New Tracks in GT5 E3 2010 Demo

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  1. STAIN

    It says 2010 Demo, will there be a demo version of the game that will be coming out before the full version?

  2. J.B.

    Is the demo going to be available through PSN? I’m guessing not due to the large size it seems to be, but PSN is making out as if demos will become available as E3 goes on.

    I’d also love to see the video become available on PSN…watching the demos in 1080 is fantastic!

  3. Shokz

    Someone really does need to try out Toscana, pretty pretty please (and confirm what’s going on with the whole dirt/snow thing whether it’s two different variations of the track or whether it’s both on the trck at once). That and general night racing..

  4. Mr_Hansen

    At the Toscana circuit it says ‘snow / dirt’. Is that the track which have such big elevations that there is both, or is it two different settings?.. This could be the confirguration options for each ‘location’ they have mentioned. Don’t know ;D

  5. Mickle Pickle

    wow wow wow Nov 2nd 2010 is the day! Wished it could have come sooner though… Anyhow… Great Tracks here! More i hope. Am getting my copy then (hoping no further delay)

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