Spa Francorchamps Featured in Latest GT5 Seasonal Events

January 5th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

The latest addition to GT5’s Seasonal Events roster has just gone live, this time featuring 750PP cars without any further restrictions. The races are:

  • Grand Valley Speedway, 5 laps
    1st: 245,800cr  2nd: 149,600cr 3rd: 131,500cr
  • Special Stage Route 5, 5 laps
    1st: 213,000cr  2nd: 129,700cr 3rd: 114,000cr
  • Spa-Francorchamps, 5 laps
    1st: 294,500cr  2nd: 179,300cr 3rd: 157,500cr
  • Suzuka, 5 laps
    1st: 267,600cr  2nd: 162,900cr 3rd: 143,100cr
  • Eifel 111A, 5 laps
    1st: 228,900cr  2nd: 139,300cr 3rd: 122,400cr

The prize for achieving all golds in this event is a Level 22 Ticket. There has not been an update to the Online Car Dealership at time of writing. As ever, please head over to the GT5 Seasonal Event forum for more discussion.

GT5 Photomode image courtesy of WeShallNverStop.

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  1. Jan. 9, 9:46am

    Spa twice gets u over 1 million bucks. 20 times gets u a F2010 :)

  2. Jan. 7, 2:54am

    The AI SUCK in these seasonals. Watch a replay from the car you are passing- they freaking STOP mid corner to let you by. WTH is fun about that? Why doesn’t PD let us choose Ai difficulty like in practice.. or arcade or whatever. What BS. Way too easy PD. PD has zero imagination with these seasonals, always the same.

  3. Jan. 6, 12:46pm

    Finished with BMW M3 GTR

  4. Jan. 6, 9:31am

    The AI is way too easy to beat. I won the race at Spa in my Lotus Elise 111R (non RM) which is at 543pp, against all those LM race cars!!! come on PD, make it a bit more challenging.

    • Jan. 6, 12:57pm

      You DID!!?? 0_0

    • Jan. 7, 12:40am

      LoL WTF?

  5. Jan. 6, 9:25am

    is it just me or is the AI getting slower all the time… I can race this events (which are realy good) with a 620pp car and win easily… they slow down when I pass them and driving like a grandma…

  6. Jan. 6, 3:49am

    finish with Sauber mercedes !!!!! incredible car !

  7. Jan. 6, 12:20am

    Time to use my GranTurismo GTR Limited Race car concept! 7 Speed yo!

  8. Jan. 5, 8:18pm

    When will those events end?

  9. Jan. 5, 6:49pm

    lv 22 car ticket. i wonder what car will it be. i didnt complete the events yet. about get started on them.

  10. Jan. 5, 4:37pm

    oh my god! how rewarding is to tackle Eau Rouge correctly time after time? ahahha
    wanna drive Spa forever with BMW V12 LMR :)

  11. Jan. 5, 4:09pm

    Finished with Dirt Trail Car`98.. soo easy

  12. Jan. 5, 3:52pm

    I’m happy that Spa is included, not so happy that GVS is though, I hate that track.

  13. Jan. 5, 11:44am
    Scuderia Paul

    This weeks Seasonals were really easy with winning margins of 30s-45s. Good fun in the race cars but zero challenge. Will try some road cars later.

  14. Jan. 5, 10:39am

    Crap. I really need to finish my 24h of Le Mans race so I can get back to seasonals! I am more than halfway through, but I am using the X2011, so I really only need to race about 7 or 8 more hours and then I can park for the last few hours. :-)

  15. Jan. 5, 10:26am

    For la sarthe run a 2j with sports softs. No pitting required.

  16. Jan. 5, 9:53am

    750 pp is an excess for al these races…

  17. Jan. 5, 9:38am

    Spa in Seasonals. Fantastic. Thanks PD!

  18. Jan. 5, 9:19am

    Easy win with my 787B stealth. Lapped them every track! Thanx PD for putting Spa on seasonals! :D

  19. Jan. 5, 8:56am

    I just cant beat le mans in b spec……finishing 2nd all the time.tried with pescarolo,r8 oreca,minolta,787B… drivers are LV38 with a lot of career,I masterd b spec and still in last lap on mulsanne my driver finishes in annoying

    • Jan. 5, 9:32am

      I did it with the C60 tuned as close to the PP as I could get it. I think I had the top speed set at 240 or 242 mph. If your able to get a decent lead by the 5-7th lap your Bob will pull away. You still cant let him get too lazy though and I had to make sure he didnt change tires to racing hard in the pits.

    • Jan. 5, 11:57am

      Try an Audi R8 Race Car ’01, pit on the second lap for intermediates and a driver change, after all the other cars pit on the third lap you should be in 1st or 2nd provided you make sure your driver passed all the slower cars on the 3rd lap with minimal fuss. If you’re in first just keep your driver at a steady pace and you’ll pull away easily, if you’re in second you can either try pass the leader or stay closely behind until the next pit stop. Pit on the 7th lap for a driver change but stay on intermediates, you’ll come out the pits in 3rd or 4th and will immediately start catching the cars in front really quickly, overtaking will be easy because their tyres will be going off, the cars you haven’t overtaken you’ll pass when they pit on the 9th lap. Nurse your car home on the last lap (you should be well ahead by now) don’t overdo it with your driver because your intermediates will be wearing out fast on the drying out track and the track will be still too wet for the other cars to catch you on their racing hard tyres on the last lap anyway.

      Works every single time for me.

  20. Jan. 5, 8:27am

    Aspec is SO boring!! I don’t understand why everyone gets excited over these races. I understand its good money but still. Did you guys know you can race online against real people?

    Remember to setup your lobby’s to simulator settings with no aids, tire wear on, real grip, full damage, no penalities(going invisible not very realistic). If you don’t race with these settings, YOU are the problem with this game.

    It’s a SIMULATOR, if you want to play a game go play Need for Speed!!!

    • Jan. 5, 11:46am

      oh really now, i run rooms like that often, except i go one further, when using street cars i limit tires to sports soft, and i sir for one think you are wrong, gt5 is not a simulator, no game is, its a simcade, hence the term “game”. i don’t even use abs in cars that didnt come with it. But everyone has there own ways of playing the game, When you say stuff like “you are the problem with the game” i beg to ask if you got enough oxygen while you were in your mothers womb? EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN PREFERENCES! YOUR WAY IS NOT THE “RIGHT WAY”. Learn to respect other people.

    • Jan. 6, 6:04am

      jc, I think you’re the first to use the word ‘womb’ on GTP.

    • Jan. 6, 8:34am

      No need to be that way about it. I just get tired of people setting up their rooms with all aids and no tire wear. The fact that you are defending them is absurd. Oh well, there is always an idiot wanting to arguy.

    • Jan. 9, 3:51pm

      It is not a simulator until you can feel the effects of gravity. In the meantime, I suggest you quit calling people idiots because of the way they choose to play a console “game”. If you can’t stand all of the lobbies with all aids on, then as you suggested, you can create your own lobby with your own regulations, no?

      Also, before you call someone an idiot, it may be in your best interest to make sure you know how to spell correctly. – “Oh well, there is always an idiot wanting to arguy.”

      As you were.

  21. Jan. 5, 8:17am

    Its good to see that PD let people who didn’t buy the track pack play on Spa!

  22. Jan. 5, 7:58am


  23. Jan. 5, 7:36am
    mister dog

    One word for including spa in the seasonal’s: Hallelujah!

    • Jan. 5, 3:10pm

      just buy the track pack! spa is so worth every penny!

  24. Jan. 5, 7:31am

    Yeah, THX PD for Spa!!!

  25. Jan. 5, 7:22am

    Nice!! Thanks PD!

  26. Jan. 5, 5:36am

    Hooray, hooray! They love us really!

  27. Jan. 5, 5:27am

    Complete; won a Viper GTS-R Team Oreca ’00

  28. Jan. 5, 5:25am

    Red light of death?

  29. Jan. 5, 5:14am

    hi guys i have a ps3 slim 320gb a year now my warranty ended at thursday and my ps3 could do everything except reading my blurays my dvds and my games if anyone knows something pls respond.

    • Jan. 5, 5:19am

      My guess is lasers gone. Either get a new laser or buy a new ps3. Contact sony and see what they say 1 year warranty seems very short.

    • Jan. 5, 5:45am

      Batman get a USB stick and backup your gt5 data cause if you go to system settings and format your ps3 it should work again I phoned Sony and that’s what they told me to do and it worked

    • Jan. 5, 7:38am

      mine didn’t read discs. still has the problem every now and then. mine started acting a bit funny just after my 1 year warranty ended. looked up error codes and it was apparently my blu ray laser. DVD’s still worked. PS3’s have 2 lasers btw. One for the Blu ray player and one for the DVD player. Its odd that it won’t read both types. Usually the blu ray gives up before the dvd lens. With mine i ended up taking it apart. gave a good clean using a hoover and cleaned up the lens. Put it together and it was working again. Now if it does it i disconnect the DVD Drive. and just reconnect it again. But it hasn’t happened for a while. Now i have another problem. My PS3’s power just cuts out. All lights go off. But if i disconnect lead and reconnect again. it works so i think there’s a connection issue with the power lead. If you decide to send it to sony. Then back up everything you want. I think i’m right in saying they delete your data. If you have the confidence you can source the lens etc elsewhere and do the repairs yourself. It can work out cheaper. But only do that if you know what your doing.

    • Jan. 5, 5:08pm

      If you have small children then open it up and have a look. Thats what i did and found a Nintendo DS game in there. Works fine now. But, i would get onto Sony first. A warranty lasts 1 year but “all goods should last a reasonable length of time”. 370ish days, i would say, is not a reasonable length of time.
      Good luck.

    • Jan. 7, 5:27pm

      If the disc still spins, then it’s the lens. Either the lens is dirty (I’m betting this is your problem) or the laser is dead. This has happened to me twice now and both times it was a dirty lens. If the ps3 is still under warranty, call Sony. If warranty is expired (or not willing to wait) you can open the PS3 and clean the lens with a cotton swab.

  30. Jan. 5, 4:08am

    I am sure a lot of people are thankful for Spa finally being in the seasonals. I have enjoyed it since the DLC and use it as a tuning track for rear drive race cars and supercars. Now it’s time to quit free running Spa in A-Spec and compete on it in A-Spec.

    • Jan. 5, 7:51am
      HKS racer

      Yeah, finally we can have some fun at Spa AND make some credits at the same time. I hope this seasonal won’t disappear anytime soon.

  31. Jan. 5, 3:58am

    If anyone from PD is reading this, I would like a Special Stage Route 7 seasonal please and thanks. :)

  32. Jan. 5, 3:38am

    I would have thought most know that you can use DLC tracks online even if you do not have any DLC installed,their is know way that the online would have work if they had excluded none owners of DLC content, as this would have led to a massive miss match issue with online mode.

    I do not have any of the DLC but as long as some one hosts the track who owns DLC then you can use it.

    • Jan. 5, 3:44am

      errr not since patch 2.02

  33. Jan. 5, 3:31am

    Rotary Rules! (Mazda 787B) :D :D :D The top car (a 900-plus HP Jaguar) is so slow in those corners lol. Uhm… is it just me or does the second track on the new seasonals (special stage route or something) look so awfully unlit than what it before???

    • Jan. 5, 5:09am

      I was thinking the EXACT thing while I was playing. I was using the 787B also. I was using the cockpit camera and when I switched out to the hood camera it seemed more like I was used to. Thinking they 787 must have some crazy window tint or something…

  34. Jan. 5, 3:25am

    There should be an online B-SPEC option as in online lobby :)

    -wrong forum?-

  35. Jan. 5, 3:23am

    I’m still doing this event, an I’m enjoying it so far. :) Love to choose cars I’ll love to drive in. ;)

    • Jan. 5, 3:24am

      Oh yeah by the way sexy lookin photo WeShallNverStop. :)

    • Jan. 6, 9:55pm

      Cheers! (:

  36. Jan. 5, 3:10am

    Sounds great! :D :tup:

  37. Jan. 5, 3:03am

    Completed CLK Touring car

  38. Jan. 5, 3:01am

    time to fire up the 922hp enzo me thinks

  39. Jan. 5, 2:50am

    Well worth it to dust off the ol’ Toyota Minolta 88C-V.

    • Jan. 5, 8:46am

      Couldn’t agree with u more:))) done n dusted

  40. Jan. 5, 2:27am

    Awesome picture!! That ferrari has never looked so cool =)

    • Jan. 6, 9:56pm

      Thanks, mate! It’s really appreciated!

  41. Jan. 5, 1:35am

    no B spec?

  42. Jan. 5, 1:19am

    owned, and yes even if you dont have dlc you can race spa.

  43. Jan. 5, 1:18am

    I hope they don’t update the online dealership for another day or two. I’m still grinding for the Audi R8 LMS and some of the other 750k cars :P

  44. Jan. 5, 1:16am

    Woot – done and dusted :-D

  45. Jan. 5, 1:10am

    Yes iam on it all nigth!!!

  46. Jan. 5, 1:04am

    Looks like I’m going to be too sick to go to school tomorrow.

    • Jan. 5, 1:31am

      HA HA HA, I get it!

  47. Jan. 5, 12:59am

    Now for the million dollar question… if you don’t have the DLC, you will not be able to race the Spa Francorchamps race, will you?

    • Jan. 5, 1:19am

      Spa was already featured in the previous Seasonal update, so I think you’ll be ok to race there either way

  48. Jan. 5, 12:59am

    great,perfect time to fire up my bentley spd 8 :D

  49. Jan. 5, 12:56am

    I was online when this updated :)

    • Jan. 5, 11:04am


  50. Jan. 5, 12:54am


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