Nissan Skyline Featured in Latest GT5 Time & Drift Trials

October 31st, 2012 by Michael Leary

The latest round of Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, in the form of new Time & Drift trials featuring Nissan’s own supercar, the Skyline GT-R . The challenges are as follows:

Time Trial No. 48

  • 480PP Nissan Skyline: Deep Forest Raceway Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/01 03:00 – 2012/11/15 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • 700PP Racing Car: Cape Ring Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/01 03:00 – 2012/11/15 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

Drift Trial No. 48

  • Nissan Skyline: Daytona Road Course Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/01 03:00 – 2012/11/15 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000
  • D1 GP/Formula DRIFT: London City Course Reverse Drift Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/11/01 03:00 – 2012/11/15 03:00
    Gold: Cr.250,000  Silver: Cr.150,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by driftinziggy.

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  1. Nov. 3, 4:57pm

    Wow, Polyphony does know how to make a black list. Now if they can incorporate a black list for online races…Obligatory statement.

    I have yet to try these out, but they do look like fun this time around. And the D1/FD was a great idea. But the Skyline, took me nearly 6 seconds to find one. Way too much time to find one, super rare! lol

  2. Nov. 3, 7:25am

    London was a b$#%& to pass. Took me 20 tries lol bought the blitz then the aem s2k….when I had a FC laying around which I ended up beating it with! The sharp lowspeed drifts were irritating. -.-

  3. Nov. 3, 7:23am

    I beat the drifting one with the gts R32… kinda cool race..

  4. Nov. 3, 1:00am

    It took me a while to get gold on London.

    Forgive any errors I’m on an iPod

  5. Nov. 2, 12:03pm

    What?!? An online event with a skyline? Damn, i’ll have to go find one, i hear their pretty rare cars to find.

    • Nov. 2, 9:32pm

      I know, right? It’s like they don’t exist. There’s what… two of them? How do they possibly expect anybody to have a Nissan Skyline?

    • Nov. 3, 2:50pm

      +10 to both comments. XD

  6. Nov. 2, 12:20am

    Hell yea! Gran Turismo finally mentioned FormulaD! I love Fd and D1!

  7. Nov. 1, 10:09pm

    PD idiots can’t even programme good drifting mode…reaching of points is really stupid..

    • Nov. 1, 10:17pm

      FYI 90° to the corner is also drift …are you even japanese? shame on you…

    • Nov. 2, 12:16am
      Pit Crew

      Worked for me. D1 Formula trial was my fave. RS 4 Genki Silvia a beast.

    • Nov. 2, 11:31am

      drifting on wheel or controller? everything’s working for controller :)

    • Nov. 3, 10:57am
      Pit Crew

      Drifting on a wheel seems to work for many in the top 100. Im in top 1,500 on london, top 1,060 at Indy and can probably get better if I keep at it.

      I set my cars to react to torque shifting and minor left right inputs, only using HB for the sharpest of turns or bizarre angles. I visualize my car drifting on an Axis for GT5 physics.

      I was stumped at first but I love drifting so I figured it out and worked around PDs design flaws when it comes to Drift.

    • Nov. 3, 11:02am
      Pit Crew

      Another thing Ezekiel you probably drive in real life and not being in contact with the Drivers seat wheel stick shifter, clutch, etc may be throwing you off, but dude you cant let PD win…you can do it. :)

    • Nov. 4, 4:05pm

      you’re driftin on what..wheel or controller…man..I have really many experience from real driving :)

  8. Nov. 1, 10:08pm

    This was fun.

  9. Nov. 1, 8:02pm

    This is a bit random, but I’m level 32 on b-spec and need to reach 35 fast, any tips?

    • Nov. 3, 2:02am

      Endurance, seriously just put your BoB on overnight, it’s how I did it ^_^

  10. Nov. 1, 7:57pm

    Can’t go wrong with a skyline. :)

  11. Nov. 1, 7:41pm

    Enjoyed the Deep Forest time trial. It’s a great circuit, and I for one don’t use Skylines too often. It was way easy to gold though… quick $$’s.

  12. Nov. 1, 4:08pm

    congratz driftinziggy by your shot ;)

    • Nov. 3, 10:27am

      Thank You… I was pretty surprised!

  13. Nov. 1, 4:05pm

    My eyes autoatically roll back when I hear’Skyline’ :)

    • Nov. 1, 4:37pm

      You should get that looked at. It seems dangerous.

  14. Nov. 1, 4:02pm

    700pp race car TT much better than comfort soft on GTR TT

  15. Nov. 1, 3:53pm
    Fire Yoshi

    I manged to get a top 20 time in with my Nur! Although, it’ll probably be top 1000 (at the very least) in a day or so >_>
    Oh well, at least there’s no 2Js. lol

  16. Nov. 1, 3:43pm

    I was shocked as well to see D1 in the title. Let see if we can get class event. GT1 and so on.

  17. Nov. 1, 12:31pm

    Mentioning the words “Nissan Skyline” with “GT5” makes the Baby Jesus cry.

  18. Nov. 1, 12:06pm

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I can remember this is the first seasonal event, or even a-spec event bespoke to skylines. Which is odd considering there’s 1000 skylines in the game.

    Also, I dig the fact that PD works so closely with Nissan. PD did all the graphics for the GTR’s onboard displays right?

    • Nov. 1, 2:35pm

      There are only ~40 Skylines in GT5, but the rest of what you said is true.

  19. Nov. 1, 11:49am

    Ooh brother. Typical PD and Kaz as always. NISSAN CARS… I was thinking about forgiving them, but than this event showed up… *Sighs*, as always I say… No wonder I stopped buying Nissan cars from other games, so sick of them. ALL thanks to KAZ and PD, just by this ONE event. You’re the best PD, you’re the best.. >_>

    I guess the SKYLINES AND GT-Rs are gonna strike AGAIN in GT6… UUUUUUUHHHG…. ~_~’

  20. Nov. 1, 11:07am

    Omg how did I know that I would see nothing but negative comments? It’s a game. If you don’t like it don’t play it.

    • Nov. 1, 1:26pm

      + 1

    • Nov. 1, 2:36pm


    • Nov. 1, 6:22pm

      Hearing “If you don’t like X, don’t play/buy X,” is getting as old as the complaining.

    • Nov. 1, 7:03pm

      ^ +100

    • Nov. 1, 7:06pm

      ^ I agree SO MUCH with that statement. We want to play this game series, so we want it improved. Some don’t see another option as better. With regard to the DLCs and Seasonals, “don’t play them” or “don’t buy them” aren’t good excuses – because now we need to wait another week to 6 months (depending on the subject matter) for the new, hopefully appealing content, which could’ve been what we got this time around, had the developers simply looked at what the fans want.

    • Nov. 2, 5:54am

      ^^^ +1 to the last three comments. The if you complain/do not buy is not cutting it anymore. In the end we are the consumer and expect a great product, if it is s**t or if it needs improvement, then it is our right to complain. In this case, it is bulls**t that we are not getting decent seasonal events, content, and others.

    • Nov. 3, 7:30am

      Isn’t this the only seasonal event with the gtr? Nor exclusive for any Nissan car? Lol besides the GT academy? Stop complaining dude lol

  21. Nov. 1, 10:49am

    maybe nissan will work again with PD
    watch the gt-r documentation they are showing how they worked with PD
    its only good for PD so why should they not work so close together?

    • Nov. 1, 10:50am

      thats for JackC8

  22. Nov. 1, 9:04am

    Thanks to PD and GT5 I don’t like Japanese cars anymore (especially GT-R, Skyline, BRZ, S2000, MX5 although we are good and interesting indeed). Even when I play Forza I almost don’t touch any car from this country (fortunately in that game Japanese cars are in the minority and the whole car rosster is well balanced).

    However making time trials available for one car or specific groups (types) of cars is a good step forward.

    In next time trials (or seasonals) use for example F40 with ABS off on Rome Circuit, Monza or Toscana. And use tracks like Top Gear, SSR7 or these with rainy conditions set on.

    PD take advantage of GT5’s potential!!!

    • Nov. 1, 9:32am


  23. Nov. 1, 8:11am

    PD should really see about having Nissan fund GT6 as it makes a lot more sense than having Sony do it.

    • Nov. 1, 10:42am

      Yeah, only so the game could literally turn into “The Real Nissan Simulator”.

    • Nov. 1, 10:50am

      maybe nissan will work again with PD
      watch the gt-r documentation they are showing how they worked with PD
      its only good for PD so why should they not work so close together?

  24. Nov. 1, 7:51am

    Just commenting to see if gammerdog will reply…. Seriously….. (Shaking head arms crossed)

    • Nov. 1, 9:31am


    • Nov. 1, 2:37pm


    • Nov. 1, 2:37pm

      And you spelled my name wrong.

  25. Nov. 1, 7:47am

    A bunch if you complains too much.
    Don’t like skylines ? Don’t play it.
    Simple as that.
    D1GP drift ? Nice, never seen the name D1GP in an event. And, if you look a little, there is sktlines that isn’t AWD, there is some awesome RWD…

    • Nov. 1, 9:51am


  26. Nov. 1, 7:37am
    Super Novi

    And I wonder why I stopped playing GT5…

    • Nov. 1, 8:29am


  27. Nov. 1, 7:27am

    Right well, the time trials are OK but I had a problem with Cape ring. About 3/4 around the lap there’s the jump before the ring, and mostly every lap, even when I lifted, the cars’ front end left the ground but the back end jumped only slightly so I landed back end first so it invalidated. I MEAN HOW STUPID IS THAT?! I have to go quickly to beat gold but when I eventually got gold I had to brake and lose speed. Jumps always seem to invalidate your time so why have tracks where this will inevitably happen for time trials? Another example is the rally track Toscana. The jumps SOMEHOW invalidated your time, leading to me to give up in an utter rage. I mean you don’t see WRC drivers having times discounted ‘as they did a jump too fast’. Anyways got gold on both, only bronze on both DT’s which both just ended up annoying me. I also seem to remember doing EXACTLY the same London drift trial a while ago in the AEM. Don’t think it was the same catogory of cars but definately the same sectors.

    • Nov. 1, 8:58am

      i think it has something to do with crashing your frontend too hard on asphalt/gravel. For game its the same like crashing into the wall or so.

    • Nov. 1, 10:46am

      Yep. Just goes to show you how much PD actually test these Seasonal events themselves.

    • Nov. 1, 12:29pm

      happened to me also earlier mate…it’s just stupidity of creators and another bug..another of many many bugs :D

  28. Nov. 1, 6:17am

    AT LAST!!!


    • Nov. 1, 10:47am

      Ikr. Hell must of frozen over.

  29. Nov. 1, 6:03am

    You people really get that bothered because a Japanese company puts Japanese cars in it’s Japanese car game?

    Next you’ll be complaining about GTA being set in America.

    • Nov. 1, 6:05am

      If Kaz wants to put 200 GTRs in HIS game that’s totally up to him.

    • Nov. 1, 6:14am

      Yes, he can. But he won’t, because that is ridiculous.
      GT5 is 4% Skyline. That’s nothing.

    • Nov. 1, 6:36am

      And yet some people still whinge about it…

    • Nov. 1, 10:50am

      We whine because there is over 50 of them on the game. You only need 10 of them at best. And that is a bit too much.

  30. Nov. 1, 5:57am

    dommage de ne pas pouvoir piloter les voitures des dlc dans les evenements en ligne! toujours les meme voiture chapparal en piste pour le contre la montre

    • Nov. 1, 6:04am

      Somebody didn’t read the OP…..

  31. Nov. 1, 4:05am

    I swear they’ve done “Racing Cars at Cape ring” before. Also is it actual D1 GP regulations or have they just named it that to try and garner interest in them.

    If they’ve altered the Drift settings I may come and do them but if its still got a flawed scoring system where it’s wheelspin on the racing line making the most points then they can call it all they want.

  32. Nov. 1, 3:11am

    I just wanted to be the first hahaha.

    I tried to word it funny.

  33. Nov. 1, 3:05am

    Bah! It was only a matter of time lol

  34. Nov. 1, 2:41am

    XD brilliant halloween trick, I do so love watching people froth at the mouth over 4WD drifting

    • Nov. 1, 2:59am

      Hahahaha right

  35. Nov. 1, 2:37am

    Remember in D1GP rule book. “Only drive methods allowed shall be FR, MR, RR, & FF” that is the rule in chapter 1 of the rules and regulations of the D1GP of Japan

    • Nov. 1, 6:17am

      Skylines will not be suppressed!

  36. Nov. 1, 2:34am

    Hummmm D1GP drift trial. I wonder if it is setup to the D1GP restrictions. If not then count me out

  37. Nov. 1, 1:57am

    I don’t know why you people are complaining. Apparently, you didn’t notice the D1GP Drift Trial. Now, I haven’t always played the seasonals, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this.

  38. Nov. 1, 1:31am

    one word: ….boring….

    • Nov. 1, 6:16am

      One more word: Adamantium

  39. Nov. 1, 12:49am

    Cape Ring is BS! Don’t become airborne – instant disqualification.

  40. Nov. 1, 12:34am

    2Js take center stage again for the 700pp time trial….

  41. Nov. 1, 12:26am

    Trick or treat? Definitely a trick. Well played, PD and Nissan. Well played.

    • Nov. 1, 6:16am

      Nope. Not a trick at all. Just some new seasonals.

    • Nov. 1, 9:28am

      zoom! right over gamerdog’s head

  42. Nov. 1, 12:21am

    Not the skylines. Not the skylines!!!

    • Nov. 1, 6:15am

      Yes the Skylines. Yes the Skylines!!!

  43. Nov. 1, 12:14am

    Huur Skylines, Where is Spec III?

  44. Nov. 1, 12:13am

    inb4 “Hurr Skylines where is DLC xDDDDDD so randumb”

  45. Nov. 1, 12:00am

    Scariest thing ever: Skylines in a TT & Drift seasonal… D:

    Sad thing GT5 made me hate GTR’s…

    • Nov. 1, 6:14am

      If GT5 made you hate Skylines, you are GT5ing wrong.

  46. Oct. 31, 11:40pm

    In before “Really? A skyline event” xD

    I’ve always sucked at drifting on GT5v lol

    • Nov. 1, 3:47am
      Magic Ayrton

      Well that’s ok because GT5 always sucked because of Skylines.

    • Nov. 1, 5:44am

      And the Lack of D1 Rules

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