PSN Issues Holding Back Next Gran Turismo 5 Update

May 23rd, 2011 by Jordan Greer

Kazunori Yamauchi is back to posting messages on Twitter Sunday afternoon, and he offered a bit of information on what’s holding up the next Gran Turismo 5 update. According to translations by our own SHIRAKAWA Akira, Polyphony Digital is waiting until the PlayStation Network finally “settles down” before publishing the next revision of the game.

Though online gaming services have been restored in most areas, it is still offline in some parts of the world, including Japan. The delay appears to be related to issues with Japanese credit card companies, and it’s not clear when they will be resolved. Other parts of the network, including the PlayStation Store, remain offline for everyone, though it’s supposed to return on May 24th at the “end of May”.

Regardless, this is refreshing news for those of us eager to see what’s to come in the next GT5 update, though you would be wise to temper your expectations.

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  1. Jun. 4, 2:53pm

    i just wish he’d update it coz im tired of my version 1.09 crashing. I cant even get a race started 99 times out of 100 and before this version i didnt have any problems whatsoever

  2. Jun. 2, 4:29pm

    For those that have been waiting the PSN Store is partially up, PSN+ includes free Burnout Paradise, free minis and ssome smaller games which have been reduced :)

  3. Jun. 2, 1:28pm

    Does anyone know anything about the save option for endurance races? I really can’t be @rsed to do most of the races without it

  4. Jun. 1, 8:22pm

    I’m wondering why wait for the PS Store to back online to release the update unless it brings PS Store functionality into GT5 for the purchase of DLC.

    • Jun. 1, 11:01pm

      Nah, they’re just waiting for the network to be %100 up, kinks worked out, and traffic to return to normal levels before adding even more traffic from the millions of GT5 users rushing the servers driven by hopes of every rumor and wish coming true in this update.

  5. May. 31, 12:47pm

    End of the week for PS STORE CONFIRMED

    • Jun. 1, 3:12pm
      May 31st

      About has confirmed has “By the end of may….” unfortunately , but from the wording, an optimist could see it has anytime now, end of week at latest. We’ll see.

  6. May. 29, 10:41am

    I’d really like the option to change the amount of tire wear in a race. Unless you’re doing a race which lasts two hours or more pit strategy rarely comes in to play.

    With Pirelli making changes in F1 this year I ink we could stand to see improvements here.

  7. May. 28, 8:53am

    so psn is up in asia whats up with the update?

    • May. 29, 4:42am

      The PS Store not online

  8. May. 27, 11:28pm

    A whole new revision of the game? I wonder what that entails. Hopefully some good stuff.

  9. May. 27, 5:09pm

    Tomorrow is back online the psn in japan!! yes

  10. May. 27, 1:23pm

    Yes very soon indeed but not before May 31…

  11. May. 26, 6:49pm

    Woot! I hope there will be some additional tracks? or even some Standards converted to Premium!? We can only guess. It’s free to guess :D Thanks PD for the update and I love you Kaz!!! Cheers from Canada

  12. May. 26, 5:30pm

    i want apollo 13 and the moon.

  13. May. 26, 3:50pm


    I sure wish I could detune my Navigator’s voice sometimes :D

  14. May. 26, 1:14pm
    not serious

    I want GPS navigation. Just imagine how helpfull that would be someplace like Daytona……
    “Turn left 200 feet……..turn left 200 feet……..turn left 200 feet……..””

    • May. 28, 1:18pm

      Yeah,like that State Farm commercial. “Turn right,NOW!!!”

  15. May. 26, 12:30pm

    Hopefully they add the new lamborghini aventador and a few other cool cars.

  16. May. 26, 7:41am

    we will get all cars premium nao! lol

    To be honest I do not expect lots of improvements, I think it will be an update making online gameplay better, thats all

  17. May. 25, 4:28pm


    – In-race saves (endurance)
    – Splittimes from the car directly infront of you instead of the race leader.
    – Blueflags/yellowflags. It should you give more race-experiance. but specially now you know when you get lapped or when you can expect a slow car on track.
    – More events!

    • May. 25, 6:09pm


      You to stop complaining.

    • May. 26, 11:39am

      @Vitzio At least maxitsu contributed to the conversation unlike you who are just a troll.

  18. May. 25, 4:12pm

    Agrée with gtpsuper24

  19. May. 25, 3:34pm

    If it’s ready to go just tell us what’s going to be in the next update. At least some hints wet our appetites. : )

    • May. 25, 10:53pm
      Dictionary Troll


    • May. 26, 2:07am

      “whet”? Lol, ehhhh, NOE!

    • May. 26, 4:46am

      One thing that annoys me is how long it takes to get the money to get the Formula Gran Turismo i get about 700k and give up and just buy loads of cheaper cars and tune them or make them look good, it would be better if the cash prizes weren’t so cheap I need a Formula Gran Turismo to finish a-spec and b-spec then all I need to do is the endurances and some special events.

  20. May. 25, 2:51pm

    I would just be happy with something like championship creator or endurance race creator. Instead of releasing one boring seasonal event after the other let us make our own.
    In my opinion photo mode and other non racing features should have been left out until GT5 had a really solid “racing game” core. The racing and cars should come first, but he seems to want so much non racing features that he neglects the true core features. How long did it take to create the photo mode travel features? That time could have been used for making 220-250 premium cars, or additonal tracks from previous GT games, even if they just ported them over from gt3 or 4 and polished them up some. Or beening a little more creative in making race series.

  21. May. 25, 12:24pm

    @musomaniak — Yeah the connection issues still aren’t fixed after the PSN server upgrades. That leaves the problem with GT5.

    Kaz and PD do not listen to what the customers and GT fans want. They just put in stupid things nobody asked for and ignore all the things people scream about.

    Where’s the leaderboards??

    Where’s the matchmaking?

    Where’s the in-race and in-championship saves? WTF? You said ages ago you would add this.

    Why is 2/3 of A-Spec not put into the original game and then parced out to us ONE event at a time every OTHER week with “seasonal” events which are just events we should ALREADY freaking have on the disc?! It’s ASININE.

    I got Dirt3 yesterday. Why does Dirt3 have more and better racing camera angles than GT5? WTF? HOOD VIEW KAZ- you ^^#$%$, you could have put a hood (bonnet) view in GT5- But no.. That makes way too much sense.

    Why did you take away the setup SAVE SLOTS that were in GT4? WTFPD? Put them back in damnit!!

    Do I hate GT5? Absolutely not, I think it has amazing potential. That’s why it’s frustrating that Kaz and PD don’t fix certain things that NEED fixing- Even after the say they will fix certain things, they don’t, it is ridiculous.

  22. May. 25, 10:47am

    Remote racing is back online as of last night!


  23. May. 25, 6:56am

    I just realized I haven’t played the game in over six days even with the game back on line. I checked this page just for a news update (nothin’ new). Even on the GT5 main forum page the hottest, longest thread is about racism and name calling…jeez. Nothing new to accomplish even with the seasonals (that are at the mercy of the PSN network) are back. Why didn’t PD throw us a bone as an update while PSN was down? They could have without too much troulbe I imagine, they sure are quick when it comes to updates to stop dupers and money glitchers…just a thought

  24. May. 25, 5:31am
    Forza Mclaren

    My major problem right like Lambob said is the freaking slow AI, how they take and exit corners is absolutely horrible, there is really no point of you trying to line up the car for a good pass coz the moment you find yourself with a second of the car ahead then you are guaranteed a pass, and please also fix the Drafting in this game it kills the game dead, you can slipstream a car from miles behind and catch it before it even reaches the corner, in real racing i’ve never seen passing made this easy,
    Oh and what the hell are the other 13 cars doing on track when i’m racing 2 or 3

  25. May. 25, 2:08am

    Every dang update, dang same thing.
    “Here it comes! 27 more tracks! 800 more cars! Free roam! Coffee holders! Purple chickens! YAY! Everything we hyped ourselves up for before release day, and a dozen more things from after! WEEEEEE! This is IT! PD must have been working on it because it’s been X number of weeks since the last update, and somebody totally unaffiliated with PD or Sony happened to mention in passing how great it would be if X got added to the game, so it’s gonna happen. Oh, and we have pics, movies, hand painted tin etchings, holovids, palm reader poetry, and whatever, showing, mentioning, or otherwise even remotely hinting at fill in the blank content or feature, so it must be true. Anybody who says otherwise can go play Forza cause they don’t know jack. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah………”
    Every dang time. And every time the update comes out, and there’s no free roam, 800 cars, even 1 track, let alone 27, or any other of a dozen popular demands, the same people then post how awfull it is, how wrong PD has treated them, or whatever other rant fits here at this point, and about the only people who are satisfied are the ones that had the low expectations in the first place.
    If this is still going on six months from now, there are a horrifying number of people that need to start wearring helmets, cause they obviously don’t have the common sense not to keep walking into the same brick wall over and over, and over…….

    • May. 25, 2:54am

      I’ve been waiting to drive as a purple chicken since GT1 my white polka dot purple chicken fantasy happened when GT3 came out and around the time GT5 hit I was begging the purple chicken gods to let it happen this time. Seriously though I agree with EEEEEK to an extent, we all shouldn’t get so hyped about the updates really the several that have come out have only helped increase what you can do online, and make restriction as well to on and offline game play. A track pack or car pack seems far away if ever being realistic. However, the idealist in me hopes for the cars maybe a few new Supercar V8s or GT2 cars, or GT3 (I’m looking at you MP 4-12 McLaren). I think we should all calm down and just be happy we have a great game to race each other with or we could be cry and moan about not getting exactly what we wanted in the game like some downtrodden Christmas.

  26. May. 25, 1:09am

    It’s Abu dhabi, i can feel it!
    Just kidding but i hope it’s something useful.

  27. May. 25, 12:11am

    In the same way a protest sounds.

    “tracks tracks tracks, we want tracks, we want tracks, tracks tracks tracks, we want tracks!”


    Because we love tracks too! we love tracks, we love tracks!

  28. May. 24, 11:26pm

    Can’t wait for the update!!!
    hopefully there will be new tracks and some premium car upgrades!

  29. May. 24, 4:18pm

    lambob, lol!

    Yeah, why does the AI brake hard then accelerate a little when entering every corner?

    Why does the AI get to switch out drivers but not the a-spec player?

    That would be awesome, you just drive your part and your AI does the part of the team drivers.

    What money does PD earn by us leaving our systems on 24/7 vs shutting them down after gaming?

    News at 11:00!

  30. May. 24, 1:28pm

    Please update:

    ABS@0 braking sensitivity- they are pads, not lead pipes being thrown into the vented disc rotors

    Online racing traction, even with racing slicks, I have better traction on my 3 tonne Ford LTD on ice with bald spring tires.

    in game race saves, I agree , some say it takes fun out of endurance, and I respect that, but then allow me to swap my BOB’s with myself.

    Remote racing money CR. Why not just give us money for leaving the PS3 on? What is the point of remote racing? feels like I’m bit-torrenting cash reserves instead of doing something useful.

    Allow me to race against my own BOB’s in A-spec.

    AI, fix AI in corner entry. I (don’t) feel bad for intentionally plowing ino them, because I know, they intentionally plow into me every time too.

    otherwise, a perfect game so far! :) only PS3 game I ever need.

    • May. 25, 1:15pm

      i like this

      “Allow me to race against my own BOB’s in A-spec.”

  31. May. 24, 1:25pm

    Yep, it’s down again.

    I hope it’s a short outage this time.

  32. May. 24, 1:17pm

    I don’t know if it’s down completely but I just wanted to login to start a remote race and it says the site (don’t know if PSN is down) is down for maintenance. Maybe they are starting up the PS Store??

  33. May. 24, 12:29pm

    Don’t worry everybody, I just know for a fact we will get……

    100+ premium race cars (lmp and GT)
    in race game saves
    more tracks
    more events
    and more secret stuff……if you are still reading this please go the corner of the room and think about what you have done…. tut tut! :)

    • May. 24, 1:08pm

      Source pls??

    • May. 24, 1:18pm

      I believe he said his source was tut tut ;)

    • May. 24, 2:34pm

      Ha ha, do you also know that “gullible” is not in the dictionary??

    • May. 24, 9:25pm
      Brooks of Dung

      It’s not?!?!? GASP! :0…

  34. May. 24, 12:21pm

    I would expect a control tab for replays…. That’s all.

  35. May. 24, 12:21pm

    BTW, the PS Store will NOT be available today or tomorrow, according to the PS Blog:
    …we’ll have to wait until the end of the month. :(

  36. May. 24, 12:15pm

    The only thing i want to have updated is: saveable settings!
    To have only one setup per car is not enough.

  37. May. 24, 12:15pm

    i checked PS store today, its not online yet :/

  38. May. 24, 11:05am
    Gastor Marza

    Sorry I meant playstation Store. Was supossed to start today I heard.

    • May. 24, 12:24pm

      Yeh Gastor, Thats what I thought….not up here in Essex

  39. May. 24, 10:58am
    Gastor Marza

    Hey, is PSN working for anyone anywhere? Not working here in London.

  40. May. 24, 10:45am

    I don’t know why people think that matchmaking will get them better races. What would they base their “matchmaking” on ? Level ? Anyone can reach level 30 and people with time on their hands can get to 40.

    MM (matchmaking) would make it faster, but better, I think not.

  41. May. 24, 10:14am

    Nice excuse…blame the PSN issues… Fact is, they are behind on their updates just as they messed up the launch.

    • May. 25, 5:06pm

      Yeah, I do think it’s just an excuse… ¬¬

  42. May. 24, 9:04am

    Online championships would be nice. Rather than just random races.

  43. May. 24, 8:13am

    I agree with the people that say the biggest issue is ‘matchmaking’ in online races. It’s frustrating spending several hours trying out different rooms and not finding people on the same level.

    But even this is partly down to you just putting some effort in to looking for the right room/drivers. I’d love a couple of new tracks but I think that’s never going to happen in GT5 sadly.

  44. May. 24, 8:13am

    Instead of having separate b spec races, they shud do wat they did in GT4 and have a choice of either a spec or b spec. Having both to do makes the game to hard and too long to complete.

  45. May. 24, 8:13am

    Instead of having separate b spec races, they shud do wat they did in GT4 and have a choice of either a spec or b spec. Having both to do makes the game to hard and too long to complete

  46. May. 23, 11:13pm

    Leader boards for lap times Please!
    Even if it’s only for stock cars I’d be happy, Please tell me your going to use GT5P server space for this PD Please!

    • May. 24, 8:16am


      And what’s the point of the practice runs only storing the top 10 lap times? Surely a serious driver wants to see hundreds of their previous lap times with different cars so they can tune properly and figure a circuit out!

  47. May. 23, 9:45pm

    Forgive me for misreading this GT Fans. So, Japans PSN is still down?? O_O

  48. May. 23, 6:59pm

    Just hurry up

  49. May. 23, 5:41pm

    how about the patch fixing the horrendous connection problems , and compatability issues , so annoying getting into 2 rooms out of 10 , and then managing to get on the track only to be disconnected from the server !! or the dreaded you are not compatible with the host nat , or something along those lines.
    to me this will kill off gt5 eventually , as people just get annoyed and pissed off tying to enter romms , and getting disconnected while racing ect. i have 5 other games including another 2 racing games , shift 2 , and f1 2010 , and i have no problem whatsoever getting online and racing .

    • May. 23, 7:09pm

      I agree with you!. FIX CONNECTION ISSUES!

  50. May. 23, 4:00pm

    Please please please has in-race saves! There is no way I can run the 24 hour races without it. I hope we get those 25 tracks to! And if in preparation for the 24 Hours of Le Mans they were to release some more le mans car like te R-18, AMR-One, the new Pescarolo, a Le Mans corvette, and a Le Mans 458 Italia, I certaintly would be crushed!
    Hell, even some Le Mans cars that aren’t active now like the R15, and maybe making some cheeky cars premium like the BMW V12, Toyota from 1999, or the R8 would be a step up!

    • May. 23, 6:54pm

      You mean 27. Jordan forgot to post the “Grand Canyon Mini” and “Piazza del Campo” logos.

  51. May. 23, 3:36pm

    There’s certainly a few changes thay need to happen, as I’ve found certain aspects of the game to be rather annying.
    Some of the handling physics defy logic – I managed to forward-roll a mini cooper (classic version) after tapping a barrier, donut a BMW on the left hand side wheels only and roll over a car just by tapping the handbrake to pull the rear out a little. Granted, most of these issues could be solved with suspension tweaks, but the way they occur could not be recreated in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s just a game and they have a disclaimer during the loading, but the tagline states “The Real Driving Simulator”.

    The “standard” profile cars look like they’ve been ported directly over from the PS1 version, with no attempts made to enhance the look slightly. Get close enough and you can see how bad the squiggly lines are on the windows etc.

    Across the board, if you add a full titanium exhaust, shouldn’t that also change the look of the end can? For 20 grand I’d expect not to be able to see the pea shooter I started with. Again, not a big issue but one that could have been an easy fix, in my eyes.

    Most of all, I believe there are too many restrictions built into the game. Transfer limits seem to be based on the output from the machine, I.E – If you’ve got more than one PSN you can still only transfer one car, five paints etc, even after switching users. Then there’s the money capping at 20 million, which I really can’t see the need for.

    ,,,, and relax,,, woosaaa,,,

  52. May. 23, 2:29pm

    This update may be just a small update; nothing huge. I think the BIG update Kaz was talking about a while ago will be coming around E3 time. As for playing GT, I haven’t played in a while due the fact my PS3 stopped reading discs. My wife got me a new one (160G slim, oh do I love her) for my birthday. So I guess I’m just in time.

  53. May. 23, 1:52pm

    This game needs leaderboards so i hope its leaderboards

  54. May. 23, 1:09pm

    one thing i hope they fix is the reverse settings in the suspension tuning, this has now made me not want to tune cars anymore, i hope they know about this and plan to fix it

    • May. 23, 2:00pm
      HKS racer

      Indeed +1 I hate that bug.

  55. May. 23, 1:09pm

    Alright people.. Lets convince ourselfs that this next update is going to do absolutely nothing so we can be disapointed that we were wrong and be one of the most significant gt updates/patches that has happened… Keep the hopes down and be shocked at what pd gives us… That way if we are right about it being insignificant… We won’t feel so let down…

  56. May. 23, 1:06pm

    I don’t know if this reading too much in to it, but do issues with credit card companies not hint at paid DLC?

    • May. 23, 11:28pm

      It does not. The delay is with Sony’s PSN service – there is no direct association with GT5.

    • May. 24, 2:48pm

      Thanks, i misread it that PD were specifically waiting on Sony to resolve the credit card issues before they can release the update.

  57. May. 23, 12:43pm

    Any Update in GT5 I never really noticed except PP and anything that was game changing tweaks and If I’m honest I never really needed or wanted ANY.

    People saying GT5 is a falure to the series is just wrong, or an xbot lol, any real fan knows it was the best as it was bigger, nicer, had online and we can freaking give each other cars how In the name of all is holy could that be a step back from.. A spec or B spec racing in previous GT’s HUH?

    Was playing in a room for 4hrs on Friday haven’t done that In a long time also random rooms I have been staying longer, WHY? Because all the rammers, noob heads, pests have lost the will to play, So I have been playing alot more ; ))

    • May. 23, 3:53pm
      It’s bigger?

      Lol, bigger than what? GT5P? Yes. Some previous GTs? No.

  58. May. 23, 12:10pm

    I hope the update EXcludes premiums, enduro saves, free roam, and ignores bug fixes. Unless we want rapture then PD should ignore all the stuff fans actually want. I fully expect the update will add completely useless details like lightning bolts during night races. Why? Because that would make sense.

  59. May. 23, 12:00pm

    Enduro race saves to get me from lvl 31-40 plzkaythx :)

  60. May. 23, 11:57am

    Hopefully they’ll integrate the ‘seasonals’ into A-Spec, along with completely new ones…

  61. May. 23, 11:22am

    I really think people shouldn’t get there hopes up with the update.For all we know,it could just be another patch for glitches…not sure if its possible to fix through an update but it would be awesome if they could fix the shadows >:D

  62. May. 23, 11:02am

    i have found that the down time has got rid of alot of the kind of people i don’t want to race with ie the rammers and so on, all the hardcore GT’ers out there have stuck with the sim as many of us just want to have fun with our mates whilst having fun close racing with next to no contact, any updates are always welcome but lets remember how far we pushed the very limited GT5P. when in a room full of great races and fairly evenly/evenly matched cars and the racing is great i’m sure updates are at the back of most true GT’ers minds…. don’t get me wrong though i think that so many seemingly small tweaks would help so much.

    • May. 23, 11:37am

      I wish (which I know wont happen) that more N/A cars like say the Enzo and M5 or SLS could receive an option for forced induction. How hard could it be, I don’t understand. Forget the standards to premiums that’s fine the way it is in my opinion. I think its unfair that many N/A American cars like say the Viper and Ford GT (which are great cars) have the chance at forced induction but many N/A European cars do not that’s just my $.09. The update is probably going to be some freaking glitch/bug fix blahhh.

    • May. 23, 7:20pm

      it would be nice if we could race for each others cars, and have GT5P style set open online races with higher rewards for racing on sports or comfort tyres… all sorts of things would be great, not enough people in the online rooms seem to want to do more than 5 laps .. i wonder if more cr could be given for that.. i have great fun with it the way it is… updates are only ment to make it better… winner for me :)

  63. May. 23, 10:50am

    I love the last bit Jordan. Very true.

    though you would be wise to temper your expectations.

  64. May. 23, 10:07am
    Updates Are Needed

    I myself have lost a little interest in the game but not to the point that I am not going to play it. I am finding smaller things frustrating, like when you are going through A-Spec and you cannot find the car you need anywhere to finish a race. Or when you do you will end up having to sink a bunch of money into the car to win it (not always but enough times).

    I really think the menus can be cleaned up, that whole system is just a mess and it has been since the game came out. Again this is not enough to make me not want to play the game. The menu system is very minor, but it it on my wish list.

    This next one is really close to my heart because I spent a lot of money on it and I know there are a lot of people out there that have spent money on this. They need to update the game to allow you to customize the G25/27. I know through reading these forums a lot of you out there have either one of these wheels. I know mine was over $300 and it was bought just for this game. In addition to that I also bought myself a Playseat for the wheel. The whole set up is really nice but the driving portion sucks because you cannot assign buttons where you want. Please update to allow all of us that have either one of these wheels take full advantage of them.

    Also, I seriously doubt updates will include cars or tracks. Maybe we get a bone because the network has been down like a lot of other game have been doing, but future updates will not have cars or tracks in them. The way of the world is to make us pay money for those things via the PSN. So yeah they probably will be adding tracks before they add cars, just be prepared to shell out your money for them.

    • May. 23, 12:55pm

      G27 with Wheel Stand Pro couldn’t agree more.

    • May. 25, 11:52am

      I have a G25 and Sim-Seat SR2 Platinum. You can change buttons, use Driving Force Pro menu in GT5. G27 has some button mapping limitations, but you can change the ones you can map.

  65. May. 23, 8:27am

    I think that PD must stop developing GT5 or we will have to wait another 10 years for GT6. GT5 is already big let-down and no updates can save it, because there isnt ‘small’ problems that can be solved by patches or updates or whatsoever. GT5 is simply in some way of developement (during that 5 year saga) gone in wrong direction and what it is done it is done.
    So PD, please turn the page and work hard on GT6 (just GT6, no updates for GT5, no other semi-products like GT PSP).
    And in future dont promise nothing untill it is sure to can be done and dont try to please everyone, so far 4 GT games was great and they are great becuause they was suposed to be that way (there no was damage, 6 cars on track, and other things but still all was a great games unlike last one which by fact sould be awsome and the best in the series it is just not like that, because all that feels unfinished)

    • May. 23, 8:13pm


  66. May. 23, 8:14am

    Pretty much stopped playing this game, although I will say that I was impressed at how long it kept my attention, so at least I can say it’s a great game, although it didn’t fulfill my expectation.

    However, I expect to see a very good update within one week of PSN restored. There’s no reason not to have a bunch of things the fans want addressed to be so and I’m itching for a new update. Especially don’t forget about mid-game endurance race save.

  67. May. 23, 8:09am

    Saving in endurance races. Hope for this.

  68. May. 23, 7:55am

    It’s not worth doing an update!
    The game will be crap no matter what!
    The real driving simulator hahaha
    No drying line when it’s stopped raining, no track rubbering in, no marbles off the racing line!!
    Why bother with this game anymore!!!

    • May. 23, 8:13am

      are you asking us , or yourself ,,,

  69. May. 23, 6:45am

    I’m hoping that with all of the new track logos reported on the official GT5 website last month, there are going to be at least a couple of new circuits added to the game with this update.

    Kaz has already confirmed that PD are working on in-race saves for endurance races, so hopefully they will be ready with this update too!

    Here’s hoping…

  70. May. 23, 5:38am

    It will have to be a big update. Little more than 2 weeks away from E3 and PD really needs to pull people away from that other game that going to be reveled.

    I honestly stopped playing MONTHS ago after I got to A-Spec 32 and B-Spec 40. Finishing B-Spec up just took all the fun out of it for me being I had to run the game none stop for more than a week.

    With the addition of the weekly (later not so weekly) challenges it was fun for the first weeks then they removed restrictions and all that fun and challenge was lost. Yes I know you can restrict yourself but whats the point in that when everyone else is going to use the most powerful car to set the #1 times.

    I TRIED to run some online races but unable to find races and the ones I did get in to seemed to always have some kinda issue, glitch, rammer, or rude kid that just killed the fun.

    Hate to say it but with Shift 2u coming up short for me I’m just looking forward to FM4 unless PD/Kaz actually puts more in to GT5 and not just bug fixes or weekly challenges.

    • May. 23, 12:51pm

      They patched S2U twice already and the handling is very satisfactory now, making the game even more fun. Plus we have two DLC packs with great cars and great tracks. With Dirt 3 coming out tomorrow, GT5 will probably be third choice only.

  71. May. 23, 4:53am
    Berlino Bear

    This makes me wonder how you are playing the game. Just doing the A and B spec races? I wouldn’t be surprised. Real GT fans know that the Trawling A-Spec is just not what the game is about. Its now about getting a great selection of cars, all tuned up and getting on line. Find a great set of friends who all like to race clean. Hours and hours of fun to be had on line.. That doesn’t need a patch. Stop moaning and go play.

    • May. 23, 5:05am

      Also, hours and hours of work needed to find said friends, organise races, try and match up time zones if you’re in different countries, etc, etc. It’s not simple to find good people of a similar level to race against, and it’s damn near impossible to just jump on and have a quick game when you feel like it.

      I know some people enjoy the online, but a lot of us don’t have the time to invest to make up for the lack of online features (ie. matchmaking), or simply don’t believe it’s worth it to do so when there are other things we could be doing with that time.

      GT5 makes little effort to make playing easy, online or offline. And while the ultimate end result may be decent, that lack of ease of playing drives a lot of people away.

    • May. 23, 6:24am

      Yea online is painful. It definitely needs matchmaking more than anything for online play.

    • May. 25, 11:31am


      I fully agree with you.

      It’s pretty ridiculous how GT5 depends so much on online in order to be any fun. The least they can do is finally add matchmaking so it will be less of a headache to find an actual race, and hopefully it will finally come in this update.

  72. May. 23, 4:48am

    I would be happy with endurance race saves! Although maybe a handful of new cars possibly but i would choose new tracks over cars any day. I wish he wasn’t so cryptic about what his intentions were. They obviously know what the content is going to be they should just spill the beans!

  73. May. 23, 4:44am
    Mike murphy

    Doing a good job. Traffic is a bit heavy at the moment, but shud calm down soon.

  74. May. 23, 4:36am

    i like gt5 and i will always like it no matter update or not cuz i can always race with my friends and thats all the fun i need,if they put some extra content in it thats cool :) but somehow i gotta feeling that we’re all gonna be very happy after this update lol

  75. May. 23, 4:22am

    the game is still fine how it is. how many of you have great lap times and drift scores on every track and car in the game so far. i play alot and still havent raced around in all the cars, heck i dont own half the cars yet, so why is there always this “more, MORE” attitude getting around. Epic game already.
    that is all

    • May. 23, 6:22am

      True. But PD is still able to provide more. So we’re lucky.

  76. May. 23, 4:19am
    Turkey :D

    No lie, this game needs more than a patch to make it interesting.

  77. May. 23, 3:58am

    Of course it won’t be Spec II. It also won’t solely be in-race game saves.

    Don’t tell me evidence. The past has shown that the last major update was 3 months ago today/tomorrow. “Evidence” shows there have only been 3 decently sized updates out of 8 (something like that).

    Stop trying to make yourself feel better by making “us” “try” to “think” it’s not going to be a major update. “Jeez”

    • May. 24, 6:40am

      So now jordan is trying to make himself feel better by purposely missleading us and telling us not to expect much?!?!?

      Wow, since THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that this is a major update, it’s only proper to be telling us not to expect much.

      The last update was 4/07/11. Hardly 3 months ago. The last major update was 2/25/11, a bit over a month before the last update.

      PD announced quite awhile ago that future updates would be monthly, putting the coming one right in the middle of the PSN outage, that being the only reason it’s taken longer than originally expected.

      The 3 “decently sized updates” were ment to get most of the major buisness out of the way before they went to the smaller “roughly monthly” releases. The monthly releases were only supposed to be tweaks to the track editor, bug fixes, online tweaks, other relatively small stuff, and MABEY a handful of standards converted to premium. In-race saves were not originally part of this plan, and only got added has an afterthough, making us lucky to get something even that time consuming for them to impliment. PD isn’t focused on major work for this game anymore. They have OTHER projects that focus is being shifted to.

      In fact, GT5P, just like GT5, was billed at the time it came out has something that would continue to evolve, and reached “Spec III”, not much different than its release version. They’ve already put more post release work into GT5, than they did GT5P. They shifted away from GT5P when they did because they had limited staff, and other projects, just has they do now. Just because a bunch of people didn’t learn from GT5P, and now think PD is dedicating signifigant resources, 7 months after release, for the purpose of generating big updates with new tracks, cars, modes, etc, based on rumor and speculation alone, doesn’t mean were getting much of anything. Just because you’ve worked yourself up to believe it too doesn’t mean people who have learned not to believe every rumor and bit of speclulation give two craps about what you think, much less need to make themselves feel better by convincing themselves, or you, of anything otherwise. Life is too short.

      From the looks of it, YOUR the one who’s spending too much time focused on what other people think, and the one trying to make yourself feel better by telling others who don’t agree to shut up. I notice that didn’t shut anybody up. Odd.

    • May. 24, 3:56pm

      Uhhuh: “The last update was 4/07/11. Hardly 3 months ago. The last major update was 2/25/11, a bit over a month before the last update.”

      If you could READ, the OP said that the last MAJOR update was 3 months ago, and I agree. 1.06 brought the big guns out for GT5, then from there it was trading limits, bug fixes and stopping people from getting out of tracks.

    • May. 24, 5:21pm

      Facepalm. If you could read you’d know that he was pointing out that PD has only been following to previously announced plan for big updates followed by smaller updates on a monthly basis after the majors were released, and that this one is only late because of PSN.

    • May. 24, 5:47pm
      Monty squirel

      And why let a little thing like facts ruin the fun of a good kool-aid buzz fueled halucination?

  78. May. 23, 3:35am

    This game badly needs an update. I’ve lost interest in it, and I need mid endurance race and championship saves to get me going again.

    However I suspect it won’t be anything more than a patch to fix a few minor bugs :(

    • May. 23, 7:39am

      Pretty sure in race saves actually will be the main attraction. I think people might be disappointed when thats nearly the only change though.

  79. May. 23, 3:04am

    Ugh, sometimes I have no idea why some people comment when it’s nothing but complaints…seriously still haven’t gotten to the bottom of that barrel yet?

    I hope it’s an update to fix the tuning and possibly one that fixes the anti roll over code they have in the game. Ride height needs to be swapped, the aero needs tweaking, possibly incorporate airflow calculations for under the car so we can at least have some detrimental effects to running too high a front end.

    Ever so often they can toss in a few cars and courses. Possibly a permanent tweak to the cash prizes, they need to be exponentially higher to offset the 1 mil trade lock and ludicrous car prices.

    • May. 23, 3:14am

      ^^promptly follows first sentence with a list of complaints….lol

    • May. 23, 8:09am

      wow ,,, haha

    • May. 23, 12:44pm

      Well, SavageEvil, welcome to the Internet. People never agree and complaining all the time is just as bland and improductive as keeping your tongue or fanboyism. Just accept it. There wouldn’t be fora if people had nothing to share or complain about. Or both.

    • May. 23, 1:35pm

      in response to lmbo, find the list of complaints….since you obviously have such a wonderful grasp of english comprehension. Looking for a joke, look no further than your post, as you have contributed absolutely nothing to the thread at all.

      As for AnPrionsBeag, what are you going on about? Can you read? I just find that people keep ragging on the same thing as if it’s the first time they knew about it, just because you seemingly think it drives progress on the internet is fine, but it actually doesn’t. Head on over to cell phone XDA dev sites and see that complaining doesn’t get you far, it’s all about finding a solution to an issue. The game has been out months yet it’s the same boring comments as if no one knew…get me?!?

      Everything I put in my original post points to known issues with the game and these things tend to get abused by some individuals to gain unfair advantages. Wish the geniuses who decided to comment would actually read and understand before pounding the keys.

      Hey lmbo you go ahead and list those complaints I listed ok and not legitimate issues that the GT5 community have come across and listed as a definite problem. Far be it from people who have actual grievances and not just sitting there going, this game lacks downloadable content, the short story mode(what GT ever had one?).

      Kaz said that they will support GT5 for a good while, so how about people stop complaining all day everyday, it’s not like you are the ones doing the coding and code checking, believe you me you wouldn’t want to do it as a game this big would have a paper trail at least a few miles in length worth of code.

    • May. 23, 3:21pm
      Mark H.

      So what he’s sayin is, if anybody else posts lists of what they think is wrong, they’re posting “nothing but complaints”, But if HE posts posts THIS list, that’s not the same thing because this stuff is “legitimate”.
      Geee, why would people find that ammusing?
      The main problem here is the OP is incapapable of comprehending why others would find the main post amussing/ironic.
      If nobody understands the point, and you have to re-explain it to them, going out of your way to belittle them in the process, reading comprehension of the readers is not the problem. The problem lies with the inability of the author to clearly express himself, (amongst other things), and simply redefining the list has something more legitimate than other lists doesn’t accomplish anything more that making the original post all the more ammussing. EVERYBODY thinks their own lists of complaints is more legitimate than everybody elses. To many readers, this is just one more complaints list in a site full of such lists, regardless of how many people agree with it, or how many people declare it to be the “legitimate” complaints list.

    • May. 23, 3:43pm
      Mark H.

      Oh, and having to resort to a defense centered mainly on strongly attacking others intellegence, more so than the reinforcment of the main point, is a sure sign of having a weak argument in the first place.

    • May. 25, 6:08am

      Mark H, well said!

  80. May. 23, 2:59am
    Super T

    I too was getting curious lately if there were any more updates planned for GT5. As a hardcore GT fan I find even I’m getting slightly bored with the game, mainly down to the lack of the offline portion of it, didn’t even touch it while the PSN was down!

    Although they’ve probably been planned way in advance and don’t take a great deal of work I have been content with the regularly updated seasonals but the idea of any more big updates kinda went out the window after the events in Japan earlier in the year. I know Tokyo was relatively unharmed but I’m sure many of PD’s staff were related to and/or knew people who were made homeless, injured or worse so I’d personally forgive them for abandoning us and what is after all a game for a while.

    Glad to hear they’re back working on it and quite excited as to what this update could be.

  81. May. 23, 2:30am

    Kaz sure does love playing the blame game.

    • May. 23, 12:38pm

      And we sure love forgiving him every time.

    • May. 24, 4:40pm

      Amen brother

  82. May. 23, 2:27am

    If its a glitch fix, I will be angry. So long as the next update has endurance race saves and more premiums i’m happy. Or GT5 Spec II.

    • May. 26, 4:38am

      If this game had Bathurst and V8 supercars and more aussie cars I’d never stop playing it.

  83. May. 23, 2:14am

    pigboy agree’s with people abandoning the game.i wont because ive got a steering wheel and gearbox….lack of tracks and the small storyline is spot on…cant wait for our very own (Australians) V8 SUPERCARS for the PS3

    • May. 23, 2:17am

      Same here :)

    • May. 23, 12:37pm

      When Bathurst eventually makes it to the GT series, it’ll take the game to a whole new level. And I’m not even Australian :-p

  84. May. 23, 2:13am

    guys don’t put your expectations up so high!
    It could just be another fix for a glitch! I wish i am wrong!!!

    • May. 23, 2:22am

      To be fair, in the past he has hinted at a bigger update comming “soon”, but your probably not too far off…:S

    • May. 23, 2:27am

      A fix for a glitch? Highly, highly, highly unlikely lol.

      It’s going to be significant. Why else would Kaz announce an update will be coming after Japan gets back online?

      If it were a minuscule update, we would have had it by now.

    • May. 23, 2:45am

      He announced it because half the fanbase went “WTH?” and pitched a fit when there wasn’t one the day PSN came back online.
      Will it be more than a track fix? Yes.
      Are we getting expanded a-spec, new tracks, premium car packs, free roam, other junk people are coming up with, etc, etc, or will it otherwise be “significant” because it’s taken awhile? Absolutely no evidence of that at all. Kaz likes to tweet little bits of this and that. Tweeting this doesn’t mean Spec II is here or anything.
      More than likely it’s going to be more than a glitch fix, but much less than many are expecting.
      On the bright side, in race game saves are one of the realistic possibilities, and something he has said was being worked on.

  85. May. 23, 1:58am

    Hopefully one day more of the tracks we love real tracks I mean but well it’s good to have an update comming up

  86. May. 23, 1:57am

    Don’t forget to mention his tweets about birthday gift cars during the outage. He said “somehow” the problem will be solved for them.

  87. May. 23, 1:49am

    This is very good news! If it’s more premiums, I wonder what the premiums will be?

    • May. 23, 3:35am

      Veyron, ’98 (B5) S4, Supra & ’65 Shelby GT350R!

    • May. 23, 4:55am
      Big Ron

      Didn´t you read the last sentence of the news? Temper your expectations.

    • May. 23, 8:56am
      Gamer GT5

      Yep! My hopes isn’t high by a long shot

    • May. 26, 4:36am

      The only things that would keep me playing is more tracks and cars (more detail with Australian cars, put Bathurst and more Australian cars. Needs HSV’s!! Australian cars also need better handling) also Hummers would be a kool idea.

  88. May. 23, 1:32am

    This is cool and all, but if it’s multiplayer themed it’s almost too late. All 7 of my Irl friends who play GT have pretty much abandoned the game due to small story mode and “lack of support and varying tracks”. I truly hope any update will make people pop in the disc, but it woild most likely take new cars for that

    • May. 23, 1:44am

      OR free roam (both would be nice though) ;)

    • May. 23, 2:02am

      Free roam was abandoned because of limitations of the PS3. He said he would have liked to have done it, nothing more. We ARE NOT getting free roam.

    • May. 23, 2:15am

      @O_O We may get it for the ps4.

    • May. 23, 2:19am

      Yes, very possible, though Kaz likes to talk about grand ideas that never make the game, so I won’t hold my breath.
      The problem is, now that he mentioned it, we’ve now got groups of people that think it’s coming in GT5 update 1.whatever, and I can allready hear the pissing and moaning when that doesn’t happen.

    • May. 23, 2:44am

      I din’t know GT5 had a story mode?

    • May. 23, 6:25am
      HKS racer

      We don’t give a damn about free roam!! This is still a racing game! All they need to do is fix those freakin’ slow AI and add (much) more events with proper GT cars. An Aston DBR9 race modfied and a F430 GT2.. now that could be a good idea.

    • May. 23, 6:43am
      DReAM GTR

      The AI is actually pretty good…

    • May. 23, 8:54am
      Gamer GT5

      @O_O I agree. Livery editor was also mentioned also but Kaz doesn’t want to implement that feature in GT5.

    • May. 23, 9:30am

      @HKS RACER – That comment… completed me. haha You’re the ONLY other person I’ve even seen wanting more GT class race cars :D

    • May. 23, 9:53am

      Story Mode? If that’s the case, they walked in with the wrong state of mind. Can’t blame that on the game. I just hope the patch it to where when you finish a seasonal race, it doesn’t kick you all the way back to the GT home screen. Just let me go the the next race!!!

    • May. 23, 10:25am
      HKS racer

      The AI is pretty good? Lolwut? You gotta be kidding me. You are just an incredibly slow driver or you just trolling, like many others users here, they change the nick name but they are all the same, and they write the same BS comments.. what’s the point of GT with no proper GT race cars? I don’t think normal people will hate an Aston Martin DBR9 at all. Not sayin’ we’ll find it in the game but in case they want to.. that’s for sure a better idea then free roam and storymode LOL

    • May. 23, 5:44pm

      For Real people? It doesn’t take a genius by “Story Mode” I mean’t GT Life

    • May. 23, 6:33pm
      Robot Shlomo

      “Story mode”? What story is there in Gran Turismo?

    • May. 24, 9:32pm

      ^For Real?

  89. May. 23, 1:31am

    Cool, I have been curios if an update was in the works. I am still anxious to know if they have any car expansion pack plans, would love to drive the new 1M!

  90. May. 23, 1:27am

    I agree on your last note, though this is great news.

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