Red Bull 5G Competition Returns to GT5, October 2013 in Japan

July 20th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

“Red Bull 5G” is a national Japanese gaming competition which seeks to find the country’s best gamers in five different categories: first-person shooters, racing, sports, fighting, and puzzle.

Gran Turismo 5 has once again been announced as the racing game to be used in this year’s 5G challenge, and eligible players in Japan will be able to qualify via a special Seasonal Event in the game starting in October.

Last year’s 5G competition saw the introduction of the “Red Bull X2010 5G” car, a de-tuned version of Polyphony Digital’s fictional hyper-car which had its suction fan disabled and modified aerodynamic characteristics.

The car was never made available to the rest of the world, but was unlocked by many when unauthorized modification of GT5‘s game files became popular earlier this year.

Registration for this year’s 5G competition is open now and runs through September 27, 2013. Head over to the official website for more details, official rules, and the registration form.

Good luck to all of GTPlanet’s readers in Japan!

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  1. Feb. 23, 5:58pm


  2. Jul. 31, 9:05am

    Love these cars.. I like the fact that they are detuned so they are more manageable and I’m a fan of the looks. It’s unfortunate that there is not one GT and there are so many different versions for each region. It leaves us fans wanting more..

  3. Jul. 24, 11:46am

    Bash me if you want…That’s a smack right in the face of every non-JDM player. Another car you’ll never get to have, hell what about the wht. stealth cars given to the Japanese for X-mas 2010. Why so stingy on a game that is 3 years old. So what if it is for an event I cannot participate in, I want a chance behind the wheel.

    • Feb. 23, 6:34pm

      Testing reply.

  4. Jul. 23, 11:27am

    If they were using real cars with red bull graphics id be interested. Another X prototype really? Nobody likes them. Apart from children who like to think star wars pod racing has finally hit ps3.

  5. Jul. 22, 8:29am

    X1s (and the young kids who can’t drive them but still use them in online rooms) are the worst thing about GT5.

  6. Jul. 22, 5:00am

    I really hope the 5G or the x prototype make it in GT6!

  7. Jul. 21, 7:28am

    According to the official site, these following five cars will be used in the finals.

    Nissan Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08
    Nissan Motul Autech GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08
    Nissan WOODONE ADVAN Clarion GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08
    Nissan Xanavi Nismo GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08
    Nissan Yellow Hat YMS Tomica GT-R (SUPER GT) ’08

  8. Jul. 21, 7:21am

    Happy I still got mine from the hacking days :)

    • Jul. 21, 1:17pm

      XD I thought about it and then I thought about being banned or whatever…

  9. Jul. 21, 4:29am

    I kinda feel bad I used a program to get it

  10. Jul. 21, 1:53am

    I know it’s not right article but ” C’mon PD RELEASE GT6 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • Jul. 21, 10:38am
      Pit Crew

      ^Your right, not the right article for this statement, and according to PD about 4/5 months to early to be trolling the News blog with this request.

  11. Jul. 20, 7:42pm

    I’m rooting for samurai_405. Hoping he can win with the DS3!

  12. Jul. 20, 6:33pm

    X1 racing is so stupid.

    • Jul. 20, 6:36pm

      It’s not the same.

    • Jul. 21, 5:04am

      For the 5G, the fan is disabled and the power is dropped down to about 1/4 of the original – it’s a lot more like an F1 than an F15. It’s not really ‘X1 racing’ at all.

    • Jul. 21, 9:25am

      I wish we had them they sound like fun because they are easier to control.

  13. Jul. 20, 5:57pm

    I wonder if u have a Japanese PSN account if we can take part. I’m not in it to compete but it would be cool to test it out and see if the 5G car is easier to control. I can’t stand X1s for that reason but I’d love to see if that ones any better.

    • Jul. 20, 6:01pm
      Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Indeed it would be nice to try out this car, sadly however, only if you have a Japanese copy of the game you can access the Japanese content..

    • Jul. 20, 6:38pm

      Are you reading the article???

      Do I need to plug my thread shamelessly. hahah

    • Jul. 20, 8:20pm

      Ok sorry I don’t study every single word in the articles. We’re humans we miss things. Jesus everyone is so critical in this thread.

    • Jul. 20, 8:57pm

      I was not trying to be critical of anyone. Please don’t take it that way. Just trying to point out these 5G cars are available. They’re offered free in my thread for anyone who wishes to ask.

    • Jul. 21, 4:46am
      Deko Wolf-GTPT

      @playnthru Dude, the GTPlanet forum is HUGE! You can’t blame us for missing your thread.

    • Jul. 21, 10:46am
      Pit Crew

      Playnthrus thread can be found and I don’t think he was blaming anyone for missing his thread.

    • Feb. 24, 7:26pm

      This is another test comment.

  14. Jul. 20, 4:44pm

    Huh, I had no idea Red Bull 5G was the name of the competition. I thought the car’s name stemmed from the car’s much lower amount of G forces.

    I suppose this means we won’t see GT6 until November, then.

    • Jul. 20, 5:37pm

      Ummm, isn’t it due out then anyway? I’m expecting it in December.

    • Jul. 20, 6:02pm

      Yup winter of 2013. I saw somewhere I want to say GameStop that it might be 12/31/2013.

    • Jul. 20, 6:04pm
      Deko Wolf-GTPT

      This has nothing to do with Polyphony Digital. They are not directly involved. The Red Bull 5G is a gaming competition event. You comment makes me believe that you have not read and comprehended the written text above.

      The competition organizes chose Gran Turismo to represent the driving game for the event. They could have picked Ridge Racer and would still have nothing to do with the game itself.

      I am not trying to be a meathead and block your opinion. I simply struggle to fully understand what you are trying to say.

    • Jul. 20, 8:58pm

      @Quigz125: GameStop DOES NOT know the release date. 12/31/13 is a placeholder.

    • Jul. 21, 12:09am

      Yes, MuoNiuLa, it’s just (tee hee) a “placeholder date”, because the official date is Holiday 2013 which is the last two months of the year (US definition, most of the English speaking world would say December only, but wouldn’t say “Holiday Season”).

  15. Jul. 20, 4:41pm

    How about GT8?

    • Jul. 20, 6:22pm

      Da f***. +1000. Indeed

  16. Jul. 20, 4:33pm

    Whatever ‘ Good for them ‘ I just want GT6, and huge tranquilizer, so i can relax until GT7 comes out, where the real thing is going to happen..

    It’s obvious that it’s a Japanese exclusive event, and for me that is totally cool, because the only reason why it could be fun to have in your neighborhood, is the possibility of trying the other GT6 demo with Matterhorn/Willow springs in it – otherwise No need for it..

    • Jul. 21, 12:53pm

      +1… a demo/contest not available for the Japanese market.

  17. Jul. 20, 4:27pm

    Would be nice if we could de-tune the X2010 to the levels of the 5G, including the ability to disable that annoying fan. The car would make a nice LMP racer.

    I’ve tried all the weight all the weight and lowering the maximum HP permitted but the X1 is still too fast for anything else.

    • Jul. 20, 4:28pm

      *increasing all the weight

    • Jul. 20, 4:37pm

      Ya I agree, it’s a bummer – why the restriction on this particular car, hmm it’s a riddle or maybe it’s just one of these ‘ PD awkward decision ..

    • Jul. 20, 5:35pm

      Another thing you could try, if you haven’t already, is NOT changing the oil – I hear it works from others that drive the stupid thing…
      Yeah, I don’t like it much. I only drive it on Route X.

    • Jul. 20, 6:24pm

      The X1 is a remarkable piece of fictitious work. However, I continue to hope that Speed Racer’s Mach 5 will someday make it into GT, for sentimental reasons… 30000hp at each wheel, super silly grip tires, for control, and sawblades to keep any childs’ play at bay. Pops really knew what he was doing ;)

    • Jul. 21, 12:04am

      Husky, try adding all weight, removing as much power as possible, 50 50 downforce and use Comfort Hards, it feels rather like how I imagine F1 cars would feel without the FIA’s hands on the reins slowing everything down. :)

    • Jul. 21, 1:57am

      Hmmm, ch tyres? There’s all kinds of info to be found on the internet, Safeway. Please tell me. How do you “imagine” what an F1 car “feels“ like?

      I can’t imagine, being in a seated position and holding a 10 pound weight in an upright postion, while an engine screams to 20,000 rpm everytime I toggle an upshift.

      I try to eyeball the cockpit g meter and goto the data analyzer. But am more confused for the lack of graduated markings. It’s all that I know to figure what the car is doing other than accelerating or turning.

      Not complaining, but if this is more than a hunch, I’d like to know more.

    • Jul. 21, 1:56pm

      Sorry, phil, just a hunch based on watching years of F1 and seeing how fast they go. It reaches the sort of speed I think an F1 car could reach with less restrictions, it tops out at about 200 and beats an in game F1 car by about 5 seconds per minute if I’m remembering correctly, all while feeling like it’s on the edge.

    • Jul. 21, 11:12pm

      During the hacking days of GT5 I actually detuned both the X2010 and X2011 to just 450hp. They became very good drives at that point.

  18. Jul. 20, 4:18pm
    Deko Wolf-GTPT

    It’s nice that Japan gets this exclusive competition. I’ve always wondered if they despise us Westerns for having GT Academy every year while they get nothing.

    Nonetheless, would love to have a go in that car actually. Although the fan in the current X1 is a wonderful piece of hardware, it can make the car difficult to control at times.

  19. Jul. 20, 4:04pm

    I can’t believe people are moaning about this competition being exclusive for Japan.

    R.I.P. reading comprehension skills.

  20. Jul. 20, 3:51pm

    Sooo they’re using a rally car now and not a different version of the Red Bull X car? I was looking forward to seeing a new one. :(

    • Jul. 20, 5:32pm


  21. Jul. 20, 3:17pm


  22. Jul. 20, 3:16pm

    Well, at least we got a copy of the car *wink wink*.

    • Jul. 22, 2:50pm

      How are they illiterate? It says that it’s open to players in japan. therefore, only open to Japanese gamers. I didn’t check out the official rules, but I’m willing to bet you have to have a japanese id and address to qualify for the 5g games.

  23. Jul. 20, 3:03pm

    Why Japan only? Really Kaz?

    • Jul. 20, 3:07pm

      It wasn’t Kaz’s decision. It was Red Bull’s.

    • Jul. 20, 3:49pm

      Oh wowwwwwwwwwwwww.

    • Jul. 21, 10:59am
      Pit Crew

      * Gran Turismo 5 has once again been announced as the racing game to be used in this year’s 5G challenge *

      Chosen to be the game, meaning PD or Kaz is not a Promoting party ZDUPH.

    • Jul. 21, 6:10pm

      Why the hell did you and many others not actually the read article? Red Bull chose GT5.

  24. Jul. 20, 2:59pm

    Again, not in the rest of the world…

    • Jul. 20, 3:04pm

      Did you read the first line in the article?

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