Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Joins RaceRoom, With Two More Porsches Arriving Early 2019

RaceRoom 7 December 20, 2018 by

If you were under the impression RaceRoom Racing Experience didn’t have anything left in the tank — think again. As we draw closer to the end of the year, Sector3 Studios has one final parting gift for 2018 in the form of a new update.

Weighing in at 313.5 MB, the update introduces an all-new Porsche model: the 934 Turbo RSR. Even better, the RSR is the first of three new models from the Stuttgart brand coming to R3E this winter.

Last year began with three modern racing flagships from Stuttgart, and this time the Swedish studio is diving deeper. In fact, the studio teases that the three new Porsche models will be among the most iconic to ever leave the factory. While the remaining two are set to touch down early next year, let’s focus on the RSR for now.

Introduced in the 1976 season, the 934 competed in the Group 4 series. With a turbocharged 3-liter flat-six making 480hp, don’t expect the RSR to be charitable. If pushed too far or treated as anything other than the beast it is, it will bite back — and hard.

While one of the last examples of a road-legal race car, the 934 carried on in style. Between its two years of manufacture between 1976 and ’77, it amassed quite the record.

An example of its prowess arrives in the form of a championship victory in the European GT Championship. It also claimed the Trans-Am Championship in the United States. Combine that with a class victory (fourth overall) at Le Mans in 1977, and you have the recipe of a legend.

The Swedish team plans to expand the Group 4 roster next year, so keep an eye peeled for that. In the meantime, the 934 RSR can be yours for $4.54, or 399 virtual Race Points (vRP). For those looking for the total package, the 934 and all 37 liveries can be had for the discounted price of $8.87.

With the remaining two cars set to arrive next year, we’d be willing to bet at least one is the 935. After all, its reign of terror is legendary in its own right.

Stay tuned!

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