Polyphony Digital to Gift Cars in GT5 on Christmas Eve

First picked up by our own Amar212, SCEJ (Sony Japan) has announced that three free cars for Gran Turismo 5 will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on December 24th. The free cars will be “Chrome Line” editions of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640,  Jaguar XJ13, and a BMW M3 Coupe. Keep in mind this news report has – so far – only come out of Japan (though Japanese gaming site AndriaSang rather confidently states that “Anyone with GT5 will be able to make the download for free.”)

Stay tuned for more details when they become available. Thanks to all who sent this in!

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Comments (190)

  1. mike

    i found how to get those car in my normal account, i give myself those cars to myself, my jap account and eur account are friend then i just give them to me

    1. Kyle

      I have tried this as well. PSN said it downloaded and installed and no go….it isn’t coming up in my Japan sign in and nothing. How did you make this work? Please help!

    1. Turbo-Kai

      I wish they won’t do this… the CE cars are exlusive for the CE buyers… i would agree when they give us other cars for free…but not thise that i paid for!

    2. White & Nerdy

      They might still be exclusive, but you’re still missing the XJ13. So am I. They seem reeeeeeeeaally intent on _never_ letting America have that car, for some reason.

  2. doggyollie

    There is a banner that cycles through under the Playstation store in the game section. Or you can search the Playstation store with this phrase “グランツーリスモ5”

    No luck here either in getting the cars in game with my japanese psn id, and US version of the game. WTF?

    Hopefully they open this up to other regions besides Japan.

  3. BurgerMaster

    Reminds me of a saying ”If it’s too good to be true it probably is”… It’s free stuff so I won’t cry if I don’t get it.

  4. Crushed

    Yea i have a regular and japanese account just for this reason, i downloaded them off the jap store but i cant get them in the game, must be because i have u.s. version like gospracrgo said

    1. gospracrgo

      They are in the Japanese Playstation Store. I downloaded them and nothing unlocked, probably because I have a US version of the game, but I’m waiting until tomorrow to find out if they unlock on Christmas Day. I’m not hopeful, though.

    2. Pedz

      They’re in the Japanese playstation store, not EU, nor US, nor AUS or anywhere else =]. They’re probably in the PS3 addons section

    1. slick1ru2

      Think about it. Does Santa come on the night before Christmas Eve or on Christmas Eve? I expect them Christmas Eve, at midnight.

    2. Santa

      I suspect mass dissapointment from believing yet another third party source rumor.
      Otherwise, i’d check the Japanese GT site after midnight their time, has it was supposedly a Japanese market promo.

    3. Santy Claws

      Everyones been naughty abusing the PSN account “birthday feature”, HO HO HO, so no free cars for any of you!!

    1. White & Nerdy

      This is great, assuming it can be done in NA. Even if I can’t get the SE stealth cars without gameshark, I can still get the XJ13…

  5. Moby45

    I don’t see how I am talking about the wrong edition. Mine says Collectors Edition(CE). I have my game, my keychain, my model car, my book and my certificate. This of which was advertised. So I do believe you sir are talking about the wrong edition. Mig = Dumbass, go figure.

    Who gives a crap about the “exclusive” cars when they were never ment as “exclusive” nor advertised as “exclusive”.

    As I stated, it should have been comon sense that the DLC cars would be given to the public anyway. So quit b*tching about it and get over it. I am pretty sure you baught the game to play the game. Not whine about who has what cars.

    1. Mig

      I used something it seems your lacking, intelligence. I looked at your comment and thought this whole CE thing isn’t adding up. Instead of posting mindless comments like “mig = dumbass” I had a look on the interweb to find that we both have collectors editions however the Aus and US collectors editions are 2 different things, Aus got a lot less in our collectors edition and i can admit i was wrong, although i highly doubt you have the mental capacity to do the same.
      after all your the one that didn’t know the definition of bonus yet your calling me a dumbass?…. good one mate top stuff, really.

    2. Moby45


      Yes you are wrong. That’s all that needed to be said. With that, get a life. Appearently you have nothing else better to do than argue with me on the internet. So yes, good one mate. Top stuff, really.

      Just for you, Mig = Still a dumbass.

  6. BWX

    I had the CE preordered at GameStop but on Nov. 23rd, Midnight when Walmart was open and GameStop wasn’t, I bought the regular version at Walmart. They also had the “Prima” Essential Track Guide for GT5 book, but when I took it up there with the game, they wouldn’t let me buy it. I went back last week and got it.. $14- too expensive but it’s a cool addition to my GT5. I wonder why there’s been no mention of this GT5 track guide here in the news section? Maybe I missed it? It’s a neat little booklet.

  7. Mig

    and to savageevil i got the collectors edition solely on the reason it had those cars and to say they are a bonus with the collectors edition is wrong.. they were advertised with the collected addition to temp people such as myself into buying it therefor are not a bonus but rather a part of the overall product

    1. Moby45

      Then you are tempted rather easily and therefore a dumbass.

      The cars were added bonus. The CE Package was only the Game, The Keychain, the Model Car and the Certificate. Thats it. The DLC cars were just there as a bonus. Notice how gaming retailers had their own bonus cars too.

      So anyway, Stop whining people. If sony didn’t give these cars away then you would b*tch and moan because some other gamers figured out how to get these cars without paying for them. Boo Hoo.

    2. Mig

      First off your talking about the wrong edition…2nd how can you say the cars are a bonus yet the keychain and what not are not?…..Bonus – Something given or paid in addition to what is expected… since the cars were advertised and used as a marketing technique they were NOT an addition to what was expected making it not a bonus but rather a sweetener therefore the cars do hold (small) monetary value and i will stop here cause i can go on and on ..

  8. Mig

    i got my collectors edition for the chromeline cars and now they are just giving them away… thats awesome for every1 else but i paid extra money for the collectors edition and i dont get a bonus… whereas the people who didnt pay extra do get a bonus i really struggle to comprehend the way these people think

  9. SavageEvil

    The free DLC you got with your SE and CE packages were just bonuses, all the stuff you paid for came in the box. The nerve of some people, you got what you paid for. They didn’t say that those cars were exclusive only to those packages, just that 5 in one package was exclusive. Look at the folks who got free car(s) just for reserving their game.

    I can’t believe how many people thought that those cars actually had any monetary value, really?

    Sidenote, anyone else notice that the DLC was like 100kb or so in size. Just a bunch of parameters how to deck out the car, this bodes well for having some sort of paint shop added or updated liveries for cars. Anyway I’m fantasizing about things that should be added…oh well.

    1. unoc

      I love the ‘I can’t believe PD is giving away my precious chrome cars.. it is completely horrible and unfair and horrible. But it can be made all better if they give us all the stealth cars….’

      Why don’t they just allow us to stick racing stripes on all of our cars. THat would be great

    1. looool

      AWWWWWW, lookie, a sweet little fuzzy fanboy!
      Oh, how cute it is to read your meager attempt to deffend PD. Allways nice to see nearly extinct creatures, in their natural enviroments, doing what they do, completely oblivious to the reality of the world arround them. Sometimes they have a hint of the impending demise, but even then, not knowing what else to do, they just go on the best they can, buisness has usual………admirable.
      Sad, but admirable.
      Anyone have a spare glue trap?

    2. ?

      Fanboys = good people?
      If that’s what you ment, I have to wonder how being a blind follower of a videogame, to the piont of becoming delusional about it or it’s creator having any faults, and has such defending it with almost religious faith, could ever be considered good because of it.
      Many wars come from just such zealotry. The only difference is that fanboys waist it on such pointless, meaningless things like videogames.

  10. onlytease.com

    Another fail by PD.. it looks like they’re on a streak of fail. Darn it PD, why even bother putting the word “exclusive” on the CE and SE boxes? Why break the exclusivity? It’s not as if those cars were available for free with a pre-order…
    PD are failing more and more. Nothing they did since GT5 release has been for the good.

    1. Apokalipse

      Well it was stated before the GT5 release that it was possible the chrome line cars will be available later via DLC, so yeah…

    2. Tvensky

      lol @ 1st comment!

      sample – hi, my name is complain, I was saying complaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplain and complaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplain so complaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplaincomplain… good day! complaincomplaincomplain..

  11. Greyum

    Haha, suckers! I ended up getting all of the cars for free anyway, not that they were and good in the face of a poorly structured game.

  12. robert

    in my eyes at the end of the day they are just giving back to the loyal fans of GT….ill be happy for any cars to be added to my garage for free

    1. Bernd

      I’m currently racing my ass off to reach Level 28, because I know the prize for Indy500 is the Jaguar XJ13 – well, I’ll own 2 of these beauties then, one in British Racing-Green and one Chromeline :D

  13. Deathsarthe

    I would’ve like a couple of those Standard to Premium conversions they hinted at…

    A 98 Supra RZ would be fantastic, I’d take just this car over all the chrome line ones.

    1. 'Round the bend

      The Jag doesn’t work in the ASPEC expert race, since it’s a free car you can obtain from the facebook GT5 game. Im surprised you don’t have it yet.

    2. Bernd

      @Round the bend – Are you sure? There is another XJ13 participating in that race, so why can’t we use that 20million-dollar-baby??

  14. 'Round the bend

    Very very stupid idea in my opinion. Just leaves me here saying ‘Why did I bother spending extra money when the cars are just going to be given out for free’

    Whats the new years present going to be? 3 stealth cars?

    All in all, it’s just a rumor at this stage. It could be a new special edition of those 3 cars, or 3 completely different cars..

    NOTE: The Jaguar Chrome is NOT part of the CE DLC. It’s free from the facebook game. So they’re basically giving out 2 cars and the free car a few people already have.

    1. onlytease.com

      Another fail by PD.. it looks like they’re on a streak of fail. Darn it PD, why even bother putting the word “exclusive” on the CE and SE boxes? Why break the exclusivity? It’s not as if those cars were available for free with a pre-order…

      PD are failing more and more. Nothing they did since GT5 release has been for the good.

  15. eMke3

    Here’s a note to myself: Don’t buy collectors edition again it does not contain any exclusive content inside the game. Sure the Kyosho model was nice, and so was the book and the keychain. But why include SE cars in the game if they’re not SE at all. Everybody will have them…

    1. eMke3

      Nevermind… I guess I didn’t read it correctly the first time. It’s for Japanese customers only… so far… Note to myself: Gotta read more carefully :P

  16. jasr73

    @Unoc, I get your point, it’s not really exclusive, if all you need to do is hand over extra coin, any mug can do that.

    My comment is just one of many points of view and it’s a drop in the ocean, if my opinion seems arrogant or ‘stuck up’ it’s not my intention. We are all born equal in my view…

    Would I have forked out the 300 in the knowledge that the DLC would be public domain anyway, yep sure would off. Why? Because I support the franchise, love what they do, think the thing is worth more than the sum of its parts and consider myself fortunate that I was able to pay for it in the first place.

    In the sprit of Xmas and the season of giving with out the thought of getting something in return, its a great that PD are making this gesture and it’s to be appalled. I might also add I’ve been sharing the DLC I have with friends because ultimately I’m of the view that everyone should able to have access to the same regardless of situation.

    What I am suggesting in terms of maintaining value in the game is don’t make it too easy, if you want to own it, earn it i.e. via a challenge and you’ll value it more…cheers.

    1. unoc

      so more of a value you find in having the car rather than value of the game in a ‘equity of the financial brand’. Gotcha. Understand mate.

      But its rather hard to do a challenge unless its b-spec. Because some people will have wheels and some epople will play with a driving line and stability control. You’ll always be favouring one over the other. I can’t drive as quickly with TC on, while others can’t drive with it off. A challenge would be fun, but ultimately still not for all.

    2. Gulf_Porsche

      “…if all you need to do is hand over extra coin, any mug can do that.”

      Not so. The “exclusivity” wasn’t the extra cost. It was that there were only a limited number of copies of the Collectors Edition offered for sale. If you hadn’t ordered it by October 16th, you couldn’t buy it. Period.

    1. Greyum

      I bagged a Signature Edition for free, read the APEX book, used the codes, looked at the coffee book, then sold it all less the game for over £100. After that, I realised how bad GT5 was, so sold GT5 and my PS3 to get an Xbox 360 and Forza 3. With plenty of cash spare, I now have a much better gaming console and a much better racing game. Not bad.

  17. McClarenDesign

    I’m happy to be getting anything for xmas. I paid the extra for the CE, but don’t have the Jag, so at least there’s that. Sure, it can’t be used in the historic races, but I don’t care. It’s the holidays, and I already have my copy of GT5, and now even more.

    In the spirit of the season, I am very thankful for the game, the gift, the update, and the GT Academy.

    I just wish there was some way I could return the favor (other than simply buying the game). Thanks PD, and Merry Christmas to you all.


    Great,I paid extra and then the others get the same cars for free??WOW,you are really good PD,thanx alot!

    At least it could be the stealth cars, they are so much better!

    1. jasr73

      New Jag is a nice touch… but not entirely happy about the original chrome vehicles being given up.

      Exclusive is exclusive. Like it or not, it helps maintain equity in the brand. It’s important there’s elements of mystic built in to the game via interesting and difficult to get models and this is protected early phases of the life cycle of the title.

      For the, ‘everything should be open and free argument’: we all know peeps can share / gift vehicles with friends if they choose to do so.

      After (rightly or wrongly) forking out AUS $300 for the SE edition myself, not going to be very pleased if the Stealth Models suddenly become available just for the sake of, gee I dunno know, Valentine’s day.

      Sure, put some the exclusives up for grabs in a new and difficult challenge, but just giving away what was previously promoted as exclusive is not cool.

    2. unoc

      Welcome to the stuck up bitch club it seems. fk me. PD decide that i the spirit of the holidays they would give away 2 of the chrome cars and a new one that anyone can get for free from facebook anyway.

      I think that is very nice indeed. If you paid for the CE or the SE then you paid for the ability to get all of the stealth and all of the chrome cars, as well as a usb thing, a book, an apex booklet, a model car, this that and the other and a go at winning a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar.

      The package was exclusive to those who bought it. That doesn’t sound that ‘exclusive’ to me. Anyway, you got the package and 2 cars being offered up in the light of Christmas isn’t much.

      jasr73, you spent 300 bucks on a game. So you already have heaps of money, added to that you got a whole heap of stuff for your 300 dollars. DOn’t go shouting around that your extra 220 bucks was purely for these two cars. The stealth and chrome cars were only a very very small part of what you got, most of the cost was to do with the SLS and the diecast car aswell as your coffee table book and apex booklet, a usb thing etc… A new skin for a dozen cars, two of which others get, isn’t really that big.

      If everyone got a go at the SLS, or if everyone got the book, or the booklet, or if everyone got a diecast car then yes I’d be bloody pissed because those things cost alot of money, but a skin for a couple of cars, really mate, are you that desperate?

      And no, it doesn’t help to maintain equity of the GT brand. That only counts if your then trying to sell the product that has been margenalised. i.e. if your bought a macbook pro and then it was reduced by 10%, that would lower the value of the product (aka the equity). THe SE is already at a set price that was sold onto stores, and the other parts into it make up the price not 2 of the dozen cars’ skins.

    1. Anderson

      Can’t you just do the thing where you log in with an address from Japan and then download them and then log back in with your real address?

  19. Sam

    Ugh! That Jaguar is useless. The “Chromeline” cars do not have years attached to them so they cannot be used in races that require a certain year. I need old, fast cars!

  20. jisam

    as far as i know, there is no Collectors, Signature Edition in Japan.
    first batch games include APEX book, and 5 stealth edition cars. ( same price as regular edition ).
    So, if this will be exclusive for japanese users, i think this won’t bother me : )
    btw, game price in Japan is like 100 bucks. ( 7980 yen )

  21. Rios

    My only issue with this is if you’re going to refer to something as “exclusive” as an incentive to get people to drop another forty dollars of hard earned money on your product just to turn around and give it away for free to everyone else who didn’t pay extra, then perhaps you shouldn’t use the word “exclusive” sense that word apparently doesn’t mean anything. There are thousands upon thousands of cars in the world, seems like they could have picked two other cars, (two because the Jag was not included in the CE) perhaps standard to premium converted cars, to give out. I do agree that this is unfair to those who paid more money to have something they were told was exclusive to that edition of the game.

    1. unoc

      Ever heard of the idea of christmas… if you have the money to buy 150% of the price of the game for a few skinned cars and 2 of them are given away a month after release, that’s called Christmas.

      The skinned cars are such a small part of the CE and SE. And from the looks of things, those who seem to have bought the expensive editions are more grinch like than others. You do realise that in some shops you got stealth cars jsut for preordering?

      Mutimy, thankyou for showing some common sense.

    2. Rios

      @unoc, did I not say that Mutiny had a fair assumption?

      Christmas has little to do with the point I was making and the stealth cars have even less. Was there any need for you to chime in and call me names? You must be one of those people who loves to rip on others for no reason, because putting others down makes you feel better about yourself.

      I never attacked anyone personally as you did, I simply made an observation about the topic which I was well within my right to do so, and I shouldn’t have to be attacked by you for it. You want to call people a “Grinch” you might want to take a good long look in the mirror before you go calling other people that, at this time of year especially I don’t think your comments are needed. Beside if I’m a “Grinch” whats that make you?

      Yes, thank you Mutiny, for showing more common sense and class then unoc.

    3. unoc

      Rios, I read that.

      I was mostly referring to your OP, given that is what had the substance, and also to your ‘principle’ argument.

      What names did I call you? I can’t see any name I called anyone in my reply. Only name used was Mutimy in response to Mutimy. No names, so please don’t go on about me calling you names and using it as a way to make me feel better. I didn’t use any names…. although correct me if I’m wrong.

      I don’t love to rip on others for no reason, what I am saying is that I am appalled by all those who recieved diecast cars, usb doggles, apex booklets, coffee table books, a chance at winning their own Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar, a dozen special cars, etc… and are complaining and reasoning that allowing others to have 2 of those skinned cars (the cars that they already have btw, just the new skins for them) is ‘unfair’.

      They have done it before with GT PSP which you could have found out if you had played it or had a quick google to see what PD are like on these things, so I’m really suprised that at Christmas poeple would be self centered enough to bitch, whine and complain about others getting 2 cars they have had for month (atleast) by then, when they get so much more.

      Ah, I see, Grinch. That was more aimed at others as well, not just you.

    1. trustfire

      christmas time, christmas time, christmas christmas tiiiime. they should put a red bow around it and just put it into our gifts list ;) that would make me feel loved. haha

  22. AGNT009

    Nice. Dont have these yet. And currently broke. But what does this do to their trade value if everyone has one? PD should code these cars so that their resale value is the same as buying it new. So if you dont want the car, you get full credit value.

  23. Fritter

    Slightly annoyed that this takes a bit of the benefit away from the CE, but it’s more than outweighed by me getting the Jag :D

  24. J. Hayden-Kart Racer

    Too bad i already have the Lamborghini and BMW… and already spent a fortune getting a car for the historic race.. but still, this is pretty great!

    1. Veitchy

      Don’t worry, the Jag (also available via a Facebook game) can’t be used in the historic car race, much like say, the Chromeline Cobra or SL. Your money was well spent.

    2. pasigiri

      NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I was happy till I read your comment. They 20 million for ANY classic that can run in this series. Welp … 512BB it is. With a LOT of upgrades.

    1. RACECAR

      You are sadly mistaken. The moment PD becomes Turn 10 is when they rerelease the game with cars you can’t download for the first copy you bought.

  25. Biombo3

    the jag can be download via facebook game for those who don’t know. And you cannot enter the historic race with it.

    1. Kurusawa

      It is only for EU game. I tried it with my AU PSN account and USA CE game and the car doesn’t show up in the garage… I have entered the redeem code and downloaded the DLC.

    2. IronM@sk

      @Kurusawa: It’s not EU only, it’s all the PAL territories. If you bought a US (read: North America) version of the game to use on an AU PSN account then you are a fool. I have an AU PSN account and bought my copy from an AU seller and I downloaded my Chrome Line Jag just fine.

    1. J.B.

      Can we paint Chrome Line cars? I have mine from the CE, but haven’t gotten into any of them at all to try.

      I’m really not a fan of the Chrome Decals, but would love the Jag, but am afraid I won’t want to use it with the ugly Chrome decals all over it…. It would be PERFECT if I could paint it solid Green!

      I don’t get why some are upset… We kind of knew that this would happen, it was just a matter of time. No big deal in my book.

    1. soundfx

      Sadly, the Jag can’t be used in the classic race event. Just like the Chromeline Shelby can’t – they are not ‘dated’.

  26. Jakemania

    I had a feeling that the additional cars might eventually become free DLC. That’s honestly why I couldn’t justify spending an extra 40 bucks on the model car. I’m sure I’ll be able to find the APEX book online eventually.

    Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy about it! Hopefully they are practically free to repair like my SLS Stealth is.

    1. IronM@sk

      As per all the other comments. YOu can get the Jag for free, right now, vie the “Take it to the Track” facebook app.

    1. RACECAR

      Exactly how is this a “slap in the face”? In case you haven’t noticed, not everyone has or could afford the Signature or collectors editions so releasing only three cars once exclusive isn’t a big deal. if you think this is a “slap in the face”, then you clearly never heard of the Forza 3 “Ultimate Edition”, which has cars only available in that version of the game and is not downloadable for owners of the original game.

    1. sumbrownkid

      Is anyone gonna get the Jag? I mean a free 20 million credits ride to complete that ridiculous Historic racing car cup is truly a gift.

    2. J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      yea the Jag would be a great help…. tooo bad i spent a fortune getting a ferrari 512BB fast enough to barely hold them off lol

    3. IronM@sk

      @sumbrownkid & J. Hayden-Kart Racer: The Chrome Line Jag cannot be used in the Historic race due to it not having a production year listed. Sad but true. Back to the dealerships :(

    1. Kuba

      No. As far as I know, the Jag came in a Facebook game, for publicity. The in-game description states it is part of the CE, when it isn’t, oddly.

  27. scooter1265

    Well, I love it! I got the standard edition because I didn’t want to pay for the collector’s edition.

    Thanks PD and Kaz!

  28. COOLfiat

    oh crap! I spent 40 more dollars, for nothing? Apart from a stupid little car and a nice lil’ book and this cool keychain!

    1. R1600Turbo

      If you paid the extra $40 for the exclusive cars, you bought the wrong version. Might as well send me the stuff you don’t want. I’ll gladly accept them.

    1. B

      The Chromeline Jag can’t be used to do the Historic Car Race as it doesn’t have an age in game, just like the other Chromeline and Stealth cars. I found this out to my dismay after getting it from the Facebook thing.

    1. BurgerMaster

      Yeah I know what you mean. I paid extra for those DLC cars when I bought CE and thought they would be unique, and now the’re realeasing them for free to anyone who owns GT5… The only thing good about this is I don’t have the jag yet. >:(

  29. Shiz

    Excellent iv got some if them but i dont mind having it for the chrome paintwork! If we can get it aswell, thanks PD

    1. occasionalracer

      Out of all the things they’ve withheld information on, they come out willingly a week before Christmas like impatient little kids to say “look what we got you”. I mean c’mon telling us to keep an eye out is one thing, but spoiling it is another.

    2. FlareKR

      Ohh, I don’t have that Jag. Too bad I can’t use any of the cars in the years they were made.
      “What do you mean I can’t drive a Shelby Cobra in the Classic Muscle Car Cup?! That’s from Ninteen-Sixty-F@#^ING-FIVE!”
      – One of FlareKR’s many arguments with his GT5. Went along with
      – FlareKR to B-Spec Driver.

    1. An1mal_69

      Yea..another fail.

      Try giving cars that ‘no-one’ has, or an Xmas paint job or something. This is jus gonna piss people off

    2. CarreraGT

      @Chump, I b ought the CE thinking I would get the model car but turns out all I got was the Apex book and the DLC cars. Damn it

    3. TNA996

      I would appreciate any gifts pertaining to the game PD would like to send to me. BUT, considering they have designated certain countries with certain Editions and DLC packs this seems like a slap in the face for sure.

    4. Lilee

      Not all markets got a keychain and model car for their collectors edition so this is really a slap in the face for Collectors edition buyers. Essentially $70 we paid for a book worth about $2

    5. Guitarplaya15

      How long will these free downloads last? becuase im getting my game on Christmas. will these still be avalible?

    6. Yunamo

      That’s the way the market works. In 4 years when gt5 costs the half of what it costs today, it won’t surprise you. It’s called price discrimination and everyone does it.

    7. Anes

      Great job PD! My exclusive cars are getting distributed for free! GT5 is not a disappointment at all! 6 years well spent! One great decision after another! Hello PC Sim world!

    8. IronM@sk

      @Drogahnus: The Jaguar XJ13 Chrome Line Race Car can be acquired for free anyway via the “Take It To The Track” facebook app (and grrr you can’t use it in the classics race dammit).

      But yeah, bit disappointed my “exclusive” cars are just being handed out for free now. How long until the Chrome Line and Stealth Car “packs” turn up on the PSN store?

    9. FlareKR

      @ IronM@SK
      That pissed me off in GT PSP, only few people had Black Veyrons (like me) or Yellow Enzos (like my brother), until they released all the cars. Then everybody started using their free black Veyrons, smashing them into walls and into other drivers.
      Gee, I wish life would give me a free Veyron.

    10. AGTFan

      I paid 200$ for the sig edition to see everybody else get those cars for free?

      I’m not saying don’t give any gifts, in fact it’s a nice gesture.

      But don’t give the SAME cars that you sold to us already.
      Make it the customers CHOICE which car they want to download.

      And don’t kick those customers in the balls that PAID for those cars by not offering another gift.

      Lastly, PD you really know how to piss of your existing customers

    11. TNA996

      I might look past the fact that they would give away my CE cars to everyone for Christmas if in return I received a real “Gift Car Ticket”. One that can be used to buy any car in the dealership, used car lot, or better yet any Stealth model my little heart desired. That would smooth it over nicely!

    12. Sub-Zero Racing Team

      CE owners just got the shaft. They should’ve gifted the old school Mercedes and the Cobra. Atleast they’re not gifting the R8. I hope that being that I already have a chrome lined Murcielago and M3, this means I will be able to have 2 of each now… If not, I’ll be mega-pissed…


      CE customers are getting less for their $ through this bs.

    13. Blitz187

      So I pay extra for the collectors edition and now they giving away two of the 5 cars and the Facebook Jag??? If they gift us Stealth Cars at a certain point I can forgive them… :)

    14. classicmoto

      GOOD NEWS for the majority of GT5 owners. I had a feeling this would eventually happen and didn’t care for the other stuff (model, book, keyring, etc.) in the CE so I went for the standard edition. Good decision for me :)


      it is a little strange that they’re releasing those cars so soon. I understand releasing them. They worked hard on creating them so you can’t blame them for wanting more people to try them than just the select few that got them right away but this is so soon they basically turned the cars in an almost pointless bonus to the CE. I think releasing the stealth cars would make more sense first. The chrome line should wait. I want the 787b and R10 stealth

    16. vertigo

      I don’t mind them including cars like the Lambo or M3 which also is included in the Collectors Edition i paid up front for!
      But couldn’t they just make them with a new livery instead??

      I doubt creating a new paintjob is the most difficult thing to make on these high detailed cars???

    17. Alex Leighton

      You would think they would’ve learned from when Turn10 did this with the V.I.P. stuff. I mean yeah I bought the CE for the model car but it’s still annoying.

    18. chump

      @Carrera and @Lilee I didn’t know there were different versions of the CE so I see why you feel shafted. I don’t spend a lot on DLC unless it’s a significant addition to the game like a new track pack.. I suppose this does ruin exclusivity

    19. Moby45

      wow, all of you are a bunch of dumbasses and whiners.

      If you seriously ONLY got the CE and The SIG Editions for the 5 cars then all I have to say is you were moronic in wasteful use of your money.

      I got the CE for the Model Car, the book and the Certificate of authenticity. The cars I didn’t care about because comon sense would have told you they would be available to everybody eventually. idiots.

    20. Anes

      Really? Dumbasses and whiners? ok

      I mainly got the SE for the chance to win an SLS AMG but guess what? PD cocked that up as well and now I have to rank some mindnumbingly boring virtual driver who I couldn’t care less about and who still cant hit apex’s and braking points at driver level 20. I BOUGHT A DRIVING GAME TO DRIVE. If it wasn’t for this idiotic decision to use B Spec in the SE competition I wouldn’t have touched B Spec once! Not once! But here I am being forced to rank this ridiculous waste of dev time.

      So not only have I been let down by my ‘exclusive cars’ going mainstream but the other reason of why I bought the SE is now totally ruined! If I new this was going to happen I would have bought a standard game for $88 instead of a $300 lie. PLUS my $400 g27 that’s not even officially supported!!!

      This game and management of this game is one giant fail after another. Has PD been living in a cave the last 6 years? It’s like they hired chimps to make decisions over there by randomly pointing at ideas cards.


    21. Moby45


      yeah you did waste your money. Sig edition was only sold here for $189.99.

      So you paid $300 to a retailer who knew how to screw you. If I were as dumb as you I would be upset also. Next time you should probably use your brain before you purchase something. Maybe do some shopping around.

      Also take note that the cars were not “exclusive” to your purchase. They were an “added on bonus”. Again, comon sense dude.

    22. Anes

      @ Moby, the irony in your post is lolworthy. I live in Australia. The RRP for the SE is $300 here. Please get a clue.

    23. bob-c

      Anes,one day you may grow up and realize video games are not to be taken so seriously. Then you will truly enjoy them like they were meant to be. PC sims are better in some ways, GT5 is a car encyclopedia which is also very good. Why are you such a drama queen that you need to pick one or the other? No one cares but you. GT5 was a bit of a disappointment, but thats ok i have a S2000 and a 03 F4i in the real world, i dont rely on a game for my happiness. Besides updates are fixing lots of things. Im gonna be playing it for years anyhoo. Relax, get a second job to buy the real things and stop your internet theatrics. Stuffs old news dude.

    24. FN

      Thats rubbish. Std edition was $70 at one store but i went with the only store that had col edition with all the stealth cars.. Well, i didnt get any stealth cars and i payed 130 for a few chromeline cars that everyone else is getting for free? Damn sony stuffs its buyers over hard!

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