Gran Turismo 5 Set for E3 Announcement

May 29th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

e3logoIt’s been quite a roller coaster as we wait for confirmation regarding Gran Turismo 5‘s appearance at next week’s E3 2009.  Things started out good, when our own Amar212 shared some cryptically optimistic information regarding an E3 announcement, but hopes were dashed when Sony’s biggest franchise was missing from their lineup for the show.  Today, we’re back up again, with encouraging words from an apparently reputable French PlayStation magazine, PSM3.

First picked up by GTPlanet user vannardini, other reports of PSM3’s article have been trickling in.  Let’s hope they are right – of course, with E3 2009 right around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to find out!

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  1. May. 30, 6:11pm

    +1 I agree and one other thing if GT5 is released will it use the full power of the PS3? The power of the PS3 hasn’t even been tapped yet. I’m saving up for two other units and three Dell flat screens.

  2. May. 30, 2:57pm

    if its not announced or they say like what codemasters did for F1 , we are shelving GT5 and we are focusing on GT mobile, I will probably smash my monitor, and then proceed to smash my PC. all I can say is if GT5 is not confirmed for release that is the end of polyphony’s and sony’s and my relationship with them.

  3. May. 30, 1:12pm

    GT Mobile confirmed, see Amar’s famous topic :)

  4. May. 29, 5:43pm

    …but hopes were dashed when Sony’s biggest franchise was missing from their lineup for the show.

    What did you expect? the only games they put on the list are the ones already announced and that have been on E3 last year. They do that every E3.

  5. May. 29, 11:59am

    I can’t wait. I do believe PD will show up.

  6. May. 29, 10:53am

    if Pd is at E3….(confirmed or not)
    I guess there will be no expectations of weather at this time…
    i know The Ring will be one of the showcase …and maybe some surprises such as a confirmed release date..cause im tired of waiting…

  7. May. 29, 4:30am

    I can’t imagine the disappointment if they were there…
    only with gt5 prologue…
    But okay…They’re smart enough not to do such a stupid thing I guess.
    It would ruin their reputation.

  8. May. 29, 4:04am

    sorry, but its impossible that PD miss E3 this year, they always been there every year, and a miss this time would be ridicoulus.

  9. May. 29, 2:46am

    Hope they’re source is good.
    Imagine their source is just… amar’s post over here…
    Like a Belgian game magazine my brother has,
    where a column appeared last month.. just saying everything amar said.
    But ok… I still believe in him so …

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