rSeat Reveals N1 Racing Rig Lineup


Hardcore driving enthusiasts should be able to tell how comfortable a good rig must be to push the thrill of virtual driving to higher level. rSeat is responding to the market by releasing the newest N1 rig hardware.

The emphasis was seemingly placed on simplicity, as the N1 arrives with very few detachable parts. The manufacturer has included a fairly long compatibility list for the current crop of sim-racing additions, showcasing good adaptability. Other details we could point out are the adjustable pedals and 3-year warranty.

Technical specs aside, the N1 rig is going to be available in multiple colours and materials, with separate choices for both the frame and the seat offering twelve combinations. Additional information can be found below:

  • New pedals with sliders for easy adjustment
  • Support for PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One
  • Applicable for users from 127cm (4’2″) up to 200cm+ (6’67″+)
  • Seat carry weight up to 140kg (308 lbs)
  • Seating position Rally/GT
  • Seat belts support
  • Modular Frame (You can upgrade with features)
  • Seat Sliders and Pedal Sliders included
  • The pedal, the wheel or the seat can be tilted
  • Footprint dimensions: L x W x H 1815 x 640 mm. x 1305 mm. (71.45” x 25.2” x 51.4”)
  • All tools and screws to attach your wheel and pedals are provided.
  • We provide 24×7 on site support through ticket or live-chat.
  • Distributor network allow to have full support in your area.
  • 3 year Warranty on all rSeat Manufactured components including chassis and seat
  • Packaging Size Box 1: L x W x H 185 x 65 x H30cm (72.84″ x 25.6″ x 11.8″ )
  • Box 2: L x W x H 97 x 64 x H48cm (38.2″ x 25.2″ x 18.9″ )
  • Made in EU

For the full list of compatible accessories and technical info visit the official website. The N1 rig is now available in the American and European rSeat online stores, starting at a special price of $1249 USD and 915€ respectively.

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Comments (9)

  1. Strazen

    Like it has already been said, it looks quite nice and steady, compact, but the monitor mounting system is not even included by default. Therefore, 915€ or whatever price is too high. The seat looks nice… but it’s not even sure it’s that comfortable. Looking at the photo, it doesn’t seem like a high standard.

  2. Cote Dazur

    My home made rig using wood I already had and using an arm chair I also already had only cost me time and a few wood screws but made a huge improvement on my driving and immersion feeling.:D
    It does not look very sexy, but is very comfortable and build just for me, lucky for me, there is never any one interested in looking at me while I am driving a pretend pixels car on a screen.;)

  3. VetteZR1

    What happened to the modest pricing of an Rseat rig. In 2012 a rSeat RS EVO V3 was $549. This rig is $1249, and it looks like another $149 for just a shifter bracket. Inflation is one thing, but over a 100% increase in 4 years is pricing most racers out of the market.

    1. Grippy

      Yeah I think as PC and sim racing gets popular, new things pop up with inflated prices. I wouldn’t bother with this rig, you can buy used that will last you easily and comes around a good $1000 less.

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