NR-A Roadster Cup GT5 Seasonal Event Now Available

August 4th, 2011 by Jordan Greer

It’s time for another GT5 Seasonal Event – the latest of which features Mazda’s ever-popular MX-5 sports cars. Races take place at the following locations, in eligible roadsters of 450PP or less:

  • Tsukuba (of course)
  • Autumn Ring Mini
  • Trial Mountain
  • Clubman Special Stage Route 5 Reverse
  • Eifel (Kart)

Note the Online Car Dealership does not appear to have been updated, nor have any new Time or Drift Trials been introduced. As always, head on over to our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion. Thanks to slashfan7964 for the early tip!

GT5 Photomode image by gtsteviiee.

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  1. Aug. 26, 5:12pm

    I shouted a sad laugh while reading the combo of cars and track.

    This is litteraly a sad joke. But at least its better then nothing.

  2. Aug. 8, 6:42am

    I’d rather see new DLC like tracks…
    Does PD really think they can humour us wioth these seasonal events that are done within ~30 minutes?…
    I am getting more and more bored..
    PD, come on and release some new tracks!
    thanks in advance…

  3. Aug. 8, 6:21am

    Ughh…I might wash myself out of this room with my own vomit if I have to hear more of this filthy troll non-sense. Sell your game to someone who likes Gran Turismo…Go away. Any seasonal event is welcomed by me. If you’re not interested in the event, don’t play it.

    • Aug. 8, 6:40pm

      I totally agree! Not that I am not looking forward to the endurance saves ect but i welcome seasonals of all kind!

  4. Aug. 7, 7:23pm

    Don’t flame me for this,but can we have nitrous back from GT4.

    • Aug. 7, 9:56pm

      Do race cars use nitrous?

    • Aug. 8, 3:00pm

      and the decent minimal HUD. The GT5 minimal is unusable on standard cars.

  5. Aug. 7, 3:18pm

    we need a go kart seasonal

    • Aug. 7, 9:14pm

      GOOD idea!

    • Aug. 8, 10:34am

      That is exactly what we need!

  6. Aug. 6, 8:43pm

    Using the SR-Limited ’97 with 223hp 450pp managed a 52.500 fastest lap. Still tweaking the LSD and suspension. 3.360 final gear, top speed set at 130.

  7. Aug. 6, 1:57pm
    Gt5 nut

    There are so many different models of Mazda mx5s. Which one should I choose to do this event with.
    P.s. Not just the fastest but also the most fun as well.

    • Aug. 6, 3:53pm

      Well, if you’re looking for a challenge, I’d go with any of the 89 models, as they tend to have the least ammount of power.

    • Aug. 6, 5:57pm

      Most fun would be the premium ones of course!

  8. Aug. 6, 1:53am

    Seems like everyone loves MX5s. Why can I never find MX5 races online under EU/AUS.

  9. Aug. 5, 9:12am

    To me, the people happily getting their MX-5s with such enthusiasm are the real fans. Kazunori loves cars, any car to be clear. This game is for the love of cars not for fitting each and every one of your expectations and make the game perfect. By the way if you want a challenge in this game, go to Arcade Mode, select professional class, get out a Formula Gran Turismo and select Nurburgring GP/F course and put it on real tire wear, heavy damage and 3 laps. Try to beat the AI without cutting anywhere on the track. If you do this assuming you had on Racing Soft tires, try Racing Hard tires to match what the AI is using :) Btw watch out because some of the AI randomly crash from overdoing a line from that new update. Good luck!

    • Aug. 5, 6:03pm

      yeah that’s true indeed my mate.. I love racing my Miata (low powered) and racing in sports soft. :) The people who usually say “Oh bla bla is my favorite car” well, that’s not a real ENTHUSIAST that’s why when some people ask me what’s my favorite car in GT5 or in real life, i always say “I dont have any favorites. I like a thousands of them” haha cheers!

    • Aug. 5, 8:06pm

      Well said indeed sir.

    • Aug. 6, 10:56am

      @RPM: I agree, I do have a favorite, but I do love all cars. I will bash Lambo occasionally because I love Ferrari but that just comes hand-in-hand :)

      @Newfie: Thank you good sir.

    • Aug. 7, 9:15pm



    • Aug. 9, 7:56am

      Ridiculous: if you love cars, then there must be cars you hate. If you love music, there must be musics you hate…..etc…
      Fed up with these comments about how GT is for car lovers and, if you don’t love every crappy car it has to offer, then you are not a car lover.

      Some cars are an insult to the love you can feel for cars in general. Mostly all the cars (i mean, mass production cars) are just made of bits taken from other models in order to… MAKE MONEY! The passion for cars is not shared by car manufacturers man. The passion for money is. They are people who make cars as they would make fridges or washing machines.

      Asfor you assumption about Yamauchi loving cars… i guess he does (more than his job for I can see…)…but he doesn’t drive a Cappuccino does he?

      For the seasonal events: as long as it’s optional, I have no problem with proposing the worst cars ever. I just won’t play it.

  10. Aug. 5, 8:32am

    YES. A reason to put Blood Stone:007 on hold for a while. This will be my favorite seasonal event of all time, naturally.

  11. Aug. 5, 7:27am

    I race with mx5 08
    Fun half an hour …..not more …

  12. Aug. 5, 1:22am

    HOLY CRAP! There are !34! Miatas’ in this game! WOOOOOOOOOOOW! Mega LAME!

    • Aug. 6, 8:30am

      I think that just max of 5 Miatas are too many…

  13. Aug. 4, 11:31pm

    Why not a rally seasonal event? I would play that no matter the credits!

    • Aug. 4, 11:45pm

      This +10000000000000000

      Come on PD, GT5 has no WRC license!!! We are not idiots!!!


  14. Aug. 4, 10:27pm

    Dear PD,


    • Aug. 4, 11:17pm

      GASP! YES! +1

    • Aug. 4, 11:44pm

      This +1000000000000000

  15. Aug. 4, 8:36pm
    euros only

    It would be even more informative if you told us how much we get in credits for each race

  16. Aug. 4, 7:38pm

    No way more time in the MX5!! It is fun to drive but I get flashbacks to doing 4 hours in it! World compact car seasonal wasnt that great either, i lowered my pp to same as the oppinents and put crappy tyres on and still blitzed everyone???

  17. Aug. 4, 4:53pm

    Autumn Mini and Tsukuba! I love them for this kind of car. Personally if I never saw Trial Mountain and SS5 ever again it would bother me one bit.

  18. Aug. 4, 4:52pm


  19. Aug. 4, 4:34pm

    I bet the dlc will adress everyones needss once it comes out

    • Aug. 4, 4:45pm
      Toast and _ _ _ _ _

      Agreed….I just hope they have taken advantage of the RUF licence. Have you checked the cars they are knocking out on their website?

      I’ll be shocked if they don’t include at least one in any future DLC, especially as Forza 4 has a few of them lined up already…. fingers crossed guys!!!

    • Aug. 5, 6:01pm

      yeah that’s true.. I mean, I don’t whine alot about GT5 but knowing that there are hints about DLC, I am wishing that there should be Porsche and Audi RS4.. Hopefully a BMW M3 CSl is a premium, Toyota Supra 97, etc.. Like Nissan Silvia S14 premium,(great drift car) and many more amazing cars in standards which needs to be premium. Oh I forgot, about tracks too way back in GT1-GT4. A lot to mention. But majorly, hopefully about those hints we saw in the posts before about Pikes Peak Climb? Hmmm…

  20. Aug. 4, 4:28pm
    Toast and _ _ _ _ _

    The seasonal is better than nothing I guess. I’m still enjoying the 1 lap of nurburgring in British Lightweights. By far the most fun way of earning credits.

    ….on a different note, has anyone noticed someone is missing from the comments section?… lol

    • Aug. 4, 4:37pm


    • Aug. 5, 12:15am

      Me of course.

    • Aug. 5, 12:16am

      Very funny btw.

  21. Aug. 4, 3:48pm

    Nice race, but seriously what about the rest of courses in the game, it’s like we see the same 5 courses being recycled for every seasonal. Oh and GT2 had the Random Event generator that opens up once you complete the race events with all golds. Pretty nice thing, but PD needs to allow the AI to mod their cars to match my cars’ PP and stop with the rolling starts and give us max grid 16 instead of 12 opponents. I don’t really feel like using the MX5, but I might do a race or two if only to get racing suits, why on earth is the set up for presents always the same, Helmet, suit, helmet, suit, helmet? switch it up PD geez, where is the random stuff and fix that bloody draft.

  22. Aug. 4, 2:24pm

    WHY PD, WHYYYY?!?!?!?!
    I’m not doing this one… ¬¬

  23. Aug. 4, 1:47pm

    yeah true.. IF there would be DLC, I hope there will be Seattle, Twin Ring Motegi, Mid Field, and the Pikes Peak Climb

  24. Aug. 4, 1:31pm

    Didn’t we just do 4 hours of Tsukuba in Miatas…? Now they want us to do more? And I still have to do the 9 hour one. Screw Tsukuba, screw A-Spec endurance races, screw GT5. Wake me up when the PS4 and GT6 are out. I can’t even have an enjoyable arcade race. No matter what I choose, I’m always put up against the SAME 3 CARS: Bugatti Veyron, Mclaren F1, Cadillac Cien. I have to choose a car with under 400hp just to get out of that group. And if we can change settings of weather/time cycle online, why can’t we do so in arcade? Stupid things, very easy to patch, stupid, annoying things.

    • Aug. 4, 2:51pm

      GT6 will be on PS3

  25. Aug. 4, 1:27pm

    One track i really miss is the very beautiful El Capitan, one of my favorites from GT4

    • Aug. 4, 1:31pm

      agreed mate

    • Aug. 4, 2:40pm

      Agreed agreed! El Capitan in the Toyota Minolta race car…… Sigh

  26. Aug. 4, 1:06pm

    At least it’s not Sarthe :-)
    funny how tracks are very personal; love/hate. I dont really like Tsukuba, but ya can’t please everyone I guess. I miss a few tracks from GT4.

    • Aug. 4, 1:31pm

      i love seatle, the jumps are legandary :D

  27. Aug. 4, 12:34pm

    At least it seems that the Seasonal events are back to be 1 each thursday, so thats good news.

  28. Aug. 4, 11:11am

    kinda disapointed they have no NB premium car. I wish they woulda came out with one for this race. maybe in another update I can only hope. NC, not so great in my book.

    • Aug. 5, 12:14am

      I agree with that. They should have had the more relevant versions of the Miata in premium. An ’01 at least. ’04 would be awesome.

  29. Aug. 4, 11:06am

    Yeaaaaa! being a 2002 miata owner this is good news. Mazda RULES!!!

    • Aug. 4, 11:20pm

      True, I regret selling my 89/90 in nearmint condition. Never had a problem, except, I couldn’t carry any music gear anywhere. Miss that fun car with a hearty exhaust note.

  30. Aug. 4, 11:00am

    What did you guys thought? We’ll get any extra stuff? lol
    This game is going to be a legend. The legend of Tsukuba and the large number of same standard cars.. cool :)

  31. Aug. 4, 10:52am

    Yay another POS seasonal event. Miatas….really?

    • Aug. 4, 12:16pm

      One of the best cars in the game.

    • Aug. 5, 12:13am

      Amazingly fun and great handling. It’s like a kart to me. I love it.

  32. Aug. 4, 10:37am

    Nice i finally get to use my fat white guy midlife crisis car got 20 of these damn things

  33. Aug. 4, 10:28am

    Cool, but bring back classic tracks (don’t care anymore if they are redone in hd or not), GT4’s tuning upgrades, and more cars from 2005 to 2012. Nothing else matters nearly as much. Don’t want hel

    • Aug. 4, 10:30am

      Helmets or mid race saves. We want cars, tracks, and much more tuning options!

  34. Aug. 4, 10:15am

    How about instead of giving us CLOTHING which we CANNOT EVEN SEE, we get a voucher for a new car? That would definitely make me more willing to actually do these weekly Tsukuba runs.

    • Aug. 4, 11:18pm

      Replays, driving arms and certain cars will show off your apparel. So you CAN SEE, you just have to LOOK. Complaining over free content, I just don’t get it.

    • Aug. 5, 2:32am

      I’d rather have adjustable position in cockpit view – UP- DOWN- FORWARD- BACK- And no, 3 FOV adjustments are not the same at all. I feel like I’m in the back seat looking through binocular in some cars. I’d rather have option to remove wheel too- I don’t need to see 2 wheels, I have a G25 and 52” Aquos for reference.

  35. Aug. 4, 10:11am
    jeremy hooper

    Anyone heard any news on the update 1.11

  36. Aug. 4, 9:34am
    Gt5 nut

    Mid race saves still definitely the thing I want most of all in gt5!
    I like that they keep uploading new seasonals though
    We could do with ones a bit more interesting though

  37. Aug. 4, 9:32am

    Oh.. I’ve completely forgotten about the new (now 1 week old) time/drift trials! >_< Last OCD update was rubbish, let's hope for a good update next time. And I sure wish we could get a little less restricted seasonal event, PP restrictions is good enough, at least every now and then.

  38. Aug. 4, 8:52am

    Yosha! Now I get to use my Touge Roadster!

  39. Aug. 4, 8:21am

    Kaz loves Japanese cars. The end.
    In fact it’s not the end, not until PD has made a seasonal which individual involves every puny low pp/bhp japanese car. (especially K-Cars).

  40. Aug. 4, 8:09am

    Kaz is a genius for sure… He’s just has the same problem as the director of avaatar. He doesn’t have the technology to make his ideas come to life (:

    • Aug. 4, 8:49am
      Oh well.

      Yet Steven Spielberg could’ve made the same movie 25 years ago with muppets. So much for that.

  41. Aug. 4, 6:59am

    No Mazda at Suzuka!!!
    Not again!!

    • Aug. 4, 7:00am

      I ment Tsububa ey ;)

  42. Aug. 4, 6:57am

    Well done PD, another Boring low cred Dumb AI Same Tracks Seasonal Event. This like GT5P. A-Spec is pretty ridiculous as its always been with low rewards but the seasonal events are just boring. No DLC’s yet but mean to be on the way very soon. Increase the damn Cred rewards use more tracks in seasonal event races there are like plenty to choose from…..duh!! and make the AI smarter for crying out loud!! RaceOn 07 the AI are aggressive, overtake you and brake test. Other Race games also do similar things but I feel that the AI are made to be Docile and Dumb for all the new comers. The training Wheels are still on with GT5 I think.

    • Aug. 6, 1:42pm

      Yeah, I have noticed that on the Supercar festival, the Veyron can be taken out by a 520 HP evo n I’m talking straight stretches but the Zonda is always faster eventhough it has like 400HP, yeah probably power to weight ratio stuff, but I’m pretty sure that veyron should be hard to catch.

  43. Aug. 4, 6:36am

    Yawnnnn. Same $#!&, different day. At least the trolls are predictable, but I wish they’d come up with a new bit. They’re really getting pitiful now. They’ve got to respond to their own posts just because nobody else is interested anymore. Sad.

  44. Aug. 4, 5:31am

    A Miata on Tsukuba… A Miata again… I got a feeling that this Kazunori guy is defying a concept called “stubbornness”, to say the least.

    Keep the good work Kaz!
    Keep the good work PD!
    Kill GT ASAP!

    • Aug. 4, 5:57am

      Wait, this man is so ahead of time, he is genius, he will give us something amazing in GT6, or GT7, have faith, he has proven time after time that he has the most amazing genius ideas, and procedures. Right now, he is thinking if the new helmets should have a little pink, and a little yellow on the sides, and that absorbs all his time. Noe, the problem for him to choose, and what is making him take so long, is that the current technology doesn’t allow 320 million shades of yellow and 450 million shades of pink at the same time. That is why we always should wait loyal for his genius offerings. All my admiration and respect for Kazunori Yamauchi; Leonardo da Vinci or Plato are idiots next to him.

    • Aug. 4, 6:04am

      Hold on, maybe Einstein is on par with him, no… not even Einstein.

    • Aug. 4, 1:44pm

      ^^ Forever alone

    • Aug. 4, 2:40pm

      Hate to break this to you, but nobody cares about the way you feel over ‘Kaz’. You’re acting as if you have just broke up with him after a long relationship. Seriously, if it’s affecting you this much, you should see a psychiatrist, because quite frankly, if you don’t like a game, what do you do? DEAL WITH IT.

    • Aug. 4, 5:17pm

      Lol, this is so much fun…

    • Aug. 5, 12:11am

      Yup. Biffy, you’re right. The boy needs to save his soul.

      On a much softer note, GT5 is still fun for me.

      And we’ve haven’t had Tsukuba constantly anymore. PD does listen. This is the first since way back when.

    • Aug. 5, 12:11am

      That we’ve had Tsukuba that is.

    • Aug. 5, 5:53am

      [Chad: lol, this is so much fun…] *Shakes head pitifully *

  45. Aug. 4, 5:22am
    H. Kesellijnen

    I wanna shoot myself in the face. Cause that would be more pleasant than driving a Miata around the damn tsukuba ring. Seriously, can we have some more f1 races or I don’t know maybe some 20 lap 675pp races. WTF polyphony I love yall but you make it hard. Really hard. Bastards.

    • Aug. 4, 5:27am

      Well, I wouldn’t say bastards, but they do seem to lack any imagination.. Like especially, why are races always 5 or so laps? WTFPD- Why not give us a 20 to 30 lap seasonal with tire wear, and pit stop required, etc.. something, ANYthing different. Oh well.

  46. Aug. 4, 5:21am

    That pic really looks real, err… not from GT5.

    • Aug. 4, 5:33am

      Looks GT5 to me. Anything specific that looks wrong? Might be from editing.

    • Aug. 4, 10:24am

      lol of course its GT5 look at the choppy edges around the lights lol they couldnt even fix that to make it smoother

    • Aug. 4, 8:26pm
      I splain it

      Those lights are supposed to look jakked like that… its becuase the back of the plastic of the light has a raised pyramid surface to it to diffuse the light…

    • Aug. 5, 2:16am

      Um, just meant it’s a very REALISTIC GT5 pic.

    • Aug. 5, 9:06am

      @Sinister: It’s jaggy because they did not have enough of a polygon count to make the best looking interior views and out car detail to make it all smooth. Even Forza and Shift have jaggy edges. It’s not that they couldn’t smooth it. They need more polygons, which comes with a revamp of the engine, which comes with more time, which comes with people complaining even more than now.

      @I splain it: Yeah he meant the outside of the light around it where it’s all jaggy or whatever.

  47. Aug. 4, 5:19am

    Hairdressers cup o haaaayyyyy

    (will get flamed)

    • Aug. 4, 5:20am


    • Aug. 4, 5:23am

      Only by flamers.

  48. Aug. 4, 5:16am

    My first car was actually a MX-5 Miata VR 96′. Very smooth cars to drive, and cheap.

  49. Aug. 4, 5:12am

    Sweet – I’ve collected all the Mazda roadsters plus I drive one IRL so this a very welcome event.

    I highly recommend anyone trying one out for real and not just in the game – it’s not by accident the Miata’s/MX-5’s have so many “Car of the year” and top ranks on all sorts of lists.

    PS. Dodge Viper vs. MX-5. Maybe if the Viper cost the same, was as reliable and cheap to run AND most importantly by magic lost a lot of weight and became as nimble as the MX-5.

    • Aug. 4, 5:20am

      Depends on who makes the lists. Alot of those awards and ranks go to the car whose manufacturer bought the most advertising, or services, from the people giving the award. Not always, but more often than people realize. Same goes for a number of other products besides cars.

    • Aug. 4, 2:55pm


      Nope it doesn’t. No bribing, no advertising, no services. The Miata/Roadster/MX-5 is just that good IRL. Seriously. Go to a Mazda dealer and drive one. NOW!

    • Aug. 4, 4:20pm

      Well, if you want to drive the same car as your haird resser buy an Mx5 ;) If you want a bit more power get an S2000.

    • Aug. 4, 10:09pm

      I will never touch a Japanese car in real life. At least I hope.

  50. Aug. 4, 4:30am

    Great! Another dreary seasonal, in cars that i never use. Why would anyone enjoy spending a great deal of time in an MX-5?
    And, before you start going on about how MX-5s are “so much fun! (:)! :D! <3!)" i'll ask this question: Dodge Viper or Mazda MX-5?
    In other words: A Massive amount of SIMPLE enjoyment or A-bit of SIMPLE fun?

    • Aug. 4, 4:45am

      Personally, I have fun with both. But eh, to each his own I guess.

    • Aug. 4, 6:36am

      I enjoyed spending a lot of time in my mx-5 on the road, it’s far from dreary i can assure you of that :p

      I like this seasonal :)

    • Aug. 4, 10:09am

      You don’t HAVE to do the damn seasonal, at least it exists.
      And to answer your question, Mazda MX-5.

    • Aug. 5, 3:27am
      Antony Henley

      This is probaly the reason why it’s there. Cars tha people won’t use. Admittedly since the NR endurance race I haven’t touch the little roadsters, infact I am not a big fan. Buts it’s making the game community use the cars that you more or less would never use, Instead of using the sporty, popular cars all the time.
      I for one would love to see a Kart seasonal but not on the small tracks. How about 16 cart races on the Nurburgring 24 hour track two laps, on The Le Mans track Monaco Tsukuba and a custom made Toscana track. I have tried it online but it got mixed feeling about it. I really enjoyed doing it. It’s different then having to use the fast cars from the game. I get my enjoyment from the game by doing stuff like that and not having to grind away on the Ferrari / Le Mans 4 minute race. It took me 30 minutes to do the 5 races last night and in that went fro 7.8 million to around just over 9 million.

  51. Aug. 4, 4:26am

    Time to bring out my old roadster again. I do like the SS5 track.

  52. Aug. 4, 3:48am

    Listen to me Kaz :

    Why dont you introduce à random race and appropriate opponents depending our car , like before ??? In gt2 i think

    • Aug. 4, 2:21pm

      This + 100000000

    • Aug. 5, 4:25am

      great idea!!!

  53. Aug. 4, 3:39am

    All those circuits to choose from and we get Tsukuba again. I’ve been a real defender of this game over the past few months, but even I feel this lacks a bit of imagination.

    • Aug. 5, 12:44am
      SKOT Free

      I wonder why they can’t run online race tourney’s? Also why no Kart Races in Seasonal? That would be a nice change of pace…..

  54. Aug. 4, 3:32am

    Guess its time i run something else other than that one Ferrari race. You guys know which one…

    • Aug. 4, 3:45am

      i have the mis-fortune of not being in front of my PS3, so no, i don’t know. Care to share the info?

    • Aug. 4, 7:34am

      @Mugo, I take it you’re joking, but if not, He’s on about ferrari seasonal le sarthe. (3:25 1 lap for 511,000 credits).

    • Sep. 16, 2:08pm

      lol yes did that race atleast 20 times a day

  55. Aug. 4, 3:27am

    tsukuba in an MX-5? I’ve a feeling i’ve been here before…

    • Aug. 4, 1:30pm

      yeah man lol :D, 4hours of the bloddy thing, dont remind me ;)

  56. Aug. 4, 3:21am

    I love tsukuba

    • Aug. 4, 4:47pm

      Tsukuba the best drift track in gt5

  57. Aug. 4, 2:55am

    Woo… More Tsukuba…

    But hey, at least it will be races with the funnest of roadsters. XD

  58. Aug. 4, 2:39am

    Tsukuba <3
    One of my favorites!, Wish there was a Twin Ring Motegi :(

  59. Aug. 4, 2:39am

    Awesome, buying a Miata…er…Eunos right now.

    • Aug. 4, 3:07am

      what? you dont own a single mx5 yet? Am I the only one who has about 15 of the damn things.

    • Aug. 4, 5:51am

      You cant say anything, I have 21 of those things just because collection xD

    • Aug. 5, 7:28am

      I see your 21 and I raise you 30.

    • Aug. 6, 10:10am

      Don’t feel bad, I have a Veyron, 3 Ford GTs, 2 Lambos, 8 GT-Rs and in the 150 cars I currently have, not one is an MX-5. Problem is; there’s way to many of them! Which one do you choose to max out?

  60. Aug. 4, 2:30am

    So, apparently the word that the community feels it has done more than enough laps on Tsukuba hasn’t reached PD yet…

    Good to see semi-regular updates again though :)

  61. Aug. 4, 2:27am

    Given the name, you’d think, but guess not.

    • Aug. 5, 5:57pm

      haha it’s not about the name. :p it’s about how you see in the post.

  62. Aug. 4, 2:22am

    I’m the first one to comment! Nice but why there’s no ” Laguna Seca? :)

    • Aug. 4, 2:10pm

      +1 about Laguna…

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