Sony Rep: GT5 Planned for October 2010

According to an Italian gaming site, a Sony representative at last week’s Game Developers Conference informed them the company was looking to release Gran Turismo 5 in October of this year. While GT5 received little attention at the show, Sony’s marketing vice president, Peter Dille, re-affirmed the game would release this year. Of course, October also fits nicely within the “fall” release window mentioned by European Sony executive James Armstrong last month.

This gives Sony plenty of time to establish themselves in the 3D television market over the summer, providing the platform to introduce GT5 as the technology’s “killer app” at the start of the popular holiday buying season. While we must be wary of this somewhat anonymous source of information, it lines up with everything else we’ve been hearing as of late. Time will, as always, tell.

Thanks to Stefan1904 for the tip!

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  1. Jas

    Lol this is a joke – I bought my ps3 for gran turismo – and i’ve waited long enough. Im going to buy a xbox this weekend and hopefully forza 4 will be out before this game!

  2. Turbo_3800

    All this negative talk isn’t making things any better. @ this point you can’t say nothing new than someone else has already said. So just tilt your head back with your hands on your head exhale & yell “f**k!!!!!” And just deal with it.

  3. Praggia

    Wow yet another stellar disappointment by Polyphon Digital
    Always been a fan but sooner or later what Sony is doing is going to end up doing more harm than good.

    If its not released by October i’m selling my PS3 simple as that.
    I just dont think its fair to all the loyal fans who have been supporting GT from the beginning



    Gran Turismo 5

    Here is the fatal flaw surrounding Gran Turismo 5. On the original playstation Polyphony Digital released 2 games. On the playstation 2 they released 2 games. Unless you want to count prologue (not a north American release) then they released 3 games. Now for the PS3 we are still awaiting the 1st release of a Gran Turismo title again unless you want to count prologue (which is debateable since both prologues were just overly glorified demos of the actual games they were released for) then you have one release for the PS3. The original playstation did not see the launch of Gran Turismo until well into the life of the system. So we will compare releases on systems starting with the PS2. The PS2 has a current life cycle of 10yrs, there were 3 games released on this system (counting prologue). The PS2 system was released on Oct 2000. The first Gran Turismo game for that system was Gran Turismo 3 released on July 2001. That is about a 9-10 month gap between system release and software release. The next game was GT4 prologue released around Feb 2004(not a north american release). Followed by the full version of GT4 released on Feb 2005. The PS3 was released Nov 2006. The first game for the PS3 was GT5prologue released in April 2008. That’s about 16-17 months between system release and software release. With no full game release date yet.   Here lies the inharent problem with GT5. It has been in developement for way to long.  Since the last full game release from polyphony digital. The rest of the video game world has continued to release game after game only closing the gap between where the last itteration of the Gran Turismo series left off and where they (the compitition) are in terms of content and graphics. Since the compitition has yet to slow it’s release schedule actually some developers have shortened developement time. The developers at Polyphony Digital have had to try and cram as much content into the new version of their ultra popular racer as possible and when a competitor releases something that has a feature that GT5 also has and it looks better or just as good on the compitition then we consumer get a delay in the release date so the developers can add or tweak the software.  Which creates more antisipation and hype which means the developers again have to add more content or refine content resulting in another delay.  Resulting in more hype and the vicious cycle never ends until Polyphony Digital realize that the game will never live up to the mythic hype behind this monster of a racer, and decide to release it, be it great, good, or bad. Either way it is time for this game to venture out of the studio and into gamers hands and consoles. Before all the hate mongers start calling me a XBox 360 fanboy, understand this I still to this day own a PS1, PS2, & launch version 60gb PS3. Also I own all four copies of Gran Turismo both copies of prologue and Gran Turismo HD. So it should go without further comment on how much of a fan I am of the series. Just hope Kaz and others both at Sony and Polyphony Digital realize the sooner the ship date the better. If things need to be added (3-D support or GPS tracking) these things will be used by the minority of the gamers purchasing this game and can be added later via downloadable updates over the Playstation Network.     

  5. blackjack

    @joshua – “it isn’t Sony’s Fault, neither PD fault.That’s just how business works in todays world.”

    not if you talk to Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind Metal Gear Solid. It appears that he is a clear example of being aware of his loyal fanbase which is contrast to PDs current way of doing “business”.

  6. Gejost

    They should do it like Blizzard does, dont give any release date untill the game is as good as done. Dont say the game will be released in 6 or so months, what untill you are absolutly sure before you give a release date.

  7. Joshua

    Okay. Last year, I had purchased Gran Turismo PSP. & A PSPgo to go with that. Now I’ve completed the game, it seriously lacks a carrier mode which is just disappointing. I’ve already finished the 102 Driving Challenges doing them over, and over just to get gold. I’m not bored with it but I think they could made a carrier mode for this. Another reason, the game has lots of content, but it’s too short. Now My PSPGo is filled with 5 games, and some music. But GT5 is a whole different story. It’s going along well but I DO HOPE IT COMES OUT THIS YEAR ! PD has released really short-lived demos recently like. GTHD Concept, GT5P, and the GT5 Time Trial Challenge. it’s getting so boring & short live that I don’t even touch my PlayStation 3 anymore. I just play GT3, (recently bought) and GT4 On the PS2. Everyone wants a another demo or something to keep us busy. I’m not mad that the game isn’t out yet, i’m just upset that recent games that PD has released. Are really short lived. Like GTHD it was full & Alive, and now it’s hardly talked about anymore. Same thing is happening to GT5P. Many people are expecting too much, no wonder why it’s talking so long to come out in the first place. So many people are obnoxious about the release date. Just relax it isn’t Sony’s Fault, neither PD fault. That’s just how business works in todays world.

  8. Reaper666

    Well.. With this announcement I guess ill continue playing Forza 3, having 2 consoles and having GT5:P and Forza 3 is epic cause that way I dont compare like the rest of the sadless fat people who bitch all the time.


    So PD release it when you want I say. couldn’t care less anymore.

  9. Andre

    I have PS2 just for Gran Turismo 4. I’ve been playing it for ages now and I’m still not tired of it. I’m what you can call “a huge fan of the GT Series”.

    Although, I just got too tired of all this s#!* about the eternal delays for marketing proposes, the 3D excuses and the rumor about the “top secret ps3 racer” crap (Motorstorm 3?!?! Twisted Metal?!? WTF?!?? Not in your dreams :S).

    I’m getting Xbox and Forza 3 this month and, for what I’ve been seeing, I’m sure I won’t regret it!

    That will be millions less one copy of GT5 sold! ;-)

  10. Dedicated Kojiman

    I just play prologue and try to get better times with the 2007 r on Fuji Speedway GT. Its fun even after all of this wait because its the best F1 simulator out there.

  11. t7mha

    Why don’t we all boycot the game for a month, just to give PD/Sony something to worry about. I mean we’ve waited this long already whats another month gonna hurt!!!

  12. MastaWoot

    @ iucidium

    You can ROTFL all u want… but they still have the game…. and GTs (drag) Test mode aint any better either… try GT4 or GT5P and try to stick a launch without ANY level of TCS. At least they tried to solve it, and did so in a minuscule way… When was the last time GT5P got updated for any type of fix that isnt online play focused? Its a demo I know, but if it has had updates for the online play portions, why not a bit of a fix on the regular “campaign”

    Seriously dude bashing FM3 aint getting u nowhere and its all u do… stick to voicing your satisfaction or lack of thereof while reffering to GT5

  13. Rick

    it’ll sell millions no matter what, i might buy it since i have a gtpsp collection that would go to waste if i didn’t get gt5

  14. Gran Turismo Vet

    I`m mad about this but who cares, it`s their game, it`ll sell millions wether I buy it or not…

  15. iucidium

    All these people larking on about ‘hope forza 4 isn’t out before gt5’ all I can say is if that’s the case – that’ll be TWICE turn10 have been rattled by PD. And it will probably be as rushed/incomplete/buggy as forza 3, hell – their dragstrip ‘patch’ hasn’t delivered what the community asked for ROFL!!

  16. Joshua

    Why Are you Guys Worrying ? Read this. (From Wikipedia)

    At the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced that Gran Turismo 5 would be released in Japan in March 2010. However, Sony later announced that GT5 had been delayed, with the Japanese release date returning to “to be announced”. However, Sony said the currently undisclosed North American and European release dates were unaffected by the Japanese delay. At Sony’s 2010 GDC press conference, Sony confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 would be released in 2010.

  17. RedBaron

    I consider myself to be one of the most loyal fans of GT franchise. I bought PS3, big HDTV, Logitech G25 steering wheel, GT5:Prologue which is played ten thousand times now and bored me to the bone.

    After years of uncertain plans, total silence, promised and never furfilled Prologue updates, wrongly translated declarations, false words like “soon” or “we can release it anytime”, last year full of Tokyo Route videos taken by mobile phones and trailers recycling most of the content again and again, SONY hits bellow the belt again and let us wait almost another year. Thanks, really :o(

  18. Pierre

    KY is prolly right, they can release it anytime. Its prolly just up to sony’s stupid f*ckin marketing plans which sucks. And they all deserve a kick in the nuts in for being so rude to the GT fans who has eagerly waited this long..

  19. Stinger430

    I don’t think it’ll be released in 2010.The GT series has sold me on previous iterations of Sony’s console. So GT (for me) is a console mover. I’ve started playing PC sims in the interim and just may stick to these. The wait is getting ridiculous. Ferrari’s entry level car has been updated twice , the Corvette C7 is on the near horizon, the Cadillac CTS is in it’s 2nd generation , Pontiac is gone, BMWs 5 series has introduced 2 new generations, etc etc etc. The rest of the car world is moving ahead while GT5 remains in limbo. By the time it’s released it’ll have to be renamed Grand Turismo Classic Cars!

  20. GTR12


    When KY sorta said 5yrs ago, “is the game coming out 2008?” and he laughed it off, saying no. After that yr finished, that was my 1st delay.

    Then when KY said, “we can release anytime”, not entirely sure, but didn’t he say that ~1yr ago?
    2nd delay. (it doesn’t take marketing a yr and half to get organized)

    Then the most recent, the JP date, and that being delayed…

  21. tvensky

    @ —Stone—-

    Kaz said many times.. they dont worry abbout any other racing games.. and you should not worry about forza, period.. :)

  22. ---Stone---

    Would be funny if we find out the reason for all these setbacks was BillyBoy Gates, BadBoi Balmer and Microsoft negotiating with PD to tease and torment us with GT5 on the ps3…Only to pay off PD hundreds of millions of dollars to change the game to Forza 4 performing a wrestling classic heel turn to one set of fanboys and embraced as a savior to the other set of fanboys.

    How many discs is Final Fantasy 13 on the fockbawx PleaseFixMe??? 3

    How many discs/packages in a screen shot of GT5??….3

    Grab some tinfoil, make a funny hat to wear, enough to place over the dingus, stand infront of a car battery, clipping one end of the cable to the fleshy sparkplug and the other to the car battery and have fun with conspiracies

  23. RuthersFTW

    I bought a 360 and FM3 a little while ago cuz of all this waiting game. The idea was to have it til GT5 and sell it… Gotta admit, I liked it so Im keeping it. Its not as “rushed” as everyone says, only here and there u see the “dead dashboards” only some race cars have that problem…From my still growing experience, the god-awful physics everyone here criticizes so much are actually nice and grippy… and some AWESOMELY SWEET user generated designs. I finally gave into buying it and been having FUN… Im kinda jealous that my GT5 aint here yet and I feel like im cheating on it, lmao

    Sorry for all the bickering, just wanted to point out that there are some alternatives. Just sell the box later…who knows, you might just end up keeping it, lol, like i did

  24. Sam


    your acting like the game had lots of delays, when the reality it only had one delay and that was for the Japan release.

    GT5 never had a release date other than JP.

  25. GTR12

    PD should change their name from Polyphony Digital, to Predict a Delay.
    Then when fans are sick of predicting a delay, change it to Predictable Delay.

  26. Stu

    ‘The game has been done for a while. The rest is just marketing.’

    I think it’s quite clear PD have gone back to the drawing board on more than one occassion.

    What they have shown publicly has been deeply unimpressive.

  27. kasse27

    Damn dont ever say the game Will be incomplete :(. btw is really that we cant play the gt5 acemedy demo any more i didten traiy it with my dfgt :( before it was finish

  28. 8@No$

    Commenting does not make any difference does it? We will all get the game when the managers decide they want us to get it… It does not matter to me, i will just wait, the game will come when it comes..

    But i cannot help myself but wonder: Why would i need a 3D TV for? And what this has to do with our game? Perhaps Sony implies that to play the game “at its glory” will require us to spend another 300000 euros/dollars/yen/whatever to buy a 3D TV? If this happens, then they will really suck imo…

    Anyway, I believe that:
    1. The game is still incomplete, in which case its ok, because they will keep perfecting major issues like physics or sounds or lightning effects or weather, the result of which will be an incredible game for us to play, or
    2. Some stupid managers delay the game and ask the programmers to incorporate all their stupid gadgets like eye-tracking, 3D TV’s or the next generation robotic co-pilot that can also cook and clean the house when needed… Jesus I am sick of all this technology..

  29. sprint

    Sony and its will to set standards… Sony is a monster of the 20th and 21th economic era. You can’t do anything against that. It’s been so many years we don’t talk about video games but money… As simple as that. “Best” games (movies, music) just became the object of world wide hardware promotions. Sony, as Microsoft do so well, wants to own Mr Everybody technology. Please buy some happynness, give me half what you earn a month and go away, please :) GT5? What is it?

  30. Shokz

    “To all those whining ‘im gonna buy an x-box/forza 3′ DON’T BOTHER. Its rushed, so take heed, a high number of cars don’t have working speedos, light up even in shadowed areas. Just wait. It will be worth it.”

    I dunno, it’s a pretty good game, i have a PS3 and 360 and whilst Forza 2 was a joke, Forza 3’s better than GT5P, i’d say. There’s no doubt that GT5 will completely obliterate it when it comes along, mind.

  31. aelange

    If the end product has dynamic weather and real time day and night cycles, and hopefully more than 20 cars on the bigger tracks such as Le Sarthe or Nurburgring, all will be forgiven in my books. Anything less will be a huge disappointment….

  32. pasigiri

    So true. I think PD should have at LEAST offered the demo they have been using for shows recently. Heck, make it simple:
    2 tracks: Nurburg and Tokyo
    4 cars: a toyota, a ferrari, a lambo, and a merc (you know which ones)

  33. DrTrouserPlank

    ^^ wouldn’t worry Pedz.

    By the time this game is actually released you’ll have finished Uni I’m sure.

  34. Pedz

    Awh this sucks, im going to be starting uni then and have like 0 time to play the damn game.. Damn you sony and your stupid marketing..

  35. blackjack

    Andyw: so the biggest loser in this debacle is the loyal GT fanbase.

    and this is what I find the most frustrating. Sony and KD could have avoided this through supplying us with a new demo or just being straight with us when it comes to the status of the title.

  36. iucidium

    To all those whining ‘im gonna buy an x-box/forza 3’ DON’T BOTHER. Its rushed, so take heed, a high number of cars don’t have working speedos, light up even in shadowed areas. Just wait. It will be worth it.

  37. FishforRent


    Have you ever driven 120mph?? Real ‘Cars’ tend to ‘float’ at that speed. Know what you are talking about before you type.

    And Yes!! We are all ‘BUTT-HURT’ by this delay!!! And this site is how we “get over it”.

    *grabs another tissue for the tears*

  38. koishki

    It’s funny how people think their opinion matters. Just because you don’t care about 3D doesn’t mean others don’t. I don’t give a **** about 3D, but Sony is out to make money, not to please an insignificant amount of people. It makes perfect sense for them to implement it and wait a while to release it. That way they can sell more 3D tvs. I wish they’d release it now, but I can’t do anything about it. Complaining and making polls about how YOU don’t care about 3D is laughable and stupid. Like Sony gives a **** about you.

  39. GT Fanatec

    If they are waiting for 3D tv’s then i sure hope they are implementing damage for ALL cars while they wait.

  40. Mickle Pickle

    … It’s sad how UNexcited i am about this “news” …

    Couldn’t be more boring than this …

  41. pasigiri

    Well, all I can say is that the worst thing Sony could do right now is push this game back one more time. If they do that, I think they are going to lose a LOT of potential money. On a side note, is PD going to simulate the Toyota Prius problem in game? You know, my accelerator pedal on my G27 gets stuck while approaching turn 5 on Tsukaba?

  42. joe

    I hope they update GT5P or something. Apparently they have plenty of time since GT5 is ready for release “anytime”

    Plus there were a few promised features/cars that mysteriously never showed up in GT5P.

  43. gt5pr0

    This is just sick, what the hell are they doing?
    Why don’t we just spam PD and SONY to release there “crap” game?
    They really think they are GOD and can pull this stuff.
    Why is gtplanet still posting this *kuch* news?
    Just ban those ignorant game devs/console maker.

    This crap is not in there advantage but who am i.

  44. ThaCreep

    Wow, that really sucks… I cant really imagine more than 3 years without a new Forza game. I feel 4 everyone, truly. Im waiting 4 GT as well but @ least have something to play in the meanwhile. And I know how Shift doesnt cut it to the console sim fans. GT5 is being sorely missed. What’s happening PD???? What ever happened to pleasing your fans?

  45. ---Stone---

    If Sony can release 3D capabilities via a firmware update, as speculated/confirmed, whatever???…

    Then why cant PD via DLC/patch one the day of GT5’s release (rumored, speculated, confirmed??? lol)…or better yet as soon as GT5 (whenever it comes out as speculated/confirmed).. as soon as the disc is inserted an automatic update takes place and 3D capability is installed along with the games initial HD install. ……..Provided the ps3 doesnt brick from shock of having GT5 finally insterted in its perty lil console mouth.

    GT5 better have everyone in awe, absolutely incapable of any negative criticism about all aspects of the game…. minus the outrageously, laughable time of release/delays/set backs…

  46. Alex p.

    You know what that means also?, we’ll have to wait TILL SEPTEMBER to get all the news about the game at the TGS, that means we’ll get another freaggin’ trailer at E3 and maybe a slightly more advanced playable version than at the…forgot how it’s called, this stuff with the McLaren F1 from a few weeks ago, you know what I mean…I’m just frustrated you know, it’s getting beyond redicilous…

  47. alfajamesromeo

    well, i did have hopes of playing it in the summer, but oh well im sure i wont be complaining when im playing it.

  48. eMke3

    I could care less about 3D, wish they would just release the damn game already, and 3d version in October. Fooled me many times with release dates, don’t know what to believe anymore. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they would delay the game once again when the time gets closer to the release date.

  49. Master_Exploder

    Yup, more than enough time to get tired of Forza…and thats not happening soon. @ whoever said it, the games physics are quite ok… and its gonna be a YEAR before GT5 “allegedly” comes, so might as well did it and im quite happy about the decision… pretty sweet game, higly recommend it

  50. rand al thor

    wow alot of silly immature people here. you have been waiting for 5 years why cant you wait till fall for the game? is gran turismo the only thing missing in your life? you guys need to step outside and get some fresh air.

    there’s more to life than simply crying and whining like little kids about a friggin videogame.

  51. priesty_lfc

    3D tv will rock

    Great games are never released during the summer so June/July/August will never happen anyway

    October 2010 seems reasonable!

  52. soLid

    Man!I cannot wait any longer (i know i will) But october seems so far away… A nice media blowout would be very welcome until then

  53. kaito


    yeah i would buy an exbox + forza right now if i hadent investen on ps3 so much..

    hd tvs?? come on sony u arent looking at the bigger picture..

  54. kaito


    i dont think they have that pleasure bro..
    the sony company is doing them a big favour as far as im concerned..
    if the game was perfect it would have been released at once but it clearly needs improving..
    the graphics may have been perfect but it must have been unplayable..

    besides PD have done a poor job with this title.. i mean with 60 million spent… at least get the fact right and have a good development plan.. they have spent far too much milking their company reputation and have been mesing around far too much with those stupid academy & crap..

  55. TokyoDrift

    @P37MAc, you really think missing the Christmas 2009 window will hurt the lifetime sales figures of GT5?! lol

  56. P37Mac

    I’m sure he will correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the 3D thing Jordans opinion not Sony’s statement? Worst case scenario is that Sony has told PD that they want to release the game for christmas buyers this year after missing out on that period in ’09. Game is probally ready for launch at the moment but PD now has a large part of his team with nothing to do so they (like Jordan said) will probally keep themselves busy with new features like 3D. What would you rather they do, sit on the finished game or continue to improve it?

  57. jdejes

    I’ll put it this way… right now I’m 10 lbs overwheight and I’m dieting and working out at the gym (was 20 lbs over not long ago). I think that, at this pace, I’m gonna be looking like Arnold in his prime when this game finally releases…

  58. kaito

    @The Masfer

    well i would back that idea of not for the PSP itself… the game had the best graphics but this revealed the psps true power..

    the no1 downside why i sold the game back as soon as possible was cuz the load times were unreal.. and i think there wont be any chance in hell they can decrease the load times withot decreasing the quality of the graphics!!!!!! and even if they did its 1 hell of a poring game on the psp…

    so on second thought that is an aweful idea and i wont back PD to produce a miracle.. how can i… the company is in decline.. only cuz they betraded their fans.. cuz if gt5 was average if it had been released at the begining of this year the fans will still be providing a lifeline….!!!!!!stupid douchebags!!!!!

  59. DamageControl

    Of course I get deployed in September… Release might as well be October 2011 as far as Im concerned… fail.

  60. kaito

    i cannot believe how low PD are getting to release this game….
    personally i think the new GT5 engine is the worst ever… && they might even have to restart..cuz millions of people will buy it and i understand a lot of people wil buy it because they have the steering wheel and seat perhaps but…

    i wont be buying a wheel… cuz i am getting old (20) and i rarely play video games anymore.. i bought killzone, uncharted, fifa 09, dirt and metal gear.. and out of those lot only metal gear is playable.. i honestly wont touch the others and new releases like god of war & final fan are just the same old games… u dont get the freedom as MG.. and i hate playing throught a set route… althought red dead redemption will be the best thing ever…

    anyways back to GT5… i honestly dont get why proloug was rated highly cuz it was not a fun game to play… i think now a game like GT4 is not realistic anymore.. graphics alone is not a winning formula.. anyways.. all im saying is the car feelis like floating and i hate PD now… i hope the game fails so that every1 can get on with their lives…

    PS: are even the japanese public being left in the dark like us.. surely PD has to show some loyalty and release some info?!?!?!

  61. tyl0r_r

    at this point the game needs a world wide launch no matter what. racing sims aren’t heavy rain or final fantasy and there’s not a million pages of dialog. the game was supposed to be out pretty much now, no excuse for not having it translated by october.

    october is a long way out, sad to see the release date so far… any more delays will be just unacceptable.

  62. Interpol-007

    I will not buy a new HDTV 3D, a Freaking Mercedes Benz sls AMG, head tracking, or playstation move.

    My Sony Bravia 32″ XBR 1080p and my G25 is more than enough for me.

  63. tvensky

    yes, most of U are 100% right.. this 3D tehnology is too soon for GT5, it could be in GT6 or something.. we dont have a normal racing game for a 3 years now for PS3 (everything else is amateur s**t) :)

    I will not buy a new TV for one game (even GT5)

    steering wheel, eye toy, HD TV and thats about it for now…

    and all this release thing… dosnt matter, it will change 10 times from now… 100% sure!

  64. FishforRent

    3d will have the same problem HD initially had, LIMITED CONTENT and bandwidth issues. CBS, NBC, and SONY have been developing (liberties taken with this word) this over the past year in the background. The SuperBowl, Winter Olympics, among others had 3d broadcasts and this summer the World CUP will have 3d broadcasts, that NO-ONE will see, because it still doesn’t work properly.

    Plus it all has to be shot with 3d cameras, just like it did when HD was being developed. And that all goes back to infrastruture costs. (GLOBAL RECESSION/DEPRESSION anyone???) Will it hit mainstream? Maybe, but it will only be accepted when it can be ‘consumed’ without having to WEAR a device on your FACE to enjoy it and that is not even close to being perfected.

    Who loses? The Consumer, AS ALWAYS!!!!

    Don’t they all know that we consumers are simple and don’t mind paying for things multiple times? Release the game, we’ll buy. Release the game in 3d, we’ll buy again. Release the game in 12D with holographic support we’ll buy AGAIN.

    Electronics Marketers are sooo dumb. This could be a CASH COW multiple times. UNLESS……

    It still doesn’t work right????????

  65. Racer28

    I`m wondering if there is some microsoft employees undercover working at Sony, because the decisions they make cannot possibly be worse. If I had stock in this company I would sell it fast!! Damn how is it really possible to be this stupid?? Not even willing to give the fans some real information about all this, this is my last Playstation console thats for sure.

  66. lado

    hello, i think it´s a incineration that we, who admire GT5 have too wait for many other release dates, till they release the game!! They should show us real in-game scenes and gameplay of a new damage system or new cars, tracks, the weather system. I think we´ve been patient enough and they should state the releas date officially. It´s boring just to show identical videos which show nearly the same cars and no new features, either we need new features for our eyes or the game in our hands!!! :)


  67. Rukgt

    surely some advisor has said to PD/Sony your pissing on your fan base get on with it

    Come on JORDAN you must have contacts can’t you have a word! lmao

  68. gero

    The release date would be a unique date. This is a new promotional goal from Sony to achieve more result by PS3 users.

  69. Paulo

    Seriously, why can it not be released for the summer? They have to push it to the end of the year, as if we all haven’t waited long enough. Why not release it on Dec. 31st at 11:59!

  70. jdejes

    I’m really dissapointed at all this. The least you expect is to have KY having a press conference or designating a PD Public Relationship officer to handle this things. They have created a massive fan base and they’re like not giving a damn about us fans.

  71. maximumattack

    This is getting laughable, don’t get your hopes up guys, only yesterday I was reading that a Sony exec said we would have the game soon. Soon is not 7 months from now when you have been waiting for 3+ years. This will only end up with more disappointed people as without an official statement it will probably end up being another “golden carrot” Sony is not handling this well.

  72. Flagmo-T

    Just think about it.. It’s the best of times for the bad people :|

    The Black marked will be loaded with 3DTV’s in October.. To a Nice price for you master!!! aHahahaha Ohh my G♥D Life is simple, but yet Sony makes it so complicated .. :O)

  73. Aristedis

    i bellieve fail is the time for ps move and only…all marketing will focus on that…gt5 will realease in 6/2010 or 7/2010…with the 3d tv’s …this is the best marketing …

  74. Pierre

    F*ck 3D thingies.. like every1 has the money to buy a new sony tv… couldnt they just skip the 3D for later? i was hoping for a release this summer :( but well.. I HATE SONY!

  75. Flagmo-T

    Ok Peps.. This is possible.. Thanks for the info, I will rest my nerves, and oil my limbs, and hopefully I can get out of bed and buy this – This ? what is it called again ? GT? hmm Damn I’m getting so old by waiting that i can’t even remember what it’s called any more .. was it 5 or 5½ or 4½..

    hmm.. where is my oxygen ?..

  76. Razor

    As always, GT will be released before christmas. Only sadly its not last year christmas, but this year… :/

    Oh well, lets get back to rFactor various online championships and also maybe even rFactor 2.

  77. alucard0712

    Exacly! :)

    I think PD really wan’t to release game this march, because they start PR company, they even give us cover.But something gone wrong…overall 1 year of OFFICIAL delay :(((((

  78. Skillcoil

    I read most of the comments here but it seems they all talk about the same thing.

    I think October or somewhere “fall” is a great target, however, the title says “Planned” so its just a plan. But also we have TDU2 coming in fall too :D :D :D .. that’s what I’m talking about

  79. ItsHim

    Just imagine how much better GT5 will be with Move and 3D shutter glasses. I’m so excited about sticking things to my head for an even more realistic gaming experience!

    Who dares to say it’s not worth the delays? Me?

    I’d rather spend 1000 € on a GT Academy style week-end than a new TV and some funny plastic toys, although I welcome the idea of head-tracking for a more natural field of view to be fair.

    So October it is then? Yeah, right.

  80. caribbeantopdriver

    i really hope the game doesnt sell………… i know i am asking for something thats not gonna happen………. but i wish on a star this game doesnt sell.. sadly i am gonna be one of the first persons who copp it.

  81. Enciah

    Please buy a PS3, for GT5
    Please buy head tracking system for GT5
    Please buy move system for GT5
    Please buy 3D tv for GT5

    …and then perhaps we will release the game!! or new system to play with

  82. joe

    3D? Really? Come on! I’d rather have the game delayed for indy cars than 3D, or better yet not delayed at all. PD is such a joke.

  83. Forenza

    After reading the 40 some comments above…i agree with all of them. This is a retarded wait if it is for 3d. I bought a ps3 years ago now…back when the 80gb was the biggest and chrome accents with touch sensitive buttons were used lol.

    And will i buy a 3d tv? Never. Its a stupid technology. Its as pointless as those mini-cds of the 90’s. (they work, but why use it??)

    Now, if i was waiting for a holographic tv…hell yes. 3d…dont care.

    I JUST want the flippin GAME!!!!!

  84. ProGamer

    “I also have bad news for Sony. I bought a Xbox360 and Forza 3 to pass the time away and I think Im definitely going to be able to finish it before GT is available for purchase. Isnt that sad?”
    Yeah it’s sad because Forza is Rubbisch.

  85. TokyoDrift

    Yeah yeah, GT5 will release by “x”, we’ve all heard it before. October for where then, Japan? What about US and EU?

    As for 3D, I highly doubt that many people who have bought a HDTV recently (as in the last two or three years) are going to want to swap again. Of those that could be in the market for a new TV, how many of those are going to own a PS3 as well? Of those, how many people don’t suffer headaches when watching 3D for extended periods? Of those, how many people really care about 3D, truly?

    The market for GT fans who want the game in 3D is tiny, so them using it as a “showcase” for the technology are doing nothing but making the GT fans wait pointlessly.

  86. Joe J

    I for one will not be purchasing a new TV. I just paid the equivelant of about USD 4600 for a fantastic samsung 55 incher! SHame its not 3D though :(

  87. [UK] ANDYW

    I totally buy this story…

    It’s such a valuable marketing opportunity they’d be stupid not to take it.

    The only problem is, no one really cares about 3D tv’s and 99% of GT fans wont be forking out to upgrade.. so the biggest loser in this debacle is the loyal GT fanbase.

    I suppose there’s one benefit… I wont be stuck indoors during the summer playing GT5.

    Yey. :-|

  88. Rob

    Right, ive had enough, ive stopped playing on my ps3 and gt5 is the only reason why i still have it. march 2010 was bad and long enough a wait but October!!! sorry, good bye sony, actually not good bye, just bye.

  89. Un-Happy Chap

    Never felt compelled to post before but am so fed up with this. PD/Sony have erroded all the good will they created (which ws a lot – I’e gone from orginal GT to GT5P – in fact I’ve only bought a PS for GT, and I’ve only ever bought new PS’s when a new release of GT was available – so I’m one of those people for who the games shifts hardware).

    It’s a worrying time for a company when their customers think they’re being treated badly. PD/Sony should rightly be worried.

  90. Dom

    Ps3 for 199.- along with GT5 will give the system a boost in 2011. But for me, as day 1 owner of the PS3 this is simply not fair. According to Kaz, PD and Sony I should be playing GT5 for at least 3 years now…
    I have to repeat myself, but this is a desaster and I do believe that lots customers are pissed off by the poor entrepreneurial sense Kaz and Sony have shown with GT5.

  91. DrTrouserPlank

    This is about the fifth attempt they’ve had at releasing this game and I’ve got no reason to think that it won’t end like all the others.

    Without a proper date nailed down this is as unreliable and meaningless as anything that comes from Sony and PD.

  92. jay gatsby


    does review score matter? Most websites and magazines like IGN or Edge are unreliable …game reviewing is a dirty business anyway.

  93. Fredo

    Anyone know if the eye toy head tracking is still in? I would sooner buy an eye toy than a 3D tv for the immersion experience.

  94. sweet

    If I’m not playing the game on 1st of December , I’m never going to buy it . Seriously Sony is starting to piss me off .Delaying the game ,because of 3D is the biggest BS I’ve heard . These TV’s cost more than 2 thousand bucks each , do they think that 3d is going to matter for 95% of the ppl who buy the game ?

  95. JimInPT

    The funniest part will be that the announced cover car, the Mercedes SLS, will be very old news by the time this thing ships.

    How many more GT fans, who bought GT5P on the day of release and have eagerly waited ever since, will have DIED before it’s finally available?

  96. S3 Racer

    I don’t like the word Planned. Japan release was also planned. But enough with painting the devils on the walls.
    Let’s hope this is near the actual release date.
    And i don’t think it’s Sony marketing division which jucks up. Sony clearly stated that it’s hurt them bad that they CAN not release Gt right now, which suggest production or developement issues. And the godfather of digiracing kaz is a perfectionist with a lot of freedoms given by Sony which can create a lot of problems.
    Perfectionist deliver proper work but you need patience

  97. NBH

    Shame its been held up for 3D if that’s true. People are struggling with work and jobs and the chances of lots of people ditching their current HDTV to get a 3D one is pretty slim. GT5 will be popular but I hope Sony isn’t relying too much on this, I mean you need a PS3 and be interested in racing games then go out and buy a new TV, we aren’t talking a lot of customers there.

    I would release GT5 normally and either add 3D later via DLC or bring out a smaller game like prologue but in 3D

  98. Zenith

    This is like the fifth time we’ve heard a “release date” from an obscure article. When Kaz comes on and says “We will release GT5 in ____” then I’ll be satisfied

    But really, what’s taking so long?

  99. ralph89

    It’s really annoying how Sony is doing their marketing business, as what I had said from the other news section, they really are F””%@$ up big time with Gran Turismo 5. I’m sure it will sell millions, but what about those other loyal fans that have already bought the competition. I’m sure there are a lot of them, and I’m positive that GT5 won’t sell better than GT4 did. And I’m sure the waiting had it’s effect in a lot of loyal GT fans.

  100. ---Stone---

    I love how Sony uses the word “planned”

    …It’ll be like this.

    Sonyspinman: We plan to release Gran Turismo 5 in October 2010. Countless hours of precision, fine tuning, very meticulous attention to detail… not only the cars, the physics, interior models, but the tracks, the roads, the pavement, the tires, the enviroments of the tracks etc

    The combination of one blade of grass, one pebble in the road, three clouds in the sky all have more polygonal counts than that “other console racer.. errr Forza 3? have in their entire polygonal count added up. Truely amazing on what PD have put together.

    Sonyspinman continues to list and tout whats in the game blahbibbityblah says suprises are in order. We get to play Kaz’s passion, his masterpiece all finally in October 2010…..

    Hearing all that we are wetting our knickers, laying in bed alseep on our backs while our feet are raised, bent at the knees, our hands as if on a steering wheel, making car noises as if we are playing Gran Turismo, fanboys running out of the word works, taking any piece of Gran Turismo media articles and rubbing in the faces of other haters/fanboys. Running to place preorders, running down to buy a playstation 3 (if that person doesnt own one already), hunting down a logitech g25 or g27 etc etc etc. Posting happy pleasantries on various boards about GT5. When driving down the road and looking ahead, the night trailer song pops into head and a big 5 takes shape………….

    Until grim news (but no suprise) that the news from Sonyspinman or some other messenger of videogame gloom says “Well, we had planned to release GT5 in October, being 31 days in October… we thought that would be ample time, coupled with the game’s development time to finally release GT5. However, things did not go according to plan… and the release is now tentative………………………

    (and this is the part where Sony/PD does not want you to know about)
    That it is delayed once again because of the top secret ps3 racer and seeing what top secret ps3 racer has to offer etc etc or some such… probably something like sonyspinman control of saying “Kaz didnt like how the mud physics does not seem real, or perfect enough when it is kicked up and sticking to cars or windows, or the helmet of the driver(is theres a busted windshield)… so he wants to fix that. So if that goes according to plan… expect a release date in march of 2011.

    …duely note this as idiocy, if you prefer…. but a tiresome, sarcastic point of view from a person who just wants the damn game to really come out in October, or a surprise to up all and released in June/July.

    I personally think theyre adding and perfecting Bob Ross mode. A mode where the graphics are changed (toggled) to a Bob Ross like painting… beautiful mountain vistas, rivers along side of the track, waterfalls cascading down in the background and as you drive by… your car winshield gets misted and…… Happy little trees shading the tracks and happy clouds dotting the sunshine bright skies.

  101. blackjack

    I think we need a poll regarding all those users who still plan on getting Gt5 and also have no plans to get a 3d tv this year or the next. It would be interesting to see, that’s for sure.
    If it is held back for 3d implementation, then it’s a real shame that it can’t be an optional patch you only need to download if you have a fancy tv.

  102. GT4Ever

    They are adding “Move” and 3D support to GT5. Who gives a ****! Just release it, noone will use these feutures anyway!
    They better use the extra time to implement feutures the fans are waiting for, and not the crap that Sony wants.

    And since the release dates announced by Sony aint ever right, you should reverse the announcements. So whatever happens GT5 wont be released in October this year.

  103. alucard0712

    I think it’s for Japan…better waiting for “Top secret PS3 simulator”.I hope it’s Enthusia.

  104. John

    This is getting really old. A product can constantly made better in development but what’s the point if it is never released? Plus, user feedback and actual use are sometimes more valuable than internal development.

  105. Roope

    I have to say that i’m tired of this freakin waiting! If Gran Turismo won’t release before or at october i think that it will release to Ps4 or something…

  106. CanAm1968

    Just file this news tidbit in the “Release Date Lies” file. Even the author of this article doesnt believe it. I would love to say that only if PD said it was going to be released in Oct 2010 would I believe it but they have even said things that we wanted to hear and yet… I still sit hear and wait with open wallet for a chance to get my copy of GT5. I liked what Joshua said above about purchasing GT3 to pass the time away until GT5 is released. I have bad news for him….GT3 was pretty easy. I also have bad news for Sony. I bought a Xbox360 and Forza 3 to pass the time away and I think Im definitely going to be able to finish it before GT is available for purchase. Isnt that sad?

  107. CB1021

    People use the term “We” as if PD cares. The “We” they care about is the mass public. Right now there is no Gran Tourism on the market. There is nobody waiting on the game in their eyes. That is why Sony/PD rarely mentions GT in public appearances.

    If you want the best soup in town, you gotta wait in line. Go across the street but when we open, you’ll be back.

  108. daniel

    so, we all bag out someone who post a new topic about a release date, because unless it is from sony direct, not a room off to the back of a conference, and to quote the article, ‘ While we must be wary of this somewhat anonymous source of information ‘, how do we close this?

  109. BWX

    Answer? Very few people care about 3D- 3D is such a gimmick. I used to think it was cool, until I tried it on a PC I had a few years ago. It sucks. Makes everything look smaller and gives most people a headache. Too bag GT5 had too get caught up in the 3D crapstorm.

  110. EwokChoo

    Why not during the summer, along with the 3d tv?!?!? I can’t wait any longer. No, release it ASAP and make the 3D shiet DLC. We don’t really care about 3D anyways; when you figure out how to make it DLC, then add it. We’ll pay for it, Sony.

  111. ScytherGT3

    We’ve waited 5 years. We’ve over-played Prolouge to the point where we can memorize every detail in the game, We’ve beaten GT PSP over a dozen times. Just release the damn game already. >_<

  112. Joshua

    Yeah, It would have to be October 2010, because of Gran Turismo PSP. (I’m assuming) But I really do hope it comes out IN 2010, because it’s been such a long time I’ve waited for this game. I even went out and bought Gran Turismo 3, so I won’t be bored. Just Please Let it be FINAL.

  113. John Marine

    With all due respect, who the bloody hell cares about 3D? I figured mid-late 2010 would be a suitable timeframe for GT5’s release. Early 2011 is still a safe possibility to me.

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