Production Cancelled for Polyphony Digital’s Citroën GT

July 18th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Sad news: remember the Polyphony Digital-designed supercar, the Citroën GT? After it was first revealed in an update to GT5 Prologue, it was widely publicized and praised in the media as the physical prototype made its way around the world at various car shows and events. It even floated around Venice, and this video I uploaded to YouTube (also embedded below) of the car driving around the streets of London has received more than 1.5 million views.

There was so much interest in the car, Citroën actually decided to build it. Despite its popularity, though, it wasn’t meant to be, as the latest reports (thanks for the tip, paskowitz!) confirm production has been cancelled. The reasons cited for dropping the car are not surprising: although the GT was expected to be priced north of €1 million, it wouldn’t have been profitable enough for the company, which has decided to focus its time and resources on other models that will “bring in more money”.

Fortunately, the car will live on in GT and should make for a great subject in GT5‘s Photomode. For now, enjoy these shots taken by GTPlanet user, Jamie, from the car’s showing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (don’t miss his full set on Flickr). Editors from PistonHeads also got to drive the car at the event, and you can read their very interesting write up on the whole experience right here.

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  1. Jul. 21, 12:38pm

    What I find pretty funny, is that, even though it was made for GT5, they STILL can’t get the engine sound right.

    • Jul. 25, 6:56am

      Do you know what the engine sounds like in cockpit….. NO

  2. Jul. 19, 7:21pm
    Mr Latte

    PSA Group makes Peugeot and Citroën

    In its outlook for the coming year the group was not optimistic.

    “In 2010, markets are expected to show signs of recovery around the world, with the exception of Europe, which will probably experience another decline as scrappage schemes are removed or phased out with gradually declining incentives.

    “The second half should see some glimmers of improvement, however. In this environment, PSA Peugeot Citroën believes that European markets may see an average one-digit decline in demand over the year.

    Hey but what do I know…

    • Jul. 20, 12:17am
      Mr Sweatervest

      What you don’t know is that it is a bad design.

  3. Jul. 19, 5:52pm
  4. Jul. 19, 4:09pm


  5. Jul. 19, 2:02pm

    Wondered what I was going to play when I got home from work, now I’ve just got to decide on a course…

  6. Jul. 19, 12:56pm

    Europe is broke?! LMAO! Shows the level of education you have David.

    • Jul. 19, 2:40pm
      Gran Turismo Vet

      But he`s right (Spain, Greece and Italy come to mind) While others like Austria, Germany and on a less critical level, England are trying find new ways to spare money.

    • Jul. 19, 4:33pm

      Wow, TokyoDrift what ignorance, why don’t you tell us what level of education you have and exactly why you’re LMAO.

  7. Jul. 19, 12:26pm

    Seeing as this car is a Citroen and no one has ever heard of that brand outside Europe, and Europe is broke… who its going to buy it!

    The Saudi’s and Chinese wont want it because its not a luxury or sporting brand. It’s a pity in a way because it would be the first time a car has come from Polyphony into the real world (yes I know they did a body kit for the 350Z).

  8. Jul. 19, 11:11am
    George Washington


  9. Jul. 19, 9:47am

    That’s the right thing to do.. It’s about time, the Companies take some Hardcore decisions, and make useful stuff in these Times of financial defeated World anarchy.. in with common sense, and out with unstable prestige business, that put the working force in to a death-row kind of situation, it’s there loss.. Just look around your self.. Back to the real world please.. :O) Ohh ya Happy Summewr LOL

    • Jul. 19, 12:23pm

      you’re probably right,possibly just another concept that was too outlandish,too mad to be made,although,if you think about it,it did point out citroen’s future design plans and direction,so it’s not ugly or rubbish,it was a great car nad a showcase of what citroen could do.

    • Jul. 19, 12:23pm

      nad=and,sorry for spelling mistake.

    • Jul. 19, 5:13pm

      But I’m just thinking like this:

      A car like the Citroen 1mill, will only be build of the best and that’s a few, that is already having a high salary and secure jobs, but the Factories that build the Standard Cars is the Working-Force which has a edgy economy lots of dreams for the children and a unstable future if Citroen saves the money for building this rough Diamond.. Nope we need them all to stop spending on prestige, and start building there part of the crashed market, all the Companies like Citroen have all shuffled big loads of money through out the good period of the Financial ludomania kind of bobble they all have been in..

      uhhhhh deep hehe, but lets hope for a great future for citroen the fastes rally car ( with a little help from nasty tactics haha)

  10. Jul. 19, 9:00am

    Well, it’s a one off, collectors item, will be worth more now then ever.

  11. Jul. 19, 4:24am

    Please dont start topics with the phrase ‘Production Cancelled’!!!

    Nearly got very angry when i thought GT5 had been cancelled :D

    As for the car…meh, it’s pretty ugly.

    • Jul. 19, 11:24am

      Ya man, my heart just jump a few steps.. :O)

    • Jul. 21, 12:40pm

      The car is ugly in a good way… at least in my opinion. haha

  12. Jul. 19, 4:00am

    agree with everyone on this topic.

  13. Jul. 19, 3:30am

    That is a shame. This car was sick.

    • Oct. 14, 2:10pm


  14. Jul. 19, 12:35am

    I would buy one if I could just so I could invite 10 of the most accepting ‘new for the sake of new’ losers who love the design, to a day at a track, but instead lock them in a chamber and make them eat the damn thing.

  15. Jul. 19, 12:28am

    I never cared about this car, to be honest i hate how it looks. Ford GT both black and white versions in the other hand should be mave, those are gorgeous cars.

  16. Jul. 19, 12:26am
    Chad D.

    that thing sounds like an f-ing beast, though why citroen? why not bmw or mclaren, or some company that could AFFORD to make that car? oh well, i doesnt matter to me, i dont think i’ll ever have 1 million dollers in my possesion at one time in my life time, lol

  17. Jul. 19, 12:00am

    That thing belongs in a videogame and nowhere else. It can be the car in the graphic for the new stunt-arena mode in GT5’s menu.

  18. Jul. 18, 8:48pm

    It was a great car if they we’re gonna build it i’d just want them to change the interior. Its way too ugly in there. I hope they try again and maybe make something abit more affordable.

  19. Jul. 18, 8:14pm
    Gran Turismo Vet

    The engine sound was weird, you`d expect such a car to sound like a helicopter or a plane, not a frigging 50 years old muscle car!

  20. Jul. 18, 8:07pm
    Viktor Navorsky

    My heart stopped when i saw the title “Production cancelled…” OMG…

  21. Jul. 18, 7:49pm

    To me it’s one of those cars thats UGLY but SEXY in its own right!I also think thats its price is”out of bounds” for citroen for starters,it looks way to fast sitting still if i pushed it to the limit i would be scared for damaging it…(perfect example….using the mona lisa as bed sheet and then inviting two ladies on the evening(keeping it “PG”) come over for a night cap!!!),And to top it off the engine!!! i think you have a choice of a tuned corvette or ford gt motor??? lets be real… I love the vette and the ford GT…but for a Million dollars,Euro,peso’s,Yen,sheep or gallons of goats milk,I could get alot of tuned vette’s, ford GT’S,mosler mt900’s,SSC ULTIMA AERO TT’s,And ULTIMA GTR’s just to name a few for that kind of money…

  22. Jul. 18, 7:24pm

    wow…i could really go for some salt right now, my friends.

    • Jul. 18, 11:52pm
      I want a latex pillow

      so could I,

  23. Jul. 18, 6:31pm

    Hey, sorry this is off-topic, but did the forums just go down? I cant get on them.

  24. Jul. 18, 4:50pm

    Thank god. I hate this car.

  25. Jul. 18, 4:22pm

    Never knew they were gonna produce, never liked it anyway, wasted 1 million credits on that thing when I could’ve saved up for a third Veyron in GT:PSP (which is more worth it).
    Why I hate it;
    A) One gear? At least give it four for being super fast for an electric.
    B) More like a dragster than a car to corner with. Even when you spend a whole 2 hours driving it and mastering it, it’s still too damn unforgiving in corners.
    C) Every time I drive a Veyron in GT PSP, I go against 3 of these bastard creations. Give me a challenge that doesn’t look ugly, like the Enzo, or an LM car lol.

    • Jul. 19, 6:27pm

      LOL- the Enzo is ugly too. Not AS ugly as this Citroen abomination.

  26. Jul. 18, 4:11pm

    srry but
    the car is beautiful
    and if they work on it i will like that they get that car into a rival of the veyron .

  27. Jul. 18, 2:41pm
    Ferrari Thug :)

    atleast it’ll be in the game
    when I looked at the title I thought it was gonna say no Citroën gt in gt5
    I was gonna cry because this car I’d absolutely stunning…. Both the looks and the orgasm it creates

  28. Jul. 18, 1:53pm

    TBH I’m pleased. It’s an ugly looking car and I certainly wouldn’t ever want to own one (if I had the funds ;) )

    I do wish PD would stop wasting their time on these side projects and focus more on making the next game. Sorry PD.

  29. Jul. 18, 1:26pm

    Very understandable this isn’t going into production, I hope they can collaborate on a different more efficient model in the future. I think the front end is pretty hot, would make a good look for a smaller sports car.

  30. Jul. 18, 1:15pm

    I knew this would happen to be honest. Even though I love this car and it was inspiring for future car designs, it’s just too expensive (especially because the the global economic situation) and the company has never produced a supercar to this extent. For them to make a $2 million car and not even introduce an entry level supercar ($200k+) would be a big financial risk. Plus, it probably wouldn’t have sold much, considering 40-50% of you hate this car.

  31. Jul. 18, 12:57pm

    who cares, this ugly car is a waste of production money, use the money for something usefull…

  32. Jul. 18, 12:43pm

    Now they can try again and make a practical sports car.

  33. Jul. 18, 12:37pm

    Whoa that car looks just as crazy as the Ford GT90.

    • Jul. 18, 12:41pm

      Which never made it into production either. Notice a trend? ;)

  34. Jul. 18, 12:19pm

    That car is hideous. I’m glad Citroen decided to not build it (which was expected anyways)

    • Jul. 18, 4:24pm


  35. Jul. 18, 11:37am

    But that car is even better than the Citroën robot. :(

  36. Jul. 18, 11:33am

    what a big news !!!! …….. not even GT(5) related.

  37. Jul. 18, 10:28am

    I nearly had a heart attack when I first glanced at the title of this page. I thought it said production for Gran Turismo 5 was cancelled. :'(

    • Jul. 18, 4:25pm

      That would’ve been a nightmare! You can hopefully calm down now.

    • Jul. 19, 7:04am

      Same here , dont need that on a Monday morning

  38. Jul. 18, 9:55am

    Probaly the ugliest car i’ve seen. Saying that though Citroen do have a few turkeys in there history.

  39. Jul. 18, 9:46am

    Have to say it is a beautiful looking car but the engine sounds like a tug boat and ruins the whole package for me

    • Aug. 10, 12:24am


    • Aug. 10, 12:24am

      canal boat, yes. xDD

  40. Jul. 18, 9:39am
    Big Ron

    I am not very sad. This car is not good looking in my opinion. Futuristic cars are worth a sh**.

  41. Jul. 18, 9:36am

    i saw the real thing at Goodwood festival speed, its absolutely amazing and has a real presence, its a shame to see it not produced :(

    • Jul. 19, 6:18pm

      A thirteen ton pile of dog sh!* in the middle of the road “has a real presence” too, but it’s still butt ugly, just like that car.

    • Oct. 14, 2:08pm


  42. Jul. 18, 9:10am

    This creation is the ultimate proof of how difficult it is to form a group of practical engineers and aesthetics that can function as a crack team of automotive designers.
    I like the general idea behind the “by GT”. Some design features are intriguing. I like the grille and light arrangements. Squint a little and those design features are already becoming the new family face of Citroën.
    On the whole the “by GT” is unjustifiably big: too long, too wide and it just looks like a cockroach. A supercar for comic books.
    Oh. I almost forgot:
    IMO …

    • Jul. 19, 12:08am

      thanks for giving me a new perspective autavia. cockroach, haha, i always wondered why i never liked this car, now i have the answer.

  43. Jul. 18, 8:50am

    Le publicity stunt extrordinaire…..

  44. Jul. 18, 8:17am

    I hope they will start the production of this, but when they have the money, and give it a few years, they will make a profit out of the only good french supercar.

  45. Jul. 18, 8:16am

    Next on the axe list….man furismo jive because so much time and money has been devoted no matter how many copies sold, it won’t be as profitable as modracer

  46. Jul. 18, 7:46am

    You don’t make cars like this to make money, you make them to capture brand loyalty…

  47. Jul. 18, 7:30am

    Good news. Hope PD takes it out of the game. Always felt like I was in the middle of a sci-fi movie all of a sudden. It kind of stood out of the rest. In a negative way for me. Good news I won’t come across one when I’m driving to work….

    PS. Is Nov. 2nd taking forever, or what?!

  48. Jul. 18, 7:29am
    S3 Racer

    it´s stil a citroen lol
    and 1 gear

    • Jul. 18, 7:22pm

      it would make one hell of a bracket car huh? lol

  49. Jul. 18, 7:15am

    trooper not tropper, duh

  50. Jul. 18, 7:04am

    that damn thing looks like a half way inside-out star-wars storm tropper-mobile.. FUGLY!

  51. Jul. 18, 6:55am

    This article is TOTALLY pointless.
    Citroen already built TEN (10) pieces and ALL were sold.

    They just choose to not build anymore.

    • Jul. 18, 5:32pm

      they culd and should have built more though

    • Jul. 18, 7:51pm

      @ idiot:

      You’re kidding, right?

  52. Jul. 18, 6:47am

    ive seen this car at goodwood its an awesome looking car

  53. Jul. 18, 6:28am

    Oh thats sad news for the car, im sure they have the data on it and its pure breed will come out in other cars they make and even at a later stage that it might become profitable as technology grows bring down the price of parts.

    Thank goodness its still in the game so the Veyron has some top speed comp.

  54. Jul. 18, 6:28am

    No big deal really, Citroen is one of least appealing car makers in world, ok they’ve been successful at rallying but that doesn’t mean anything until they release a proper drivers car for the road, they only ever make slow, cheap pieces of crap that are only good for teenagers, and the Citroen GT is just going way to far, who in their right mind would buy that thing for 1 million euros.

    • Jul. 18, 11:10pm

      If that car lives up to the expectations, people would buy it. Pagani was a newcomer once, and people bought it. Or think of that car named “Gumpert Apollo”, even they are respected in the world of Super-Cars now

    • Aug. 10, 12:21am

      problem is, last time i heard gumpert is bankrupt. :((

  55. Jul. 18, 6:18am

    That’s disappointing. Citroen are letting their accountants make the decisions.

    But they do have a point, this is a Citroen, not a Bugatti, not an Aston Martin etc.

    Their name isn’t prestigous enough to sell these at such a high price in my opinion. It would probably have turned out to be rubbish anyway.

    • Jul. 18, 7:31am

      It’s better looking than a squashed beetle.

  56. Jul. 18, 6:10am

    wow in a way I am happy its this car getting canceled.. When i opened GT planet and read the word “CANCELED” i was already freaking out, but gladly it wasn’t the game.

    • Jul. 18, 6:30am

      I had the same feeling too. I thought “Production cancelled for polyphony GT5” but sure the car is too expensive. I think Citroen should downgrade it to make it as pricey as Lambos and Ferraris.

  57. Jul. 18, 5:22am

    Can’t say I’m surprised. It was one butt-ugly car anyway, like most output from Citroën these days.

  58. Jul. 18, 5:04am

    I’m not surprised.
    It’s to extreme for then,if they had got one of the Italian marks to do it,it would have probably made a limited run atleast.

    • Jul. 18, 5:05am

      Sorry meant ‘them’

  59. Jul. 18, 4:39am

    sad news,this was my favourite supercar,even though it was in a game,just it’s design was so brilliant,the kind of mad brilliance citroen are renowned for,it is a fantastic car,it always will be,i would have took one over a veyron any day :(

  60. Jul. 18, 3:53am

    Wow. Greatest V8 rumble I’ve ever heard. Other than that, I’m sad it didn’t make it into (miniscule) production. Even a run of 50 would make it one of the most amazing cars of all time. And would make for one of the greatest comparison tes…sorry getting carried away. And if they made an EV model, then it would, no doubt, be the worlds greatest car of all time, only because 1. effeciency
    2.Power and 3. it would accelerate 0-60 in less than a 599XX. Stunning looks, even if you think it’s ugly, it will get lots of looks. Sad day for the supercar world.

    • Jul. 18, 4:28pm

      But happy for all the companies that make supercars; one less competitor.

  61. Jul. 18, 3:36am

    If they did make it, I would have expected it to fall to bits like most other Citroën models.

  62. Jul. 18, 3:31am

    The news are not correct. While there is an ongoing debatte, if the car will be produced in a very limited series (6 cars!), no final decision has been made.
    The news that the car will not be produced is rather old and newer information suggests that the car infact might be produced, despite the rumors.

    Check it out:

    And not only the GT but also the Survolt and the Metropolis concept have a chance to be put into production:

    I would love to see all the cars as I drive two Citroens myself (Citroen C6 Exclusive and a Citroen C4 Coupe Loeb Edition). I am highly interested in the DS5 and probably will buy one when it comes out to replace the gorgeous C6.
    I’m a sucker for Citroen since I was a small kid when my dad drove the goddess DS.

  63. Jul. 18, 3:28am

    so if there is just one or two in the world .. will kaz sell the car 20 million in the game because now its a super rare car ??

    • Jul. 18, 4:42am

      i hope not,and it won’t,because it was only 1 million in gtpsp,so that’s how much it should be,along with the veyron.

  64. Jul. 18, 3:24am

    they should have concept a wrc car first .. last expensive .. or a little class first … a city car or something … something realisable

  65. Jul. 18, 3:22am

    I hope Kaz will put the “real one” in the game too … the gt version .. and the gt in real life with the other engine and the cool sound !! : D because I hate the sound of the one in gt and no gear !!?!?

  66. Jul. 18, 2:55am
    George Washington

    exactly who was this going to sell to? french aristocracy?

    • Jul. 18, 2:56am
      George Washington

      people who test drove it in the game? rofl. I HATE driving this car!

    • Jul. 18, 4:29pm

      I agree, this car sucks to drive.

  67. Jul. 18, 2:47am

    Its a beautiful car,I bet the fact that the world is in the middle of a recession didnt help it

    • Jul. 18, 4:31pm

      There’s always people with money, I’m still wondering who the hell keeps buying all these special edition supercars so fast.

  68. Jul. 18, 2:44am

    It’s too expensive for Citroen.

    • Jul. 18, 1:38pm

      true.. :)

    • Jul. 19, 2:40am

      Immagine: You’re on the golf course all your golf mates talking about their super cars. MCLaren, Lambo, Ferrari, koenigsegg and then you have to mention you have a Citroen Super car…

  69. Jul. 18, 2:32am

    @SA_Royal the C5 and xsara wasn’t too bad but like all things from France they just have a bad rep cause its from France…

    • Jul. 19, 2:36am

      I’d disagree there are good looking cars that came from france Peugot had a few goodlooking ones. However except for this concept I’ve never seen a Citroen I liked.

  70. Jul. 18, 2:24am

    Ah well typical Citroen at least know they can go back to work making the ugly crap they’ve always been making.

    • Jul. 18, 2:46pm

      Actually I, along with Top Gear, EVO and a host of other automotive publications actually think the Citroens are good looking cars. Especially considering that many of their models are essentially Euro versions of Civics, Aveos and the like. That is to say, affordable vehicles for the everyman but in the case of Citroen, ones that actually have some substance to their style.

      That all being said, I think the GT was over the top even for Citroen–I mean, an interior with real copper accents?!?!? Do you know how HOT that would get? Not to mention shift buttons that don’t actually do anything…

    • Jul. 19, 6:06am

      Got to admit the hot version of the DS3 is a pretty cool car and ain’t that slow either (thanks to shared gubbins *nod to smthrlr*). Afraid I gotta disagree with ya SA_Royal; The original DS was pretty much the most revolutionary production car ever made, third only to the model T and original Mini. The features that came standard with that car are only just becoming options for some new cars decades on. Citroen can make some cracking bits of kit.

  71. Jul. 18, 1:51am

    Welp… I’m not surprised.

    I always thought this thing was wicked ugly.

    • Jul. 18, 3:50am

      lol totally agreed. there are too many angles and winglets and stuff. it looks as if youd peal off several layers of the thing and you might finally get to something that might resemble a car

  72. Jul. 18, 1:47am

    Yea I really wish they would at least make a few of them, they would make the Supercar world so much better. It is one of the best looking cars I have ever seen, for that they should make it. I’m sure at least 25 people in this world will pay over 1 million euros for this car…

  73. Jul. 18, 1:13am
    John Marine

    Great shame. I think many of us would probably be in agreement that this would have been the best looking Citroen EVER. I can see the reasoning behind this move. Sad not to see it in production.

    • Jul. 18, 3:57am

      What even better than the 2005 C5?!?! Are you mad?

    • Jul. 19, 2:29am

      It shouldn’t be that hard to be the best looking citroen ever msde. Never much cared for the scitroen design.

      The Citroen GT on the other hand looks stunning.

  74. Jul. 18, 1:07am

    I would if I could. That thing is orgasimic!

  75. Jul. 18, 1:06am

    WHAT THE EF???????????

  76. Jul. 18, 1:05am
    Jeffree Star

    So Jordan we can still drive the car & use it in GT5?!:)

    • Aug. 22, 11:53am

      yes its in gt5

      you have no idea how much i hate this car! in prologue its stupid with its stupid dash and idiotic aesthetics i never want to this again

  77. Jul. 18, 1:00am

    That’s a shame… It’s a pretty wicked looking car for sure. Can’t say I’d ever fork over that kinda money for it even if I could though =p

    • Jul. 18, 3:53am

      OMG , I have a question guys
      Why this isare sad news ?
      1. The car will be in GT5 ( that are good news )
      2. The car will not be build ( this are not good and not bad news , who have 1 million dollar on gtplanet ? omg this news are really not important )

    • Jul. 18, 5:26am

      This is good news. It will make way for new even greater projects with the experience from GT by Citroen well stored :)

    • Jul. 18, 8:16am

      Yeah I suppose it’s not that suprising really. It was a publicity exercise and it worked, now it’s canned. Brand awarness protos have a pretty poor production record in the automotive industry simply because they are not designed or engineered for even scaled manufacture.

    • Jul. 18, 11:30am

      yes and also it was a citroen… way would that fit in their line-up and their production costs to make something like that would be enormous….no suprise here…also not sad lol

    • Jul. 18, 12:43pm

      I kinda didn’t like this car to begin with. It was pretty fugly.

      I bet it drove awesome but I would never buy it. Friggin looks like a spaceship.

    • Jul. 18, 4:33pm

      This should be good news :D. I won’t have to see that ugly thing any more than I do know; games and pics are already enough. Next ugly thing to go; Mercy-Dick (AKA SLS AMG)

    • Jul. 21, 7:28pm


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