Sony’s Gamescom 2010 Press Conference: Live-Blogs, Video Streams

Gamescom 2010 is finally here, and it’s time to kick things off with Sony’s official press conference! The show actually starts at 7:00 PM CEST check this table to convert that to your local time zone, or keep an eye on this countdown timer. Gamescom isn’t quite as big as E3, so live video streams are a little harder to come by, but thanks to your news tips we do have a few to watch. In case they don’t work, simply fall-back on these live-blogs in the links below.

As always, major announcements will be posted immediately to the blog here – be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss anything!

Recommended Live Blogs

Video Streams



Andreas – InsideSimRacing’s rep who we’re teaming up with at Gamescom, will also provide a live-stream of his own right here. Thanks again to everyone who sent in links to these streams!

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  1. gNNY

    I had some technical (or rather mechanical) difficulties during the live stream: I wasn’t able to mount the phone correctly onto the tripod and had to improvise using a rubber band. Sorry for that. But I warned you that it was high risk :)

    Hopefully you got to enjoy at least some of it. Although there was only the release date mentioned on GT5.

  2. A.B.

    You spend the time to log onto this site and make an insulting comment about a game it seems you have no interest in. If thats the sort of thing that makes you happy then it is you who is the loser. If that isn’t what makes you happy thentry going out and doing something you do enjoy, as opposed to mocking people for doing what they enjoy( which,in my opion, makes you a bit of a loser.

  3. Mr Latte

    Eurogamer Blog:
    Still nothing. Lots of people standing around drinking wine and laughing. It’s possible we’re accidentally live-texting a wedding.

    1. Emu76

      I’m pretty sure those streams are not going to be showing the Sony Conference, I think both are for general Gamescom footage, not the press conferences.

    1. Mr Latte

      According to Eurogamer:

      Sony Europe boss Andrew House will present Sony’s gamescom 2010 conference this afternoon.

      He’ll be speaking at 6pm UK time and we’ll be covering the entire event live, right here. You don’t need to refresh this page – we’ll do it for you.

  4. NoonenF1

    I have an appointment to look at an apartment at 1:30pm (Eastern). Oh well, when I get back I should have news to catch up on! Although, I’m not expecting too much during the Sony press conference, but much more during the private show.

  5. DemonBlade

    Ahhhh, ‘max no. of users for this channel already reached’??? I want to watch it live, please help anyone!!!!

  6. RickNU

    They said thoose dates, only japan doesnt have date yet

    Release Date:
    US: November 02, 2010
    Europe: November 26, 2010

  7. gt3luke

    Love this. I just can’t wait for the news about GT5. Right now i’ve to work but my boss is already gone. So i’m al alone so i’m gonna watch the press conference

  8. Emu76

    Sadly I don’t think these live streams will work, unless someone is bringing a camera in themselves, as Sony have said they aren’t paying to produce a live stream :S


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