Nissan 370Z Featured in Latest Special GT5 Seasonal Events

August 2nd, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Another special GT5 Seasonal Event has just gone live for GT Academy 2012 participants who scored all-Gold times in Round 4 of this year’s competition. These players have been awarded the Nissan 370Z (GT Academy) ’08, and can now participate in the following events:

  •  Tokyo Route 246 / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/02 23:00 – 2012/08/09 23:00
    1st: Cr.450,000  2nd: Cr.247,500  3rd: Cr.180,000
  • 450PP Aso 207A Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/02 23:00 – 2012/08/09 23:00
    Gold: Cr.300,000  Silver: Cr.200,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum and our GT Academy 2012 forum for more analysis and discussion!

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  1. Aug. 8, 7:26pm

    ” Nobody wants to have to spend time learning a new track. Especially when it’s a terrible track like that one with all those off camber corners.”

    I agree, what sort of car racer would ever want the challenge of trying something new ? Doesn’t sound like a race fan to me. And if a track must be new, why must it have corners ? And even if it must have corners they should be banked so you don’t even need to slow down. And gold is too low a time, should be 10s higher. In fact, I think Bob should be allowed to drive these things on our behalf. And there should be an auto-Bob that logs in, does the seasonal, and then posts to GTP about how easy the game is on for his master.

    • Aug. 9, 10:48pm

      Hahaha this tpark103’s Bob and on behalf of all us we think it’s about time we get credit for all that we do for you humans!!! Lol

  2. Aug. 8, 2:15pm

    SonicConqueror & Amac500: Gold and Silver Medals for you two……why?……..Worlds best impression of 40year old virgins who still live with Mummy.

    • Aug. 8, 10:41pm

      You Killing me lol

    • Aug. 9, 2:25pm

      hahaha, hilarious.

  3. Aug. 5, 4:34am

    I’ve read some comments and I think they’re offtopic! Next! Don’t play the game if you don’t like it. Simple. Toddlers!

    • Aug. 5, 8:05am

      Who cares what you think is off topic? You’re not a moderator.

    • Aug. 5, 3:51pm

      haha toddlers

    • Aug. 5, 11:17pm

      Sadly most of the comments are always off topic for the articles they’re posted under. People want to complain about the game so much, that it becomes an obsession.
      We all know that GT5 was quite a disappointment from what we were all expecting, but all you can do now is enjoy it for what it is and wait for GT6 to be released and hope that all of the shortcomings are addressed.

    • Aug. 6, 10:26am

      Well said :)

    • Aug. 8, 10:43pm

      You mean guy! :-)

  4. Aug. 4, 10:02pm

    GT6 isn’t every coming out so don’t get your hopes up.

  5. Aug. 4, 11:30am

    this is all were going to see for now on are seasonal events until gt6 comes out great im looking forward to it.

    • Aug. 4, 11:49am

      GT6 won’t be available until the year 2016.

    • Aug. 4, 3:18pm
      Pit Crew

      SonicConquerer You dont know that for sure. Stop stating your opinions as facts.

    • Aug. 5, 2:34am

      Don’t YOU talk, Pit Crew. I know the prediction for GT6’s retail release, in the year 2016. No more arguing from you, Pit Crew, because we still have 4 years until GT6 comes out. Hug a rainbow, Pit Crew. lol

    • Aug. 5, 10:22am
      Pit Crew

      Yeah… Sure… I will do as you say, Keyboard Warrior SonicConquerer. There is no Release date from SONY or Polyphony Digital on GT6. Your not an inside guy or devoted GTPlanet Forum contributor, Just an overopinionated kid who thinks he can foolishly intimidate News Thread posters into believing you know more than they. LOL what a joke.

      Post the thread or link where this information may be viewed by all. Anything less than that is a foolishly concieved argument.

    • Aug. 5, 3:44pm

      How can you exactly know when GT6 is released?! Unless you’ve seen PD say something on a message board or something like that, noone can know when GT6 will be out in stores. I’m not going to believe you unless you have some proof to back up your words.

    • Aug. 5, 3:52pm

      Ugh. What an annoying fart, that guy is.

    • Aug. 5, 7:02pm

      Idiots… thinking that you be SO irritating to burden me. You’re going to have to believe my comment, that GT6 will not come until 2016. The original GT came out in 1997-98; GT2 in 1999-2000; GT3 A-Spec in 2001; GT4 in 2005 (4 year development); & GT5 in 2010 (5 year development).
      By the time GT6 comes out in 2016, we would already have gotten 100% game completion on GT5.

    • Aug. 6, 10:06am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Thats still an opinion not fact. That timeline is not proof positive of a 2016 release date. GT5 was ctually supposed to release shortly after prologue as that game was a snipet of what GT5 could do. Add in 2(i think, may have been 3) delays and GT5 development window stretched into 2010 which had earlier predicted release dates in that year. So basically your opinion is an assumption based on a previous development pattern. Thats not hard evidence.

    • Aug. 6, 5:55pm

      It’s NOT an opinion, Pit Crew. It’s a fact. It’s proof positive that GT6 will be available from 2016. During the development of GT6 there will be heavy delays for the game, stretching the release date to exactly 2016, which is 4 years away. Nothing More, & nothing less.

      And for the last time, it’s not an opinion; it’s a FACT.

    • Aug. 7, 11:27am
      Pit Crew

      ^ If thats the case, then why didnt you state those points in your earlier rebuttle when you broke down the timeline instead of using words from my comment to strengthen your OPINION. Your Pathetic.

    • Aug. 7, 5:55pm

      Pit Crew, you’re a fraud with nothing to convince anyone. YOU’RE the pathetic person, not me. You can’t stop me. Now, I ask you (Pit Crew) to say nothing else on this blog.

    • Aug. 8, 3:00pm
      Pit Crew

      I dont have to stop you from being a malcontent Sonic, you are doing an aces job of that all by yourself.

    • Aug. 8, 3:02pm
      Pit Crew

      Oh and Sonic, I wasnt trying to convince anyone remember? You were.

    • Aug. 8, 10:15pm

      Perhaps you’ve forgotten about my arch-enemy Dr. Eggman. He has an IQ of 300, but still no match for me.

  6. Aug. 3, 11:36pm

    So that’s what for me, I think 8 more trophies from my GT Acdemy gold sweep (hopefully). I think anybody who gets a trophy (of any type) in all events will get Kaz’s 2012 Nürburgring 24 Hour car. If I do get all gold though I will be very disappointed if I don’t get something special like a Nissan Academy 2012 suit with gold writing or something (just guessing), I hope it’s some kind of special suit or helmet.

    • Aug. 4, 11:48am

      It’s a helmet & suit all in one, Amac500. GT Academy inspired 2012 Racing suit & helmet.

    • Aug. 4, 5:49pm

      I know but anyone who got a trophy in all the GT Academy gets it’s it, I was hoping a bit of a special one for those who got gold all the way through GT Academy and the seasonal events.

    • Aug. 4, 10:03pm

      Haha that’s funny!!

    • Aug. 4, 11:53pm

      Yeah tpark I’m 95% sure I’ll be disappointed to, lol

    • Aug. 4, 11:55pm

      But I hope to be surprised :)

  7. Aug. 3, 6:29pm

    another gta event another sea of people using assists & running the verge , i got gold on 2nd lap but im not even going to try to compete for a higher place , tt’s are to see who really is good , so all assists off , abs 1 , for those who cant do it ill let you see a comment i was way too familiar with at school , ‘ must try harder ‘ , but then i dont get gold i hear you say , i say thats why theres silver & bronze , im an average player nothing special , to read the posts you guys put up on a daily basis all you do is bitch & moan that gt5 is not good enough when truth be told its you thats not good enough , most of you are not ready for gt6 yet , when it does come you will only ruin the experience by flying through the game on rs tyres with fully tuned fully lightened cars then come on here shouting about how short a game it was & the ai didnt try to race

    • Aug. 3, 11:47pm

      That’s not at all a good argument, your saying that if your good enough at GT5 you can’t voice opinion of the game you payed money for and play. You can’t say they didn’t beat the game because of how they did the cars, setting a car up with in the rules part of the game because tuning is something learned to, that’s why it’s there. The game is more then just driving, that’s why there is B-spec and the ability to setup a car to your personal taste. Your saying you ruin the experience if you look at the rules, see what you can do, think if you have an advantage, sigh and say “I’m too good for this event” and detune the car for it? You can’t call players garbage for playing with in the events requirements, now you just sound douchey for talking all stuck up like that.

    • Aug. 4, 1:26am

      whats the problem Amac500 ? Tell you what , how about giving everyone at the olympics a gold medal just for turning up , whilst we’re at it let the best athletes be penalised by allowing the ‘also ran’s’ an advantage , to say im stuck up is rich coming from you , all you say is i want or i better get something good for getting gold in every tt , whereas i would say it would be good if ‘we’ get something , everything i put up was true and to the point , if you dont like it then tough luck , dont try to pin you’re bs on me cos you’re going to need to try harder , im not a kid in front of a screen so you better call a few of you’re butt kissing friends to help you here as i wont back down just cos you throw a diplomatic reply together just to sound the big man , i get under everyone’s skin cos i tell it how it is and i buck this trend of ‘ cheaping out ‘ that the online community has become obsessed with , players want gt to be a simulator yet most are not prepared to put the work in to achieve this ,

    • Aug. 4, 7:43am

      w115ter, I hate to be against you, but Amac500 has a very valid point. Great comment, Amac500

    • Aug. 4, 10:00am

      w115ter, your argument is not one for the players, it’s one for the makers of the event. Can never blame people for competing with in the rules and the cream of the crop will rise regardless.

    • Aug. 4, 10:08am

      well the 2 of you need to read properly whats there , failing that it has just shown everyone else that perhaps you 2 cheap out when possible too , it basically says that in order to get gold you must try hard , until then silver/bronze is where its at for you ,
      @SonicConqueror , dont hate to be against me its not a problem , although i would say that if no one can see that its the players , not gt5 thats crap , then pd should just call it a day cos its getting worse , every time you look online all you get is glitch this , hack that , etc , to be right pd shouldn’t have to patch the game , like i said its the mutants that are broken not gt

    • Aug. 4, 11:16am

      I think this is a great driving simulator, just not a great race event simulator. Since GT1, you had to police your own settings to make a competitive race. I am lazy and don’t like takeing the time to dumb my car down to match the AI. But even with detuning it’s hard to get it right. I don’t care about comeing in first. I just want a good race….. preferably set up by the game engine, not me.

    • Aug. 4, 11:45am

      w115ter, that’s YOU’RE kind of thinking, not me & Amac500. You’re way of thinking about Gran Turismo is way out of line in the world, today. I still standby about what I said earlier; I’m with Amac500 thanks to his very valid & accurate point. We’re not hackers; we’re not even glitchers either ever since the 2.00 update. It’s about being one with the world.

      Oh and er, hug a rainbow, w115ter. :)

    • Aug. 4, 12:07pm

      @FuelAirSpark , do you not look at what range the opposition will be in before you race ( for those who dont read well range refers to kg/lbs & bhp/ps/kw … you know who you are ! ) , matching the opposition makes it a challenge most are unaware of , i do like you’re comment about not coming 1st , these 2 think im up my own a$$ but its been through experience that i can say what i did , i struggled for ages with the incar view , with no hud , its now coming together but i was ages on bronze/silver sometimes none at all ,

    • Aug. 4, 12:19pm

      @SonicConqueror , so honesty is well out of line is it , has Amac500 been giving you drugs ? cos the 2 of you must be high if you cant understand whats being said , btw try reading you’re boys 1st reply it makes as much sense as you agreeing with it in the 1st place , put the crack pipe down it leads to nothing good ,

    • Aug. 4, 12:24pm

      No, not really, I should take the time to set up the race better. I hear you. They gave us the tools, it’s up to me to build it.

    • Aug. 4, 12:56pm

      @SonicConqueror, couldn’t have put it better ,

    • Aug. 4, 12:59pm

      sorry my mistake , should be @FuelAirSpark , now who doesn’t know how to read lol

    • Aug. 4, 3:37pm
      Pit Crew

      w115ter, did someone offend you or something? You may or maynot want respect for you opinion, but insulting people who dont agree with you is pointless, and makes your opinion of other players techniques even more baseless. Play your game your way, just do you and maybe show some class even if you disagree with an opinion.

      If and when you start posting in the main forum sight, voice that same opinion you did in this news thread, then checkout the feedback to your post from those GTplanet contributors and try and defend your point with insults and name calling…I dare ya.

    • Aug. 4, 5:47pm

      I’m sorry, but I have know idea what w115ter is saying. Can somebody translate what he has been saying into something legible? Thanks!

    • Aug. 4, 6:02pm

      i can take it , its younger guys i worry about that might take you guys pressure towards new posters more seriously , kids hang themselves etc because of you idiots , @all

    • Aug. 4, 6:04pm

      I can honestly say I’ve never seen a hacker on line, the problem I some people lag. w115ter you do realize that there is a reason nobody has agreed with you, right? In case you hadn’t realized yet, all the quickest drivers do run with all the adds off because if you are on top of your game they do slow you done. So I reiderate, THE CREAM OF THE CROP WILL RISE TO THE TOP. But to turn off all that stuff to make it like you want PD would be cutting out the largest GT market, the average player. And if they did that the GT franchise falls on it’s face, and that is just a fact. But competing with in the rules is not now and it will never be a crime. And you critized me for wanting something for all golds all the way through GT Academy (recognition for the top players) yet all your talking about how all the stuff should be off to make it hard, separate the good players. My asking for that is the same as why you want, recognition for the top players. The only difference is I would do it without insulting or excluding the average player from GT5.

    • Aug. 4, 6:14pm

      @Amac500 , i am an average play , its about time you & you’re buddies read the posts better , try reading from the start again , yes maybe i di react a bit harsh & i would like gt to be harder , but …. forget it just read the whole lot again , before you come back at me take note that you’re post at the start of this did not make sense

    • Aug. 4, 6:23pm

      I have to say that GT5’s AI is just plain terrible. Why do you think the seasonals are in the format they are, with each car being spread far apart and the player starting from the very back? They’re trying to compensate for how bad the AI is. And to top it off, this “chase the rabbit” format seen in seasonals is not even real racing. Just getting past rolling obstacles to catch up with first. It’s a joke.

    • Aug. 4, 6:34pm

      @MuoNiuLa , i agree 50% with you , but if using a car thats close to the opposition & you dont make reckless passes the ai do react to you , i did the 80’s jp seasonal in a very low pp mx5 & they were pretty damn good , i cant remember what pp exactly but it was around 370/80 , whats you’re opinion on this Amac500 ( come on im trying )

    • Aug. 4, 6:41pm

      I read it all again. I never at any point said you weren’t average. At the start of this you said that all people do is bitch and complain about the game when the truth is they aren’t good enough. You said how all the assist should be off. You critisized people’s tire choice and people tuning the cars and said that doing those things, all things legal in the event regulations, are what kills the games and these TT events. Not too much more to say about it then that, all that’s left is for you to go through and correct yourself.

    • Aug. 4, 7:03pm

      ill try to simplify things more as you are still not understanding , these tt’s should have assists off so that everyone is the same , the guys who are at the top & who are using assists could quite possibly post a really decent time without them , its fair , as for the players needing to be better i dont see nothing wrong either they do , they cant be that good if they need assists , i was saying that i was an average player , i said this during the argument too , ‘ im an average player nothing special ‘ , the only thing i need to correct is when i flipped at you’re buddies , not cool i know , & for that i apologise !

    • Aug. 4, 7:21pm

      Alll of the guys at the top already have assists off, you can look at the leaderboard and see what they used, they run off. And what about the whole criticizing tire choice and tuning the cars? Things that have nothing to do with assists. Again, I never said you weren’t average.

      The only thing I would like to see the AI do differently is things like altering line into corners when I’m up there with them. Say we’re about to hit the braking zone and I’m tailing them, I’d like to see them maybe move to the inside to take the line from me, then get on the brakes. Then I also wouldn’t mind them getting more aggressive or sometimes careless when trying to pas me. Ya know, late dives, making contact, locking up brakes. And those little deffensive and bold moves shouldn’t be to hard to code, it’s just about coding it so that the AI acts a certain way when another car is with in a certain proximity. For the 80’s festival there is an AI glitch at the Tsukuba race. If you set your map display to full you can watch the lead car go unrealistically fast down the back straight and gaining a ton of time, then it acts normal for the rest of the race. Other then the glitch it wasn’t bad, still beat it.

    • Aug. 4, 8:13pm

      looked at leaderboard only 5 guys/girls without assists , none are 1st , 1 american , 2 french , 1 brit & 1 german ,
      as for the tyre & tuning comment its true most will go through the game maxed on rs tyres then complain it wasnt long enough

    • Aug. 4, 9:50pm
      Pit Crew

      w115ter Its unfortunate you cant play GT5 without haboring animosity towards other GT5 players TT accomplishment, and feeling free to speak your mind gets better results…Face to Face not Keyboard warrior style. You may not be a kid but your far from a Real Man.

    • Aug. 4, 10:29pm

      Car tuning is something that must e learned to. You could do one thing to the suspension and you could slow down to seconds, or you could get it right and gain 2 seconds. If the events don’t say no tuning or have a pp cap or mandate te tires you can’t blame the players for progression through the game with in the boundries set by PD.

    • Aug. 4, 10:32pm

      And however they got their TT times good for them. We all have the same stuff to work with, so it can’t be said they did it unfairly. The cream rises to the top.

    • Aug. 5, 4:00am

      @Pit Crew , listen fool , you’ve came back on with stirring the pot again , now you’re buddies back on it too , at least i dont need no one else behind me to put my point forward , and at the end of it all my point is still very much valid , the american in second place would possibly be 1st if the 1st place wasn’t using assists or running the verge , im obviously more a man than you’ll ever be as i accept when i’ve gone got things wrong , but since i started posting here its the same people all the time who have had a problem with what i’ve put forward , you for 1 should take a look at some of you’re own posts on other topics as you have stated that you do have my views too ….. but i must be wrong again ,

    • Aug. 5, 6:05am

      w115ter, you always say the same thing. Now you’re making all of us rot in a bad way. For shame, sir.

    • Aug. 5, 6:48am

      whatever , i will agree with you that i do repeat the same problem for each tt i’ve posted on , why you guys/girls cant see reason in my thought for no assists i dont know , if everyone was on a level playing field i’d have no problems , btw my opinion is not for my own good its for the guys/girls who put so much hard work in to playing without assists just to have them beaten cheaply , the other events can have as much as they want , tt’s should be playier + machine only ,

    • Aug. 5, 8:41am

      This has nothing to do with TT’s or assists. Also, it has nothing to do with a machine being faster or slower than us. Just get on with it, w115ter. FCOL. :)

      Remember, Gran Turismo 5 is the world’s leading real-driving similator by Polyphony Digital. That’s the one reason why I prefer it to all the other motoring games of the century.

      And for the most part, Amac500 is my new friend because of his very strong valid points about what goes on in the world of Gran Turismo. Thumbs up, Amac500!

    • Aug. 5, 9:52am

      @SonicConqueror , you really need to know when to stop using you’re keyboard , everything about this post has been about the use of assists on tt’s , it stands to reason that if they were only player + machine without them then the ‘cream of the crop’ would be on top , you lost me with you’re machine being faster than us thing , you also incriminated yourself & Amac500 earlier in this post about being glitchers , you know my opinion on the whole cheap player thing so ill say no more ,
      i knew you were all buddies , been reading this site long before i joined so i knew i was going to have to deal with you lot 1 day ,
      ill give you a deal right , ill kurb my rage if you start reading posts properly ( not just mine )

    • Aug. 5, 10:46am
      Pit Crew

      w115ter I speak for me slick. Your the cowardly fool whos having a whine and plead moment about other players TT accomplishments. I refuse to critique how others play this game. You have NEVER read a post from me where I have criticized any, ANY accomplishments in the TTof other GT5 players, though I will have a say towards offbase unnecessary rants so clean that up cletus. You have issues with these players send them a PM and challenge them. Show them how it’s done little boy.

      The other posters don’t need me to back them up, as they have an opinion about things too, and seeing as how YOU w115ter have yet to start a thread on this subject in the main forum page tells me you are not that confident in your own skewed offbeat opinion.

    • Aug. 5, 11:12am

      @Pit Crew , well you had better take you’re a$$ over to the 80’s jp seasonal posts where you said , quote ‘ no aids , just tuning & technique , the only way to go , & oh so satisfying ‘ , i agreed with this , seems like you boys have an overwhelming ability to punish others for saying things that you agree with , but for some reason forget …. ok … slick !

    • Aug. 5, 12:20pm
      Pit Crew

      Thats your defense, LOL laughable with every rebuttle you become a bigger malcontent. My comment…”Slick” does not critique players any single TT accomplishment, the comment is base on personal prefference, which leads to my own personal satisfaction. In that same thread, I attempted to help a player using FF with some maybe helpful tuning advice, yet stop way short of criticizing his/her way of getting over that particular hump.

      Still no Main forum thread on that opinion though….

    • Aug. 5, 1:51pm

      yeah yeah try to impress with big words but you will find its only 1 topic & 3 maybe 4 people which makes their use correct , try harder you dont fool me , you’re comment is based on my reaction to principles such as trust & honesty which you & you’re friends deem unnecessary or in short totally wrong , good luck in the world with that perspective , about time you murdered you’re darlings , whatever im getting bored of you now , ill enjoy watching future comments made by you that agree fully with what this post started with in the 1st place , xx love you …. ‘slick’

    • Aug. 5, 2:57pm
      Pit Crew
    • Aug. 5, 6:21pm

      w115ter, for the last time, this has nothing to do with TTs. We’re not glitchers, we’re not incriminators, and it’s has completly nothing to do with assists. What you’re trying to do is burden us with YOUR pointless comments. You do realise that if you continue to say anything else on this extra-long comment, you’ll end up being the world’s most unreliable person for Gran Turismo.

      So if you don’t any more pressure built on to you by all of us, then don’t say anything else, w115ter.

      Anyone who reads my comment very very carefully should have no hesitation to join forces with me & my new friend, Amac500.

      I would be very useful on GTP by being the GTP jury. w115ter won’t like what he’s about to see:
      w115ter, for violation of continued disagreement with almost every GTP user, you have been found guilty; you are hereby ordered to stand down, and refrain from writing anymore comments on GTP. Ajurned.

    • Aug. 5, 10:04pm

      Shut yo face, bwoi.

    • Aug. 5, 11:06pm

      Well I think the general feedback speaks for itself. I’m saying w115ster is also contradicting himself by pushing for real world realism because in the real world every team in an event pushes the rule book to the limit, but I guess we can’t touch the tires and tuning. Can’t blame the players for following the rules. Nothing more I can say, not like it’s much of an argument because so far nobody has bought w115ster’s radical ways. But I guess we can respect that old school persistence in his ways like a 1930’s racist (no I’m not calling him racist that one was a joke)

    • Aug. 5, 11:14pm

      Oh yeah and btw this is a Nissan GT Acdemy time trial an the whole point is to produce racing drivers. If you were Nissan looking or a driver wouldn’t you want somebody who knows a thing or 2 about what he’s driving? Tuning would validate that.

    • Aug. 6, 9:53am
      Pit Crew

      Te funny thing is he claimed he could handle the negative feedback, but yet after he realized we would only keep pounding him and challenging his lack of intelligence he finally gave up. LOL We actually ran someone off the news thread.

    • Aug. 6, 10:29am

      My last reply was to the comment right above it, just in case it looks outta place.

    • Aug. 6, 5:16pm

      nice 1 guys , excellent analysis of me , where & who do i start with , lets say @all 3 of you for a start , textbook bullying , no more said apart from you’re lucky i can take it , not bad for a guy thats just been ‘ran off the news thread’ huh ,
      now lets get a little intimate ,
      @SonicConqueror , hey little fella , why dont we ‘ join forces ‘ & fight evil together , i told you before that you incriminate yourself & others when you dont think before using you’re keyboard , so i would probably say yes you are an ‘incriminator’ ,
      @Amac500 , what can i say dude , i did try to cool things with you , ready ? , ‘pushing for real world realism ‘ , ‘ radical ways ‘ , oh & my personal favourite , ‘ if you were nissan looking for a driver wouldn’t you want somebody who knows a thing or 2 about what he’s driving ? ‘ i know but wait theres more , ‘ tuning would validate that ‘ hahahahahahahahahahahaha , now just sit down as this might come as a shock to you , GRAN TURISMO THE REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR , sorry you left me no choice , as for youre nissan scholarship , if i was looking for a driver to drive my 250,000+ worth of machinery id like to hope the could at least steer the thing without having to add the weight of a copilot to help him with it , tuning , TUNING , how many heads have you built , how many cams have you profiled , how many ecu’s have you coded , for the last time Amac500 ‘ i am an average player nothing special ‘ thats why my tunes in game are all real world tunes , not some crap just to beat the game that would fail miserably in real time , im no excellent car builder , if i was my name would be Shinichi Kobayashi ,
      and finally mr junior scrabble champion , @Pit Crew , i will start by agreeing with you that yes i do have a lack of ‘intelligence ‘ , but i seem to be at a loss at the lack of substance in you’re post , for someone who throws such delightful vocabulary around you have certainly come to an abrupt end with things , i expected more from you ! ‘ we would only keep pounding him & challenging his lack of intelligence he finally gave up LOL ‘ this is the best part ‘we actually ran someone off the news thread ‘
      now guys , i wasn’t even going to reply but im glad i did now ,
      to the younger readers out there that have read this , stand strong dont let no one bring you down , if you ever feel the dark when faced with what would be overwhelming odds just think of this post as you’re light ,
      goodnight & god bless ,

    • Aug. 6, 6:01pm

      w115ter, I ask you to say no more, because you’re insulting ALL of us on this blog. YOU’RE the incriminator, not us. We are getting sick & tired of you’re pointless comments posted on this blog, because you’re too old, too tall, & too fat to continue. lol

  8. Aug. 3, 9:27am

    Guys remember to share your GTacademy cars in your online garage so your friends who did not get GTacademy2012 can still compete.

    • Aug. 3, 2:09pm
      Nissan Lover


    • Aug. 3, 4:34pm
      GT5 Level 41

      All my academy are shared plus my tuned Mogen Civic that won all of the event in the latest Japanese 80’s seasonal.

      PSN tnfedexman if anyone wants to add me.

      ps. I will have all eight cars shared for thier respective seasonal.

    • Aug. 3, 7:14pm

      share gta cars …… no way , why should i share my hard fought cars with some clown that A – was not good enough to get them themselves & B – will drive it with assists , no thanks ill pass

    • Aug. 3, 7:24pm

      Feel free to use mine.

    • Aug. 4, 9:30am

      w115ter, stop being such a coward & start sharing your gta cars with other people, even if they use aids.
      That goes for you too, Nissan Lover.

    • Aug. 4, 9:52am
      Pit Crew

      My Homeboy moved from Illinois to Albany New York and missed the last 2 rounds. For this reason I am sharing my GTA cars.

      On this game, My Motto is anything for My friends, from Chrome Paints to level tickets and yes GTA cars.

    • Aug. 4, 11:12pm
      e30 freek

      @nissan lover LOL

  9. Aug. 3, 2:55am

    why they dont make seasonals as championships with much better AI and race sessions…This keeps me surprised over and over again. :(

    Hope this will not be GT6 issue too.

    • Aug. 3, 6:17am

      The only thing they should do is use standing starts, and give the AI some more speed comparable to what you have instead of just putting the 1st place guy so far ahead. It’s still challenging as it is, but I would prefer it be like a real race with an evenly spaced grid.

      Sometimes it seems like they’re just too lazy because it would be easy to do. If you can do it in arcade mode, it can be done in the seasonals.

    • Aug. 3, 7:26am

      standing starts, smarter AI and flag system
      agree +1!

    • Aug. 4, 12:34am

      It’s too bad they don’t give performance point bonus for those who detune cars in order to make it a challenge.

    • Aug. 4, 7:49am

      about AI n stuff:
      i found a way making the AI competitive.
      let em wear two level better tires than you have on your car…
      for example, try the schwarzwald event in a-spec extreme and drive your car on sport hard. the AI uses sport soft. it works!

      they should have done this to the ai in spec2 without telling us, so we think they improved it…

  10. Aug. 3, 12:29am

    too easy

    • Aug. 3, 1:51am

      All my GTA cars still 0 miles on the clock.

  11. Aug. 3, 12:11am

    I’m not doing seosonals anymore. I just want to know more about GT6!!

    • Aug. 3, 12:29am

      This. :)

    • Aug. 3, 12:54am


    • Aug. 3, 9:30am

      want to know more all you wish, we still need stuff to do in the 12 year wait we will have for gt6 going on their past efforts.

    • Aug. 3, 9:55am

      Apart from the fact most of the work was done for gt5. Hence the 6 year wait. All they need to do is add more events and tracks, Upgrade the cars to premium and improve Ai.

    • Aug. 3, 1:22pm
      Pit Crew

      GTAcademy Thread…Why Jordan started the GT6 discussion thread.

      12 year wait? Boy way to over exaggerate the timeframe.

    • Aug. 3, 9:36pm

      I also would like more GT6 news but to help speed time a little i will do the extra races.

    • Aug. 4, 7:32am

      GT6 won’t come until the year 2016

    • Aug. 5, 8:20pm

      No!! Early

  12. Aug. 2, 11:54pm

    I needed to drift to win the Tokyo race.

  13. Aug. 2, 11:52pm

    unreal,atleast i can match the leaders so far,not like the last 1

  14. Aug. 2, 11:43pm

    I still maintain that Sports Hards are a royal pain in the neck…

    • Aug. 3, 4:41am

      I agree with you on that.

    • Aug. 3, 6:05am

      Why are you playing a racing sim then? Sounds like laziness to me. How about for once, you stop trying to find the easy way out. GT5 is far more rewarding and fun when you aim for realism, because otherwise what’s the point. IActually, comfort soft tires are what’s most comparable to what the car feels like in real life, yet your complaining about using sports hard?

      If you don’t care about realism, go play shift 2 or forza. The benefit of playing GT5 is that it’s the most realistic driving on console, yet it’s wasted on you because you’d rather take the easy way and use racing softs on street cars, which by the way makes no sense. If anything you should be complaining that they’re not using comforts, because sports hard are semi slicks and the 370z does not use semi slicks

    • Aug. 3, 9:23am

      @TOM STFU, He is entitled to his opinion and thats what he gave, and before you start I try to race this game as sim like as possible with tyre wear and track edge grip reduction on no aids and comforts, In fact add me i’ll kick your ass to show you if you want proof DANfour20, all im saying is it’s a game mate and everyone can play it how they wish as long as there having fun. and who the hell do you think you are telling him to go play nfs or forza (forza is not a bad game at all, below gt5 still but hey it took polyphony six+ years to get this baby out) if you want to play an amazingly life like sim go play LFS (live for speed) or Iracer (which is better then LFS imo)

    • Aug. 3, 9:50am

      Can’t see how people accuse Forza as being unrealistic when in GT Academy, you could unrealistically slide around corners and that was best way to get a fast time during the competition.

    • Aug. 3, 9:59am

      @DANfourTwenty. NFS and Forza don’t really change much from game to game. All they do is add some different cars and change the tracks. In NFS’s case they sometimes don’t fix the issues with the previous title. Shift and Shift 2 spring to mind. Also in both NFS and Forza’s cases alot more people work for them. GT5 was a brand new engine. Hence the long wait. Hopefully this time it won’t be as long.

    • Aug. 3, 10:27am

      Tom Brady sucks. G Men baby
      (sorry I had to)

    • Aug. 3, 12:41pm

      Pfft, Please. I never understood why people want realism in a game.

      Want realism? Go drive a real car.

    • Aug. 3, 1:35pm
      Pit Crew

      @Irons This may help not sure but, Assuming you are using no aids, Raise the rear (FC Suspension) on the 370, (worked for Skyline GTA too) , add a lil more camber try 3.0 2.9, toe frnt .05 posi rr 20 25. leave dampers alone, 8.0 frnt spr 6.9 rr spring, posi rr height of 1 negative 12 frnt.

      Not knowing your driving style, this may or may not help. I think drift with Sports tires and short shift as a technique to battle torque steer,which is a Sports tires bane of contention for me.

    • Aug. 4, 12:05am

      To everyone who says you must run on default street tires let me just point out you aren’t running the speed limit on a city road, this is a racing course. And by the way you can buy race tires for your street car and run, I don’t know, CLUB RACES AND TRACK DAYS AT YOUR LOVAL ROAD COURSE

    • Aug. 4, 12:05am


  15. Aug. 2, 11:42pm

    Glad, It was impossible to me to do the time trial with skyline

    • Aug. 3, 12:08am

      You didnt succeed?? Start again and again you will have it

    • Aug. 3, 12:10am

      You’re not the only one. The Skyline TT has the record of being the only time trail so far that I was unable to gold. It is simply impossible, even thought there are people that are managing to finish it 6 seconds in spare.

    • Aug. 3, 12:50am
      GT HP Nut

      I did the Skyline TT with gold in a ‘stock’ car. :-D
      Yes, it may be very difficult to gold it, because of the undulations of the track, but it’s still possible to gold it with a stock car.
      A tip will be stay into the inside line always, and try to accelerate as soon as you can on the long straights.
      (…And I remember you can actually drift (oversteer) at one of the downhill left-handers, so as to take the corner easily)

      But since the event is already gone… You’d have to try golding on the new one then. :-(

    • Aug. 3, 6:11am

      I thought you had to use a stock car for all of these challenges?

      And I agree with you guys. the skyline TT was a pain in the a$$. Way too difficult. Nobody wants to have to spend time learning a new track. Especially when it’s a terrible track like that one with all those off camber corners. It’s one thing to use course maker tracks but it’s another to make one that’s awkardly layed out, and one that doesn’t flow at all. I despise tracks like that. The skyline itself already has enough understeer, yet they want you to take opposite camber corners with it? Ridiculous. I got gold but it was frustrating. I had no interest in competing with my friends list, and that usually doesn’t happen to me. This track was almost as bad as fuji

    • Aug. 3, 6:18am

      You can tune so stock isn’t a hard and fast rule – just some prefer to do it stock while others add suspension or a custom transmission.

    • Aug. 3, 9:26am

      @ TOM, Really?? I thought a “pro” like you would have nailed this one, I did :p

    • Aug. 3, 1:47pm
      Pit Crew

      Admittedly im not using fully stock GTA cars but not adding PP either. The skyline was hard till arched the Rear dramatically, drove like it was on Racing Hard after that.

      Try the technique for success to acquire the 370Z Tuned Academy car. It seems to work so far.

      LOL I didnt mean to Rhythm that last part.

    • Aug. 4, 12:06am

      I got that second one but it probably took me a good 45 minutes.

  16. Aug. 2, 11:40pm

    Is the 370Z the same one as the old one they gave away?

    • Aug. 3, 12:51am

      Is you talking the old tuned 370z because if you is then you have to wait for the second 370z to come because that’s almost the same

    • Aug. 3, 1:00am

      This one isn’t the tuned one but the untuned. Strangley enough I’ve had a (tuned) GTA Z car for 6 month. Lol. It has the big wing and all

    • Aug. 3, 10:05am

      @tpark. That might be the old GT academy 370Z. Been around since 2010? Not sure. But yeah I have 2 of them courtesy of some friends. The 2012 370Z has 2012 written on the licence plate. The older 370z has 370 written on it’s licence plate in white. Not sure. PS3’s not on and cba to check. The old 370z is a GT Tuned car and does have a full bodykit.

    • Aug. 3, 7:28pm

      Ok Cool I’ll be looking forward to adding it to the garage

  17. Aug. 2, 11:34pm
    Raditya Awesome


  18. Aug. 2, 11:26pm


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