New GT5 Menu Screens: “My Home”, Race Events, & More

September 16th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Sep. 24, 9:26am

    i hope, if you can tune cars, Bodykit, engine etc.
    i would tune a fkin Clio or audi s3 and go kill lambos and ferraris haha xD

  2. Sep. 22, 7:17pm

    what is the 4th picture about?! I Wanna KNOW!!

  3. Sep. 19, 8:44am

    Judging by how you access just about everything from “Home”, does this spell the end of the map of dealerships and events we’ve all come to love?

  4. Sep. 18, 11:28am

    did anybody notice that on the last picture, under each challenge they had ‘lv 0’ ‘lv 2’ ‘lv 4’ and ‘lv 15’ wonder wht thats all about????

    • Sep. 18, 2:41pm

      Seems that each challenge has a certain number of levels which will most likely offer different challenges in increasing difficulty

  5. Sep. 18, 10:32am

    Ok so judging by the r8 v10 pic, there will be rim selection, rim painting, body painting, performance costmization, and race-like livery…yes? :D

  6. Sep. 18, 9:17am

    My interpretation of the screenshots:

    Image 1:
    Car Wash, Oil Change, Paint Car, Paint Rims, Change Rims (and tires?), Improve aerodynamics, Change engine parts, Improve Chassis Rigidity (Chassis Upgrade), “Racing Modification”.

    Image 2:
    Car Wash animation in progress.

    Image 3:
    Start car painting animation/apply color, Pick color, Exit(?)

    Image 4:
    I have no idea, one of the animations…

    Image 5:
    “Car Delivery” probably for receiving cars bought or received as a gift from friends. Even though car parts can be bought from GTauto, you have to tune and adjust them in the Tuning Shop.

    Images 6 & 7:
    Pretty obvious.

  7. Sep. 18, 6:53am

    Doesnt it look like the paint bucket is for choosing the colour and the gun is to start the animation on the GT Auto guys painting the car?

    Seeing as a colour is already picked, I think he got that in the paint bucket.

    • Sep. 18, 8:53am

      That’s exactly what I’m thinking.

  8. Sep. 18, 2:55am

    According to Gran Turismos official site it says “Send cars and upgrade parts to friends.” which has to be what the “Gift” and “Car Delivery” icons are for.

  9. Sep. 18, 2:00am

    GT5 is gonna be epic 60 million 6 years 100 people team working on a project with the most inspired boss that believes in nothing but perfection what could be better

  10. Sep. 17, 5:18pm
    John Marine

    I’ll go in order on these pictures (first picture to last picture). I’ll blog about a few of these points in further detail in my blog.

    * GT Auto looks to be more advanced than ever before with many more options available. Doing a little detective work… the sixth icon looks like aero parts, the seventh looks like (maybe) engine swapping or certain engine options, and the icon on the far right looks like options to improve the rigidity of the car (or maybe repair damage). I’m pretty excited for the painting options.

    * It should be pretty fun washing cars and seeing your car get washed in GT5. It looks great what PD has come up with.

    * There were a lot of us who speculated on livery and stuff like that. The biggest advantage of painting cars is that it makes your car YOUR car. In one sense, it was a good thing that Gran Turismo 4 didn’t have true online play because I’d hate to imagine similarly-colored cars with no true way to tell them apart. The insight on paint colors is most amazing. My “official” colors are blue and gold (like the Blue Angels), so I’ll enjoy picking lovely blue colors for my cars and with gold accents.

    * My best guess on what the fourth picture is probably is some sort of dyno test.

    * In Gran Turismo history, this may be the most detailed and most beautiful My Home arrangement ever. It seems like you can do so much more. I do become a bit concerned that there is no more real world map. Maybe one thing I admit missing was how you could quickly go from one menu to another like in Gran Turismo 1 and Gran Turismo 2. You had four little icons that quickly linked you to certain key areas. Maybe this returns for GT5, but how will we know?

    * Twitter is madly popular, so I’m okay with a Twitter-ish interface for communicating. Community is important for any online-enabled game.

    * One of my talking points that I discussed here on GTPlanet in enhancing Gran Turismo was to offer services for newcomers. I am glad PD has taken the time to include such special challenges and facilities to help enhance racing skills.

    All in all, I’m amazingly impressed with all the work PD has done. You may hate that Gran Turismo games take so long, but it’s worth it in the end, isn’t it? Bravo!

  11. Sep. 17, 3:35pm

    RACING MODIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sep. 18, 12:19am

      lol damn calm down…just a little bit atleast.

  12. Sep. 17, 1:57pm

    I love the paint gun feature! I hope that we’ll have the ability to choose custom-made colors and not just preset ones… please!

  13. Sep. 17, 12:04pm
    Mr Frappy

    Very sharp looking interface – so much better than the crap that was the map in GT4.

  14. Sep. 17, 7:43am

    I think the engine option is about maintenance, not tuning or swaps. I am assuming that after putting miles on your car, the performance with start to degrade and will need a tune up. Similar to chassis refresh.

    • Sep. 19, 7:09pm

      you got it

  15. Sep. 17, 7:32am

    This is soo COOL!! Now I´m sure I can paint the rims black of my white Lambo.

  16. Sep. 17, 6:54am

    In GT you’ve always been able to soup up cars, now you can get them soaped up too :)

    I’ll get my coat….

    • Sep. 19, 7:01pm


  17. Sep. 17, 6:29am

    Welcome GTauto! We offer a diverse variety of services, covering everything from regular maintenance like washing your car and oil changes, to more serious maintenance such as engine and chassis overhauls. We’ll even paint your cars or perform racing modifications, transforming your favorite car into a full racing machine. Everything you need to support your car life is right here!

  18. Sep. 17, 6:03am

    Theres missing a button in GT auto; Repair car

  19. Sep. 17, 4:42am
    Big Ron

    First, I thought the AMG SLS had a custom livery on it. Then I realiased it is saop :D

    But great features in this shop. Best thing is to giv the car and rims new colors. Thats enough for me.

  20. Sep. 17, 3:28am

    This such great pics!!! racing mod mos def brings bacc memories!!! i can picture it now…menu music soundtracks from gt1 gt2 gt3…i think i’m paranoid :p

  21. Sep. 17, 3:13am


  22. Sep. 17, 3:07am


  23. Sep. 17, 2:49am

    I can see a “Tuning Shop” – does this mean that we’ll continue to see real tuning and car modification companies in the game?… I sure hope so, but we’ll wait and see! EEEEEK!

  24. Sep. 17, 2:28am

    Looks nice.

  25. Sep. 17, 2:26am

    I loved gt auto in gt4. Now it will be even better

  26. Sep. 17, 2:06am

    I think the white stuff on the bodywork is not soap! But wax! That’s why it’s not on the windows. Nice work PD.

    I’m going to steal a PS3, I don’t have cash to get one and don’t think will when the game is out :(

    • Sep. 17, 7:54am

      I knew that looked a little strange for soap. I think you’re right about the wax. Good eye.

  27. Sep. 17, 1:32am

    Wow body kits and Race Spec!

  28. Sep. 17, 1:06am

    anyone know if they used the datalogger for the top gear challenge?

  29. Sep. 17, 1:06am

    they don,t wash the windows ??

  30. Sep. 17, 12:58am

    Oh my god…this means I won’t have to race an endurance race 567,894,873,346,974,827,858,990 times to get the reward car in a good color! I HATED racing the 24HR Nurburgring event only to get the F1 in a crappy color. I never did get one in red…

  31. Sep. 17, 12:38am

    I wish I had not seen this will make the waiting extremely difficult.

  32. Sep. 17, 12:13am


    Cannot express how happy I am about this…and it looks like the previous spoiler option now includes body kits as well!?

  33. Sep. 16, 11:48pm

    Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, etc., these PD guys are fond of French wine… :|

    (picture “jsmenumyhome02”)

    • Sep. 17, 2:14am

      Sire, there’s a word “Living like God in France” for a reason

  34. Sep. 16, 11:40pm

    hope theres still some 0-100 0-1000 and max speed stuff !!

    • Sep. 17, 12:13am

      As long as those speed tests don’t somehow delete my entire garage of cars. Never will forget that lovely little glitch.

    • Sep. 17, 12:14am

      how come ..

    • Sep. 17, 12:17am

      GT4 had a glitch where sometimes after doing the max speed tests and saving your entire list of cars would vanish. Happened to me when I had nearly 90% completion. :(

    • Sep. 17, 1:04am

      damn .. !

  35. Sep. 16, 11:32pm

    no place to repair and pay our damaged cars !!!!! (

    • Sep. 17, 12:17am

      It’s probably deducted from your winnings after the race.

    • Sep. 17, 1:02am

      lol what if we dont wnat to repai it !

  36. Sep. 16, 11:27pm

    Thouse this mean whe are aible to fit Some Nice rims on all CARs and THE livery editor gives me THE ghousepunks lol

    • Sep. 17, 12:05am

      ghousepunks – ghostpunks – ghostbumps – oh, you meant goosebumps

  37. Sep. 16, 11:19pm

    Did anyone else notice they skipped #4 on the special events menu? Maybe it will be Sebastien Vettel diving school. Or… (a man can only hope) COFFEE BREAKS!!!
    Yes, we all want to ride around insane cone formations in a little Cappuchino. Ill guess everyone wants Mr. Vettel’s F1 though… :(

    • Sep. 16, 11:20pm

      Whoops, i meant event 3

    • Sep. 16, 11:27pm
      Mee Naughty

      Long time reader, first time poster. Just read this on an Aussie site over here and thought it might be worthy to share ;o)

    • Sep. 16, 11:28pm

      im sure vettel will do all the (gt life) licenses voice over .. like jay leno in gtpsp … but yeah maybe vettel will have a special event … 03 !! haha

    • Sep. 16, 11:30pm

      f1 vettel will be sick ! … im sure theres coffe breaks in gt life licenses !!! yeah i miss them too !

    • Sep. 17, 2:10am

      Mee Naughty – I had a look at the Aussie site, they’re mentioning the VW Schwimmwagen there, which is a water-going version of the Kübelwagen. Just curious now, what we can do with it :-D

  38. Sep. 16, 11:12pm

    Audi is a newcomer in German premium brands?
    I call imbecile.
    Auto union streamliners, the Quattro, the A8 has had a bulletproof reputation for as long as it has existed, dominance of LMP racing for around a decade and now the R8 roadcar?

    They aren’t one of my favorite brands, sure. But newcomers? I know this is only a promo shot. At least their detailed representation of idiots is spot on. Maybe Polyphony are just being true to life…

  39. Sep. 16, 10:58pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    Someone noticed that “Gift” in the blog-like section? What coud it be? Maybe we could gift cars away among friends? Or car parts, such wheels or body kits… everything is possible when POLYPHONY is in the command.

    Man, i cant wait…

  40. Sep. 16, 10:42pm

    Home page is yuk. special events look amazing!

  41. Sep. 16, 10:32pm

    What! Theres no hot chicks in Daisy dukes and tank tops all wet and sudsy washing my cars? Well, that just totally ruined it for me. Im sticking with my NFS:Shift. LOL. What I find interesting is that the paint car option deliberatly sets certain colors in the dots. This tells me that though we can change a car color after the fact, it will still be set colors to pick from and not a rainbow painter giving you a full spectrum slider for any color. Oh well. That comment from the fake blog talking about how touchy the BMW steering is, and likely a lot more cars in the game, tells me if you dare race this game with a controller, you will get bent over if you go up against a guy with a wheel.

    • Sep. 16, 11:08pm

      that’s already the case. It’s much easier & more accurate with a wheel. Plus it’s an ENORMOUS addition to the experience. Anyone who says otherwise is either an idiot, ignorant, or they’re in denial. If you try gt5p with a DFGT or especially a g25 or g27, you would have to be a retard to honestly prefer a controller but hey, you won’t hear me complaining because it just means less competition

    • Sep. 18, 6:56am

      Why would anyone want less competition? :S

  42. Sep. 16, 10:27pm

    YYEEEESSSSS. The used car dalership is in!!!! :D

    • Sep. 17, 5:06am

      I told ya this will be the Stig/Top Gear Challenge :D

  43. Sep. 16, 10:25pm

    I wonder if the first oil change will still add 5 to 15 hp? :P

    • Sep. 16, 11:14pm

      Here’s hoping. I loved that. It always killed me if I forgot to do it with a new car. Missed opportunity…

    • Sep. 17, 3:57pm

      @veitchy Are you kidding? That feature was unrealistic, time consuming, a waste of credits, and overall a pain in the ass. I can understand HP increase from engine break-in, or maybe even a VERY small power increase from an oil change in a USED car, but replacing brand-new oil with brand-new oil is just plain dumb.

  44. Sep. 16, 10:23pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    Oh, i´ve noticed, in one of the screens, in the blog-like section, the user “SauvignonBlanc” says: “[…] Some clean these for me already[…]. Is that a indication there we could cooperate in the game ? I mean, that could be a tip for such implementation…

    • Sep. 16, 10:38pm

      He’s talking about getting gold in tests and is asking for “someone to clear these” for him already. I don’t think there would be an option for someone to take your tests for you like over the internet, if you need help, they could just come to your home and help you.

    • Sep. 16, 11:13pm

      Yeah, i think hes just exasperated and wants to have all golds already.

  45. Sep. 16, 10:13pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    Ok..thats official… i´ve gone CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Call the doctors, suit me up…. gf will be mad at me when this comes out… oh god…goodbye social life.

    Just a couple of beers and my GT5..thats all i NEED.

    • Sep. 17, 1:11am

      dont drink and drive!! lol

  46. Sep. 16, 10:01pm

    I have to say the textures on the Soap/washing are very low res/pixilated, but with a game this good, it’s easy to nitpick.

  47. Sep. 16, 9:57pm

    Curious to see what that engine option is. We know that the Tuning Shop and GT Auto is two separate things, so my guess is engine swap.

  48. Sep. 16, 9:56pm

    i see a icon for painting the car, painting the rims, rims, spoilers and bodykits, engine upgrades and maybe that last one is some sort of livery editor because it has some decals. CANT WAIT

    • Sep. 16, 9:58pm

      Wouldn’t engine upgrades be in the Tuning Shop?

    • Sep. 17, 9:22am

      Enigne overhauls it says. not power adding

  49. Sep. 16, 9:51pm

    that last one has to be livery editor, “transforming your favorite car into a FULL RACING machine. EVERYTHING you need to support your car life is available right. cant say everything unless they mean it. I’m willing to bet on this one

    • Sep. 16, 9:55pm

      I’m betting anything that last one is “Racing Modification.” Which means specific racing designs by Polyphony Digital.

  50. Sep. 16, 9:50pm

    I’m hoping again seeing that 6th option, where the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, and spoiler are highlighted! Basically like what you guys said, aerodynamic parts, or body kits! Please let it be so!

  51. Sep. 16, 9:45pm

    Start painting? paintgun? paint bucket? hooters?
    what might this all mean.

  52. Sep. 16, 9:45pm

    I see someone likes there wines

  53. Sep. 16, 9:43pm

    So I guess it is safe to say now that the WRC brand wont be in the game. Given the complexity and vastness of a full implementation with all drivers/cars/rallies I can’t really see this as a bad thing.

  54. Sep. 16, 9:43pm

    What’s with the wine type code names? Kaz got a drinking problem? :-P

    Anyone else wonder if the merc challenge has got a road going version and a GT version (hence the spoiler)?

    • Sep. 17, 5:03am

      I think PD and Sony are targeting a mature and afluent target group with the wine names :D
      They should’ve put a Heineken somewhere, so that I feel even more attached to the game

  55. Sep. 16, 9:37pm

    I thought that where it says GT LIFE it said “GET LIFE” Lmao!

    • Sep. 16, 9:55pm

      haha same! XD

    • Sep. 16, 10:44pm
      – SZRT Ice –

      GT is for “Gran Turismo”, Not “Gran Theft” Auto!

      (In GTA4, the MetLife building said “GetaLife”

  56. Sep. 16, 9:34pm


    • Sep. 16, 9:37pm

      YES PAINT SHOP!!! Let you mind go %^&* YEAH!!!

  57. Sep. 16, 9:33pm

    Do I see body kits?

    • Sep. 16, 9:35pm
      – SZRT Ice –

      Yes Erick… Yes you do…

  58. Sep. 16, 9:31pm

    Gt5 is certainly turning out to be a much deeper game than we thought. I just hope they surprise us with the ‘improved engine sounds’.

    • Sep. 17, 6:00am

      yes i hope soo tooo, please, i want to hear a loud blow off valve on my turbo skyline. That would make this the real turbo similator :D

  59. Sep. 16, 9:29pm

    I was actually thinking about the paint thing recently, but more in terms of changing colour if you get bored of the old one.

    • Sep. 16, 10:20pm

      IIRC, it looks like you can buy a new paint job for 5,000 credits or so. Of course, the air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror will be extra. ;-)

  60. Sep. 16, 9:29pm

    I cant wait to paint that audi r8 yellow with black rims and try those challenges!!!

    • Sep. 16, 11:26pm

      I once had a FORD CAPRI, black with yellow rims. Would be fine, to recreate it in GT5 :-D

  61. Sep. 16, 9:27pm

    Looks fantastic, would have loved to see a livery editor in there! But at least can paint the car/rims so that’ll be enough.

    • Sep. 17, 1:06am

      What I noticed is the screenshot of the Citroen GT race car and the pre-order stealth cars have a blank white square on the side where a number should be, but its left blank, which makes me think we may get to put some race number in place and hopefully more.

  62. Sep. 16, 9:26pm
    ferhound id

    YES! I love GT auto where you can add custom liveryes to your car!!!

    • Sep. 16, 9:33pm
      – SZRT Ice –

      Where is that stated? In the pic, it says:

      “Welcome to GT Auto! We offer a diverse variety of detailed services, covering everything from regular maintenance like washing your car and oil changes, to more serious maintenance such as engine and chassis overhauls. We’ll even paint your cars or perform racing modifications, transforming your favorite car into a full racing machine. Everything you need to support your car life is available right here!”

    • Sep. 16, 10:08pm
      ferhound psnid

      You mad?

    • Sep. 16, 10:41pm
      – SZRT Ice –

      Nope, I love GT regardless… Custom paint will be good enough, and it seems u can use a paint gun to paint where you choose, or the paint can to paint the whole car @ once. If so, that alone will do me justice.

    • Sep. 16, 11:10pm
      ferhound psnid

      You mad??

  63. Sep. 16, 9:26pm

    OMG, it that bodykits I see? ****ing awesome!

  64. Sep. 16, 9:25pm

    Racing modification is back!! Yes!!

  65. Sep. 16, 9:25pm

    So we have: Car wash, Oil change, Paint car, Paint wheels, Body Kits, Engine??, Chassis??, and Basic numbers livery??

  66. Sep. 16, 9:24pm
    – SZRT Ice –

    Racing Modifications Is Back In Full Force!!! Thank you Jesus!

    • Sep. 16, 11:22pm

      It’s Polyphony Digital – not Jesus! :-P

    • Sep. 17, 9:08am

      @Bernd Eh, same thing :P

  67. Sep. 16, 9:24pm

    Yesssssssssssssss…. No more spinning cars!!!

  68. Sep. 16, 9:22pm

    Well Nov 2nd is the day my GPA plummets.

    • Sep. 16, 9:55pm

      You and me both brother!

    • Sep. 16, 10:59pm

      that’s really not funny. I have the coolest classes but GT5 will be more interesting to me, I’m not laughing. sorry to be a killjoy but I’m already wondering how I’ll manage my time

    • Sep. 17, 1:22am

      yeah class is going to be the least of my worries starting November 2nd at 12:00AM

  69. Sep. 16, 9:21pm

    This is too crazy…

  70. Sep. 16, 9:19pm

    paint gun!

    • Sep. 16, 9:21pm

      Paintgun + Paintbucket… What do you guys think?

    • Sep. 16, 9:53pm

      Hope we can choose any color and not only the original

    • Sep. 16, 10:06pm

      @Belph3gor I doubt that “McLaren Orange” is a stock color for an Audi, ;).

    • Sep. 16, 10:25pm


    • Sep. 16, 11:21pm

      Belph3gor – That was on my personal wishlist, all cars in any color you like (still hoping for that)

  71. Sep. 16, 9:19pm

    WOW, the car is all soaped up, PD just go above and beyond dude!!!!!!

  72. Sep. 16, 9:18pm

    In the first picture, could that option on the far right be a racing modification?

    • Sep. 16, 9:23pm
      E RaK

      It is certainly possible. The option just to the right of the wheel appears to be an option for body kits or aerodynamic aids.

    • Sep. 16, 9:24pm


      From left to right, my interpretations:
      car wash | oil change | repaint | wheel repaint | wheel change | aero parts | engine parts (maybe engine swaps?) | structural parts (weight reduction? racing interiors?) | racing modification

      This is looking awesome :D

    • Sep. 16, 9:31pm

      You can read in the GT Auto small description at the top left, it is Racing Modification indeed.

    • Sep. 16, 9:36pm
      E RaK

      Glad to see it finally back! Great news

    • Sep. 16, 9:36pm
      – SZRT Ice –


      “Welcome to GT Auto! We offer a diverse variety of detailed services, covering everything from regular maintenance like washing your car and oil changes, to more serious maintenance such as engine and chassis overhauls. We’ll even paint your cars or perform racing modifications, transforming your favorite car into a full racing machine. Everything you need to support your car life is available right here!”

    • Sep. 16, 9:51pm

      Hope its the same racing modification as GT1 and GT2 for every car! :P or Carbon part? maybe we can convert parts into carbon like spoiler, bumper, fender, door..

    • Sep. 16, 10:43pm

      Time to racing mod a Toyota Yaris, making it slightly more bad arse than the one I have in RL.

      Sooooo good to see racing modifications back.

    • Sep. 17, 3:44pm

      OMFG, if all those options are what I think they are, this game will be godly!!!!

    • Sep. 19, 5:37pm

      Sharky is definitely on point here.

      From left to right:
      car wash | oil change | body paintgun | wheel paintgun | wheel change | aero parts (spoilers, splitters, and bodykits?) | engine parts (transmission also?) | structural parts (weight reduction? chassis rigidity? suspension parts?) | RACING MODIFICATION

      SO nice that we don’t have to navigate over to the specific dealerships to buy parts now.

      Also by featuring the ‘paintgun’ in the menu I am betting we will have some paintshop-type drawing abilities, not just pick a full body color and go. (fingers crossed)

      Now let’s all do the raindance for future DLC.




  73. Sep. 16, 9:17pm

    I see car (and wheel) repainting….! :D

  74. Sep. 16, 9:17pm

    On main menu screen it says “Car Delivery”, any ideas?

    • Sep. 16, 9:23pm

      Probably a short video of the delivery of the cars you bought, like the first video of the FT-86 or the 3 additional cars on Prologue

    • Sep. 16, 9:28pm

      Trading / buying between players or perhaps future downloadable content?

    • Sep. 17, 12:15am

      I think it’ll just be a list of cars on their way for delivery to your garage. Maybe if you win an exotic car as a tournament prize, you will have to wait a few days for it to arrive.

      If so, I like that idea. :)

  75. Sep. 16, 9:17pm

    “We’ll even paint your car” – gotta love that!

  76. Sep. 16, 9:16pm

    good ole gt auto.. you almost made me think there was a livery editor! you crazy sonovabitch..

  77. Sep. 16, 9:15pm

    welcome to GT auto——-WE’LL EVEN PAINT YOUR CARS :D

  78. Sep. 16, 9:15pm

    I first thought that SLS had a funky livery…turns out to be some dudes washing the car. =D

    • Sep. 16, 9:16pm

      I thought the same!

    • Sep. 16, 9:20pm

      Probably all of us did! With the new features announced i’m missing the editor less and less though…

    • Sep. 16, 9:31pm

      Oh yeah! Hahaha

    • Sep. 16, 10:22pm

      NOO I’m so stupid i thought it was a special painting !!!! : ((( at least we can paint it with other colors than the original company !! this is a great +

    • Sep. 16, 11:27pm
      L8 Apex

      Looks like they’re using standard soap instead of premium. ;)

    • Sep. 17, 12:06am

      I actually wonder if they are gonna wax the car after the wash. Nice and shiny.. =D

    • Sep. 17, 4:38am
      Big Ron

      @L8 Apex
      Hahahaha…you made my day

    • Sep. 17, 4:48am

      ha i thought it was airbrushed skulls and stuff on the car haha

    • Sep. 17, 4:55am

      same here :D

    • Sep. 17, 5:07am

      It looks weird because they don’t wash the glasses.

    • Sep. 17, 3:58pm

      I thought the same thing too! I’m going HOLY S@#$ WE’RE GETTING LIVERIES, MY WHOLE WISH LIST FOR GT5 IS COMPLETE! Until I saw it was just f@#$ing soap! Where mah liveries!

    • Sep. 17, 4:07pm

      *raises hand* Add me to the list of suckers who reached the pinnacle of bliss before rebounding to the depths of sorrow because of that god damn soap-suds screenshot.

    • Sep. 17, 7:25pm

      All we need now is to be able to put our ride on a dyno.

    • Sep. 17, 10:53pm

      F**k. I actually thought it was custom livery! Damn..

  79. Sep. 16, 9:15pm

    R8 V10!

    This looks absolutely epic.

    • Sep. 17, 10:52pm

      OMG It is the R8 V10
      I thought it wasn’t gonna be in the game!

  80. Sep. 16, 9:15pm

    Sounds as cool as ****

  81. Sep. 16, 9:14pm


    • Sep. 16, 9:27pm

      customization has to be in…there is noo way KY could have ignored such a great media demand

    • Sep. 16, 9:29pm

      i see car delivery 3…bottom of main menu! with a pic of a track…does that mean there will be delivery missions or am i gettin over my head

    • Sep. 16, 9:33pm

      i also see a spoiler on the sls in the special event menu! i hope customization is not just limited to that…am preordering whatever special they bring out now….maybe TGS signature special subway Mc Donald’s edition :/

    • Sep. 16, 9:35pm

      Maybe we have to wait 12 months for delivery of new cars just like real life :P

    • Sep. 16, 10:32pm

      that sucks!!!!!!!

    • Sep. 17, 1:25am

      Hopefully the skins and stuff aren’t that pixelated in the real game…

    • Sep. 17, 2:46am

      @Jeffrey, You do realise that’s soap suds? lol

    • Sep. 17, 3:40am

      Well I didn’t.

    • Sep. 17, 4:15am
      Mr Frappy

      Idiotic first posts like this should be deleted and user accounts locked for a day.

    • Sep. 17, 3:57pm

      Mentality of FIRST!
      by FlareKR
      A long time, when computers weren’t around, people were thirsty. They would walk around the desert looking for water. When one of them got water they said “FIRST!” due to a speech impediment, bringing on a lack of producing a TH sound, brought on to them by lack of water. They usually drank it all, while everyone else killed themselves drinking motor oil after watching Quantum of Solace.
      Later, people “thirsty for attention” and lack of a certain male organ, started to do the same to the Forum GTPlanetum (and just about every thing you can comment on), barging through the front doors of the forum without a toga screaming FIRST!. However, after a while, people with lives started to get pissed off, apart from the anger building up from the invasion of trolls that were knocking down columns.
      After knowing they would be ridiculed repeatedly, the “thirsty” GTPlanetans, started replace, FIRST, with other one syllable comments like COOL, NICE (or in this case Hi). Other sane people replied with less nicer one word syllables, usually those starting with an F. So in the end, you can bring a horse to water, but he’s probably already there.
      -The End

    • Sep. 17, 4:02pm

      @FlareKR Long, not very clever, definitely not funny. Your comment receives a grade of D-

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