Sony’s Gamescom 2010 Press Conference: Live-Blogs, Video Streams

Gran Turismo 5 42 August 17, 2010 by

Gamescom 2010 is finally here, and it’s time to kick things off with Sony’s official press conference! The show actually starts at 7:00 PM CEST check this table to convert that to your local time zone, or keep an eye on this countdown timer. Gamescom isn’t quite as big as E3, so live video streams are a little harder to come by, but thanks to your news tips we do have a few to watch. In case they don’t work, simply fall-back on these live-blogs in the links below.

As always, major announcements will be posted immediately to the blog here – be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss anything!

Recommended Live Blogs

Video Streams



Andreas – InsideSimRacing’s rep who we’re teaming up with at Gamescom, will also provide a live-stream of his own right here. Thanks again to everyone who sent in links to these streams!

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