Slightly Mad Studios Confirms New Project CARS Title is In Development

File this under breaking news: a new Project CARS game is in the works. The good news comes courtesy of Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell on our forum.

This is sure to spark plenty of animated conversation over the coming days and weeks. Don’t expect too much information right off the bat as Bell is keeping mum on the matter. Though it’s interesting to note SMS plans, in Bell’s words, “to blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water.” Color us curious.

It’s worth pointing out this news comes a mere week after the studio announced Project CARS Pro. While a collaboration between SMS, Porsche, and StarVR aimed at businesses, it could provide a little bit of insight. For one, there’s the recently revealed eighth-generation Porsche 911. Should the Carrera S not find its way to PCARS 2, it may be safe to assume it will make an appearance in the next game.

We revisited the British studio’s sophomore effort one year after its initial release, and there’s plenty it does right. Namely, the track list — the sheer variety is ridiculous. To date, there are 60 locations and over 140 variations. You’ll have no shortage of venues to race on with the roster of nearly 200 cars.

Where the next entry in the franchise goes is what has us intrigued. A larger roster of cars and tracks is the starting point, as it should be. A more intuitive user interface is another thing the next game can up its game on, as would subtle improvements to the game’s online functionality. LiveTrack 3.0 is a stand-out feature in PCARS2, and we hope to see it even further refined.

The question of timing is an important one too: with rumors of next-generation consoles swirling, would SMS stick to the PS4/XB1, or plan for whatever’s in the pipeline?

Keep an eye peeled to GTPlanet for more, and as the man himself says — you heard it here first.

Featured image courtesy of Cluck.

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