Sony Tokyo Game Show 2010 Press Conference Live Stream

The Tokyo Game Show – the last big industry event before Gran Turismo 5’s November release – is almost here! Just a short drive from Polyphony Digital’s headquarters, TGS is nearly always eventful for GT fans, and this year Sony is expected to begin aggressively pushing GT5 as their flagship 3D title.

Doors open to the conference center for the press on Thursday, September 16th at 10:00 AM in Tokyo (convert to your local time here), so expect some rough impressions to begin filtering out if people can actually get their hands on the demo that early (the show will be open to the public on the 18th and 19th, let me know if you’re going!). News will “officially” begin to drop at at 1:00 PM (check your local time here) with Sony’s big press conference, streamed live at the link below. I’ll also update this post to include textual live-blogs as they pop-up closer to showtime.

As always, stay tuned in to GTPlanet for all the updates pouring out of Japan over the next few days – or just follow us on Facebook and Twitter and let the news come to you!

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  1. wakenabeb

    its different. this is a hypothetical car that would exist if red bull were to create a car with no rules and regulations restraining it i think

  2. Mango

    The weather was AMAZING.

    Also, it appears he mentioned something about PS3 B-Spec accessible from your browser. It was in the live blog. Does this mean that you can race in B-Spec mode remotely from a web browser?

  3. wakenabeb

    Project “X1 Prototype”

    He says that there are rules and regulations in all forms of racing. What would a car that didn’t have to worry about those rules look like?

  4. Bryan

    Wow. Video after video. This game is going to be so sweet! Night time driving in the rain with interior view and windshield wipers. Holy crap.

  5. dalejrfanfreak

    “….Messages can be 140 characters. Man Twitter has really taken off in Japan. It’s even influencing GT5. You’ll be able to access the My Home section from the web…”

  6. kyle

    care of 1up
    Overview of Community Functionality: He says they haven’t talked much about these features before. But from the My Home section of the game, you’ll be able to access Messages, Logs, Mail, Profile, A personal lounge, photo album, course album, gifts and a friends list. Messages can be 140 characters. Man Twitter has really taken off in Japan. It’s even influencing GT5.

  7. dalejrfanfreak

    “Overview of Community Functionality: He says they haven’t talked much about these features before. But from the My Home section of the game, you’ll be able to access Messages, Logs, Mail, Profile, A personal lounge, photo album, course album, gifts and a friends list……”

  8. UrielEdge


    “Later on Thursday, we’ll see what Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has to reveal. Sony’s press conference begins at 1pm. Sony keeps the presentations coming later in the day with new demos from Team ICO and Polyphony Digital. Hopefully, that means fresh info on The Last Guardian, the rumored Ico/Shadow of the Colossus compilation and something new from Gran Turismo 5.”

    1. andrewz

      Maybe they want us to watch the greatest trailers in better quality and not to spoil the experience :-).

      Yes, I understood a word! Coniy Chiva! :-D

    1. diegovega

      weird it was working fine before but now it cutting movie scenes with that black screen with japanese text on it… we only get to see the guy from sony talking haha ?

    1. L8 Apex

      I guess they’re showing embargoed stuff to the media but blacking it out for us proles. Unless they actually plan on broadcasting some of the trailers, I don’t see any point in keeping the stream going.

  9. blaktek

    Dammit !!! Woke up early to see this and the light inside my LCD screen just died…

    Are those expensive ?

    PS : Dusted a spare one to be here.

  10. diegovega

    FU7 this psp stuff haha .. give us GT5!! is Kaz supposed to show up today or is there an official GT5 conference confirmed?

  11. Maxiboy

    Just talking about move at the moment… now 3D. It all in japanese with no translation so the info is scarse for non japanese speaking people.

  12. AGNT009

    Thanks for the clarification guys. Phew, was worried for a second there. Well, there should be plenty of tidbits to read when I check back at The Planet tomorrow from my work computer, hehe.

    Going to get my fill of Battlefield2, Madden11, and HAWX2 before GT5 absolutely dominates my PS3! I almost feel sorry for the other games in my PS3 library, lol.

  13. JimInPT

    It’s one press conference, of which GT5 is a part – starts in 2 hours (9pm Pacific Daylight Time, the only meaningful time).

  14. superb16

    I just want realistic sounding cars for once. How is it that Burnout Paradise can replicate the sound of a Lambo, but GT can’t?

    1. F.G

      How do you know that Burnout is actually replicating a Lambo sound? I wouldn’t be surprised if they use a generic synthesised engine sound to make it sound like a Lambo, whereas with GT you know that the poor souls have actually had to record the Lambo engine sound.

      I’m not defending the sound in GT – I agree that it could be improved. But sometimes in trying to do something accurately, it becomes less impressive than something done inaccurately.

    2. superb16

      It doesn’t matter if Burnout actually tested a Lambo for sound. The point is they came way closer than GT ever has. When you rev the Lambo-esque cars in Burnout, it actually sounds like a Lamborghini. When you rev the Lambo in GT5…big disappointment. Who cares if one process is more intricate or expensive than the other. It’s whatever works. That being said, if the final GT5 product gets all the engine sounds right I’ll be more than happy to eat my words.

  15. Tim

    Too early for me guys i have got bucket loads to do tomorrow so i cannot justify staying up till what could be 4 am UK time by the time the conference finishes if E3 is anything to go by. I will catch a recorded version tomorrow.

  16. AGNT009

    Houston, do I have a Problem?!

    Just read one guy saying the PS2 Driving Force Pro didnt work on Prologue? Is that true?

    I current have a DFpro since GT4, works great still, I babied it, didnt use shoes, just socks.

    I dont own a HDTV yet! Im still on a horrid 25in old school SDtv. I want the G27 badly, but I realized I wont have the money for both a G27 wheel, and a good quality 37 inch HDTV in time for GT5. I figured I can live with my DFpro a few more months, and get the new tv asap. But if my wheel doesnt work, I MUST upgrade that first, cause I REFUSE to use controller for GT anymore. Honest answers and advice appreciated.

    1. occasionalracer

      Getting a 21″+ 1080p monitor is an option too if you don’t have enough money. The good ones between $250-$400 have superb clarity and response times, and if your still on a 4:3 monitor for your PC… just add a digital tuner card to your PC and you have great clarity digital cable TV.

    2. Philmangt

      Yeah My DFpro still works on gt5p. ive had it since gt4 also. the only problems ive experience with it is just that it takes a little bit longer to calibrate itself

  17. James

    Is’int the conference in japan?if it is is’int it going to be spoken in Japanese?Will there be subtitles for us americans/english speaking nations?

    1. Häka Mikkinen

      I was just thinking the same thing. I suspect it will be in Japanese for a Japanese audience. What has happened in past years?

  18. Squozen

    Besides my earlier Porsche wish, I’d also like PD to reveal their plans for DLC. Have they ever confirmed anything about future car/track releases? I worry that Kaz and co. don’t ‘get’ online.

  19. viejaloca

    I’m excited, but I hope there’s not a retarded sony rep who makes everyone choose one car on one track like in E3. That was horrable!

  20. DemonBlade

    I have a funny feeling Kaz might announce an exclusive demo coming to Playstation Plus. Sony are reportedly struggling to get people to subscribe; so what better way to get people to sign up than having such a desirable demo available only on PS Plus!

    1. occasionalracer

      No matter what I think a demo of some sort is on the horizon. I mean to them it’s clear fans like most on this site are aware of the game, but the vast majority of sales come from people who aren’t into racing at the highest level. So it’s important for them to put a demo out on the PSN that includes something for everyone, ie. not like the TT (GT Academy). This is the sole reason for their efforts with the damage system, because in the market today kids and average people looking for fun would probably buy a different racing game where they can be blown away by their smashed up cars. The holiday season will be a massive seller for them if they put out a fun demo. Damn, from Nov to Christmas might feel like a week.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      I’ve been saying that too. If they want PSN plus subscribers, the demos at Best Buy would easy get them thousands of new subscribers. or just any demo. I would join instantly

  21. Bennylive

    Yeah I’m all for e30’s, m3 and the plain 325….. E30’s, ferrari, damage, topgear track, weather, day and night what more could we ask for ha ha

  22. GT'ireland

    i think theres more than enough in the game than to be worried about anything else,im just excited about november and playing the ULTIMATE game..unless of course we get hit with another delay,.the most exciting things in the game for me is the inclusion of the top gear test track,damage and the weather system..ive yet to experience dissapointment with any of the gran turismo titles..

  23. Craigles

    Are RUFs made up by polyphony digital or are they a real company who just copy porsches?

    When i drive an RUF in gran turismo i just feel like im not driving the real thing and it bugs me alot

    I really hope they sorted out the licening problems with porsche and have it in the game and get rid of RUFs and fill it with another make of cars eg. Couple more lancias. That would be great.

    1. rpr101

      RUF is a real company based in germany that takes the bodies and chassis of porsches and puts their own work into the car to make it their own. so the are recognized as an independent manufacturer.

    2. Bernd

      rpr101 is right. RUF is for PORSCHE, what AMG is for Mercedes, or let’s say CALLAWAY for the Corvette. No need “to feel like not driving the real thing”, a RUF will always beat the PORSCHE it derived from

    3. occasionalracer

      Bernd.. AMG is actually the sports performance class of Mercedes itself not an independent manufacturer like RUF and Callaway. One thing that suprised me in GT PSP is that Renault and Renault Sport are separate companies? But obviously the aim of any true tuning company is to build a car with better specifications, but the builders of the chassis should not be forgotten.

  24. Lastkatun

    I will write to’ kaz for implement a real Italian road to’ the game. Near my city there is a long ring of 13 km, the neo licensed like me spent few giura of driving in this ring. Of course in the velocity limit. Sorry for my english. I will stick a thread with Google maps map

  25. DaveTheStalker

    Ok this sort of explains Move being released Fruday instead of yesterday. Either Sony wanted to wait until after TGS started or Micro$oft really is the gaming bully and didn’t wouldn’t let anyone rain on their precious Halo parade. Why else would there be Move content in the Playstation Store this week? Sony can add content whenever they want.

    Vast Halo conspiracy!

  26. DaveTheStalker

    Jordan, or anyone else, do you know if the stream is iPhone friendly? There are visible images there now on, I guess, what would be the main window. Is there a “play” button or anything? It’s obviously all in Japanese.

  27. Andrew

    Had a thought whilst out running this morning for future racing games.
    What if you could plot roads in google maps and the game creates a race track based on what you have selected. We all have roads that we would love to race on around the world. This is the future! What do you think?

    1. occasionalracer

      Interesting thought, or being able to port the “Street View” or however it’s called to the game and racing the selected streets in photo-realistic quality. The user just has to adjust elevations and several other factors. I bet everyone would create their hometown and race through the neighborhood at 200km/h. Haha possibly PS4 technology can pull this off. But we have to see what is possible with the track creator.

    2. Buffig

      There’s a terrible racing game for nokia phones which uses this idea. It creates a simple 3D track based on the roads where you are using GPS. Not saying the idea is terrible, just the game.

    3. Veitchy

      I’d have the 24 Huers du My Block (2 roundabouts, a hard right and a set of stoplights). That or the road between here and Balhannah. Never be short on tracks again. Great idea man.

    4. Häka Mikkinen

      Ok this is really cool as a concept. How awesome would it be if we could do this with a real game engine like GT5!

  28. Luke

    I like Tokyo`s time region :) The time i wake up, all the news are already posted somewhere.

    Maybe with the crazy japanese, we`ll get some awesome driving footage. I expect some drift vids from TEAM-REV_Limit-7 :)

  29. Sigmaviper11

    I hope they are straight forward with some things and ambiguous with others. A nice long trailer that covers rain tuning tracks and some cars would be nice as well as covering some of the different race disciplines featured in GT5.Hope the RUF CTR-3 made it in!!!

    1. Sigmaviper11

      Yeah, oooo and the Hennessy Venom GT. TGS looks like its gonna be absolutely epic. Many, will jizz in their pants.

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      LOL it’s only a few hours away too. I would love to see & conquer the venom gt in gt5. driving it would be like taming one of those giant things from that movie cloverfield lol


    hello people can someone help me ??

    this link is for gt5 from amazon but the link is frinch
    i afraid about when i pre-order it the game and the THINGS come with will be frinch even the language in the game

    soo what i should i do

    is it doesnt matter with the game because my friend told me gt5 have 7 languages i can choose

    i dont want to pre-order gt5 with frinch language though

    sorry for my bad english !

  31. NBH

    Surely there isn’t much time to add lots to the game now? Therefore I dont necessarily want exact details but just confirmation of how many cars, how many premium cars, how many tracks, is weather in or out etc then I want to find out the finer details myself when I play it.

  32. smoke1485

    looks like a be more than a few brews in when info starts tomorow night. Going to dover on the 25th wonder if I will see banners or gt5 sponsorship on the 20 car?

    1. Häka Mikkinen

      I’m going to try not to think about it too much. I’m getting F1 2010 next week and hopefully that will distract me from the agonising wait until November.

  33. Bernd

    I think, we’ll see the final build (graphics, sound, damage, weather) of the game here. Also, no questions should remain unanswered this time

    1. Bernd

      @nemesis – Hm, I think it must be ready, because production has to start at one point between TGS and Nov. 2, better between TGS and Oct.20 or so. Don’t know their daily production-rate, but probably 500.000 copies or more for Nov2, many of them packed in bundles, needs time.
      We should see clearly within 48hrs :-D

    2. Nemesis

      @Bernd: My appolagies for misspelling your name before.

      I have no idea how long pressing the discs and distribution takes. However I do know a fair bit about software engineering.

      They’re probably still testing and solving small issues. It’s even possible that they’re still merging code paths into the main code path.

    3. Dr.Boss.

      I don’t see why they wouldn’t show the final build considering the game is most likely GOLD now… as it would need to be in production to meet the November release. It’s my understanding that heavy volume software like this (we are talking millions of disc) would require around a month to press.

    4. Paulo

      Seriously, anymore “it’s not the final version” is just kidding themselves by now, it’s time to wrap it up and show us the Real Deal.

    5. HugoStiglitz_420

      well it will take more time to do quality control on it than manufacture or logistics. I’d say 2 or 3 weeks but they definetly will take more time than they need just incase. I think they’ll be working til the end of september. Theres alot more involved in the process than just burning a million blurays. Plus all the cases, and inserts, then the organization for each country, store, & so on. It’s complicated but PD still has time to work

    6. Red_9

      PD actually said that they’d be working on the game as much as possible between now and the release date. It’s not a matter of simply putting it in mass production; they’re probably still adding things even now. Keep in mind, we’re still a month and a half from release.

    7. Häka Mikkinen

      I don’t know from my own experience what is involved in distribution of a game either but I can speculate based on what I know about F1 2010.

      It has a release date of 22 September 2010 and the chief game designer Steve Hood announced on Twitter that they had finally gone gold on 7 September 2010. So that is about 2 weeks before it hits the shelves. Personally, it sounds a bit tight but plausible.

      If we estimate that PD will not go gold until about 2 weeks before the release date, it means that they can keep refining it until the middle of October.

      Having been in the software industry for many years, I can assure you that it is extremely unlikely that any new functionality is being added in this last stage of development. They are almost certainly focused on bug fixes including tweaks to things like the damage model.

    8. Häka Mikkinen

      And to add to my last comment, my experience tells me that a lot can be refined in the last month of development. There is nothing quite like a impending launch date of a highly anticipated product to get everyone focused on getting things done.

  34. HugoStiglitz_420

    Hoping for el Capitan, Koenigsegg, & the Bugatti Veyron SS but mostly a PSN demo. I think they should save some stuff for later though, like the full track & premium car list. Hopefully they increased the number of premium cars but I can’t wait eitherway

    1. Damo

      Is there really much point in a PSN demo now? There’s only a month and a half before the release… the waiting’s actually pretty fun now we have a set release date – the anticipation and the suspense!

    2. HugoStiglitz_420

      fun? no not at all. not when there’s demos at stores. it’s rediculous to have them at stores but not on PSN. plus @this point there’s no other way for them to plausibly gain thousands of PSN Plus subscribers instantly besides putting that best buy demo on PSN Plus. I would instantly & excuse me but not everyone got to play the TT demo because they put an expiration date on it. plus with 80% being unfinished I think the hardcore fans deserve it & the more they do for the newbies the less they’ll care when they find out the game only technically has 1000 cars

  35. Srt4-life

    I want to be able to build a unicorn and be able to fly around the “ring”. C’mon guys let’s be realistic with the anticipation

    1. Rasmus

      “Design our car” and “car & track list” you most definitely won’t get.

      Polyphony Digital has never released any track nor car lists for any of the Gran Turismo games. Don’t you want any surprises when you play the game yourself?

      Porsche, although VERY VERY unlikely… that’d be the BEST possible news they could come up with at TGS.

  36. organ-donor

    I hope to get some stuff confirmed though an awesome trailer as well as some written info, then find out some new stuff when booting up the game Nov. 2nd.

    1. Paulo

      Though 99% unlikely, if they did drop the bomb that Porsche will be in the game, I honestly don’t know what I would do with myself.

    2. occasionalracer

      Ya I agree with J-UK, it’s rather unfortunate that Porsche is not jumping in and actually promoting their brand (even though no one needs to be reminded they are the champions of sports cars) but whatever, driving the RUF’s is not much of a difference. Does they change the suspension geometry at all? Let’s just be happy that RUF’s are in the game.

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