Subaru BR-Z Revealed in Polyphony Digital Studio Tour

September 16th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

Before the Gran Turismo Asia Championship 2012, the finalists were invited on a tour of Polyphony Digital’s new offices in Tokyo. A video which features some highlights of the event has been released, and contains a few interesting surprises.

At approximately 1:35 in the clip above, a 3D model of the Subaru BR-Z is displayed on a Polyphony Digital employee’s computer screen. The car, though based on the Toyota 86 which was introduced in Gran Turismo 5 earlier this year, is considered a separate model and is not currently available in the game.

As pointed out by “Foxiol” in our forums, a potential clue can be found in the file name displayed, indicating the model is “for_event_00”.

Though it’s not specified what such an event may be, a possible candidate is the Tokyo Game Show – the last major international event for the video game industry in 2012 – which begins next Thursday, September 20.

“Flaco13” also noticed the file appears to be stored in a folder labeled “Geheimnis”, which is the German word for “secret”.

Stay tuned for full coverage of any news which may come out of the show next week!

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  1. Sep. 19, 12:30pm

    @gamerdog6482 +2 :)

    • Sep. 19, 7:50pm


  2. Sep. 19, 7:37am

    no need to complain people. We all know this car was going to come eventually anyway!

  3. Sep. 19, 6:59am

    Looking forward to it.

  4. Sep. 18, 5:24pm

    Brz-st-it says it on the picture so not same as other cars.

  5. Sep. 18, 1:41pm

    Is Event-00 possibly in the career?

  6. Sep. 17, 8:38pm

    I’m not going to hold my breath. This might only be accessible to Academy people from another region.

    • Sep. 19, 7:34am

      Haha, yeah probably.

    • Sep. 19, 5:32pm

      If so I’m going to be pissed.

  7. Sep. 17, 5:48pm

    Color me surprised…people just don’t get it. Whilst the car looks relatively the same, they are still different in many ways. Only those obsessed with looks seem to complain, as people who enjoy pushing each car to it’s limits and then figuring out the best way to tune it appreciate this sort of thing. Same platform, engine and dimensions do not automatically make these cars equal or the same. Different suspension set ups, gearing, tires, tire track, differential setting…lots of other things make these cars very different even if on the outside they all look practically the same.

    • Sep. 17, 6:08pm

      true that.

    • Sep. 17, 6:18pm

      I thought the only difference was that the BRZ had a different front bumper, and more things like satellite navigation and heated seats, making it heavier, and therefore giving the FR-S better performance.

    • Sep. 17, 6:23pm

      Oh, it is true that the BRZ’s suspension is tuned more for understeer. Never mind.

    • Sep. 17, 8:00pm

      Why is everyone being put into two groups? That’s what I don’t get. I enjoy driving a car to its limits (couldn’t care less about in-depth tuning though) but the BRZ is still low on my list. Not everything is black and white.

    • Sep. 17, 10:34pm

      And What about brown people

    • Sep. 18, 3:26am

      @MuoNiuLa What does it matter how many groups, either you tune cars or you don’t…whether it’s lightly tuned, max tuned or not tuned, either you do or you don’t. I notice that the first people to complain are those who don’t try to tune the car and get the best out of it(or those who give up easily), just want to see this car or that car but aren’t actually enjoying anything other than just having another car because it gives them joy. When the fact is, just looking at the three cars then driving them you will notice all the differences in each, that’s the truth that people who enjoys cars period and those who only like the next hottest thing in MotorTrend. I have a garage with so many cars and sometimes multiple cars tuned with different configurations, why? Because it’s just fun to tune and drive the car, seems like a pretty lame thing to do, but I just enjoy doing it. It’s why I got the game, tune and take the car out for rides around my favorite courses. If you’re playing GT5 then by now you should know the ins and outs of things, no two cars are alike no matter how identical they look(no I don’t mean exact copies either) all those versions of cars are all inherently different, I drove a good many of them. Some are pretty bad try driving the RX-7 FD 91 and then the 02, you’ll see what I mean, while you’re at it try all the years in between too, you will notice the gradual changes and subtle differences. This is what I enjoy most about that incessantly large GT5 car count.

    • Sep. 18, 8:23am

      All of what you said might be true for the real world but PD have a history of not modelling different physics for similar cars like this correctly. So what happens if the cars feels exactly the same as the other cars, is it still worth it?

    • Sep. 18, 3:51pm

      I will love to see the BR-Z in GT5 and wish you can make it turbo just to try a diferent platform that N/A

    • Sep. 19, 1:22pm


      So they got the handling wrong between the FR-S and the GT 86?

  8. Sep. 17, 5:45pm


    • Sep. 17, 9:53pm

      Rare sight isn’t it?

  9. Sep. 17, 4:57pm

    if we can get that software and create a missing car, could we send it to PD and get it in game??? wish we could get car files and create racing versions or custom rides :)

    • Sep. 17, 10:37pm

      Nice idea, I would like to get the car that I prefer in the game. Everyone could have the possibility to drive his favorite car

    • Sep. 18, 5:11pm

      @Youngun 3D modelling software on PS3? No thanks, I’ll go with Blender on the PC. If only there was a way to (legally) import our 3D models and handling data into the game. That would be awesome!

  10. Sep. 17, 4:28pm

    Whatever happened to that acura NSX?

    • Sep. 17, 4:38pm

      That car is being saved for GT6.

    • Sep. 17, 5:02pm

      ^ What he said.

    • Sep. 17, 10:38pm

      Maybe on the same dlc of the brz

  11. Sep. 17, 2:53pm

    Well to be fair, at least the BRZ is slightly different than the frs/86.

    • Sep. 17, 4:09pm

      Slighty in performance and in tuning of the engine, slight change in the door handles, differnt front noise and rear fairing may some changes in side the car as well but that’s all. All the cars run the same frame, rear gear box, trany, front clip, power plant exe.

    • Sep. 17, 5:42pm

      Its the same car with a diffrent badge dude

    • Sep. 17, 9:54pm

      It’s not the same car R34EVO9. Research before assuming.

  12. Sep. 17, 2:28pm

    If PD is going to resort to this then they should give us the race model as well. Granted yes GT is about cars and the manufactures, though those same manufactures have the SAME CARS are racing (RACE CAR FORM). I enjoy running street cars around the track just like everyone else but in a manageable manner not all balls out. Track days with the right minded drivers is a blast and very rewarding compared to the right minded drivers or upcoming drivers running balls out. Though in all if they are going to make agreements with these manufactures showcased in Gran Turismo then they should allow us to RM that car.

    • Sep. 17, 4:49pm


      God, you don’t half choose your words wisely!

    • Sep. 17, 5:39pm

      @ Counter345

      You had to ‘resort’ to making your comment?

    • Sep. 17, 6:25pm

      Honestly, I think all sports cars below 500 PP should be capable of race modifications.

    • Sep. 17, 8:02pm

      @ QuikSlvr223

      I agree, though the car must be tuned to 500pp not detuned to 500pp. I ran 15 sessions last night in a 500pp car and I haven’t done that in almost a year due to people overly tuning then detuning it to fit in a class. At the same time messing up in the raceso I stopped. Now that I found a group of drivers that are taking the time to what does what is great. Now I can go back to enjoying full on racing in street cars knowing that I have a well round driver on the outside door or where ever. It ook two years for some of you to understand the true effects of tuning the motors to the max. Though like momma alway says.

      ” A hard head makes for a soft @33″

  13. Sep. 17, 2:17pm

    Kind of annoying. We should have stock FRS, TRD GT86, and the GT300 BR-Z. What’s the point of working on a car that you’ve already modeled 2 times?

    By the way, Kaz, you said that you noticed that there are too many duplicates of cars in GT5. Why continue to make more?

    • Sep. 17, 8:06pm

      So people can drive the variation they want. Think with an open mind please.

  14. Sep. 17, 1:36pm

    All i can say is why!!!!!!!!!.. maybe it’s A.W.D.

    • Sep. 17, 2:51pm

      It’s not.

    • Sep. 17, 3:48pm

      The BRZ will be Subaru’s first RWD sports car.

    • Sep. 17, 4:40pm

      Well look at it this way, why not?

    • Sep. 17, 6:27pm

      @Supertom14 It’s actually the second, the first being the Subaru 1500.

    • Sep. 17, 7:54pm

      @QuikSlvr223 you call that think a sports car?

    • Sep. 17, 10:46pm

      Maybe for him its hard to drive the 1500, thats why he thinks that its a sport car ^^

  15. Sep. 17, 1:36pm

    I was afraid of this. First the GT-R and the Miata, now the FT86/FR-S/BRZ. Same car. Not a NEW car. If it was the GT300 version I would be excited.

  16. Sep. 17, 12:53pm
    Maddens Raiders

    Premium all of the Le Mans Prototypes and I will give you my soul PD. (this is not a complaint; I love the game as is already)

  17. Sep. 17, 12:14pm

    What’d I tell ya? They added the 86 and FR-S. And they might add the BRZ next!

  18. Sep. 17, 10:01am

    Look pd don’t just have the fans to please they also have promises to keep to manufacturers and putting the likes of this car in the game.

    • Sep. 17, 11:43am

      I must say I agree with this.

    • Sep. 17, 1:19pm

      Oh PD!

      Really, 3 models of the same underpowered car.

      PD, why do you hate your fans so much??

    • Sep. 17, 3:21pm
      tube chaser

      Yeah. PD hates their fans. Just like Rockstar ‘hate their fans’ by delaying GTAV. Chill out dude.

  19. Sep. 17, 9:43am

    I am a die-hard Gran Turismo fan,but this game’s fanbase scares the living hell out of me
    How can you like and support PD for being so lazy?Back when they released the Scion-FR,people were joking about them adding the BR-Z next
    But they really are doing that.It’s just pathetic,instead of giving us some DLC which I would gladly buy and show my support to PD,they are planning on releasing the same car with the Subaru badge and minor handling changes
    PD keeps disappointing me,I hope this is because they’re dedicating their potential to Gran Turismo 6

    • Sep. 17, 10:17am
      Pit Crew

      Wouldnt say we like it, but “It is what it is”. This car is probably a GT6 model anyway, but if it comes for GT5 as a free car to go with the other 2 Ill take it.

      I Dont wanna waste to much energy second guessing PD & Kazs business decision for GT5. Im still playing daily after almost 2yrs, Just sayin….

    • Sep. 17, 11:43am

      True that @Pit Crew. +1

    • Sep. 17, 12:49pm
      Maddens Raiders

      Daily. Hourly.

  20. Sep. 17, 7:27am

    i hope they improve the sounds for the nascars, im not saying they are bad they are actually very good, but yestrday i was at chicagoland speedway for a sprint cup race and they still have a ways to go.

  21. Sep. 17, 3:56am

    How impressed can I be? Its a new skin, on an existing baseline development, its taken a million years, so the only real benefit will be to see the gear ratios and suspension changes that the BR-Z applies compared to the FT-86 (assuming PD bother to change it, they often ignore the finer details).

  22. Sep. 17, 3:54am

    That’s interesting… Lately I’ve driven the FR-S and it was crap (to mi opinion, though). Then I decided to compare with the Toyota FT86. And I was surprised, what hell of fun the Hobel was to drive. Directly added the FT86 to my Fav-List.

    Another thing is: FT86, was free (as far as I am remember right), the Scion.. was free too.. so if the Subaru is as free as the other two, I don’t actually give a damn!! Maybe the Subaru is better (or not) than the original Toyota, lets see the positive sides: We can compare, and everyone can choose his personal favourite. And I do not think, the effort they had making the BRZ was that much, so that they have no more time to make 120 less new Premium Cars.
    Is the BRZ 4WD like all the other Subarus? So the difference would be quite remarkable..

    • Sep. 17, 10:05am
      Pit Crew

      BRZ is Rear Wheel Drive.

  23. Sep. 17, 3:51am

    In my personal opinion, when Toyota and Subaru made/design this car, not only should they have put Subaru’s 2.0 boxer flat four engine in, but they should of brought out a model with the Toyota Supra’s 2JZGTE engine (3.0 straight six twin turbo) as well. An engine of all time greats and probably the best sounding engine of all time. A combination of that car and that engine would be royalty in my books!

    • Sep. 17, 10:06am
      Pit Crew

      Not sure bout the Scion, but FT86 and BRZ use the 2.0 20FA Boxer Engine

    • Sep. 17, 11:28am

      Thats what I said :) What Im saying is that I wish they also put the 2JZGTE motor in

    • Sep. 17, 12:01pm
      Pit Crew

      My Bad RobD. Seems like Toyota gave alot of the engineering duties over to Subaru when they started development.

      Heres a Quote from a Reviewer/Tester:

      Toyota readily admits the lion’s share of the development was done by Subaru. However, according to Toyota, plans and objectives came from its engineers and were merely executed by Subaru’s team. (There’s that contradiction again.) For example, the all-new platform and chassis are from Subaru. Toyota made contributions along the way, such as adding its eight-injector direct and port fuel injection to Subaru’s 2.0-liter flat-four.

      Just seems like Toyota was more comfortable going with Subaru engine while still holding on (Somewhat) to oversight of the Joint Venture. Not Arguing, just reasoning.

  24. Sep. 17, 3:14am

    Wouldn’t be better spent time to import 90’s Impreza GT [Premium] instead of this Toyota/Scion copy? Not speaking about some Premium RUFs or 60’s classic Ferraris. PD’s priorities are still very awkward for me…

    • Sep. 17, 8:58am

      old school cars overall should be THE priority, they have history, heritage, soul and the looks. Modern cars don’t have any of it and they suck performance wise too, and if any car gets better with electronic stuff that’s even worse and more boring! I do get it, it’s all evolution and needed for modern society, but it lacks fun and taste, especially for gaming!

  25. Sep. 17, 1:55am

    Thanks for the info. I’m actually not a fan of Toyota or especially Subaru, so I never would have noticed things like shared door handles or interior doo-dads. But Toyota gaining ownership of Subaru would still have been something I found interesting. The first I even heard a hint of it was on these forums, and people saying the BZR and gt86 were the same platform. Again thanks for the info.

  26. Sep. 17, 12:20am

    I find it incredible that some people are like “OMG ! THE BRZ, GREAT WORK PD” while in fact, it’s the same car as the Scion FR-S. What’s next, academy BRZ/Scion and people will be “Yes, another new car”…

    Pathetic. Am I expecting too much from the vast majority of users here, to be knowledgeable to the very least ?

    PD makes it look like they are working 24/7 to add a car that is exactly the same as the Scion.

    • Sep. 17, 3:55am


    • Sep. 17, 7:11am

      get a grip

    • Sep. 17, 8:28am

      +2 @TriumphTT900

  27. Sep. 16, 11:57pm


  28. Sep. 16, 11:33pm

    I’d love to have the STI Concept and GT300 versions of this in GT5.

  29. Sep. 16, 11:13pm

    Where’s the GT300 car?

  30. Sep. 16, 10:46pm

    Toyota 86 with a new front bumper. What a waste of time to even add this car to the game.

  31. Sep. 16, 10:10pm

    Awesome. BRZ is probably my fav between the two. That subie blue looks awesome on that car.

  32. Sep. 16, 10:02pm

    I don’t get it… It’s a Toyota/Scion… Oh well….

  33. Sep. 16, 9:29pm

    exciting. I always wanted a clone of the scion FR-S.

  34. Sep. 16, 8:44pm

    All I truly want is a Kia cee(apostraphoe) d…. For the love of cars!!!

  35. Sep. 16, 8:43pm

    Lol your all a funny lot. The BRZ and gt86 are exactly the same car mechanically, only difference is the cosmetics and suspension setup (slightly stiffer at the front.) How do I know, I’ve got one sitting in my driveway :)

    • Sep. 16, 10:31pm

      I give that a +10.

      People really need to understand a thing or two about the automotive industry. During the time of the GAS crunch back in the late 70’s and mid 80’s a lot of company got together to save money by putting their products together. What you see going has happen too many time before, companies like Chrysler and Mitsubishi formed to make the Conquest, Ford and Nissan forming to make the first turbocharged Mustang, GM and Toyota formed to make the first turbocharged Pontiac Fire Bird. The only car out of the bunch that also sold in Japan was the Conquest. The Japanese community really liked the look of the Conquest and that why it sold so well for its first year. The difference between the two the state side car had a lager turbo. So before some of you go off saying I want this or that make sure you know the car and well.

      Don’t want to blemish your automotive savvy right?

    • Sep. 16, 10:34pm

      I forgot about the GNX that was done in part with Toyota as well.

    • Sep. 17, 12:07am
      Pit Crew

      The 2.0 Boxer Engine is unique to the BRZ. So much so that Subaru gave it a New Code designation of FA different from even the WRXs EC of FB. Not same engineering, though parts bin sharing with some, SOME, Toyota Models.

    • Sep. 17, 2:48am

      @ Pit Crew

      The only difference between to BR-Z engine and the FR-S engine are the bore, stroke, porting of the heads and the tune. Both uses the same block and head casting, from there the engine are worked on to specifications for that brand. You can put either engine in either model along with the ECU. It has already been done.

    • Sep. 17, 8:52am
      Pit Crew

      @ Zuel Thats all fine and good, as those are Mechanical Differences, not just Cosmetic and Suspension tuning as the OP states.

    • Sep. 17, 12:31pm
      Pit Crew

      GNX was done with GM/ ASC/Mclaren. Unless toyota had a stake in that company.

      3.8 litre GM sourced V6 with a Garrett Turbo charger from what I remember.

    • Sep. 17, 4:53pm

      Also Ford and Mazda with the ST/ 3 MPS. Same chassis with different engine and body.

  36. Sep. 16, 8:41pm

    I made a thread disproving copy/paste… suggest you check it out

  37. Sep. 16, 7:40pm

    I only want a premium Veyron.

    • Sep. 17, 2:52am

      +10 Veyron SS PREMIUM PLEASE PD

  38. Sep. 16, 7:11pm

    While PD is at it, they should add the Brz sti concept. With a couple more premium subarus.

  39. Sep. 16, 7:02pm

    Some of you whiny babies who’re complaining about the BRZ being like the GT86 and FR-S, need to seriously get over yourselves and DEAL WITH IT. The BRZ is a different car from both the GT86 and the FR-S, so why not shut up and don’t bother with it.

    For us who wants it, we’ll stick with it. Thank you very much for the Subaru BRZ PD, now we have all three. AWESOME!!! :D

    • Sep. 16, 10:09pm

      But is the BRZ not still related to the other two? All I’m saying is, it would be nice for PD to have a TOTALLY different car altogether made for the game. But who knows, hopefully the BRZ is just one car in a future car pack and this won’t be the only thing we’re getting.

    • Sep. 16, 10:41pm

      OK, so by your logic all the people who wish for, and ask PD for Pontiac Firebirds shouldn’t want them because: “Hey. there are plenty of Camaros in the game. Same thing, right?”. (that’s me quoting your logic) It’s non-sense.

      On the topic of this car though. Since when, and why would Toyota and Subaru be sharing platforms? I understand all GM, Ford, Audi and many more companies sharing platforms between their subsidiary companies, like Chevy and Cadillac, Ford and Jaguar, Audi and Lambo. But did Toyota buy out Subaru in the past months and I didn’t hear about it? I’ve been wondering forever why these cars are sharing platforms.

    • Sep. 16, 11:06pm

      @LarryL: Except I never implied the BRZ should never be in the game by saying people shouldn’t want it. Don’t put words in my mouth. Thanks.

      What I was trying to say is that I wish PD would first implement as many unique cars as possible before immediately putting variations of existing cars they just did. We already got the Scion FR-S not too long ago and the GT-86 was already added before that.

    • Sep. 17, 12:04am

      @LarryL: Toyota bought Fuji Heavy Industries a long time ago. Fuji owns Subaru. Therefore Toyota owns Subaru. Take a look at the 2010 Impreza – it shares doorhandles and some switches with a few toyota models. I think even some engine ancillaries and a few electrical components are shared between these two brands.

      Another interesting business partnership Toyota has that few people know about is with Lotus. Everyone knows that Lotus sources engines from Toyota for a few variants of the Elise but for a time I think Toyota had controlling ownership of Lotus. I read up a bit about it but didn’t really understand all the business lingo. From what I understood, I think they still have some sort of mutual agreement. Some sources even hypothesize that Lotus was involved in the development of the GT86/FR-S/BRZ. That to me explains why the car handles so well! If you think about it, a lightweight, moderately powered, tight handling rear-wheel drive sports car is something that’s right up Lotus’ alley! Neither Toyota nor Subaru is known for that sort of stuff. The original AE86 doesn’t count because it wasn’t moderately powered back in its day nor was it tight handling in any way despite what that cartoon wants you to think. Not straight out of the box, at least.

    • Sep. 17, 12:10am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Yes the Elise engine is Toyota sourced

  40. Sep. 16, 6:24pm

    for those of you that don’t know it is based of the same thing as the toyota 86gt and the scion fr-s 12′ only difference is the extra 100hp they added… i’ve personally been dying for this car to get released…

    • Sep. 16, 6:52pm
      e30 freek

      100 extra now it sounds interesting

    • Sep. 16, 6:58pm

      Hmmm sounds spurious… no BRZ I’ve heard of has 100bhp more unless it’s tuned…

    • Sep. 16, 8:43pm

      If you do some research you’ll find it’s just things like suspension tuning and other little bits.

    • Sep. 16, 8:47pm
      e30 freek

      Just done some research and it looks like there is no extra umphh

    • Sep. 17, 4:50pm

      Test drove gt86 and brz. Feel same on the road.

  41. Sep. 16, 6:09pm

    Pretty good, but fix the freaking sounds and PD you will have another DLC buyer.

  42. Sep. 16, 5:58pm

    Same thing than Toyota 86 and scion frs… please gives us Kia Koup SX

  43. Sep. 16, 5:45pm

    Oh yay, another a car I don’t care about… it’s a re-bagged toyota.

  44. Sep. 16, 5:44pm

    Has anyone read the top of the picture. It says BRZ STI Concept, and on the right of the screen all of the boxes are unchecked which say things like F Spoiler and Spoiler. Seems like all of the pieces are nearly modelled but they are just showing the shell of the car.

  45. Sep. 16, 5:36pm

    Why does everyone think this is the same as the Toyota? The Scion is pretty much the same as the Toyota but the Scoob is different.

    • Sep. 16, 5:56pm

      I have no idea. Those comments are beyond annoying though.

  46. Sep. 16, 5:34pm

    Dispite the haters saying PD are lazy copying a car model and rebadging it, i think pd are doing a good job and I’m looking forward to using the BRZ even if they don’t allow us to race modify it.

    • Sep. 16, 5:37pm
      Maddens Raiders

      Be prepared to be attacked by a few rabid haters on this site who will try and convince you that GT5 sucks despite your affinity for the title. They might also try to convince you that the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale as well.

    • Sep. 16, 9:35pm

      I love how everyone is lumped into the “hater” group. You people take these comments way too seriously.

    • Sep. 17, 10:26am
      Maddens Raiders

      .Hmm.. ^someone feels guilty. Funny that.

  47. Sep. 16, 5:00pm

    Maybe BRZ can be a car that takes a part in the 4th Car pack :/?

  48. Sep. 16, 4:46pm

    So, we might finally have the trio completely in GT5, awesome. I like the brz more than the other too cars tbh.

    Also, I have a stupid question to ask, where’s the citroen ds3 at?! I’ve seen 3 comments down below me so far that it was spotted.

    • Sep. 16, 5:05pm

      They probably mean that one of the finalists was using a DS3 controller, not that they’ve seen a citroën ds3

    • Sep. 16, 6:16pm

      oh, dammit. I was hoping that it was coming to GT5.

    • Sep. 16, 6:18pm

      oh, dammit! I was hoping that the citroen ds3 would be in GT5. :(

  49. Sep. 16, 4:02pm

    Oh my god why don’t you give us some other car that you don’t have 200 million modles of already?!?!?!?!

    • Sep. 16, 4:16pm

      Well i’m sure if you think about it long enough you will realise that GRAN turismo’s DEVELOPERS are Japanese ………………there’s your clue…………………doh!

    • Sep. 16, 4:40pm

      Yeah right? Sick and tired of the same model of the same car with 2 letters changed in the name.

    • Sep. 16, 4:42pm

      Except you should know that they do drive differently… noticeable when stock.

    • Sep. 16, 4:50pm

      So don’t play the bloody game then. You already knew what to expect of PD after GT2 and GT4, so quit whining and either be constructive or just don’t play GT5.

    • Sep. 16, 5:35pm

      You appear to be uneducated about this. It’s a different car.

    • Sep. 16, 5:39pm
      Maddens Raiders

      So many whiners. So few really good drivers.

    • Sep. 16, 7:56pm

      Better idea: How about you not buy the damn thing? How about you also chilling out, Three variations of one model hardly equals the 200 Million you exadurate.

  50. Sep. 16, 3:57pm

    Their design software dashboard looks like 3D modeling meets photoshp.

    I thought the official wheel for GT5 is the T500.. Does anyone know why they are not up to date?

    • Sep. 16, 4:46pm

      It’s Autodesk Maya, either 2011 or 2012 based on the UI.

    • Sep. 16, 6:00pm

      It says “Autodesk Maya 2012” clearly…

  51. Sep. 16, 3:57pm

    a Citreon DS3 would be awesome to have. Not a jaw droping car but a good 390pp car

  52. Sep. 16, 3:56pm

    I do love when the scoin frs was released on gt5 most people complained. Now a another coming out and most people love it.

  53. Sep. 16, 3:55pm

    Not bad even though theres already 2 of them but different manufactures. I would say the BR-Z is the best from a performance point of view. But why cant we have something like the F12 Berlinetta or the F10 M5.

    • Sep. 16, 3:59pm

      To mainstream. :P

  54. Sep. 16, 3:49pm

    Great video part two was pretty cool as well.

  55. Sep. 16, 3:21pm

    I prefer the BRZ to the GT86, I think the front is a bit better looking

  56. Sep. 16, 3:00pm

    Its not a bad car but cmon 3 of the same cars :/

    • Sep. 16, 4:52pm

      It’d make for a pretty good series though. Subaru v Toyota v Scion. Perfectly fair too.

  57. Sep. 16, 2:48pm

    To a degree.

  58. Sep. 16, 2:47pm

    I seen a DS3, good work.

  59. Sep. 16, 2:41pm

    The news of the BR-Z isn’t all that exciting, or surprising, but I’m getting interested with this “for_event_00” and the “Geheimnis” file…

    • Sep. 16, 2:49pm

      That’s the file the BR-Z is saved under Quakebass.
      +1 Mubble.

    • Sep. 16, 2:50pm

      I know… I read that… That’s why I’m interested in it!

  60. Sep. 16, 2:37pm

    Can we get some info on a car that will actually excite us? I can’t get excited about a car that is already in the game under 3 different brand names…-_-..

    • Sep. 16, 2:39pm

      Who is “us”? I see a lot of people excited for this.

    • Sep. 16, 2:58pm

      Just a sec, gotta grab my recycle bin, again.

  61. Sep. 16, 2:32pm

    Already got the gt86 and sciron (whatever it’s called). Couldn’t care less about this.

  62. Sep. 16, 2:29pm

    I hope we get the BRZ in GT5…the GT300 BRZ would be nice too

  63. Sep. 16, 2:18pm

    Fantastic news! Finally a car we have all been waiting and asking for.

    • Sep. 16, 2:40pm
      e30 freek

      I know forget about the new f10 M5 this is what we need yay

  64. Sep. 16, 2:14pm
    HKS racer

    Gran Turismo 5

    The Real Rebadge Simulator

  65. Sep. 16, 2:09pm

    Can’t wait! Wanted this one the most.

  66. Sep. 16, 2:07pm
    Maddens Raiders

    GT5 #1.

    • Sep. 16, 3:10pm


    • Sep. 16, 5:30pm
      Maddens Raiders

      LOL – hurts a little inside doesn’t it? 8D

  67. Sep. 16, 1:39pm

    It was expected. And it is welcome.

  68. Sep. 16, 1:17pm

    BRZ is not a copy of the “original” as you call it, Toyota. The car was jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, and is assembled in a Subaru factory.

  69. Sep. 16, 1:11pm

    Whatever you say when it comes to moddeling cars they seem to be lazy in thier choices, just doin re-hashes of models they already have time and time again, i just want to see something totally different.

  70. Sep. 16, 1:10pm

    what is the music in the video above! I would like to buy/download that music track!

    • Sep. 16, 1:11pm

      when it plays about in 1:00

  71. Sep. 16, 1:07pm

    CALM YOUR ASS PAL! Better to have all three cars together then having JUST one. Btw, this one’s different.

  72. Sep. 16, 12:51pm

    What find odd in the video is all the racers are using Logitech driving force gt’s when we were all told polyphony officially supports thrustmaster. very interesting.

    • Sep. 16, 12:59pm
      Pit Crew

      Thought DFGT was supported for some time on GT5. Doubt its a big deal.

  73. Sep. 16, 12:49pm

    Just do us 1 favor PD, make the BR-Z race modifiable, we keep adding cars but none have race mods, we really need some mire race mods!

  74. Sep. 16, 12:43pm

    I sat in the BR-Z a few months back. Very nice car, be nice to see what itll be like in GT

  75. Sep. 16, 12:43pm
    Pit Crew

    Kaz is so gangsta lol, The Conspiracy Theorist in me finds it oddly funny how Video was edited to catch a PD team working on a file labeled Secret haha. tup. (^…^)

  76. Sep. 16, 12:41pm

    We still need the GT 86!

    • Sep. 16, 1:19pm

      The GT 86 was already introduced as free DLC long ago.

    • Sep. 16, 2:42pm

      The GT86 is the european version of the 86. If they wanna milk it they could still add that version. All I want is the ability to turbo them!

  77. Sep. 16, 12:40pm

    Hehe hehe, ohhh we all knew it was coming, lol. I just want 1 more real world series, like how NASCAR and Super-GT is. Be it indycar (my favorite), V8 Supercars, GT3 spec, or Grand-Am I’ll be happy. Or what about DTM? We have the license but they are all standard cars. We could add some current ones and it would be like how NASCAR and Super-GT are. But yeah, other then that I’ll I NEED is a livery maker, that’s one of those bells and whistles Forza has that real makes it a personal experience. But preferably indycar, nice fast open wheel racing and I could see it being fun on any track in the game :)

    • Sep. 16, 3:37pm
      Sick Cylinder


      Plus a Can Am series – add the Mclaren M6 and M8. the UOP Shadow and Porsche 917 to compete agaist the Chaparral 2J and 2D.

      Plus a saloon car race series – there are a few already in the game such as the Lexus IS200 and BMW 320.

  78. Sep. 16, 12:27pm

    So happy to see this tooootally new car. Hopefully it´ll be a DLC with a brand new Skyline, Miata, RX7,GTR…………..

  79. Sep. 16, 12:22pm

    wow … Can’t wait GT6 in 2020 … when this will be in the Toyota and Subaru Dealership like new .. but from ’12 … :D

  80. Sep. 16, 12:17pm

    BIG surprise not.

  81. Sep. 16, 12:15pm

    I only feel the difference between the 2 (or soon 3) untuned. once tuned, they feel the same. Guess Photoshop wasnt enough to just change the badge and plate then lol.

    • Sep. 16, 12:18pm

      I also really want the STI version ‘concept’ to come too (and in real life plus turbo GT86) needs 300hp on the road

  82. Sep. 16, 12:13pm
    Dominic Toretto

    yayyyyy…. the same car different bumper

    • Sep. 16, 12:53pm
      Pit Crew

      Not same engineering as the scion/toyota, though some parts bin sharing. (Direct Fuel Injection system from Toyota.)

      Subaru developed 2.0 liter engine is first connected to a rear wheel drivetrain, and purposely developed around larger (17s) tires to accompany its lower profile and Nurb tuning.

      I think we will like it.

  83. Sep. 16, 12:07pm

    “And here lads, is where the damage is NOT moddeled….”

  84. Sep. 16, 12:06pm

    also, there are differences between the three cars.. you just have to care about them enough to know them.

  85. Sep. 16, 12:05pm

    This is awesome news, seeing as I own a BRZ in real life and not an FR-S. Now I don’t have to scoot on by using the wrong nameplate of the car! Hope they program in the BRZ’s extra understeer, too!

    • Sep. 16, 12:12pm

      Cool, My neighbour has the GT86 but wont let me drive it lol. Ill stick with my RX8 then.

  86. Sep. 16, 11:50am
    Pit Crew

    Good catch Flaco-13 eagle eyes you got there.

    Thank you Jordan for keeping these “snipets” flowing

    A shout out for tpark!!! He also helped dig up some info on this topic.

    • Sep. 16, 12:17pm

      Yes thanks to tpark, he spotted the BRZ in the video in the first place and opened up the thread. Thank you Jordan for the elevation of the news… and Pit Crew… thx :)

  87. Sep. 16, 11:50am

    YES! We have all three of them now, super happy and excited. :D I wonder if its GT300 model will follow it as well. Will it appear in GT6? It’ll make so much sence you know? :)

    Like @Foxiol said in the forums, the concept version of this car may appear in a last update for GT5? Hmm. I’m just happy knew the Subaru BRZ was coming to GT anyway. ;)

    • Sep. 16, 11:51am

      Hope we see GT6 at TGS 2012 on Thursday, Sep 20, 2012. ^_^

    • Sep. 16, 12:16pm

      Well if not GT6 Toko, we can expect more about GT5…a last huge update with maybe who knows…some free cars (these Subaru´s) alone with a cool DLC and a track. Just to keep us busy until GT6 will be announced.

      I don´t think we are going to see anything about GT6 until late next year. This year is at its end and TGS is almost the last opportunity to announce something for the PS3 and for 2013. If Sony has plans to announce the PS4 or release it in 2014/15 (at last) 2013 could be the year…but wait till E3 as “usually”.

      This TGS 2012 will be for Vita and for the upcoming PS3 exclusives (2013) and probably the new Slim version. More exclusives more PS3 to sell you know. They are focusing in that. A GT6 game could help with that too…but the overall PS3 life cycle is at its end.
      (despite the 10 year life cycle of course, that has to do with production related stuff)

      But releasing a GT6 after the flaws on GT5 in the same console sounds a little bit confusing.
      They are mapping new tracks as Silverstone and Bathurst for sure for the next game. That work (each track) takes more or less 6 months to make (not by their words, it takes that time to make it right, iRacing uses Laser scan and 10 people to make each track and it takes 6 months, as an example).

      Dream for a great last update now to give more life to GT5 because as a game, is too late on its own cycle to give it more content…of course that if you are working in the upcoming title.

    • Sep. 16, 12:53pm

      I can dig a final update for GT5, (Spec 3.0) and release it on the same day as Forza Horizon take its gold HAHAHA!!! >XD We may get both the BRZ and its concept verison and its GT300 version too?

  88. Sep. 16, 11:47am

    Its good to see PD still working on new cars, but honestly the only difference between this the Toyota and the Scion is the manufactures badge…

    • Sep. 16, 12:08pm


    • Sep. 16, 12:15pm

      care to elaborate?

    • Sep. 16, 12:43pm

      Well he is right. Factually the Scion is the Toyota rebranded for the North American market. Toyota is Scions parent company, it’s how they are doing it, it’s a documented fact.

    • Sep. 16, 12:49pm

      My comparaison is in regards to the addition in the GT series, not real life. In GT5 its a carbon copy no matter which Manufacturer we choose…

    • Sep. 16, 12:55pm

      At least we have all three now. Been wanting the BRZ to come in GT anyway, and knew it would come overall. U_U

    • Sep. 16, 1:03pm

      Your right, the more the merrier, but I’d much prefer to see some “New” cars, rather than a 1.03 car patch with a different badge. GT6 hopefully isn’t too far away, Looking forward to seeing the Cars that they will be adding to it

  89. Sep. 16, 11:46am

    2:04.000 isn’t a big deal on Tokio in this car.

  90. Sep. 16, 11:45am

    yeah the GT300 version please. I would actually pay for that.

    • Sep. 16, 11:50am

      You bet. I want all GT 300 cars…i have the old ones in a GTR2 Mod but also i´d like to see in GT5…well 6 The Subaru BRZ, Subaru Legacy B4 GT300, Toyota Corolla Axio GT300 and the rest. (Murcielago, Ferrari 360/F430, Aston Martin DBR)

      Now that would be great…a complete Super GT overhaul.

    • Sep. 16, 12:50pm

      As far as Super-GT goes I would love to see the Honda HPV-010

    • Sep. 16, 12:51pm

      Might as well just give 2012 or 2011 super-GT, like how they update NASCAR

  91. Sep. 16, 11:41am

    Enjoy your totally new car

  92. Sep. 16, 11:39am

    It’s good to see that they work in Maya 3D.. :o)

  93. Sep. 16, 11:38am
    Deko Wolf-GTPT

    What if this was meant to be announced at GamesCom?
    I smell the GT300 version of this car…

  94. Sep. 16, 11:36am

    Awesome a totally new car… wait, what?

  95. Sep. 16, 11:36am


  96. Sep. 16, 11:32am


  97. Sep. 16, 11:24am

    All 3, haha

  98. Sep. 16, 11:24am

    Well I hope it is an indication for GT6 at TGS, more so than GT5 DLC, especially for the fact that a DLC with this car would be almost pointless. Free sure, but not paid.

  99. Sep. 16, 11:22am

    Wow i am in the news section. Thank you Jordan.

  100. Sep. 16, 11:22am

    toyota gt 86 by subaru =)

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