Special GT5 Seasonal Event Features 2012 GT-R Black Edition

August 16th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

The latest special GT5 Seasonal Events are now live for players who achieved all Gold times in Round 6 of GT Academy 2012 and have received the Nissan GT-R Black edition (GT Academy) ’12.

  • Twin Ring Motegi / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/16 23:00 – 2012/08/23 23:00
    1st: Cr.492,500  2nd: Cr.270,875  3rd: Cr.197,000
  • Toscana 207B Time Trial
    Period of Availability: 2012/08/16 23:00 – 2012/08/23 23:00
    Gold: Cr.300,000  Silver: Cr.200,000  Bronze: Cr.100,000

As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum and our GT Academy 2012 forum for more analysis and discussion.

GT5 Photomode image by Crooooooow.

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  1. Aug. 22, 9:56pm

    Can anyone tell me how to get started in the GT academy? It always tells me that I need to use a car I won in the previous GT races. HELP!!!

  2. Aug. 20, 12:52pm

    It won’t let me use my car to do these. All I did was paint it. Now it says my car is “tuned”. Lol, oh well.

    • Aug. 20, 1:13pm

      my m8 has painted nearly all his gta cars & has done every gta event , you sure u got the right 1

  3. Aug. 19, 1:14am

    I dont think the motegi seasonal is hard enough.It should be like the expert seasonal,i remember well the WRX STI at laguna seca being very hard,it brought huge rewards when i started the game again

  4. Aug. 19, 12:04am

    90th…top 100 for the TOSS :)

    • Aug. 19, 6:43am

      if you take into account the players running multi profiles & those annoying assist users , plus the 1s that use the rub strips for the inside wheel as opposed to the outside you would be in the top 20 i think , along with a lot more of the honest gt players ( the minority ) ,

  5. Aug. 18, 5:32pm

    Such a challenge these Academy seasonals, but real fun

  6. Aug. 18, 10:13am
    Pit Crew

    I can just see it, clear as day, far as the eye can see.

    Final Round Car: GTAcademy 370Z Tuned
    Location: Nuringburg Ring 24 hour TT.

    I am unphased (Lies)

    • Aug. 18, 2:03pm

      Your probably right

    • Aug. 18, 2:23pm

      Lol, I hope not, I’m garbage at the ring, I just don’t run there alot. I like tracks with passing zones and, as narrow as the ring is, the track becomes a crap suit in online races. But I’d be okay with it, I like a challenge.

      Here is a longshot, Silverstone, like they are doing in real life. They debuted Motegi with the 370Z Tuned Car in the GT Academy game. But that a 1 in 100 longshot, it will probably be Suzuka or something, lol, but I could see the ring.

    • Aug. 19, 7:48am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Would be nice if SilverStone was in the game but alas…and the Academy hopefuls have an event that weekend to. What a great tie in event it could have been.

      Nurb would work for a TimeTrial. Would be the Signature Gold event IMO. Techncal track VS Tempermental Automobile 1st and Final Round.

  7. Aug. 18, 2:12am

    Well my first TT lap was disallowed, was a bit over 2:03:00 when I crossed the line. Thought I had it on the second lap, but hit the crest out of the last turn with alot of speed and lost control and hit the barrier, so the lap was disallowed but when I crossed the line it was barely over 2:01:00. Then I restarted because the lap 2 crash disallowed that lap and I didn’t feel like driving around for a pointless lap. The 3rd lap was a 1:58:6(something) but it was disallowed because I slid the tail into the fence out of one of the corners mid-lap. The 4th lap finally counted and it was a 3:59:(something), but I did that 1:58:6 in the disallowed one so I did one more lap to get that 1:58 time. 5th lap I got 1:58:263 and decided that was good and stopped. There is more tome out there and with an hour of practice I think I could do a 1:56, but I just want the golds, lol. That car was not tuned or anything.

    The Motegi race was pretty dang hard and I annoyingly missed the second corner the first 5 laps and restarted each time lol. Then I did a race and finished in like 6th or 7th. I didn’t feel like perfecting it so I partially tuned it and finished 2nd. Then I partially tuned it some more and won, lol. I think the Motegi race is fun though so I’ll put the car back to mint (untuned) and run it some more for kicks.

    I must say, I’m very glad PD has been ramping up the difficulty a bit. That truck seasonal event I was doing with the Chevy SSR, only truck I had. Idk if the X-Rummers are just really fast or if those SSR trucks are the slowest ones and were holding up the field or what, but I greatly enjoyed the challenge playing it. I haven’t had the time to finish it yet, but I’ve ran 4 of the races and Indy was the only one I got on the first try. Even if a truck isn’t the funnest car to do it in the difficulty level has made it enjoyable regardless of car. It seens like since they are making you run the same tires as the AI the AI is much better in terms of speed. Keep it up PD! And how about one of these hard ones for Supercars next time?

  8. Aug. 17, 5:47pm

    Wrong car in pic above.

    • Aug. 18, 12:06am

      I believe I have the correct vehicle.

    • Aug. 18, 12:51am

      Right car. Wrong Trim

    • Aug. 18, 1:53am

      ”I believe I have the correct vehicle”

      No it’s not, that’s the ”tuned” version in the picture above.

      The ”correct vehicle” for this seasonal is not the ”tuned” version.

      Go check your garage and try to enter the car in the picture above into the seasonal. You can’t. You need to go get the other GT Academy Black edition GT-R- the non-tuned one..

      I haven’t tried entering the wrong car, but unless something weird is going on like you adding a wing and lip to the non-tuned car, that’s the wrong car.

    • Aug. 18, 10:16am
      Pit Crew

      Don think you can add aero to the GTA cars.
      BWX is quite right. Wrong Car.

  9. Aug. 17, 2:28pm

    that’s no fair, I am in vacation and come back home august 24, the races expire the 23, why they last only few days? I don’t understand the problem to keep untill the end of the month.

    • Aug. 18, 1:49am

      I went on vacation 14 hours afterthe first one came out and was gone 10 days, had 3 to do the second event when I returned. It’s more then a few days, it is a full week and it’s on a schedule, since they are making a whole event out of it. Try having a friend log into your account to have beat it for you if it’s your concern.

  10. Aug. 17, 2:00pm

    This isn’t fair. I was gone for three months so I was only able to gold rounds 1 and 2. I want all of the other cars :(

  11. Aug. 17, 11:01am

    I dont’ mind to wait for GT6 for two or three years… just a little twist and GT5 would shine! Didn’t even need more cars or tracks, just organize what is already here and forget about chasing rabbits… i’m not Alice!

    • Aug. 17, 8:08pm
      SZRT Ice

      Same, I missed the final round, so Z series or racing suit for me. I haven’t felt inclined to play GT5 this whole summer actually. Been Club racing, cruising, and designing cars in TDU2.

    • Aug. 17, 8:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      “Response to above post”

    • Aug. 18, 12:20am
      Pit Crew

      Racing suit still possible . Think it’s the final prize. Borrow a buddies if they have all 8

    • Aug. 18, 1:51am

      Racing suit is for bronze or higher in every GT Academy event, not the seasonal, but the free download game. The suit will be released a week from Tuesday. I hope they do a special suit with gold letters for those who earned all gold :)

    • Aug. 18, 2:10am
      Pit Crew

      ^ OOps thats right forgot bout that

  12. Aug. 17, 10:52am

    Chasing the White Rabbit No. 5203 …

    • Aug. 17, 5:08pm


  13. Aug. 17, 7:01am

    19th…for now.,….WOOOOHOOOOO…..the toss

  14. Aug. 17, 6:05am

    Uhg.. and I just got Project C.A.R.S too =/ oh well.. guess I’ll fire up the ps3 again *irritated grumbles as I unplug my wheel from my pc and puts it back into the ps3*

    • Aug. 17, 9:40am

      Wait…. Project cars as been released already??

    • Aug. 17, 10:04am

      Dude, R U A Team Member?

    • Aug. 17, 11:23am

      pCARS by as a simulator is lame…wait for final product because by now it sucks badly. Physics are not implemented…and most of the tracks are not finished so…
      (i am full member)

  15. Aug. 17, 6:01am

    Yeh GT……oh another ……..R

    • Aug. 18, 1:54am

      What did you expect in Nissan GT Academy, a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? It’s a Nissan promotional event paid for by Nissan and your suprised to have a Nissan GT-R event?

  16. Aug. 17, 4:02am

    Hi, I golded the first 6 rounds in GT academy, but didn’t have time to gold the last two rounds before the competition ended. If I go back to GT Academy 2012 now, even though the official competition is already closed, can I still gold rounds 7 & 8 and unlock those prize cars now so I can use them in the upcoming challenges ?

    • Aug. 17, 4:04am

      I doubt that

    • Aug. 17, 4:19am

      Nope, when you go into the GTA game, it takes you to the main menu but then leaves a message saying something like the competition is finished not allowing you to do anything but quit the game.
      Sorry bud

    • Aug. 17, 7:02am

      u can borrow a car from any friend who has the car???message me ,ill add you if you want

    • Aug. 18, 2:15am

      This is only the 6th round of GT Academy seasonals bro, you are able to do this one, 7 is next week

  17. Aug. 17, 2:43am

    What a minute, isn’t this seasonal for the Road car and not the tuned car?

    • Aug. 17, 2:56am

      Yes. The GT-R shown in the picture is the Tuned Version. The street version is the one that is used in the actual seasonal.

  18. Aug. 17, 2:36am

    You do not need to purchase the DLC to do the Twin Ring Motegi event.

    • Aug. 17, 10:02am

      No, it allowed me to do it and I don’t have that DLC track yet.

    • Aug. 17, 2:34pm

      That’s what I said. I don’t have it yet either. :)

  19. Aug. 17, 2:35am

    got a feeling this tt is going to be good , had a look at a few top 10 replays before work , thats what im talking about , good clean laps , keep it up guys ,

  20. Aug. 17, 2:32am

    How do you get this gtr??

    • Aug. 17, 4:21am

      If you completed the last round of GTA 2012 with all gold, you would of got this car as a gift from PD, along with every other car for the past 3 weeks give or take

  21. Aug. 17, 2:31am

    complete waste of time having to go backwards first or your behind

  22. Aug. 17, 2:26am

    Hmm always thought they are tuned”lol drove better

  23. Aug. 17, 2:26am
    Lazy Liquid

    Screw the GTR.
    Screw ALL GTRs in the game.

  24. Aug. 17, 1:38am

    These events are soooooo hard, they piss me off sometimes. Motegi isn’t my favourite, its boring, its just simple turns and straights.

    • Aug. 18, 2:26pm

      Makes for some fun online though, all those passing zones.

  25. Aug. 17, 1:09am


    Let get it on!!!!!

  26. Aug. 17, 12:34am

    I like how there are using Motegi, I already have the DLC, but if the event is set up right it will hopefully show how good the quality of cringe is at the full course, alot of passing opportunities. It makes for fantastic racing online for sure, even if it doesn’t look as exciting by itself, trust me, all passing zones produces fantastic racing online.

  27. Aug. 17, 12:28am
    Pit Crew

    Try these tomorrow. Twin Ring seems promising. Last time I drove an Academy car there I had “Bad Dreams” for a week.

  28. Aug. 16, 11:55pm

    I’ll do it only because it’s in Motegi. Otherwise, meh…

  29. Aug. 16, 11:25pm

    Another part of the game I can’t play because I’m australian, thanks for that warm fuzzy feeling Kaz.

    • Aug. 16, 11:27pm

      I’m Australian and I have the car, you just have to try a little if you want these xtras

    • Aug. 16, 11:29pm

      I’m australian and I have the car for the event on my Australian profile, you just have to try a bit harder to get these things if ya really want them, it wasn’t that hard

    • Aug. 17, 4:24am

      Im from South Africa (Non GTA zone) and I have the cars too

  30. Aug. 16, 11:12pm

    Finally. And finally a Twin Ring Motegi event.

    • Aug. 16, 11:53pm
      King Something

      Which version of TRM? East, West or Full Road? (Somehow I doubt it’s the Super Speedway)

    • Aug. 17, 1:19am

      Road course

  31. Aug. 16, 11:10pm

    To much grip from those SS tires! oh well that’s what it’s for..

  32. Aug. 16, 11:08pm

    The non-tuned GT-R Black edition (GT Academy) ’12 works exactly the same as the normal car.

    • Aug. 16, 11:11pm

      Cool story bro!

    • Aug. 17, 12:35am

      They all do, the only difference is the GT Academy bashing. I believe the GT-R Tuned Car and the 370Z Tuned Car are the only ones not actually in the game, because the tuned models are unique.

    • Aug. 17, 12:40am
      Pit Crew

      ^ The 08 Tuned Academy 370Z. If you like I can send ya 1. workin on new no miles list also so send me a request if you lookin for goodies Chromes 2

    • Aug. 17, 1:03am

      Fo sho

    • Aug. 17, 2:30am

      Amac500 , i can send you as much ‘unique’ gta r35’s as you want , r35 ’12 , sports exhaust , weight reduction 3 or 4 ( not 100% sure ) , splitter , wing , volk TE37’s painted black , lol unique lol , the only unique thing about it is graphics / paint

    • Aug. 17, 7:02am

      It does, but unlike every other R35 GT-R in the game, the ’12 GT-R GT Academy will not get that ugly gray exhaust thing when you install the Titanium Racing Exhaust. It keeps all four pipes. Keeps it looking good.

    • Aug. 18, 2:20am

      I mean unique by there not being a TunedCar of the 370Z or GT-R in the game without the GT Academy badge. There are entirely too many versions of the cars but the Tuned ones aren’t already in there, are they?

    • Aug. 18, 6:07am

      ^ errm … yes they are , its just standard gtr 12 or 370 with tuning parts , correction to my erlier post , the paints not unique , also add fixed suspension , sorry

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