New GT5 Seasonal Event Features French Cars, La Sarthe

May 19th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

To help get you in the spirit for next month’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, Polyphony Digital has just pushed out a new Seasonal Event in Gran Turismo 5 with a focus on everything French. The championship runs across five different circuits and, of course, must be driven in a French car with 500PP or less:

  • Cape Ring Inside (5 Laps)
  • Rome Circuit (5 Laps)
  • Autumn Ring (3 Laps)
  • Circuit de la Sarthe Circuit 2009 (1 Lap)
  • Mt.Aso (Pavement) 104A (5 Laps)

Thanks to RACECAR for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode image by Dolp.

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  1. May. 24, 8:59pm

    GTracerRens: save your money I have a ferrari 2007, it is the most useless car in gt5 it can only be used in ferrari events which may be upto and including one…

    CicoMaloXD why 10 laps of Sath for $250,000 ???
    Why not do 10 separate 1 lap races for $1,250,000

  2. May. 23, 8:18pm

    I am so glad the seasonal events are back. I was getting so bored having done as much as I could. I started grinding for awhile then my head started to hurt.

  3. May. 23, 5:23am

    Done – with a tuned cilo V6

  4. May. 23, 2:02am

    Yer good little seires but it seems that now I can’t sell any of my cars so ummm anyone want to trade a ford gt40????

    • May. 23, 2:33am

      Lol, sorry, allready got GT40s up the ying yang. Try treating the unwanteds like rentals, or see if you can make them undrivable for B-spec bob. Sure, you don’t get big money for it, but it’s still good for a chuckle sometimes…;)

  5. May. 22, 6:45pm

    Im late to gt5. But my new Pug 207 GTi, and I had a blast with this series.
    I personally prefer the street car element of GT over the racecar aspect… Now if only I could buy a real 207…

  6. May. 22, 4:20pm
    Sean McMullen

    Done – with tuned 205GTi

  7. May. 22, 4:00am

    Also there should be some more real tracks like spa and brans hatch or snetterton there all great tracks I wouldn’t mind paying

  8. May. 22, 3:58am

    Brilliant time to get my little 260bhp 106 rallye great car hit 198 down sarth straight

  9. May. 21, 2:39pm

    im gonna be at Le-Mans :D Can’t wait, ive been dreaming of seeing this race in person all my life.

  10. May. 21, 12:53am

    Now where’d I put my zombie prepardness kit……

  11. May. 20, 1:23pm

    I’d rather do the races in the VW Karmann Ghia as thats what I’m taking to Le Mans next month.

  12. May. 20, 1:22pm

    Tried it with a detuned Renault 5 turbo maxi Rally Car to match PP and hated this car which handle so bad.

    • May. 21, 3:40am

      That’s exactly what makes it such a fun drive (and a killer in real life). Once you get to master the beast, you’ll love it. Ask Jean Ragnotti!

  13. May. 20, 9:55am

    The only thing i want in GT5 is a BDA mk2 ford escort

    • May. 20, 11:12am

      Too bad. Not getting one

    • May. 20, 1:51pm

      BDA???? Why not a BDX?

    • May. 25, 1:01pm

      This is the reason there are so many mx-5s and such on GT5. Everybody wants that extra letter on the back.

  14. May. 20, 2:37am

    I don’t really care about any of this unless it says GT5 is getting more cars or tracks (good ones)

    • May. 20, 3:29am

      Yet you bothered to open the page and post on it.
      Next planned update has been tweeted by Kaz to be one that will take some time to complete, so may have new content, but if not, the longer they go without releasing any, the less likely there’s gonna be any prior to GT6. The only such content they’ve mentioned to date were the possibilities of a small number of upgraded standards, and more track themes for the course generator. They’ve never said there will be new tracks (or free roam for those waiting on that). That’s just rumor that some decided to be fact. And other than speculation about SEMA winners and such, there has never been any real evidence of any totally new cars. So you might has well just quit reading the news blogs and save yourself the grief, cause a couple dozen people postin a desire for new stuff every other article is obviously not getting PD to talk about, much less release any.

    • May. 20, 3:55am
      May 21st

      With all the whinning over the last seven months, it wouldn’t surprised me if Kaz is just trying to do one big final update before moving on to other projects. No real reason to bother putting effort into new cars and such for GT5 when it’s obvious it’ll never “be enough” for the whiners anyway. Better to just put everything into GT6, and forget GT5 ever got forced to market by Soony

  15. May. 20, 12:55am

    Lets give props to the French whilst we are in the Centennial year of the Indy 500. Why not a Seasonal around that? Formula GT, NASCAR, and a race with former pacecars (Viper, Corvette, Camaro, Stealth/3000GT, Mustang)

  16. May. 20, 12:47am

    Baguette et vin rouge pour tout le monde :-)

    • May. 21, 3:36am

      Advocating drunk driving?

  17. May. 19, 9:07pm

    They called it stupid, they called it ugly, even gay, but I knew one day that my pepto bismol pink 1980 Renault 5 turbo would have a purpose. That day has come!!! Fully tuned and still met PP requirements!!!! Yeah!!!

    • May. 19, 9:55pm


    • May. 20, 1:01am

      LOL xD

  18. May. 19, 8:50pm

    Hey JayKayEm – that could be my favorite post ever! Nicely done my new friend! If there is anything you need (ticket, car, paint) – if I have one, I’ll send one… Just appreciate the laugh.
    “If only they could make it more realistic with random overheating, wipers that intermittantly fail and a pit garage that refuses to do anything because it will soon be August.

    Least when I trade my brand new clio in for credits, the depreciation is realistic.

    Vive la France!”

  19. May. 19, 7:10pm

    BTW has anyone had trouble with GT since the 3.61 update?

    • May. 20, 7:32am

      Yep , I sure did.

      I was exiting an online lobby the other day and the game froze on exit.
      Tried to turn off the PS3 and nothing happened , so the only thing I could do was turn it off from the wall socket.

      So , I then rebooted and checked save game files and I had 2 GT5 save game ( User Save , not Install ) files. One of them was corrupted so I had to delete it , leaving my usual save.

      I then booted up GT5 to find I was on day 1 , Level 1 A-Spec so my game save had gone. I then proceeded to my GT5 back up and everything’s been fine since.

      Although I did have to re – gold 25 licences to get back to having the full 60 which I had earned during the outage. Didn’t take long though.

    • May. 25, 8:29am

      God knows what happened with mine but ive had to perform a full format, 17hrs :O, and just about to get it checked and see if it worked….luckily id backed up all my save files so wont need to start anything again. Thanks for the feedback too

    • May. 27, 7:33pm

      just done a full format and still having trouble, its saying i need 32mb to install 1.09 but ive got over 200gb to play around with and im at a loss as to why its not playing because if i dont install 1.09 i dont have any problems at all

  20. May. 19, 5:06pm

    ehhh too easy jus decreased the power in my renault and dogged did all the races in less then 10 mins..the money was good i must say

  21. May. 19, 4:21pm
    Bobert power

    Awesome! I’m going to use my 206 rally car for this. ;)

  22. May. 19, 4:15pm

    Yeah the seasonals are too short. Give us some longer (bigger) seasonal races! Better than nothing though….

  23. May. 19, 2:08pm

    Nice new event but has nothing to do with the 24Hour race. Yeah thats the first thing I think of when someone mentions the Le Man race is slow boring Frech cars. Why not something that has to do with racing? For example (just off the top of my head) a 50 lap La Sarthe race Peugeot 908 VS Audi R10 with huge reward? Or a GT race with Viper GTSR, Corvette C5R, Lister Storm, Panoz Esperante, ect… Or maybe open top LMP race cars or Group C race cars.

    • May. 19, 2:51pm

      get this man a job at pd

    • May. 19, 3:03pm

      I like those small events, it gives you a reason to use slow(other) cars. but i agree. a 50 lap race whit real race cars would be nice. also a long championship is welcome.

    • May. 19, 3:34pm

      Perfect idea. Have like 5, 50 lap races with cars that are all equal PP so one car doesn’t crush them all. AND UPGRADE THE FRIGGIN AI SO THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A RACE!

      Then you have my dream gran turismo..

  24. May. 19, 1:37pm

    They should make a seasonal event with the old and new Le Mans cars…
    That would be epic…

  25. May. 19, 1:29pm

    boring boring boring WE WANT NEW CARS AND TRACKS

    • May. 19, 3:51pm

      And new trolls….Or at least upgrade the standard trolls to premium so we can pretend they’re not just the same old ones over, and over, and over, (and over)…..

    • May. 19, 11:17pm

      This is not trolling.

    • May. 19, 11:47pm

      No, but it’s annoyingly repetitive.

    • May. 20, 1:06am

      Trollin or not, and depending on the OP’s intentions it could be, the point still stands. The first 100 times this same thing has been posted were more than enough. Posting it 300 more times isn’t going to make new content appear any faster, if at all.

    • May. 21, 3:33am

      Well, we all saw those El Capitán shots and read about the Pikes Peak affair, so it’s more than understandable that hundreds of GT players are anxiously waiting for more than just seasonals. I don’t blame them. S2U came out last month and there’s already two downloadable packs full of new “premium” cars and tracks available, including the ill-fated and sorely missed Circuit de Rouen-Les-Essarts. SMS may not be as good as PD but at least they’re trying hard. I’ve loved the GT series from day one but I know GT5 tracks by heart and would welcome more daring updates. It’s all Kaz’s fault for getting us used to the crème de la crème of console racing: we’ll always expect more because we know he’s up to the challenge.

    • May. 21, 10:37pm

      Two prefabricated promo bits featuring content that didn’t make the final cut. One an embarrassing demonstration of Redbulls ignorance of the actual game, and lack of cordination with PD, and the other probably in good faith, but featuring a track that didn’t make it in the release. This is what people cling to has some kind of sign of DLC to come, despite no other evidence of that kind of additional content ever being added at all. 7 months later, not one peep…… I don’t have that kind of faith. Won’t be the least bit surprised if it never happens.

  26. May. 19, 1:22pm

    If only they could make it more realistic with random overheating, wipers that intermittantly fail and a pit garage that refuses to do anything because it will soon be August.

    Least when I trade my brand new clio in for credits, the depreciation is realistic.

    Vive la France!

    • May. 27, 10:08am

      LOL HAHA

  27. May. 19, 1:01pm

    Soupe à l’Oignon!

    • May. 19, 3:21pm

      No Soup for you!

  28. May. 19, 12:59pm

    Yawn…screw online, more premium cars or standard to premium conversions and more real world tracks please

    • May. 19, 3:46pm

      Every time you post that, I giggle, and delay releasing the new ones for another month……..

  29. May. 19, 12:23pm

    All very well, but I miss the old ‘Race Series No.xx’ In about 20-odd minutes, you could have something like 3.5million credits :/

  30. May. 19, 12:10pm

    Nice seasonal, good on PD.

    I’d like to see the seasonal races change just a bit tho. I think it would be cool if PD supplied the car(s) (like they do in the license tests) for the seasonal races, then when you win all five races you have the option to buy the car. They could even offer the car as a reward via a ticket.

  31. May. 19, 11:33am

    My attempt at translation:

    Audi seasonal event for Le Mans? Get real! (With a) french track, french cars (should be used). It’s like saying “Use the Nürburgring for US cars”. Plus, Le Mans is (arguably) the biggest (most popular) motor-sport race in France, considering there hasn’t been a French GP since 2008.

  32. May. 19, 11:24am

    time to bring out the Peugeot 207 GTI with 250+ BHP

    • May. 19, 6:49pm

      naaa ill take my 205gti !!!

  33. May. 19, 10:49am

    Circuit de La Sarthe is just south of Le Mans, France. Running a seasonal is how PD gets us to buy French Cars!

    Now I have to check and see if I have any ;)

  34. May. 19, 10:18am
    Beef Captain

    Perfect chance to take the dust of my Alpines.

  35. May. 19, 9:52am

    Cool! That explains why there’s so many french cars at the Online dealership :)

    • May. 19, 12:07pm

      That’s awesome. Everything in this game is connected. Feels strange. Never had this feeling before lol.

  36. May. 19, 7:52am

    C est si boring, je ne sais pas if I can even motivate myself to do this… I already crashed 3 times in the muscle car sunday drive cause I fell asleep at the wheel. A shame those seasonals went from being cool new challenges to boring copies of boring a-spec races.

    • May. 19, 8:16am

      If you want more of a challenge then downgrade your hp and tyres. What other game do you get free races like these?

  37. May. 19, 7:51am

    Finally, a reason to drive my birthday gift car. PD didn’t see much worth driving in 1980 so the pickings were slim!

  38. May. 19, 7:34am

    Audi seasonal event for le mans get real french track french cars its like saying use nurburgring for us cars plus le mans is the big motorsport race in france with no f1 there any more

    • May. 19, 7:56am

      Punctuation for the win!

    • May. 19, 11:05am

      Seriously, i read it 3 times and i still have no clue how to read it.

    • May. 19, 3:41pm
      Let me try…..

      Audi seasonal event for le mans? Get real! French track, french cars. Its like saying use nurburgring for us cars. Plus, le mans is the big motorsport race in france with no f1 there any more……

    • May. 19, 3:42pm
      Let me try…..

      At least I think that’s how it translates, lol.

    • May. 20, 1:40pm
      funniest guy here?

      I though it was one long french word until you fixed it, thanks.

  39. May. 19, 7:29am

    Payouts? Bugatti Gayron?

  40. May. 19, 7:04am

    Busting out my Berlinette bad boy.

  41. May. 19, 5:57am

    Time to bring out the Citroen C5.

  42. May. 19, 5:34am

    This is very off topic but y isthere 2 AU cars only

    • May. 19, 7:03am

      GOOD NEWS!!!
      There are 3 AU cars.

  43. May. 19, 5:05am

    pig wants a Australian event on BullS$%T tracks for our 3 cars…

  44. May. 19, 3:27am

    That is cool! Can someone pur the prizes?

  45. May. 19, 3:17am

    Wouldn’t an Audi seasonal event be more appropriate for Le Mans ? :)

    • May. 19, 12:13pm

      Or Aston Martin?

    • May. 20, 8:58am

      agreed i want a audi sessong

  46. May. 19, 2:55am

    La Sarthe only one lap.. : (
    Would be cool 10 laps and earn 250k credits 1st place : )

    • May. 19, 3:03am

      A wicked fun race, I would sign up for that. ^^

    • May. 25, 10:57pm

      I don’t understand your comment. One lap nets you about 120k credits. You can earn almost 250k credits in 2 laps. Why do you want 250k credits for 10 laps? 10 races (or 10 laps) earns you about 1,200,000 credits.

  47. May. 19, 2:05am

    So just the Australian servers that are down again then. Hope they working by the time I get home from work, I’ve been looking forward to driving a Clio again!

  48. May. 19, 2:04am
    Tonnie 073

    Gonna use my tuned 205, ran out a zonda once (the driver couldnt take a corner without crashing, but still…) A zonda (R)

    • May. 19, 6:40am

      When there’s a crap driver it doesn’t matter how fast the car is. I beat a Mclaren F1 with a tuned FC

    • May. 19, 6:39pm

      i beat the gt by citroen with a tuned caterham

  49. May. 19, 1:53am

    yeeess, im gonna race with my 206 RC :)

  50. May. 19, 1:52am

    Been there done that!

  51. May. 19, 1:41am

    Perfect! I just traded for a Renault 5 Turbo :)

  52. May. 19, 1:29am

    ¡Oui oui! ^^

    • May. 20, 1:37pm
      funniest guy here?

      The toilet is upstairs on the right dude.

  53. May. 19, 1:18am
    Tonnie 073


  54. May. 19, 1:01am

    Im French so it s a very good news !!!!

    • May. 19, 3:46am

      thats ashame! Lol only joking!

  55. May. 19, 1:01am
    Ian Blake

    4 weeks for this?

    • May. 19, 1:51am

      Nah, we’ve had plenty of stupid whiney comments over the last four weeks. Yours is late.

    • May. 19, 12:42pm

      But still, I did also expect other events with higher prices.. How did you guys earn enough money for the F2011?? I really want to drive that car, have completed almost every A-Spec event, but I don’t want to start B-Spec… Any Tips?

    • May. 19, 2:48pm

      your problem is right there lmao. start b-spec and don’t complain about not having money until you do.

      Literally, you’re on GTP right now so instead of having your ps3 off you could be b-speccing. It takes a short while to get your driver good enough to just let him go, but after that it’s smooth sailing except for maybe 3-4 events that are evenly matched.

    • May. 19, 4:55pm

      aigth, thanks for the tip, but still, I wish there were just more offline A-spec events.. I will use B-spec now! ;) thanks again

  56. May. 19, 12:58am

    1st! :)

    The French Seasonal looks cool, I’ll try it tomorrow morning :D

    • May. 19, 12:59am

      LOL… 1st comment fail by me xD

    • May. 19, 10:59am

      Second..sorry buddy.

  57. May. 19, 12:58am

    Great seasonal is back!!!!

    • May. 21, 4:51am

      what about:
      0×00000001 [841]?
      Jordan, help please :(

    • May. 21, 3:56pm

      Great way to win 120k I’m using a cool little 106 rallye 260bhp and i have hit 198 down sarth straight brill

    • May. 21, 11:55pm
      Google it


      Instead of spaming in unrelated news items, a quick google search would’ve told you. BTW, you won’t like what you find……..

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