First News on the Next Forza Motorsport Coming May 7

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Sim racers will get their first bit of info on the next Forza Motorsport in a matter of weeks, according to developer Turn 10 Studios.

The news came courtesy of community manager Brian Ekberg earlier this week on Forza Monthly. Most of the episode was focused on existing content, like the FH4 Series 8 Update or FM7’s April Update, plus the new Forza Street game. Ekberg then closed out the latest episode of Forza Monthly with a tease of what’s next:

“That May 7 show is an important one. As you might remember, Dan (Greenawalt) was sitting here last month talking about the next Motorsport project. We’re going to have our first news about that in May.”

Greenawalt was on the show back in March, where he announced the Turn 10 team was “transitioning its weight” to the next Forza project. Support will still continue for 2017’s FM7, with further evolution of the new Forza Race Regulations system, but we’ll get our first hints of what’s next in May.

This is another change of pace for the developer. For most of this generation, Turn 10 has followed a strict cadence for new releases. E3 would be the first public showing of a new Motorsport, Gamescom would spill more details, and then the game would launch in early autumn. A pre-E3 info drop, alongside the new Discord set up to garner feedback from the community, suggests a different approach for what could be Forza Motorsport 8.

Despite the earlier first mention, we still believe that no full-fledged Forza game will launch this year. With the next-gen Xbox Scarlett expected for 2020, an extra year of development for FM8 to be a launch title would make a lot of sense.

Either way, we’ll find out more May 7.

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