Polyphony Launches GT Sport Mobile App on Android and iOS

Gran Turismo Sport 36 May 20, 2018 by

Gran Turismo Sport just celebrated its seven month anniversary. Right alongside it, Polyphony Digital has released a mobile companion app for the sim racer.

The app is a lightweight affair on iOS devices, weighing in at only 41MB. Android users will need almost double the space, but that’s still commendably small in 2018.

If you’re familiar with the functionality of the official Gran Turismo website, the app should be a cinch to navigate. Logging in with your PSN ID drops you into the usual GT Sport social timeline. You can check out content from friends, share or comment on them, and the usual actions available in-game.

Two other options are available on the bottom of the screen: alerts, and your own profile. Alerts are self-explanatory, and your profile shows off things like game stats and your achievement levels.

You can download the GT Sport companion app now, either via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Featured image courtesy of sems4arsenal.

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