Second Look at Old Video Shows GT5 Damage Close-Up

A tip from reader Volcao referenced a few screen grabs from one of the brief Gran Turismo 5 trailers released last month after E3 2010. His tip prompted me to take a closer look at the video myself and – sure enough – there’s actually a bit of damage shown here (albeit very, very briefly). Around 45 seconds into the clip, you’ll see a blue JGTC R35 Calsonic Skyline flipped over on its top and then sliding away from the camera.

It’s a dramatic accident for a GT game, and I think Polyphony Digital wants us to focus on the fact that cars can now be turned upside-down. Watching frame-by-frame, though, you’ll notice the car’s hood has suffered from the impact as it crumples in, exposing the top of the tire underneath. Immediately afterwards, we see the side of the car showing dents, damage to aerodynamic components behind the front wheel, and what appears to be missing chunks of the sponsor’s vinyl stickers.

Take a look for yourself in the three screen grabs I’ve provided below. These were snapped from the original version of the video, which you can download here in .mov format (88 MB) or just watch the embedded YouTube clip above.

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  1. SZRT_Ice

    OMFG!!! TAKE A 3RD LOOK!!! At about 34 seconds in, a 350z sideswipes an RX-7, and for a fraction of a second, the motion blur clears and you can see a massive indent in the sides of both the 350z and the RX-7!!! LOOK!!!

  2. Hmm..

    When will they understand.. hmm..

    Cockpits = waste of time. No real drivers would really give a damn about it. I rather tackle corners than look how pretty is my cockpit.

    Damage = another waste of time. Why on earth do I want to crash in the first place? I understand you all are hoping it to be a real drive simulator, but honestly, I rather get more real/original tracks with more realistic tuning for the cars.

    Heck, I rather have each car to be as unique in real life rather than some stupid damage and cockpit mode that everybody is hoping so much for.

    Weather = It would be interesting if there would be wet conditions. Night time is pointless.

    All I want is a staple game and not some fancy realistic bullshit that looks good but play like crap

    1. SZRT_Ice

      Dude, have you played any GT game? Ever? Hmm…, When will they understand? (I say this to people like you… Go play some blur or Split/Second and stfu…

  3. Ner0_sol03

    This Is an awesome find jordon u r the
    Man… And um I wonder if pd can make a way for us to upload videos and and pictures just like this onto this site since this is like the only legit gt site out there., just saying… Butt these pictures are awesome finds

  4. bbcnascar2

    .34 secs, looks great…
    My question is (and hoping)does your car stays like this after the race,so you gotta fix it<—-that would be the greatest!!!

  5. llllllllllllll

    game makers don’t show people the game befor the release so people don’t get dispointed or something and they don’t say things befor they put it in the game … i like it but still want to see some new videos .. T_T ..

  6. Prancing_Horse

    I’ve driven an actual F1 car before and there’s no way a game is going to recreate that experience. So what’s the point of having a perfect damage model if the game is never going to be perfect?

    1. funrun

      You must know some very special people to get your hands on an F1 car and get the chance to drive it. Also no one is holding you back from racing in the real world.

    2. Prancing_Horse

      Let’s just say you’re very likely to have seen him on TV if you watch the BBC coverage of F1 races.

      When you hit the straights and open the throttle, it is simply the most thrilling experience you will ever have. It’s like doing bungee jump, only 10X more exciting and it lasts as long as you want it to last.

  7. Hentis

    To be honest I will be presently surpised at any sort of visible damage that affects the car mechanically as well. Butthe problem here is that most people have their expectation levels set to maximum, and I think some people are going to be very disapointed come release.

  8. Vulcao

    It looks like people’s expectation about damage is the same of a Burnout fan: they want to see the cars disintegrate. I’d like it too, but I don’t forget this game is a simulator.
    From what we have been seeing, from the really poor damage system that has been shown at games show and considering that this is the first GT game that features visual damage, don’t you think what we see here looks great?
    Also, since GT5 has the best visuals, it’s hard to make realistic damage at the same level.

  9. Damirgt

    hopefully theres more intense damage settings because that nissan would be totally crushed after that.

  10. steve_123

    if u pause the video at approx 33 secs there is what looks like damage to the red nissan 370z just thought id point out

  11. LeRoy3rd

    To all comparing damge to other products: 1) GT5 isn’t out yet, so it’s no use speculating until then. 2) Most of the other products mentioned are arcade-style GAMES, not racing simulators. As such the damage in these toys are over-exagerated to keep the interest of childeren. The core of Polyphone Digital is making things as realistic as possible.

    1. LeRoy3rd

      As a follow-up: I HOPE that PD DOES make the mechanical model realistic. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in an online race and having a ten-year-old drive backwards on a track to piss everyone else off. If an annoying kid runs into someone? Mechanical damage should destroy the car, essentially removing him as a threat. GAME OVER, loser.

    2. Bernd

      Some things need to be fixed in online-racing, but driving bachwards never was a problem, the car just turns transparent. Being rammed AND getting penaltied is what pisses me off

  12. Dazzla

    Jordan, the video you posted itself is 45 seconds :p How can we look for damage at the :45 mark when the video ends at that time?

    1. Jordan

      The time marker I referenced is for the original version of the video, which I provided a download link for. The YouTube version is shorter for some reason.

  13. craigles

    How come every other racing game eg. NFS shift or Dirt 2 can do great damage effects and the ‘Real Driving Simulator’ can only do bumps and scratches on production cars. Its pethetic.

    1. danielwhite74

      That’s completely false. All 200 Premium vehicles feature real time deformation, including interior deformation, which should turn out to be utterly stunning. Even DiRT 2 and Shift, which appear to incorporate real time deformation, merely play a “canned” damage animation when you crash, albeit a rather spectacular one which is fairly accurate regarding the crash you just suffered, whereas Gran Turismo 5 will feature truly real time deformation. Yamauchi-san said that he wouldn’t feature damage in Gran Turismo until he had the technology to “incorporate it in a truly authentic way,” (or something along those lines) before dismissing what other games were currently showcasing as merely “surface damage.” I don’t think Kaz would put his reputation on the line like that unless Gran Turismo 5’s damage system was something truly spectacular. The E3 2009 trailer is the only real hint we’ve received regarding the extent of this damage system thus far, but I’m confident there will be more to come. ;)

    2. Denz

      It’s because PD makes the cars soo realistic the car companies don’t want people to think that damage would happen to their cars in real life.

    3. George Washington

      Yeah, it’s fun to zoom around and eff up your cars in EA and CM games, but PD holds their finished product to a much higher standard of physical realism. People should keep in mind what makes the Gran Turismo series unique – the highest level of photorealism and simulation physics possible on current gen consoles. Everything else, even car count, is not essential to a Gran Turismo title.

    4. Strikey182

      Shift has rubbish damage effects! However Grid and Dirt does have good damage :) I am pretty confident GT’s will be besttt

  14. HugoStiglitz_420

    hey i didn’t see anyone complain about the standard/premium car issue on this post yet. no cockpits rabble rabble WTF rabble rabble DLC cockpits rabble rabble

  15. lado

    The damage is okay, but i hope we will see real scratches and dents at the gamescom where i will be. The damage is much better than the one we have seen at the tokyo track with the new ferrari which was scratched all over itself.

  16. Killinator

    Does anyone else not think the flips themselves are a bit weird, the Calsonic Skyline flip seems very weird, why did it flip in the first place, it just seems to drive along the side of the other car and flip off of it, it looks totally un-natural and just there for the sake of it,
    When it was announced in Forza that cars would flip, countless people complained about the trailer they showed with the cars flipping, and this trailer reminds me alot of that one, the cars just look like there flipping and rolling just becasue they can, not becasue they should.
    With that said I still have hopes that there more realistic damage to come, that might at least be on par with GTAIV’s visual damage, and Ive only ever flipped a couple of times in Forza(all completly natural roll-overs)
    So maybe GT will be the same.

    1. Jack

      I completely agree, its like the car is weightless and the spin itself is jerky and awkward. Hope they smoothen it out.

    2. joe

      The crashes look too clean. You get dents, but none of the little bits and pieces of the debris flying off that you see in real crashes and many other games.

    3. P37Mac

      Had a second look at the vid when you mentioned there wasn’t any real reason for the calsonic gtr flipping. Looking at it again it seems to be pinched by two other cars, this would prevent any lateral movement (skiding or spinning) and since it is easier for the car to go up rather than forwards (two cars in the way), backwards (to much speed) or down (tarmac) the car goes airborne.

  17. MagicAyrton

    LOL@ all the negative comments.. who the hell are these people??

    That damage (from what we can see) is nothing short of amazing and very realistic.. I mean how many doors do you see bobbing up and down after a smash in real life??

    Panels are beaten in and smashed shut as a general rule.

    VERY NICE!!!

  18. (Required)

    There also appears to be damage on the 370z that hits the RX7… Take a close look at the door…

  19. HgwT

    hmmm .. I don’t actually understand what this ‘article’ is about??? what is it telling me?????? apart from the fact a car rolled over…… in a video i saw about a month ago on another gtplanet ‘article’ ?????

  20. hardvibes

    But isn’t the Calsonic R35’s body made of carbon fiber? It shouldn’t crumple like it was metal…

    1. P37Mac

      Don’t quote me on this because I’m not sure but i think some carbon fibre panels are still reinforced with alloy mesh to limit the risk of debris and cracking of the composite during collisions. Again I’m not 100% on this though. Cool shots, missed these when I watched the video first time round.

  21. heymoa

    Personally disappointed with the GT damage I have seen, I think GTA has better scraps and dents than GT5 does and I think Dirt2 has better effects of bits flying off the cars. I hope we haven’t seen the best of GT5 damage and I also hope they sort the gear changing animation out as its the stupidest thing since man was invented! PD please just ditch the predictive gear change animation and change gear when we press the button just like all the other games do!! Please! Holding revs in 3rd round the some sections of the ring will mean we are driving one handed! Yeah right! Stupid!….. I will still be buying it though :P

  22. Big Ron

    You just need to wait till Gamescom. PD and Sony will present the actual state of GT5 at the expo and I´ve heard, they will show damage system, too. I hope, it is true.

  23. That's a first....

    I Think the page format actually is the widest I have ever seen it expand in order to fit that. A new record?
    BTW, enjoy it now, I have the feeling this is slotted for removal…

  24. Erik

    Visual damage could be a nice effect, but it’s not critical in my opinion. I hope they do a good job with it, but I’m not gonna buy the game just to see some mayhem. It will be interesting though to see how GT5 damage will compare to Forza 3 damage, in a purely visual aspect. All I hope for there is that GT5 won’t have the same “you-hit-the-wall-in-250kph-and-now-your-car-looks-like-a-sad-piglet-but-hey-your-windscreen-is-fully-intact-yay!”-effect.

    Mechanical damage could be a nice feature, and hopefully it’s a lot better than the penalty system in GT5 Prologue (at least it should make more sense and make the game feel less arcade, as an average race car wouldn’t suddently lose 75% of it’s power for five seconds every time it kisses a barrier).

    1. sad-piglet

      Oink, not fair oink, snort, I have a higher polygon count wheet, and what did I ever do to you, snort, wheet?

    2. FlareKR

      And I just played Forza 3 yesterday on my friends X-Box. Damn, I’m so lucky I persisted on getting a PS3 and not a cheap box. Thank the Lord those Xbox fan fats at school didn’t pressure. Thank God I am a Playstation person since 1997, now and forever.

  25. organdonor

    that will be cool driving from cockpit view and seeing the hood smashed up and possibly distorting your view of the road :P

    1. ............................................................................................................

      K, well, there are other sites to get news from. I’m sure Jordan won’t miss you.

    2. GasolineJunkie

      And on top of what Jordan replied, he also always mentions who sent in the “tip” or “video clip”. I think he does a pretty good job of updating us with info, whether its small or not, its something to pass the time.

  26. TokyoDrift

    Can’t really see much damage at all. The original ToCA Race Driver games had far better damage models, and more cars on track.

    1. R9NALD9

      That’s why IMO the Toca Race Driver games are the best and most fun racing games I’ve played. And also why I’m ecstatic Codemasters got the F1 license!

      GT is pure awesomeness, but hopefully the racing aspect (competitiveness of AI etc.) is much better this time around. It was better in GT5 P I have to admit!

      Can’t wait for F1 2010 and GT5!

    2. Prancing_Horse

      Hey, could you make me a copy of your GT5 please? It must feel great being able to play the game before its official release date.

      Sorry, what’s that? You don’t have the game? Well shut your pie hole then and stop pretending like you’ve played it, dick face.

    3. Vulcao

      You can’t judge all the damage system from a game by seeing 2 blurry pics.
      Also, this is the first GT game that features damage, which is not even the priority of the game. If you expect damage like in Burnout or TOCA, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

  27. ismellbacon611

    Because polyphony focusing on the beauty of the cars, i’m surprised to see that this much damage made its way into the game. that blue GT-R looks horribly hurt, great job with real time damage physics polyphony!. many kudos

    1. ismellbacon611

      Gran Turismo 5’s damage models include performance damage, dirt scratches and dents, and dislocation of body panels.

    1. MJRTOM

      …and what about those of us who haven’t seen this before and find it interesting? Come on, Jeffree.

    2. Peanut gallery

      “It’s not forbidden to google search news on your own, you know…”

      It is in China. 3 million GT news starved children in China would kill for this… ;)

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