Project CARS 2 Will Utilize PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio

Project CARS 2 22 March 15, 2017 by

Project CARS 2 news is coming thick and fast, and the latest tidbit of information to come out of the Slightly Mad Studios camp is sure to please console owners. Andy Tudor, Creative Director at Slightly Mad Studios, joined Red Bull for a chat about the upcoming racer and revealed a small but rather important sliver of intel on Project CARS 2.

When asked about whether the game will take advantage of graphical improvements from the PS4 Pro and Xbox’s Project Scorpio, Tudor replied, “Yes absolutely. I can confirm that PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will get some sort of improvements, but we can’t really talk about the Scorpio stuff at the moment, because not very much is known. You’ll have to wait until Microsoft themselves reveal more information on that.”

While it’s exciting to hear that the development team behind Project CARS 2 will be making full use of the extra power from the beefed-up consoles, it remains to be seen exactly what that will entail. Tudor is obviously tight-lipped on the details since Microsoft is keeping the cards close to its chest in regards to its upcoming console. The Scorpio is being touted as the most powerful console ever, while Sony’s PS4 Pro has already been showcasing what a current-gen console can do with extra power under the hood.

It’s worth noting that Project CARS 2 is now just the second game to be confirmed for Project Scorpio. The full specifications of the machine have yet to be officially revealed, and exactly where it will place itself in the console space is also to be determined. We do know that the Scorpio will be sold alongside Microsoft’s current console, the Xbox One S. Any other details on the upcoming device are currently a secret.

However, more details are trickling out about the new machine and we’ll hopefully find out more at this year’s E3. We won’t have to wait long: Microsoft has moved the date of its press conference to Sunday, a day earlier than usual.

It was revealed back at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last year that the Scorpio will release “Holiday 2017”. With the Nintendo Switch just releasing and one analyst predicting Sony’s next console to release in 2018, could we be seeing the start of a new console generation?

Project CARS 2 developer Slightly Mad Studios has a small presence in our community. Studio head Ian Bell posts regularly in our forums, answering all manner of questions from our community members. Swing by the dedicated Q&A thread for more tidbits in the lead-up to the game’s release later this year.

[Source: Red Bull]

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