Polyphony Digital Switches Out Gran Turismo 7 Daily Race B After Glitch Abuse

Polyphony Digital has taken action to curb widespread abuse of a glitch in this week’s Gran Turismo 7 Daily Races, replacing the affected event in the three-race line-up.

The previously little-known glitch with the Autodrome Lago Maggiore circuit essentially causes the player’s car to teleport from the start of the final sector almost to the finish line, due to a vehicle reset function not operating as intended.

It affects the “West End” circuit pit lane. When driving that track, stopping the car for a few seconds in the pit lane exit causes the car to be reset to the track, just before the start/finish line — which is just a few yards back.

While the pit lane is blocked off on the GP and West courses, the exit lines are still present and the reset function still operates, but sends cars to the main start/finish line instead. That results in an effective time gain of around ten seconds:

Up until now, this glitch has only been used by a handful of players in a few single-player settings: Circuit Experience, Human Comedy missions, and Cafe Menu races. However players started to use it for the qualifying Time Trial for this week’s Daily Race B, and inevitably that spilled over into the race itself.

The situation has been remedied by swapping out the venue for this week’s race, with Red Bull Ring Short Course now hosting the Gr.4 cars for the event instead. Previously PD has fixed such issues with glitches and shortcuts in online events with the addition of barriers to prevent access to the affected areas.

It remains to be seen if Polyphony Digital will be taking action against players who exploited the glitch to boost their Driver Rating, but the studio has previously stated that “misbehaving” players would be “subject to punishment as soon as it is discovered”…

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