you have nothing to do xD

  40. sprint

    @Walsall “beat that turn 10”

    -> sooner release :)

    Totally agree, this trailer is directed with the same structure as the first one.
    And more professional trailers we got, more i’ll need a real replay editor in GT5. xD

  41. Shiro

    Looks to me like they don’t have any really new stuff, except for the night track… no matter how much the trailer is aweosme

  42. Big Ron

    The damage of the Subarum was the same, we´ve seen and criticised a long time before. too bad, they don´t show the new system….if they have any…maybe not.

    The night scenes are awesome. realtime lightning of the front lights, I love it.

  43. AlteredNicolas

    Shit Forza, im going to seel my X360 and my Logitech Driving Force GT for the PS3 and buy the Logitech G27 when this is released :D

  44. daus26

    I agree. A bit too much showing of the SLS AMG and the old footage of the 458 Italia.

    I enjoyed the video nonetheless. Please GT5, this summer!

  45. Rage

    Way too much Mercedes SLS and 458 Italia. There was a few seconds of the Viper SRT-10 ACR in there and the Gallardo. I would have liked to have seen more of those 2. Night circuit looked amazing though.

  46. Johnny Rocket

    The night scenes looked unbelievable. Some of the replays with the closeups of the cars are breathtaking. It funny how mad I am at waiting for it to be released this year….and then all of the anger goes away as I catch my breath watching the video clips…..and then the anger comes back knowing we dont even have a official release date. I wont be surprised if they put it off to next year….but for everyone’s sanity….I hope its this year!!!!!!

  47. zepheadGT3

    I saw some new stuff… in the intro theres that shot of the cars racing in that city at night (SS route 5?), and i saw what looked like an older esprit on the ring… oh and the rome circuit.
    That being said, thats not anything to get really excited about… i mean at least give us some new groundbreaking feature or some new awesome cars on a new track or something… not just the same stuff we’ve been seeing for a couple months now. Still, this video looks great!

  48. Whatbrown

    Nothing really new there at all. They just pieced together a bunch of already seen footage and trailers and threw in about 5 seconds of stuff we have not seen. We didn’t learn anything that we didn’t already know. Still though, it gets me pumped for the game.

  49. jereweeti

    @John Marine It, indeed, is Rome. It’s the Vittorio Emanuele II monument. It is not very far from the Colosseum, but it isn’t along the GT2’s Rome track, so we’ll see a new Rome track in GT5.

    The video looks awesome, hopefully we’ll the HD version soon!

  50. Corey

    I wish that they would just show us something new. Like they’re done with the game and not just bluffing. Nurb at night, Autumn Ring while raining. Maybe some new cars. Maybe some old cars redone?

    Hopefully they’re saving all that for really nice trailers to be released later on, but when will that be? Another 3-6 months?

  51. Jake

    Well I would certainly hope it will be the best-ever night racing in GT history… We have waited 5 years for the next iteration of Gran Turismo on the “next-gen” console (well current gen now haha). Hopefully the game will be the best ever in every aspect of the GT series… fingers crossed! I’m counting the days till E3.. Wonder what news it will bring.

  52. John Marine

    I’m in love. SWEET trailer! At the 2:05 mark… is that Rome or someplace else? Those night driving/racing shots look to be the best-ever night racing in Gran Turismo history. It’s certainly a welcome change in driving in the dark.

  53. Adrian

    It looks fantastic.. It looks great. Only 8 months away if we believe it’s out in Nov. I guess we may get a release date at E3 in June, so that’s only 3 months away. Patience is a virtue. Faaaaaaaaccccckkkk!!!

  54. Hernan

    Good trailer, i was hoping to see a few more new cars but PD keep showing mostly the same ones. I want a Lamborghini Diablo SV and a Mclaren F1 LM.

  55. Jake

    Nice find… Too bad it doesn’t give a release date =p. It will be nice to see the HD version if it becomes available!

  56. reaperman

    so somebody actually listened to that song, decided it sounded ‘good,’ and that it had wide enough appeal for a trailer? The music kind of downs it for me, but then gt music is never really any fun to listen to. It is still nice to see gt5 promotional material on such a popular game disc.

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